The National Portrait Gallery reignites the culture wars

District of Corruption

Pat Buchanan has drawn my attention to the latest scandal brewing in the culture war between Red America and Blue America. This comes at a sensitive time when White Americans are gearing up to celebrate the Christmas season.


Here’s the gist of the story: the National Portrait Gallery, one of the Smithsonian art museums in Washington, is hosting an exhibition (the most expensive in history) called “Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in America,” which is described as “homoerotic” and “a show about gay love.”

As part of the exhibit, “Hide/Seek” contained a short video called “A Fire in My Belly” by someone named David Wojnarowicz, a homosexual artist who died from AIDS in 1992, which was dedicated to his gay lover and partner Peter Hujar, another artist who died from AIDS in 1987.

The controversial video shows ants crawling on a crucifix for eleven seconds. It then cuts to the mouth of a man being sewn shut, a gruesome picture of Jesus, a cockroach, and Wojnarowicz taking his pants off, playing with his genitals and and masturbating on camera.

The description tells of Wojnarowicz’s “poetic, yet furious, condemnation of the way greed, religion, and selfishness conspire to label certain people as outside the scope of our caring.” It says nothing about the fact that he wouldn’t have contracted HIV in a monogamous heterosexual relationship:

“A portrait of the video’s creator David Wojnarowicz, buried up to his face, is also in the exhibit. The catalog description says of the image: “Here, on the brink of a premature death, Wojnarowicz is at once disappearing peacefully into the American landscape and being violently suffocated by it.”

In his book, Wojnarowicz fantasized about shooting blowdarts dripped in HIV positive blood into the necks of Christians and conservative politicians who are said to have “murderous intentions.” America, you see, was “violently suffocating” him:

“… and I’m waking up more and more from daydreams of tipping Amazonian blowdarts in ‘infected blood’ and spitting them at the exposed necklines of certain politicians or government healthcare officials or those thinly disguised walking swastikas that wear religious garments over their murderous intentions.”

Bill Donahue and the Catholic League didn’t like “Fire in My Belly” and protested this outrageous example of taxpayer funded homosexual revenge porn. Eric Cantor warned the Smithsonian to “be prepared for serious questions come budget time.” John Boehner has called for the Smithsonian to shutdown the exhibition or “be prepared to face tough scrutiny.”

The Gallery folded and removed the Wojnarowicz video while standing its ground on the larger exhibit.

The Pink Narcissus

“The Pink Narcissus” remains on display. The National Portrait Gallery’s description for the video says, “The film is a surreal portrait of the youth’s emergence into gay life, his coming out symbolized by the metaphor of a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly.”

A boy as a butterfly: your tax dollars at work.

Blue America Reacts

The removal of the offensive video was hardly the end of the matter.

The Washington Post has weighed in to decry “self-appointed censors” and “political pressure.” The removal of “Fire in My Belly” is “highly disappointing.” In their words, it is “a platform for cultural debate” and shouldn’t be “the target of a misguided political vendetta.”

Blake Gopik mounted a hysterical defense of the video from the pages of The Washington Post style section. “Hide/Seek” is “crucial” and “courageous” and “a first of its kind.” He gave the whole exhibit “a rave review.”

According to Gopnik, “Fire in My Belly” is not the problem at the National Portrait Gallery. The real problem is the Norman Rockwell exhibit just down the hall. That is what should get the boot. He can’t stand the nostalgic view of America that Rockwell presents.

“Rockwell’s vision of “Freedom of Speech,” . . . doesn’t invoke a communist printing his pamphlets or an atheist on a soapbox. It gives us a town hall meeting of almost interchangeable New Englanders, no doubt agreeing to disagree about something as divisive as the rates for those new parking meters. For this, the Founders risked powder and ball?”

As a “man of ideas,” Gopnik goes on to call for Washington’s art institutions to “have the guts to mount the video” in “a rare redemptive moment.” Artists have the right to express themselves. Those who don’t like it can vote with their feet.

“A great museum is a laboratory where ideas get tested, not a mausoleum full of dead thoughts and bromides.”

If Gopnik can’t handle Norman Rockwell, I somehow doubt he would support a Triumph of the Will exhibit, or a remake of The Birth of a Nation. A laboratory of ideas for thee, not for me.

Andrew Sullivan thinks Jesus “exemplifies” the suffering of homosexuals dying from AIDS. He died on the cross for homosexuals. Christians don’t understand their religion and are engaged in “an assault on our humanity.”

Predictably, The New York Times has also chimed in as the definitive and authoritative voice of Blue America. In their eyes, the removal of the homoerotic video is “an act of political cowardice.” This exhibit is nothing more than a set of “culturally challenging images.” Some of the most important roles of art and of museums are to “challenge, disturb and enlighten” the masses.

Translation: the role of public museums is to “challenge, disturb and enlighten” White Christians and shock and scandalize Middle America. Offensive books, videos, and images which “challenge, disturb and enlighten” our elites (i.e., Passion of the Christ) and their “protected classes” must be kept out of the public sphere.

