The End Times

Who survives the collapse?

The End Times

The long awaited collapse of the system has become an article of faith among alienated vanguardists. Strangely enough, I rarely see James Howard Kunstler mentioned in the context of this theory. Kunstler has done a better job than anyone in the White Nationalist movement in pinpointing the cause of the collapse and imagining what life would be like in “post-collapse” conditions.

For those who are unfamiliar with James Howard Kunstler, he is the Harold Covington of the Peak Oil movement. He has written two novels (World Made By Hand and The Witch of Hebron) which project The Long Emergency (Kunstler’s term for the Peak Oil crisis) playing out in a small town in Upstate New York.

As far as “collapse porn” goes, it doesn’t get any better than the World Made By Hand novels. Unlike the Northwest Quartet, Kunstler’s doomsday scenario has a degree of plausibility to it. The world hits the all time peak in conventional oil production. A gradual staircase ratcheting down of economic contraction begins.

Investment capital becomes scarce because of wildly unstable financial markets. The world is caught unprepared and doesn’t have the time or the resources to adapt to the end of cheap oil. A dysfunctional federal government led by incompetent leaders is finally discredited by its response to the crisis and gradually loses its authority over vast swathes of the country.

Everyday life swiftly becomes more local.

The Tribulations

In my opinion, one of the most persuasive insights that Kunstler makes is that Americans would interpret “the collapse” in religious terms. It would be seen as God’s punishment for electing the Antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama.

Living in the aftermath of “the collapse,” Americans would turn to the Bible and interpret their trials in the language of the Tribulations. Hardcore Calvinism would come roaring back and would thrive like never before. There would be a nationwide movement to stamp out sinners in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

“The racket was coming over what used to be our public radio station, WAMC out of Albany, but the familiar reassuring voices of normality were long gone. Some febrile evangelist was railing from the Book of Revelation:

“I know thy works and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is; and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth …”

I switched on the television on the outside chance that something might come through. Nothing had been on for years. The local network affiliates withered away after the national network of cable channels went out, until there was nothing. But when the electricity did come on, I automatically turned on the TV and roamed around the stations to see if anything had changed. It hadn’t.

I searched the FM band but there was nothing besides other pious pleaders, and they didn’t come into well. The AM band offered about the same thing, only with worse reception, nothing remotely describable as news, and no music because commercial entertainment as we knew it was no more, and its handmaiden, advertising, had gone with it.

For any skeptics who doubt the Apocalypse is at hand, there would be no shortage of war, famine, plague, and death to point to, particularly in the Middle East where the scramble would begin for the world’s remaining oil reserves. “The Holy Land War” figures prominently in the World Made By Hand novels.

Union Grove

The setting of World Made By Hand is a small town in Upstate New York called Union Grove. The books revolve around one Robert Earle, a former corporate executive who becomes a carpenter in the “New Times,” and Brother Jobe and his “New Faith Brotherhood,” which settles in New York after their exodus from Virginia.

The petroleum wars in the Holy Land have escalated the “War on Terror” into a Crusade. Islamic terrorists detonate nuclear bombs in Los Angeles and Washington in retaliation. The economy tanks and the high price of gasoline collapses ConAgra-style agribusiness and the Wal-Mart economy of importing textiles and manufactured items from overseas.

The residents of Union Grove sack the local K-Mart, CVS, and all the other chain stores in town for essentials. The grocery stores are sacked by ravenous unemployed suburbanites who are accustomed to food magically appearing in the supermarket and money out of ATM machines.

Automobiles are becoming useless without gasoline. There is a nationwide scramble from the chaos of the big cities into rural areas. No one really knows what’s going outside their own county. Gangs and looters infest the cities. Travel is unsafe because of outlaws and scavengers who rule the highways.

Diseases are running wild and killing off the survivors. The only people on the radio are doomsday preachers. Cell phones don’t work anymore and information travels at the speed of a horse.

Post-Apocalyptic America

There are several scenes in World Made By Hand which vividly imagine the “post-collapse” world to come:

“We began to encounter some people now, inhabiting the ruined suburbs, the lawns replaced by potato patches, the split-levels and raised ranches turned into hovels now that the electric amenities and the plumbing were out of order, including the wells and toilets. Ill-clad, scrawny children played in mud puddles in the broken streets and stopped to blink at us as we passed by on our horses. When Brother Minor offered up one of his jokes, they just gaped. By and by, we crossed an old commercial highway strip with its complement of dead gigantic discount stores, strip malls, and defunct burger barns. The buildings were all in various stages of disassembly as materials of value were stripped from them – copper pipes and wires, aluminum sashes, windowpanes, steel girders, and cement blocks. The parking lots seemed especially desolate with nothing in them but mulleins and sumacs poking through the cracked pavements.”

The inhabitants of “post-collapse” America romanticize the “Old Times.” Many are unable to adjust and fall into alcohol abuse or commit suicide:

“The things I remember seem incredible,” I said. “Air conditioning. Cold beer. Baseball on television.” I start to get lost in the maze of my own stoned mind remembering all the things we didn’t have anymore.”

Horses are a status symbol in a world without planes and automobiles:

“It felt grand to sit high up behind that team and exhilarating to move so swiftly down the street, like the dream I had about the magic chair. He drove confidently. There was nothing I had yet seen that he was not confident about. The few people out of Main Street stopped to watch as we flew by. The temperature was rising, though, and he slowed the horses to a walk as soon as we got outside of town where there was no more need to show off, and the pavements got bad again. We passed the ruins of the Toyota dealership with its defunct lighting standards lording over a phantom inventory of sumac bushes where the Land Cruisers and Priuses used to sit parked in enticing ranks.”