Protests and Hearings

To their credit, Republicans in Congress are showing signs of growing a spine and are threatening investigations to put a stop to this nonsense. The deficit hawks are swooping in to take advantage of the growing backlash and recession to target the Smithsonian with budget cuts.

Meanwhile, homosexual protesters are charging the National Portrait Gallery and using civil rights era tactics to “reintegrate” the video into the exhibit.

No one in Middle America is going to respond well to the “Piss Christ,” “Fire in My Belly,” or “Charles Devouring Himself” as a free speech cause. On the contrary, it will be seen as a provocative, antagonistic gesture that exemplifies the hypocrisy and contempt of our patronizing, progressive elite toward White America and its Christian values.

The same thought police and nanny staters who are always demanding that we show “sensitivity” and “understanding” and “mutual respect” to other cultures are absolutely determined to gut and tear down the foundations of our own civilization without ceding so much as an inch of ground. 

Glorifying mentally disturbed homosexual perverts like David Wojnarowicz is just one means to this end.

Of course all this is being done by the Lords of the Earth in the name of our own “progress” and “enlightenment.” The Frank Richs and Christian Landers of the world are far superior to all of us “hayseeds” and “rednecks” and “bigots” and “racists” who live out here in Real America. They never miss an opportunity to flaunt their imagined sense of superiority over the rest of us.

Vanguardists: The Other Side of the Coin

After dredging through this news cycle, I can’t help but observe that there are some people in the White Nationalist movement who sound almost identical to homosexual freaks like David Wojnarowicz or liberal scolds like Blake Gopik. The “lemmings” video above was uploaded less than nine hours ago on YouTube.

David Wojnarowicz’s ants on the crucifix paen to his dead AIDS infested boyfriend brings to mind a Big Von essay from a few years ago. I found a copy of it on a website called “National Futurism.” Hoffmeister talks of pulling his pants down so that ants can enter his anus and a recurring dreaming of being a woman:

“I pull down my pants, so that the ants can enter my anus. The tickling sensation of the ants entering my anus makes me giggle. I am sure I read somewhere that having ants settle down inside your body will make you less of an individualist prick. I want to belong and the ants entering my anus will help me achieve this goal. Finally I shall become a member of the group that I am a part of. My ethnic interests demand that I subjugate myself to the process of having ants enter my anus. The ants form a collective. One of them grows really large, and Clint Eastwood as the pilot of a fighter jet has to destroy it.

When I was a man, I dreamed of being a woman. Now I dream of being a man. Sometimes I dream of being neither. And then I dream of being either. Is a man a woman, and is a woman a man? Are both sexes like a plug and an outlet? Is the connection severed when the plug is pulled out? The cowboy moaned in a dusty bedroom above a bar in Butte, Montana.”

There is a thriving discourse out there among alienated vanguardists who also use terms like “lemmings,” “patriotards,” “booboisie,” “Jesus freaks,” “X-tians,” “flaggots” and so forth to ridicule and attack “the wrong sort of white people.” They are of the same mindset of their SWPL brethren.

They also look down their noses at their fellow citizens. Some vanguardists see themselves as a vastly superior elite and entertain wild fantasies of a collapse of civilization after which they expect rise to power and become “a new aristocracy.” Everyone else is a stupid conformist who watches spectator sports.

The Myth of the Lemming

In reality, the “lemming” has always been a myth. Ordinary people are nowhere near as gullible or slow as vanguardists claim they are. They are entirely capable of seeing through the liberal media bias and pointing out the contradictions in the prevailing narrative.

Two decades of polling have shown that White Americans have little respect for the "mass media"

The legitimacy of the mainstream media has collapsed to the progressive ceiling. The backlash to “A Fire in My Belly” is just the latest example. No one but Blue America takes MSNBC or the NY Times Op Ed page seriously anymore.

I could point to other examples like Newsweek being sold for a dollar, the declining circulation of newspapers, the rise of the Tea Party, or politicians like Sarah Palin ignoring “the drive-by media” and directly connecting with their audience through Twitter and Facebook. It is has never been easier for the so-called “lemmings” to connect with each other and tune out the ramblings of the political class.

The gap between White Advocates and White America is not as large as the professional outcasts imagine it to be. Instead of twisting the nose of our White audience, which is better left to SWPL progressives who despise the natives, it makes a lot more sense to shed light on all the common ground we share with them.

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  1. Good news.

    I’ve done some checking. 7 out of 8 of the Republicans who voted for the DREAM Act were either defeated in the general election, knocked off in primaries, or retired this year.

    The only one who is returning is Mario-Diaz Balart in Florida 21. He ran in an uncontested race in Miami.

  2. “I don’t how the ruling class is keeping all the balls in the air at this point.”

    I guess it’s a variation on the psychology of the Big Lie. No one on the outside can believe the US government just doesn’t care about the laws of economic gravity because they’re assuming the current hostile elite cares about being good stewards and they simply don’t.

    Some of them only care about finishing up the looting before swarming to SE Asia and rest only care about keeping the balls in the air long enough to transition to a white minority and gulag USA. The normal rules don’t apply.

  3. “I’ll go out on a limb and say gentile queers are the most blatantly anti-Christian of all.”

    I think that’s the root of one of the earliest and strongest alliances in the whole multicult.

    “yet from the likes of the gay activists you’d think all Christians do at church is sit around and “spew hatred” towards gays.”

    Projecting their own guilt i expect. I’d guess the ones who don’t feel guilty about it are the least anti-white.

  4. Pierce had his faults, but he also had some valuable insights. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Some important observations Pierce made:

    1. People want other people to like them. Because of this, they tend to hold views they think are popular.
    2. People used to form their understanding of what was popular by talking with friends and neighbors. Today, their favorite TV characters or a news anchor often takes the place of their community in this regard, thus allowing those who run the media to manipulate popular opinion according to principle 1 above.
    3. An important part of taking our nation back is to build an alternative media.

    In my opinion, we owe James Edwards and enormous debt of gratitude in this regard. Ultimately, we need to get alternative TV and radio stations. The internet may reduce the market share of TV and radio, but just waiting for the internet to steamroll the MSM is a poor strategy. A TV station won’t necessarily need much original content. Yggdrasil’s movie list shows that carefully selecting existing content could potentially effect the desired cultural shift.

  5. Organized faggotry, “gay rights” and the like, is simply another Jew-orchestrated group entitlement. This Culture of Death – abortion, homosex, porn, drugs, euthanasia, pedophilia (coming soon: legalized bestiality) – is the essence of secular Judaism. We are living now in a hi-tech version of Sodom and Gomorrah, and it will all have the same end. Economic, political, and cultural collapse all at once. Then we settle scores. In the meantime, though, HW’s everyday tactics are the Right way to proceed.

  6. After learning yesterday that Hunter has only recently hit the “big 3-0” a lot of the stuff he’s been saying about “Vanguardists” vs “Mainstreamers” becomes more easy to understand.

    Hunter doesn’t have enough years under his belt to develop an organically deep and resonant cynicism about humanity!

    Hunter, true curmudgeons almost NEVER develop before the age of 50.

    You are still to young to even understand us.

  7. I’m posting this here in case Greg Johnson deletes my comment:

    Re: WTSHTF

    It is far more likely that SWPLs will cease to exist overnight WTSHTF. There won’t be a market anymore for their preferred type of lifestyle or their type of employment which largely consists of staring at a computer screen all day in a cubicle. They don’t have the skills, knowledge, or kinship networks to adapt to post-collapse conditions.

    For starters, Peak Oil would ground all these little uppity, sweater wearing girliemen wherever they are presently located, which is likely to be an urban metropole dominated by blacks and Hispanics. Blacks and Hispanics would then form gangs and rob, rape, and murder these unarmed, defenseless liberal yuppies blind after starving mobs sack all the local convenience stores and supermarkets and the food supply runs out.

    SWPLs will go the way of the dodo in a collapse.

    As for the country folk, they are heavily armed and most of them have spent their whole lives practicing with firearms. The military is disproportionately drawn from their ranks. A dissolving military would filter out back into the Heartland. The country folk also have vast resources to fall back on like farmland and ample wild game.

    Hurricanes strike the Gulf Coast all the time. It was telling that chaos erupted in New Orleans in Louisiana but not in Mississippi which endured the full brunt of the storm. The rednecks in Mississippi would have annihilated the criminals there if they had taken advantage of the situation.

    Cities like Los Angeles are the places that have riots.

    If the collapse were ever to happen, I am willing to bet $1,000 that the Whites who take the brunt of the fall will be SWPLs. I would literally bet the farm on it!

  8. Poor “Hunter,” he just can’t live down the fact that in 2008 he had a psychotic episode during which time he openly talked about the diagnoses (bipolar, schizophrenic), the cocktail of psychotropic drugs he was gobbling down, various imaginary girlfriends and children, and working for Morris Dees and the SPLC.

    He claims that the stuff about Dees was just an insane fantasy. (Of course one problem with crazy people is that they sometimes act on their fantasies.)

    He claims that the doctors later changed their mind about the diagnosis. He now claims that he really isn’t schizophrenic and bipolar. The whole thing was just caused by the stress of exchanging harsh words on the internet and not getting enough sleep. (And there is no reason to think that those conditions will ever happen again!)

    So he is really a trustworthy and credible guy now. You can trust his analysis of politics and current events.

    You just have to take his word for it when he says that he was lying about the SPLC, and when he says that he was not lying about the doctors changing their diagnosis, and everything else.

    Then there is Hunter’s history before 2008 of being an internet phisher, hacker, stalker, and all-round pathological liar, sophist, weasel, and prick.

    Well after I was fired from TOQ, I was horrified to learn that the people who fired me put the psychotic phisher/hacker/stalker/liar/prick in charge of TOQ Online and also gave him access to TOQ’s subscriber and donor database.