The magic chair scene was very well done:

“In a recurrent dream, I was sitting in a comfortable padded chair gliding swiftly over the landscape in a way that felt supernatural yet oddly familiar. I did not feel any wind in my face, despite the speed, which was much faster than anything I was accustomed to. I was deeply at ease in my wonderful traveling chair and thrilled by the motion. Familiar sights whizzed by: the Larmon farm on the Battenville Road, Holyrood’s cider mill, the old railroad overpass outside the village of Shushan, pastures and cornfields, hills, hollows, and houses I had known for years. In the dream, I came to realize that I was moving inside some kind of protective envelope, not just sitting in a wonderful chair. Then, a dashboard resolved before me with its round glowing gauges, and then the steering wheel. Of course, I am driving a car! It had been so many years since I had done that! It was a dream-memory of something that now seemed hardly different from the magic carpets of my childhood storybooks. I careened around curves in the road just missing gigantic trees. I couldn’t remember what to do with my feet. I had lost control …”

The economy of Union Grove has come to revolve around salvage. The residents of a local trailer park have created a settlement called “Karptown” around the town dump which they dominate in addition to the drug trade.

In the “Old Times,” people threw stuff away into the dump they bought at Wal-Mart. In the “New Times,” the economy of Union Grove is based on salvage and scavenging for manufactured items in the old town landfill, which is now known as “the general supply.”

Martin Lindstedt is thriving in “post-collapse” America. Law and order has broken down. Physical strength has become much more important in a salvage based economy:

“In normal times. Wayne Karp would have passed through life as just another lumpen American Dreamer, a hardworking consumer of shoddy products, chemically tweaked foods, and rude popular entertainments, a taxpayer subject to the ordinary restrictions of the social contract. But in the new era, he blossomed into a local kingpin. . .

So, Wayne Karp turned the focus of his energies to running the general supply. He had a large crew out there systematically digging up the old landfill and sorting out valuables, especially glass, plastic containers, pipes, hinges, screws and nails, anything that could be reused. He sent other crews around the countryside to disassemble abandoned houses for their materials. Back in the glory days of the suburban expansion, many split-level houses had been built on roadside out-parcels far away from the towns, stores, and jobs. The people who built them expected to be able to drive cars everywhere to work and meet their daily needs forever. Now, with the population so far down, and many empty houses in town itself, and the oil gone, and no ability to drive heroic distances, these buildings had no value except for salvage.”

A form of serfdom has emerged as ruined suburbanites and other whigger assclowns who worked in the “information economy” sell their labor to the new planters and rural landowners who dominate the new caste system:

“I had a fascination with how people managed other people in the corporate world. In our world now, the freehold farmer was the new chief executive.”

That sounds plausible. Surely, a “post-collapse” America would be based on farming and salvage. I can see this happening.

After The Fall

If “the system” does collapse, it is reasonable to assume that certain classes of Whites will suffer much more heavily than others. The elderly, the sick, and the young will be hit the hardest. They will be followed by outcasts who are a nuisance to their neighbors and those who live in metropolitan areas with no useful skills in a salvage based economy.

The people who will thrive after the collapse are farmers, soldiers, rural landowners, physically strong men, criminals, religious zealots, drug dealers, and people with strong kinship networks. The ideal place to live would be a heavily armed rural community with a long growing season and an infrastructure and knowledge base that has survived the global economy.

The degree to which you thrive in a “post-collapse” world would heavily depend upon your health, physical strength, access to firearms, access to farmland, knowledge of farming and your level of socialization (the number of people who got your back) in your community.

The loudest cheerleaders for the collapse tend to be those who are least likely to survive or prosper in extreme conditions. In the absence of the hated system, their mode of existence would quickly become unsustainable, which is perhaps the biggest irony of their worldview.

The old fashioned view is that evil is supposed to prosper in the End Times. I suspect this will come as an unwelcome surprise to our modern day prophets of doom.

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  1. The old fashioned view is that evil is supposed to prosper in the End Times. I suspect this will come as an unwelcome surprise to our modern day prophets of doom. – Hunter

    Then again, the ‘suprisers’ may be in for a suprise from the (intended) ‘suprisees’ –

    Because of the multitude of the prostitutions of the well favored harlot, the mistress of witchcrafts, that sells nations through her prostitutions, and families through her witchcrafts. – Nahum 3:4 (OT) AKJ Version

    Both of these will overtake you in a moment, on a single day: loss of children and widowhood. They will come upon you in full measure, in spite of your many sorceries and all your potent spells. – Isaiah 47:9 (OT) NIV


    The Woman on the Beast

    One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me, “Come, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute, who sits on many waters. With her the kings of the earth committed adultery and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries.”

    This title was written on her forehead:





    I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus. – Revelation 17: 1-2,5-6.


    The Fall of Babylon

    After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven. He had great authority, and the earth was illuminated by his splendor. With a mighty voice he shouted:

    “Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!

    She has become a home for demons

    and a haunt for every evil spirit,

    a haunt for every unclean and detestable bird.

    For all the nations have drunk

    the maddening wine of her adulteries.

    The kings of the earth committed adultery with her,

    and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries.”

    Then I heard another voice from heaven say:

    “Come out of her, my people,

    so that you will not share in her sins,

    so that you will not receive any of her plagues;

    for her sins are piled up to heaven,

    and God has remembered her crimes.

    Give back to her as she has given;

    pay her back double for what she has done.

    Mix her a double portion from her own cup.

    Give her as much torture and grief

    as the glory and luxury she gave herself.

    In her heart she boasts,

    ‘I sit as queen; I am not a widow,

    and I will never mourn.’

    Therefore in one day her plagues will overtake her:

    death, mourning and famine.

    She will be consumed by fire,

    for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.