    I repeat: the publishers of TOQ put the TOQ website, subscriber list, and donor list in the hands of the psychotic phisher/hacker/stalker/liar “Hunter Wallace.” Which means that these records are just one mental meltdown away from being in the hands of the SPLC.

    Well, frankly I found that alarming. There are a lot of good people who subscribe to TOQ and send money to it. I did not want them ruined, and in this society, a lot of people can be fired from a job or find their careers mysteriously frozen because of a simple journal subscription or donation.

    So I circulated links to some of Hunter’s choice psychotic ramblings, in the hope that the damage could be contained. Well, apparently the truth about Hunter was so terrifying to the chickenshit publishers of TOQ that they were and STILL ARE afraid to sever ties with him. Blackmail cannot, of course, be ruled out.


    The fact that Hunter Wallace still claims to do “volunteer” work for TOQ and is otherwise associated with its publisher makes one wonder: Are these people insane? Grossly negligent? Or are they simply terrified that “Hunter” might destroy them at any minute with a phone call to Morris Dees.

    Now, let me just make clear that these are the words of a disgruntled former employee. But that does not make them any less true. I should also stipulate that I bear no ill will toward Kevin MacDonald, the new TOQ editor, whom I think that conned into taking the job by scoundrels. Nor do I have any ill will against the writers, subscribers, and supporters of TOQ. It is precisely because I want to save them serious trouble that I am saying this.

    Hunter Wallace, of course, can’t deal with facts. Insanity is a complex thing, and as layman I have no expertise to venture a clinical diagnosis. But if psychosis is detachment from reality, then insane people are first, last, and always liars, and that is exactly what HW is.

    So he lies about my work record. He lies and claims that I had a mental meltdown. He lies compulsively and uncontrollably even about minor things that don’t seem to make any difference but give his stories concreteness and color.

    So, I have a question, dear readers: Why do you come to this pathological liar’s blog? I come here because he attacks me and because I fear he is misleading good people. Beyond that, I admit I have a taste for the grotesque, and OD is a first class freakshow. But I need to know: Is there anybody of quality here who really takes Hunter seriously? Or are you all just here to watch feeding time at the zoo? I need to know, so I can decide whether or not to continue to stop by from time to time and rattle this freak’s cage.

  9. Re: Greg Johnson

    Hunter Wallace, Psycho

    (1) I am neither bipolar or schizophrenic. I don’t take any medication for either of these illnesses. In fact, I don’t take any form of prescription medication period, even for things like stress, anxiety, and depression.

    (2) In a previous comment, Greg Johnson has admitted there is no basis to the rumor that I am mentally ill.

    (3) The episode that I had back in 2008 was caused by stress and sleep deprivation. Just staying up too late posting on the internet and drinking too much caffeine. Nothing like it has happened before or since.

    I was misdiagnosed and put on prescription medication that threw me for a loop. That medication was THE CAUSE of a few crazy statements that I made on the internet.

    I didn’t respond well to that type of treatment PRECISELY BECAUSE I am neither bipolar or schizophrenic. People who suffer from bipolar syndrome need medication to function normally. Normal people do not react well when they take that type of medication.

    (4) As I said earlier, all this was cleared up a few months later, when it became absolutely clear that my doctors had just fucked up their diagnosis.

    (5) There is no credible medical evidence that I suffer from any type of mental illness whether it be bipolar syndrome or schizophrenia.

  10. So, “Hunter,” you were lying about Morris Dees (which puts you in a bad light), but you are not lying about this (which puts you in a good light)? And what kind of light does lying put you in?

    I am done here. Nobody worth bothering about can take this freak seriously.

  11. Re: Greg Johnson

    Rumor: Hunter Wallace is a Psycho

    (1) I had known Greg Johnson for around eight or nine months when he first circulated the claim that I was a “SPLC spy” and “crazy psycho.”

    (2) Why did Greg Johnson suddenly start spreading this rumor in May 2010? Why then and not before?

    (3) It was because Greg Johnson was fired in April 2010 as TOQ Editor. I went out to Texas in May 2010. Later that month, I helped the owners of TOQ recover physical control of their website, which Greg Johnson refused to hand over after he was fired.

    (4) Greg Johnson had planned to use his possession of stolen TOQ property to force his former employers to paying him off with a ransom. When we recaptured control of the TOQ website, that bargaining chip (along with all the data in the TOQ email inbox which Johnson was sitting on) was lost.

    (5) Johnson was angry that he lost his job and that he didn’t have the TOQ website and its contents anymore to use as a bargaining chip to negotiate his settlement.

    That’s why Greg Johnson started circulating that rumor (which he has admitted is baseless) in May 2010 and not at any point in the nine months before (September 2009 to May 2010) when he was plagiarizing my website to promote himself.

    (6) If Greg Johnson really believed I was a crazy psycho or SPLC spy, why was he so eager to get me involved with TOQ in the first place? The truth is that he knew full well that the charge was baseless and only started to slinging his mud when he had personal and financial grievances that caused him to do so.

  12. Re: Greg Johnson

    Greg Johnson’s Mental Meltdown

    (1) As I explained above, there is no basis to the rumor that I suffer from any type of mental illness. However, the same cannot be said of Greg Johnson, who suffered a spectacular mental meltdown of his own in April and May 2010.

    That was just a few months ago. The difference is that no one on the internet heard about it because Johnson vanished from the internet (April and May) after getting fired from TOQ but before launching Counter-Currents. Those who were familiar with the situation saw it unfold over the telephone and through email.

    (2) Johnson concocted the risible story that his former employers at TOQ were “persecuting” him. In this vain fantasy, everyone was to blame but Greg Johnson for his failure to do his own job, and he had no other choice but to move to San Francisco, CA (one of the most expensive cities in America) because he was suffering from anxiety and depression … just to get away from it all!

    (3) Greg Johnson told his own employers that he should have the power to fire them! Imagine that … telling your boss he should be fired! Is it any wonder this moron lost his job?

    (4) Johnson attempted to overthrow his former employers and install himself in power to take TOQ in a more “progressive” direction. When he failed in that misguided campaign, Johnson tried to destroy his former organization by creating a splinter group called the “Western Renaissance” which he himself planned to naturally lead.

    (5) Johnson’s aborted coup, his delusions of grandeur, and his persecution complex ultimately resulted is his expulsion from the TOQ community and getting shunned from all related events.

    (6) While in San Francisco, Greg Johnson has continued to nurse delusions of grandeur, most recently comparing himself to The Joker in The Dark Knight movie who was “going to give the White Nationalist movement a leader it deserves.”

    Johnson has also made wild, unrealistic statements to the effect that the San Francisco New Right volksgemeinshaft will burn through the “detritus” of the White Nationalist movement and that “a new aristocracy” (with himself in the role of Pontifex Maximus of this cult) will rise to power in a White Republic that will be carved out of the United States.

    He sees himself as a Jim Jones-style figure creating a People’s Temple out in San Francisco.

  13. Re: Greg Johnson

    Greg Johnson is a Sociopath

    (1) As it happens, I know people who live in Georgia, people who knew Greg Johnson for years before I did. These people interacted with Johnson on an almost daily basis. I only met him less than half a dozen times.

    (2) I was told months before our falling out that Greg Johnson suffers from a mental illness. Specifically, the claim was that Greg Johnson is a sociopath. I didn’t think much of it at the time.

    (3) Greg Johnson’s routine daily behavior has been described to me in elaborate detail to prove that he suffers from sociopathy.

    (4) Here are some of the common features of sociopaths:

    Glibness and Superficial Charm – This definitely fits the profile. Johnson comes across as charming guy when you first meet him. He obviously has a high level of verbal intelligence.

    Grandiose Sense of Self – “Feels entitled to certain things as “their right.”

    This is absolutely true of Greg Johnson. Blowing up an entire planet while dressed in a Dark Vader uniform. Fantasizing about being The Joker. The North American New Right taking over the United States.

    This is MY JOB. It BELONGS to me.

    Pathological Lying – Johnson is a pathological liar who has misrepresented the causes of his downfall at TOQ. Everyone is to blame but himself.

    Manipulative and Conning – “They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.”

    Stop describing Greg Johnson. You are killing me here.

    Incapacity for Love – I have seen no evidence that Johnson loves anyone but himself.

    Shallow Emotions – Feigns emotions like friendship to manipulate people and promote himself.

    Lack of Remorse, Shame, or Guilt – “A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.”

    Typical Johnson Behavior.

    Need for Stimulation – Verbal outbursts, homosexuality, inability to focus on the task at hand. Also true of Johnson.

    Callousness/Lack of Empathy – Wants to ruin the lives of millions of people to promote his fantasy world. No concern whatsoever for the suffering of ordinary White people. Destroying an entire planet just because it is in his way.

    Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature – “Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.” Describes Johnson perfectly. Just look at his work history. Look at how he managed to get himself fired.

    Early Behavior Problems/Juvenile Delinquency – “Gets by” by conning others. Problems in making and keeping friends; aberrant behaviors such as … stealing, etc.” That is exactly what Johnson did at TOQ.

    Irresponsibility/Unreliability – “Not concerned about wrecking others’ lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.”

    See Johnson’s comments on The Collapse.

    Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity – Homosexuality would certainly count.

    Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle – Johnson is living like a parasite off people right now.

    Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility – Easily adapts to a new con game. Also describes Johnson.

    Greg Johnson’s photo should be included in the Wikipedia entry under “Sociopath”:

    Other Related Qualities:

    Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them

    Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them




    Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired

    Conventional appearance

    Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)

    Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim’s life
    Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim’s affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)

    Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim

    Incapable of real human attachment to another

    Unable to feel remorse or guilt

    Extreme narcissism and grandiose

    May state readily that their goal is to rule the world

  14. Re: Greg Johnson


    (1) As it happens, it is not true that I have the TOQ donor list or subscriber list. I never saw that information. I am not in charge of any database. Greg Johnson certainly has possession of it though.