    “When the kings of the earth who committed adultery with her and shared her luxury see the smoke of her burning, they will weep and mourn over her. Terrified at her torment, they will stand far off and cry:

    “‘Woe! Woe, O great city,

    O Babylon, city of power!

    In one hour your doom has come!’
    – Revelation 18:1-10, NIV

  2. I find his scenario ridiculous. It’s almost as silly as those sci-fi novels where people forget how to make gunpowder and go back to dueling with swords. Romantic but not realistic. Americans like cars and will find a way to have them. Electric cars don’t need “peak oil” to run, they can run on nuclear plants, windmills, photo-cells, and coal … an energy source we have an abundance of.

    If the oil is really cut off the environmental movement will die (even more than it has already, and the MSM reports that all the environmental comitties in the new House will be chaired by “global warming deniers” in the upcoming session) and ripping coal out of the ground will become the national religion.

    Kunslter is an angry Jew who hates us and our culture so much he would love to see us living in a garbage dump and therefore predicts this is our only future. Why? Because we have ignored him and his beloved ‘cognative elite’ in their insistence that we build ‘sustainable communities’.

    I don’t buy it.

  3. I don’t.

    U.S. domestic oil production peaked decades ago. Mexican production has gone into decline since I first heard about the issue. The argument for years now has been over whether the peak in conventional oil would come sooner or later.

    It was announced over Thanksgiving weekend that “Peak Oil” came in 2006. Two years ago, the IEA was saying it wouldn’t come for decades. Now they are saying it happened four years in the past.

    I grant that a competent government could respond to the crisis. Unfortunately, we don’t have a competent government.

    Think about it: the federal government spent years investing in the ethanol scam, still refuses to build nuclear power plants, opposes new hydroelectric plants because of environmentalist opposition, tries to kill the coal industry with Cap and Trade, banned offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, just recently marked off a huge section of Alaska to preserve the habitat of polar bears.

    The Obama administration has done everything possible to make the situation worse.

    In 2008, T. Boone Pickens pushed hard for building wind farms in the wind corridor and moving to natural gas. What happened to the T. Boone Pickens plan?

    It went nowhere.

    I haven’t seen anything from the federal government that indicates to me that it is capable of handling the crisis. On the contrary, the Gulf Oil Spill earlier this summer showed that it couldn’t even plug a small oil leak at the bottom of the sea.

  4. The problem with the peak oil doomer scenerio is that the higher the price of oil goes the fewer people use it and the more of it gets produced.

    If oil were to go to 500 dollars a barrel the first thing that would happen is that there would be a worldwide depression. Countries like India and China, which are big drivers behind the growth of oil usage, would collapse overnight and oil demand would thereby decrease significantly in one fell swoop. Meanwhile every Western government would lift all drilling restrictions and start working overtime to pump out as much crude from conventional and non conventional sources as possible. Fewer people would have cars and those who did have cars would have smaller ones and electrics would instantly become profitable. The US currently is the worlds top oil consumer at about 20 billion barrells a year. 500 dollar oil (translates into 20 dollar a gallon gas) would knock that number down to 10 billion barrels within a few years WHILE causing US production to shoot up.

    A more realistic scenerio for collapse is the bond market blowing up. Obama and the Republicans made a deal today that will see next years budget deficit at 2.1 trillion (it will actually probably be worse, but that is the current projection) which brings the deficit to over 14% of the GDP, which is where Greece blew up. Unlike Greece, we have nobody to bail us out. That means no more welfare for blacks and hispanics. How do you think blacks and hispanics will react to having the faucet cut off?

  5. I’m familiar with these people. I already know their response to that objection.

    (1) The version of “the collapse” they have in mind is expected to occur in stages. I described it above as “a gradual staircase ratcheting down of economic contraction.”

    In other words, the price of oil would rise to the point where it begins to choke economic activity. This sends the economy into a recession. Economic activity declines and the price of oil collapses.

    Eventually, the decline in supply will reach a point where the price begins to go up again. The economy chokes up and shrinks again to a smaller level. The price of oil collapses.

    It is a relentless cycle of declining supply and demand destruction that repeats itself. It is like walking down from the top of a staircase.

    Decline. Pause. Decline. Pause. Decline. Pause.

    (2) Even if the U.S. were to lift all drilling restrictions tomorrow, it would never produce as much oil as it did several decades ago. There is just so much of it in the ground.

    (3) Most Western nations are importers. You can’t start drilling in Germany or Japan simply because it isn’t there.

    (4) The unconventional oil which is locked up in places like where Deepwater Horizon was at or the oil which is under the Arctic is the most expensive kind to get at.

    The economic chaos caused by the declining world economy will prevent much of this oil from ever being developed. The capital needed for future development won’t be there.

    (5) In the best case scenario, we would have a competent federal government that would respond to the crisis. We don’t have that luxury.

    The federal government is demonstrably incompetent. If it were competent, it wouldn’t have subsidized the ethanol scam for years. It would be banning offshore drilling. We would be building new nuclear and new hydroelectric plants.

    Look at the public education system. Integration reflects the incompetence of the federal government. We have a negro president.

    We’re in the worst recession since the Great Depression. Instead of shutting down legal immigration, the Democrats are trying to pass an amnesty and expand the number of immigrants who can move here and compete with Americans for fewer jobs.

    (6) The Gulf Oil Spill demonstrated the incompetence of the federal government and its inability to handle even small emergencies like a leaking oil well.

    (7) The IEA and other government agencies lied for years about the magnitude of the problem.

    (8) For all the talk about a “green economy” and “alternative energy,” I have seen almost a decade go by now. I have seen little to suggest that we are moving to some type of new energy system. People have talked about that for years and it hasn’t materialized.