    How many times has Hunter Wallace sent out a fundraising email or letter to TOQ subscribers and donors? Umm .. never.

    How many times has Greg Johnson asked for money?

    (2) Given Greg Johnson’s inability to hold a steady job, his parasite lifestyle, his resentment against TOQ, and the certainty that he will eventually spend all the money from his settlement, it is FAR MORE LIKELY that Johnson will sell information (and his story) to the SPLC, assuming he hasn’t already done so.

    (3) Greg Johnson wants all the money for himself. So naturally, he would oppose making contributions to TOQ, which doesn’t suit his own financial self interest.

    (4) In reality, it is Greg Johnson who is shunned and banned from the TOQ world, not me. I still have good relations with everyone.

    (5) Unlike Johnson, I volunteer to help out when asked because I am not financially motivated.

    (6) Johnson doesn’t have any “ill will” against Kevin MacDonald because writing for TOO is one way that this parasite with no useful life skills can make money for himself. Johnson would throw MacDonald under the bus in a New York minute if he had the opportunity to do so.

    (7) The idea that I am blackmailing TOQ is laughable. Greg Johnson, however, has already done this.

    (8) If Greg Johnson was so concerned about his friends, then why did he bring me into the organization in the first place? Why did this “concern” suddenly emerge when it happened to coincide with his own financial grievances?

    (9) It’s more like “you are saying this” because you are just pissed off, not because of your feelings of altruism toward anyone else, which as a sociopath you can only feign.

  15. Re: Greg Johnson

    Greg Johnson’s Work Record

    (1) ….

    (2) I left the first item blank because that was Greg Johnson’s work history before arriving at TOQ. He worked a few odd jobs and was fired by his previous employers for reasons similar to the ones that led to his departure at TOQ.

    (3) If you browse the TOQ Online website, you will see that Greg Johnson wrote for it less than 20 times during his tenure there. OTOH, he posted almost 60 items from me alone as TOQ editor, not including all the other material he plagiarized from OD.

    In other words, Greg Johnson was swiping material from around the net and passing off the work of others as his own. That is pretty much what he does now at Counter-Currents.

    (4) Among his star writers, Julius Evola, Oswald Spengler, H.L. Mencken, and Friedrich Nietzsche write for Counter-Currents. Whether they have knowledge of this has yet to be determined.

    (5) Greg Johnson has repeatedly raised the issue of Michael O’Meara’s stipend. Why did Michael O’Meara have a stipend though? He was being paid for editing and translation work.

    In other words, Greg Johnson had delegated that portion of his job description as TOQ Editor to O’Meara. Johnson also had another young man (from what I am told) helping him edit the journal.

    (6) Greg Johnson unilaterally renumbered the TOQ journal because he was unable to do his own job and catch it up. So he wasn’t able to do that either. He was able to sign up multiple free subscriptions though for his friends.

    (7) The financial records and complaints that Greg Johnson left behind were in shambles. Johnson wrote subscriptions down on paper napkins! That is how bad a record keeper he was.

    (8) Johnson repeatedly stated to push the envelope as TOQ Editor. This was one of the major causes of his termination. He was promoting Harold Covington and other radical ideas in spite of being told not to do so.

    As TOQ Editor, Johnson couldn’t stay within his assign parameters.

    Summary: Greg Johnson failed to catch up the TOQ journal, couldn’t respond to complaints, failed at record keeping, wrote for TOQ Online less than 20 times, and outsourced his duties as Editor to two other people and TOQ Online to everyone who else on the net he could plagiarize.

    Greg Johnson had all sorts of people doing his job for him. He had other people writing for the website. He had other people editing the journal.

    What then was Greg Johnson doing?

  16. Re: Greg Johnson

    Greg Johnson’s Time

    What the hell was Greg Johnson doing at TOQ then?

    (1) Greg Johnson, who is against “materialism,” was flying across North America out of the Atlanta airport in a jet (probably first class) to attend his favorite operas at our expense.

    He had time to do that. However, Johnson DID NOT have the time to catch up the journal, write for the website, or manage the financial records … save for promoting, say, Harold Covington in the pages of TOQ and bringing DHS scrutiny down on all the “friends” he claims to care so much about.

    (2) Greg Johnson was being treated like royalty by his employers. As it happens, not only did TOQ pay him a nice salary, unlike almost anyone else who writes about White Nationalism (who don’t make a dime), they even paid his expenses to live in a nice, full furnished apartment in Atlanta.

    (3) Unfortunately, that apartment in Buckhead WAS NOT good enough for His Majesty, Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents

    Johnson didn’t like “the weather” in Georgia. It wasn’t fun living in Atlanta. He was being “persecuted” and “mistreated” by his awful employers … does your employer pay for YOUR living expenses? Probably not.

    Sounds like a damn good deal. Just not for someone with an exaggerated sense of self importance like Greg Johnson.

    (4) His Royal Highness took it upon himself to relocate to San Francisco, CA earlier this year where he planned to live off the White Nationalist movement.

    What do you make of that?

    Moving to San Francisco, one of the most expensive cities in America, and expecting a PAY RAISE for you can live a flamboyant homosexual lifestyle in an urban environment more to your tastes?

    A bridge too far? I would certainly call it that.

  17. Oh wow. The Wallace/Johnson fued heats up. This is providing momentary diversion, for me, from some “Gosh I wanna slit my wrists” issues – personal and public, in my own life. So it’s entertaining to behold the mud-flinging fest! Thanks, fellas….

    The thing is – I like both of them.

    Re: Johnson’s alleged plagiarism of other material. Most folks draw from and re-interpret their influences. I have a lot of background reading to do. I have only had a passing glance at the works of Evola, et al. I don’t have enough personal knowledge to comment on whether or not Johnson is ripping off other writers. If Johnson is stealing form other writers – it’s a shame – but he’s not doing a bad job as a plagiarist. I think he’s talented writer, all on his own merits. So Mr Johnson – spend more time developing and writing your own thoughts. You’ll do just fine, if you do!

    Hunter Wallace’s “mental illness”. Hmmmmm..I know nothing about this. I’m leery of these sorts of accusations….smacks of Gulag tactics. People are more afraid of catching The Nutsies, than they are of leprosy. The whole smoke and mirrors world of Mental Illness is a Jew Thang. Whne Christians ruled – people couold be castigated and cast out for heresy. Now – it’s “mental illness”. That said – Jew world is all about chaos. They thrive in chaos. Normal humans don’t like chaos. Normal humans melt down in chaos. We live under a Judaic tyranny. I’m convinced that a large percentage of so-called “mental illnesses” stem from attempting to function in the Jew-corroded mass lunatic asylum system we call “America” and “The West”. Millions of people are on “anti-anxiety/stress” meds, in a destructive attempt to chemically delude oneself, with various configurations of Soma, into believing that “everything is just great!”. So – if Hunter’s “nuts” – it’s cause he lives in an Anti-White dystopiaski.

    Re: Hunter’s commentary on this blog – I’m not familiar with anything I have not redf a thing that Hunter’s written, that indicates Lights Out. I find Mr. Wallace to be one of the most lucid and astute analysts out there.

    “By their fruits ye shall know them”, is all I’m sayin’.

    Mr. Johnson – I like your work. I really do. Do you appreciate, however, the sublime, and nastily funny irony, of the fact that you are attempting to undermine and trash Hunter on his own blog – and he’s permitting you to do so (albiet engaging in full on ‘Bama Boy Return Fire, and having a grand old time, doing so…) ?

    This exchange reveals the character of both of ya…..

  18. I enjoy these exchanges with Johnson.

    He’s got nothing on me that sticks. The claim that I am mentally ill is flatly untrue. I’m not overweight. I have never worked for the SPLC. Even Potok or Beirich would probably confirm that.

    The facts are on my side.

    Everything that I have said about The Cat Lady above is true. He is unable to defend himself. The truth is that damaging. That is why he ran off this blog with his tail tucked between his legs like a whipped puppy or a fucking chicken.

    I hit him so hard the other night that he begged me to remove the comment. I’m not sure why I did so. Maybe out of pity. He knows that I am sitting on that one (which is also true) and many other things besides.

    Johnson is a pathological liar, a thief, a probable sociopath, an alienated kook, a fantasist, an effeminate homosexual, a lazy parasite, a self-centered, financially motivated drama queen who thrives on spreading false rumors and manipulating other people into doing his job and subsidizing his existence.

    He pleas “no contest” to these charges.

  19. Hunter – I can be outrageous, in the way I express myself. Generally for my own amusement. I realize that I can be easily mis-read.

    Due to my background – I have dealt with genuinely mentally ill people.

    Hunter – nothing about you strikes me as “crazy”. I’ve seen the real thing – I did not get that Out to Lunch vibe from you at all.

    Not at all.

  20. I wish Mr. Johnson would spend his time, and his talents, on productive work. This would be better for every-one. He would garner the adulation he desires if he would do so.

  21. Even if Mr. Johnson’s question of purpose was rhetorical I’d like to respond. I am an early member of ‘generation Y’ raised in a home broken by leftist ideology in more ways than I can count. I rejected most of the bullshit in my teens and explicitly sympathized with many right-wing positions, and implicitly grasped racial differences and the unfairness and hypocrisy of what I now have the words to identify as the anti-White regime occupying the Nation. But living in Portland there are few outlets for these ideas and virtually no one to offer sympathy and reinforcement. So I joined the military at 18 and have since spent time in the Midwest and South, and about half a decade overseas. And boy what an eye-opener it’s been. My deployment to Iraq at the beginning of this year delivered an abundance of idle personal time – there being practically nothing to do here – and I was fortunate to discover the works of Philippe Rushton and Arthur Jenson. These of course led me to a binge of racialist literature, and I devoured every related scientific or philosophical book or paper on the subject that I could find. Prior to this it had almost completely escaped my attention that there was a group of people liberated from the lies of the delusion weavers – people that did not hide their beliefs or their interests under a mask of shame and guilt. Exploring the ‘WN-osphere’ led me to both AMREN and Occidental Dissent. And while I by no means agree with everything Mr. Wallace or his associates post, I find myself returning to these two resources again and again above the more ‘radical’, ‘vanguardist’ sites. So for providing this platform online, Mr. Wallace has my sincere appreciation. In line with what others have expressed I also enjoy the voice of Mr. Johnson, and I visit Counter Currents as time allows. I think it’s unfortunate that there is so much bad blood here, but none of the seemingly-unnecessary ad hominem arguments deter me from considering anyone’s perspective.