    (9) The most likely scenario is the theatrics will continue and policymakers will perpetually kick the can down the road. No one will address the problem. It will just be dumped off as a steaming pile of crap on the next administration.

  6. Instead of shutting down legal immigration, the Democrats are trying to pass an amnesty and expand the number of immigrants who can move here and compete with Americans for fewer jobs.

    But this is a good thing for us. Let’s face it, we don’t have an immigration problem, we have a Hispanic problem. Legal, Hispanic “Americans” are much more dangerous than Pedro the Border Hopper. The Hispanic population of America is already so great that getting rid of the illegals is no longer sufficient. We need to send the non illegal Hispanics back home as well, but we can’t do that unless the public radicalizes further. Only more illegal immigration will create the kind of backlash we need.

    For all the talk about a “green economy” and “alternative energy,” I have seen almost a decade go by now. I have seen little to suggest that we are moving to some type of new energy system. People have talked about that for years and it hasn’t materialized.

    There has been progress but you haven’t seen it yet because alternative fuels don’t become economical until it costs 500 dollars to fill up your gas tank.

    Hell, Nazi Germany had great success with alternative fuels in WWII. I’m sure we’ve progressed atleast a little over the last 65 years.

    The economic chaos caused by the declining world economy will prevent much of this oil from ever being developed. The capital needed for future development won’t be there.

    The capital that we currently use to fund wars, social security, worthless plastic crap from China, medicare, welfare, education and public sector unions can be redeployed to access the difficult to reach oil. The problem is that you end up with a lot of starving seniors, blacks and hispanics but that does not equal a collapse.

    Besides, the economic collapse that is coming down the pike independent of peak oil should put off for atleast a decade how long it will be before we start to feel peak oil’s pinch.

  7. Otis,
    You need to study up on the concept of EROEI (energy returned on energy invested) and how the EROEI of oil extraction is going. When you talk about “production shooting up,” the oil reserves to which you are presumably referring have a very low EROEI, such as tar sands and deepwater drilling. Read and and such. Peak Oil is not about running out of oil, it is about oil going into a negative EROEI. Also, alternative fuels do not have the EROEI or the portabillity of oil. Other sources of energy are not as productive or as easily used as oil.


    Did you notice how many blacks were in Union Grove? Hispanics? Zero. The only “diversity” was Robert Earle, who had changed his name from Ehrlich. At the end of the first book, the obese prophetess of the New Faith Brotherhood reveals this. So the only Jew changed his name and has nothing to do with it. Kunstler is naturally defensive against people who talk about the JQ, but he himself has an interesting attitude about his tribe. His short story, “The Christmas Orphan” is about a Jewish kid from Manhattan who flees to Vermont and is taken in by the police chief and has Christmas with them. The police chief tracks down his parents and they come to collect him, and he says to the poice chief’s son, “they aren’t my parents, shoot them,” but of course the nice White Christians do no such thing. They invite him back in June, but now that they know he’s a Jew, he doesn’t want to go back. So Kunstler is not your ordinary knee-jerk, white-hating Ashkenazi. He lives two towns from where I grew up, and has written in his CF blog more than once about the tragedy of local, rural kids hanging around with “inner city drug dealers” — in other words, miscegenation, though he can’t say it outright as he is a “public intellectual.” I’m not saying he’s an ally — he’s not, but unlike the Manichean, dualistic view of WN’s versus anti-Whites, there is a huge continuum, and that continuum moves, and that continuum is moving in our direction.

    I think that even if every WN disappeared today, the country would still go WN as the economy declines. Multiculturalism is like a red tide that bloomed because of an excess of polluting nutrients from the Petroleum Age. Now that red tide is running out of nutrients, and the natural racial ecology is going to re-assert itself. It’s that gosh darn simple folks.

    However, there are WN’s around even in this red tide of multicult, and we can make the most of things going in our direction now. Being prepared to survive is a big thing, of course.

    The second thing I want you all to consider in a post-collapse scenario is the maintenance of knowledge. The public schools will become like the mills — huge abandoned grave markers of a past civilization.

    Those who home school or have community schools will raise extremely educated children. The rest of the children will be illiterate, innumerate et cetera. Do you think the black and Hispanic famblies will home school their kids when the public schools are gone? Of course not. So there will be sharp class distinctions that will fall mostly along racial lines — hence no more race-mixing.

    The greatest thing is that we will have a CHOICE with whom to associate! We will be “allowed” to be racists in who attends our community schools, who associates with our children, who attends our churches. Freedom of association, something we’ve never known in our lifetimes, will be back with a vengeance!

  8. Other sources of energy are not as productive or as easily used as oil.

    No, but most uses of oil are pretty non essential.

    Europe has the same landmass and population that we do but only uses half as much oil and they aren’t living in 3rd world conditions or anything. A huge amount of petroleum is just used to make plastic crap, we could always go back to making things out of wood and metal.

    India and China use a large amount of oil, when their economies collapse they won’t be able to afford any and that frees up still more oil for us.

  9. “The people who will thrive after the collapse are farmers, soldiers, rural landowners, physically strong men, criminals, religious zealots, drug dealers, and people with strong kinship networks.”

    Don’t forget us hardened survivalists!

    My plan consists of hiding out in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest ‘Eric Robert Rudolph-style’.

    There is plenty of land out here to hide in and plenty of critters to munch on.

    Probably Kunstler is wrong in his scenario though. Things may turn out more like ‘Civil War 2: The Coming Break-up of America’ by Thomas W. Chittum as things get more diverse and multi-cultural and just worse in general!

  10. I still don’t understand how a White Ethonostate that would be worth living in is supposed to emerge from any collapse scenario that takes life back the 19th century and probably a new Dark Age shortly thereafter. Victory for Whites will be a lawless, low tech, quasi-feudal, farm, salvage and scrap based economy? If this is what’s being anticipated, it doesn’t sound like a victory to me.

  11. If this is what’s being anticipated, it doesn’t sound like a victory to me.

    Would you trade 5 bad years for a 90% white America and the end of liberalism?

  12. Lew,

    Do you think the current state is worth living in?

    Did you ignore my point? My point is that this will be a chance for Whites to redevelop civilization but keep it among ourselves. What are you afraid of some hardship? It’s a necessary thing to go through so we can get back our racial sovereignty.

    Hopefully we’ll know better the next time, than to give the benefits of technology to people we wouldn’t want our children marrying.

  13. Langobard,

    Great post! The Whore of Babylon has drank the blood of the people of ancient Babylon (Iraq). We have come full circle.

    I believe there is a divine energy that is getting ready to hit back hard at Babylon the Great too — I sense it. A lot of people sense it — heck it’s plain as day now.

    Every dog has its day, including evil dogs, but this evil power is mortal. There is too much energy out there — our energy, that opposes it.

    Of course the punch line is that we may die too. Hunter mentioned that the people who wish for it the most are the least prepared for it. I have preps in place, including strong community ties with people who are also prepping, but there’s no telling how extreme the situation will be, when it “hits” and I think there will be a “hit” of some sort — an infrastructuer breakdown, when “Babylon is doomed in an hour.”

    We should all be humble before the hit that is coming. There’s no guarantee any of us writnig on this board will survive. But hey, we’re all gonig to die anyway, so if we are part of a die-off or a kill-off, some Whites out there will survive. I can die happy, or happier, if I get to live to see the day that the anti-white regime is decisively annihilated, but i’m confident it’s going to happen one way or another.

  14. If any of this collapse rot occurs, you’ll want to be someplace in Africa or rural India for it. Where infrastructure is weakest, worldwide lapses have an impact indistinguishable from purely local disturbances such as tribal warfare and drought. The bottom line is, of course, that we don’t want to be within reach of American blacks or negrified whites if resources disappear. I’d rather live among folk who haven’t drifted too far from the earth and thus stand a better chance of weathering catastrophe with higher standards of behavior intact, who have survived catastrophe repeatedly over the millennia and remain at a sustainably “low” quality of life. In the event, it’s mostly the young, sick and old that would perish; our masculinity will ensure that we do not succumb.

  15. CFN is a great place to study Lefty cultists and each’s monomania. Monomania being necessary for a lefty to not suffer so much from the cognitive dissonance of a world that does not nor will not order itself to utopia (communism).

    Then we have Vlad Kranz the Hated who posts “racist” material there and this greatly upsets the kids. Vlad is so close to sending that blog down and destroying those kids world view that I turn in there just to see his posts. But Vlad being Mommy Prof trained always backs off and never ever goes for the kill, instead opting as usual for “respectability.”

    Too bad that Vlad’s ego and his training never allows him to call those self styled “anti-racists” what they are, that being anti-white and nothing more. Doing so would destroy them, it always does.

  16. Regardless of how the collapse comes about, I believe that the only places that are at risk of being thrown ‘back in time’ will be those areas that have a sizable non-White population.

    Generally speaking, this can translate to: the more urban an area, the greater the impact of will be.

  17. Kievsky,

    I’ve been following your work for a while now and found it valuable. My wife and I are actually working on a serious homeschooling plan right now. Usually I am in agreement with your take on things (self-reliance, community, mindweaponization, etc.). But, Kunstler’s vision of the future does not give me much comfort. It strikes me as swapping one dystopian nightmare for another. I don’t care about hardship on myself, but I do care about it for my kids and White kids in general. If the world of Kunstler is where we are headed, we will get free association back but lose most essential technology including advanced medicine. Yes, this means no Blacks, but you might die of appendicitis. To me that would be Phyrric victory.

  18. We have lots of coal, the fuel of choice until a hundred years ago, and we have the knowledge to use it much more efficiently now. Oil will become more expensive, too costly for private cars, but available for essentials like fuel for F-16s. There will be a decline in energy use, with the ill effects moderated by increased efficiency. We’ll have smaller houses with better insulation, more public transit, solar and wind power, all the marginal things that add up. Peak oil is not The End.
    Farming would become much more labor intensive without tractors and chemicals, but not anything like the Dark Ages. In 1900, only 40% of the American population lived on farms, so I think we could beat that. Maybe only 25% of the people could produce all the food we needed, using draft animals and manure instead of oil and chemicals. Nothing wrong with that.
    I can imagine the money economy going into the toilet very quickly, since it is nothing but a Ponzi scheme, but we’ll live. The Germans got through the hyper-inflation of the early 1920s, because there were still capable people with useful skills to get the necessary work done. As long as people have real goods and services to exchange, a medium of exchange will be found or created.
    What will radically drop off will be waste. Salvaging materials from unneeded or otherwise abandoned buildings will be a sensible and hopefully profitable thing to do. That’s what Europe was doing through the late 1940s, a rough time, but not as bad as the war.
    The dangerous part of all this are the tens of millions of useless people, and I don’t mean old folks who made their contribution to society years ago. Welfare and corporate rats have nothing to exchange for food or shelter, not even their labor, and already feel themselves entitled to take what they want. And that’s just the Whites. These outcasts and nuisances will probably not be salvaged.

  19. BILLIONS will die ….


    In the future not having an appendix will serve as cult recognition among us. Someone find out what “appendix” is in Hebrew so we white zionists can have our own B’nai x. Post-Kollaps we will gather in middle amurrkin refugia where our genes mutate away from this last troublesome vestige. WAT PAHR.

  20. Lew: Navy Pharmacists Mates on submarines did emergency appendectomies during WW2. Surgery on week old infants was possible in 1943. (My brother is still alive and working.) Maybe no hip replacements or heart transplants, but most of what can be fixed today will still be fixable after The End. And we won’t be wasting medical resources on Darks and dullards. No cancer cures for felons, no up-to-date antibiotics for dummies who don’t use them properly and allow themselves to become incubators for drug resistant bacteria. There might be a big die-off, but it won’t be among the capable and useful.

  21. “Welfare and corporate rats have nothing to exchange for food or shelter, not even their labor, and already feel themselves entitled to take what they want. And that’s just the Whites. These outcasts and nuisances will probably not be salvaged.”

    We are gonna’ need alot of ammo…

  22. Lew,

    that’s great that you are homeschooling your kids!

    You should read Kunstler’s second book, “Witch of Hebron.” In it, the doctor’s son performs an emergency appendectomy. it’s very interesting. The kid learns medicine from working with his father as an apprentice. I could see that happening.

    Raise your kids knowing science, and they’ll be very valuable. I also read “Lucifer’s Hammer” which is a very well written work of science fiction about collapse due to a comet strike. There’s a scientist character who has diabetes and dies of it because he can’t get access to a sheep’s pancreas to make insulin. Diabetics need one sheep a month to survive, as it turns out. Anyway, this scientist character makes all kinds of homemade weapons to help the civilized California town fight off an army of mutant zombie bikers. The MZB gang is led by a Jim Jones type race-mixing preacher, by the way, and racism is the big taboo, and they force new recruits to either eat human flesh, or be killed and eaten. A good read.

    Knowledge is going to be so valuable, and Americans are very ignorant. Knowledge is not valued at all. It’s going to be a huge re-evaluation of values.

  23. Lew,

    A world without Whites does not deserve to exist. I’d rather see the whole human race go extinct quickly, rather than the slow dishonor of racial amalgamation.

  24. We are having economic collapse right now. We don’t need any civilization ruining peak oil to make life permanently primative and pathetic! And while were at it, it ain’t going to happen. To hear more about the wisdom of James “The Jew” Kunstler and Matt “Bozo” Simmons on this issue, one should visit

  25. “5) In the best case scenario, we would have a competent federal government that would respond to the crisis. We don’t have that luxury.

    The federal government is demonstrably incompetent. If it were competent, it wouldn’t have subsidized the ethanol scam for years. It would be banning offshore drilling. We would be building new nuclear and new hydroelectric plants.”

    Yes, Hunter, but I still have a bit of faith in entrepreneurs (not too much, granted.) DKRW is FINALLY starting construction on its coal-to-oil Fischer Tropsch process plant here in WY. So while the rest of the world dies of oil-thirst, WY will be sittin’ pretty. Like I said, this is the BEST state for an ethnostate. Now, BO would like to institute cap-and-trade, but as Peak OIl reeeeeaaaaaalllllly gets to biting, THAT idea, along with the entire global-warming scam, will disappear down the memory hole.

    “Hell, Nazi Germany had great success with alternative fuels in WWII. I’m sure we’ve progressed atleast a little over the last 65 years.”
    Right. Nazi Germany was a competent gov’t, though. U.S. at this point in time is inarguably not.
    But, if we Whites can get our sh— together and rid ourselves of our parasites, coal-to-oil WILL save us. And we can thank Nazi Germany for providing the know-how.

  26. We can all sit here and point to obvious ways that the federal government could respond to the problem: open up Alaska to new drilling, drill offshore, coal-to-oil, Appalachian natural gas, Rocky Mountain shale, more hydroelectric plants, wind farms in the wind corridor, build nuclear power plants, etc.

    What should trouble you is that we can do the same thing about any other issue. The public schools are terrible. Resegregate them. That’s a non-starter because of powerful constituencies with a death grip on the government.

    The economy sucks. An obvious way to improve the economy would be to raise tariffs on imported goods, deport the millions of illegal aliens already here, cut legal immigration to zero. Another non-starter because of powerful constituencies with a death grip on the government.

    The same is true of energy policy where powerful leftwing groups are doing everything they can to make the problem worse.

  27. The people who argue against Peak Oil are counting on a flawless response from the federal government and corporations. Their model is based on having decades to prepare for the problem.

    What’s more likely to happen though is that the general incompetence of the federal government will push off the problem until it is too late and the worst case scenario unfolds.

    We have a government that is willing to go to war with North Korea over South Korea and with Russia over Estonia. We have a government that wants to increase legal immigration and pass another stimulus package. We have a government that couldn’t plug a small leak at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

    The federal government is so incompetent that it can’t even keep classified information and state secrets away from the likes of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange now.

  28. HW: “The loudest cheerleaders for the collapse tend to be those who are least likely to survive or prosper in extreme conditions. In the absence of the hated system, their mode of existence would quickly become unsustainable, which is perhaps the biggest irony of their worldview.”

    How do you know what skills people you argue with on the internet may have in real life? What’s this “mode of existence” you refer to? What is my “mode of existence”? Most of the people you argue with over the years have life skills you could not possibly know about one way or the other. Other than that, good article.

  29. “Where is there a particularly rich deposit of thorium in the USA?”

    I googled. The Lemhi Pass in Montana and Idaho.
    Apparently this vein is still unconfirmed by USGS.

    Wyoming’s got lots of uranium, should we decide to build some pebble-bed reactores with U235 as fuel.

    Hunter worries because the Feds are incompetent. They are. But Wyomingites are pretty independent cusses. If the Feds were to get out of our way due to collapse, we could shift for ourselves, since we’ve got the energy resources.

  30. I’m convinced the doomers are going to win this argument.

    What has convinced me is not that we are incapable of dealing with the crisis, but that we are unwilling to do so. The fact that we continue to refuse to build nuclear power plants and that environmentalists have declared war on the coal industry tells me that nothing will be done about the problem until it is too late.

    Then the shit will hit the fan.

  31. HW: “I happen to know some of these people in real life.”

    There are plenty of crackpots out there, but not all “vanguardists”, or doomers generally, will do badly in a general collapse, at least comparatively speaking. Although it is true if you don’t have any practical skills you had better have some social ones.

  32. uh,

    Soren Renner is right in the sense that millions will die. In places like Haiti, I can see entire countries dying easily en route to the United States. They are still dying there now from cholera a year after the earthquake.

    Before the earthquake, they were eating dirt sandwiches there in 2008 and overthrowing the government after the rise in oil prices led to a corresponding increase in food prices.

    If America can’t respond to the problem, then the overpopulated Third World is shit out of luck, unless the black geniuses we see in Hollywood movies appear and invent the Star Trek replicator. We can say with a fair degree of certainty that the likes of Haiti and Ethiopia are not going to “adapt” to the end of cheap food.

  33. Those who want to get a taste of “the collapse” ought to visit Haiti. There really wasn’t a collapse there because there was never a rise in the first place. But that’s how the blacks who live in America will respond to the emergence of barbaric conditions.

  34. Collapse in America will not be comparable to Haitian collapse, unless one happens to live in Detroit. The Blacks here are going to go feral, a subject by the way that Kunstler doesn’t seem comfortable expanding on. Kunstler happily demonizes White trash, but he never goes there with the Negroes. Or am I wrong? I’ve only read his blog postings.

  35. LEW,

    The collapse that the vanguardists are yearning for would replace one set of problems with another.

    In the South, it would almost certainly lead to racial conflict and a surge of religious fanaticism. A Camp of the Saints scenario would unfold as starving negroes and mestizos from Latin America and the Caribbean would replicate the barbarian invasions at the end of the Roman Empire.

    You live in New Orleans, right? Well, I am sure you remember what happened there after Katrina, which is nothing compared to what would happen in a bona fide collapse scenario.

    Undoubtedly, White Southerners would “wake up” to the racial problem in such conditions, but it would come at the expense of unimaginable hardship and a hair cut in our standard of living.

    Personally, I like computers, cell phones, air conditioning, refrigerators, central heating, automobiles, cold beer, modern medicine and all the other sordid aspects of “materialism” that the vanguardists deplore on the internet.

    I imagine you have temporarily parted ways with air conditioning and refrigerators on more than a few occasions in the wake of a hurricane. How long did it take for you to pine for the electricity to come back on?

  36. HW: I imagine you have temporarily parted ways with air conditioning and refrigerators on more than a few occasions in the wake of a hurricane. How long did it take for you to pine for the electricity to come back on?

    Yeah, it wasn’t pleasant. You don’t realize how much you take things for granted like ice, refrigeration and running water. I also had the misfortune of living in Miami in 1992 for Hurricane Andrew. I didn’t have electricity for almost six months after that hurricane. Not having power gets old fast. Apart from no refrigeration, AC or dishwasher, you have to take every shower in freezing water.

  37. @Otis the sweaty
    “Only more illegal immigration will create the kind of backlash we need.”

    Well that is one option but not the ideal one imo. The ideal one is what we’ve got now i.e the slow collapse of the economic system neccessary to maintain the current level of welfare/warfare and foreign invasion.

    The US government is borrowing trillions every year to pay the current bills. No one is actually lending them that money any more. The fed is printing it and buying the government’s own debt. This can’t last for ever. It can last for an unknowable “while” but it can’t last forever. The end result will either be hyper-inflation or a very sharp rise in interest rates to stop it followed by an absolutely massive economic contraction.

    Personally i’m not too worried about peak oil just yet simply because i think we’re headed to a 30s style slump and those countries at the bottom of the food chain will lose out when it comes to things like food and oil. But time will tell.

    “The problem is that you end up with a lot of starving seniors, blacks and hispanics but that does not equal a collapse.”

    Maybe not but that’s exactly the kind of collapse i want i.e something that isn’t a complete collapse but just enough to show how insane the ruling class has been over the last 50 years and how diversity is just balkanization and will end the same way balkanization always does. Hopefully then “Diversity Kills” will be the new watchword and the clock will be turned right back.

    “Would you trade 5 bad years for a 90% white America and the end of liberalism?”

    One thing people need to bear in mind is we’ve eaten the ladder on the way up. The bronze age could happen because there were easy to reach deposits of tin and copper on the surface. The Iron Age could happen because there were easy to reach iron ore deposits on the surface. We used that all up in developing the technology needed to mine deeper.

    If civilization dips too low there’s no way back up.

    I want my people to reach the stars one day.

    So we can’t allow those destructive little ****ers to create a situation where civilization dips too low.

  38. How are the Jews going to fare? This fictional post explores their likely fate…

    “Back in America it is hard to find a neocon nowadays, because
    most are packing their bags for the long journey down under. Fear is in
    the air, but this time it is fear within the elite. Fear of the
    American people when they discover they have been bankrupted for more
    than a century, and fear of each other because the blame game is just
    aroud the corner. On balance, would you expect a bunch of Zionists to
    stay in America to face the music? Of course not, the cowards are
    making final preparations for Offutt AFB.

    Four KC-135 aerial tankers line up for take off at Diego Garcia in the
    Indian Ocean, the second and last refuelling point for escaping war
    criminals on their way to Tasmania.

    Many months later, the first Boeing Ark was now roughly halfway
    between the island of Diego Garcia and the coast of Western Australia,
    carving out a white ice crystal track in the tropopause as it headed
    east towards Tasmania. Nothing could stop them now! Completely out of
    range of land based fighters, the war criminals started to relax. This
    was the very last leg of their long flight from America, and Wolfowitz
    absent-mindedly started playing with himself at the prospect of the
    firm young Australian buttocks being prepared in Tasmania by the

    One hundred miles ahead and far below the Ark, Major Andrei
    Osipovich sat silently in the cockpit of his Yak-38 Jump Jet,
    discreetly camouflaged among the deck containers on board a
    Russian-flagged civilian cargo ship. Then the single command “start
    engines” came through his satellite radio, and Major Osipovich busied
    himself with a battery of switches, first lighting his main
    Tumanskiy/Khatchaturov R-27V-300 turbojet, then his two Rybinsk
    RD-36-35FVR lift engines mounted just behind the cockpit.

    When all three engines reached full power they would deliver
    just over 27,000 pounds of thrust, which is 5,000 pounds more than the
    heavier British Harrier can generate, thus enabling Osipovich to climb
    vertically from the deck with ease, then transition & accelerate to
    Mach 1.1 if needed. Though western propaganda has ruthlessly trashed
    the Yak-38 as “useless” and “unstable”, nothing can change the reality
    that this aircraft, known as “Forger” to NATO countries, is both
    lighter and faster than its British and American Harrier cousins.

    The fact that this Yak-38 happened to be on the deck of a
    civilian freighter was actually the fault of New York, which, when you
    think about it, is incredibly ironic. When Wall Street managed to
    destroy the old Soviet Union and break up its republics in 1992, Moscow
    was faced with the possibility of having to give Ukraine half of its
    prized Black Sea Fleet, which included the medium aircraft carriers
    ‘Kiev’ and ‘Gorshkov’. Though Moscow doubtlessly knew the carriers were
    doomed in the long term, it was not prepared to sacrifice its many
    squadrons of Yak-38 Jump Jets, which were promptly flown back to
    Russia. In all, more than 250 Yak-38 Forgers had rolled off the
    production line

    The loss of the carriers was serious, because the Yak-38 was the
    “eyes of the fleet”, and also had the ability to chase off marauding
    American aircraft that got too close. Fortunately for Russia the
    Kremlin boasts a large number of lateral thinkers, and a solution to
    the problem was quickly found, though tight budgets meant it would take
    eight long years to implement.

    A substantial number of Yak-38s (rumored to exceed 100) were
    completely refurbished, and then allocated in singles or pairs to
    civilian cargo ships carrying the Russian, Chinese and Cuban flags.
    Thus the fleets would still have their “eyes”, with the Jump Jets able
    to take oblique photos of the opposition from low level, before
    slipping down behind the radar horizon again. It was a simple and
    relatively cheap solution to a complex problem, but the fact is it
    works perfectly.

    Though now operating primarily in the photo reconnaissance role,
    each Yak is fitted with defensive armament in the form of a single
    23-millimeter GSh-23L cannon pod, fully-loaded with high explosive

    With all three of his engines in the green, Andrei Osipovich
    selected full power and rose vertically from the deck, correcting his
    attitude sightly for the 18-knot headwind. For a moment in time the Yak
    seemed to hover motionless, then started moving forward as Osipovich
    steadily rotated the thrust nozzles towards the rear. He had time to
    note that the surface of the Indian Ocean was a wonderful and vibrant
    dark blue, before tucking his head back inside the cockpit to
    concentrate on the job in hand.

    Still maintaining strict radio silence, Andrei Osipovich
    scribbled two more satellite radio instructions on his knee pad, then
    changed course and commenced a thirty degree subsonic climb to conserve
    fuel. THe climb would not take very long, so Osipovich prepared in
    advance by arming his 23-millimeter GSh-23L cannon, checking the two
    red lights to confirm that all was in order.

    Less than seven minutes after lift off from the ship, Andrei
    Osipovich formated slightly astern of the Ark and about 12,000 feet
    below, where he was still invisible to the Boeing’s TCAS (Traffic Alert
    Collision Avoidance System) radar. The sky was crystal clear, and
    through his tinted flash visor, Osipovich could see oil streaks on the
    dirty white belly of the 747 as it wallowed along clumsily in three
    dimensional space.

    Just over two miles away were the Zionist war criminals who had
    tried to destroy his country completely, who sent in Jewish oligarchs
    to try and steal Russia’s sovereign oil reserves, and who were directly
    responsible for his elderly grandmother being forced to beg on the
    streets of Saint Petersburg. They had done the same to America as well,
    and Andrei Osipovich was justifiably surprised that a USAF F-15 Eagle
    had not already blown the Ark out of the sky before it could escape
    American airspace.

    Major Osipovich mapped his attack run out in his head, without
    even realizing that his actions that day might save countless young
    Tasmanian children from a fate far worse than death. Osipovich was a
    born gunfighter, and his steel-gray eyes mentally plotted the course
    and strike pattern of his cannon shells.

    The object of the exercise was to climb swiftly up under the
    belly of the Ark, with his gunsight pointing directly at the nose of
    the Boeing from below. At this point he intended to open fire, allowing
    the Ark to fly on through the hail of high-explosive shells, which
    would punch a straight line of holes back along the centerline to the
    tail, effectively tearing the giant aircraft apart as it explosively

    Satisfied with his calculations, Andrei Osipovich unsheathed the
    trigger on his joystick with a white-gloved finger, pushed the
    throttle fully forward, and pulled the Yak back into a gut wrenching
    climb. For a fleeting instant he remembered the horror of finding his
    frail grandmother begging on the streets of Saint Petersburg, and then
    he gently squeezed the trigger”

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