    To summarize: I consider Occidental Dissent valuable and effective – even when I disagree.

  22. Can you explain to the gallery why you pretended to be a woman (i.e., “The Cat Lady”) on the internet?

    You don’t know? He was trying to woo Alex.

  23. All you need to know about vanguardism is that it is a false alternative. There is nothing of substance there. They have absolutely no plan whatsoever for reversing our decline.

    Reject the system. That sounds nice for about thirty seconds … until the realization dawns that these people have utterly no clue what to do next … aside from lurk on the internet under anonymous pseudonyms and gripe and spread defeatism.

    Hell … why can’t they go to Democratic Underground or DailyKos and spread defeatism over there? That actually might be useful.

  24. Hunter,

    I love reading your site, but you have to stop with these attacks on Greg Johnson. True or untrue, they distract from your message.

    If Greg reads this, please stop posting here. Your talents are best kept on Counter-Currents and Hunter’s are best utilized here.

    Call it a day from this in-fight. It’s been going on for too long, distracting you both from getting work done.

    There can be no winners in a fight on the internet. Call it a day gentlemen and move on to something more substantial.

    The projects you have upcoming at CC look promising Greg… get them done!

    Hunter, keep up the great analysis.

  25. This pitiful bickering between Greg Johnson and Hunter Wallace appears to be a red herring – a deliberate distraction from what could become a meaningful and useful exchange of ideas.

    Congratulations to both of you for the job well done.

  26. Hunter,

    You’re correct. Greg has done that one more than one occasion.

    Just ban him so that he’ll concentrate on his site and you can concentrate on your work.

  27. Ivan – I don’t think this is a deliberate distraction. I think it’s just standard Ego Wars. There’s an awful lot of that in the WN scene, or any other scene. Always. Human Nature, and all.

    It’s been interesting – but it’s enough. They’ve both made their points. I’m taking Hunter’s “side” – cause he is correct in stating the Johnson ocmes here to attack him.

    That doesn’t mean that I am against Mr. Johnson. I’m for him in general. He’d do every-one a far greater service if he did meaningful work. It’s in him. I know it is.

  28. “But I need to know: Is there anybody of quality here who really takes Hunter seriously? Or are you all just here to watch feeding time at the zoo? I need to know, so I can decide whether or not to continue to stop by from time to time and rattle this freak’s cage.”

    Personally I have found ‘Hunter Wallaces’ various permutations across the internet to be interesting. (dating back to around 2003) The guy changes ideologies as often as some folks change socks!! Seeing him spin the reasoning behind his latest guise is very entertaining.

  29. Ted, there is another angle to this nugget of entertainment provided by OD. Trying to figure out who is sucking up to HW’s game and who is a sidekick working hand in glove with him is a lot of fun.

    For example, I’m still undecided whether WH and GJ are teammates or not.

  30. Johnson is a pathological liar, a thief, a probable sociopath, an alienated kook, a fantasist, an effeminate homosexual, a lazy parasite, a self-centered, financially motivated drama queen who thrives on spreading false rumors and manipulating other people into doing his job and subsidizing his existence.

    Also urban, living a decadent, degenerate lifestyle in San Francisco.

    Sounds like a huge Jew. Sure he’s not a crypto-Jew?

  31. All this information being vomited forth with such complete indiscretion aids the bad guys. It is probably not available anywhere else, and it is a major bad reflection on the person who talks with loose lips.

    The business with Greg was private to his employer and should be totally, 100% scrubbed from this website. Muy pronto.

  32. “Ted Denny Aylmer” is a fellow from the Phora. “Ted Denny Aylmer” is a sockpuppet of a long-time poster at the Phora named “Jett”. “Jett” was banned from the Phora after posting child pornography in the Phora shoutbox. Hunter should ban this troll.

  33. Eumaeus: Most of the “information” that concerns you consists of lies. I think it is a mixture of Hunter Wallace’s lies and lies originating from the publishers of TOQ. Asking to cover it up it lends it a dignity it does not deserve. Besides, “Hunter” has taken similar brain dumps all over the Majority Rights board, and that can’t be just scrubbed.

    I have tried to ignore this kook and get on with my productive work, but just because you don’t think about crazy people, that doesn’t mean that crazy people are not thinking about you. Once you fall into their delusional patterns, they create imaginary relationships and arguments with you. HW has been sniping at me since June, and his hatred of me for not allowing him to escape his past is the main reason he began to morph into my populist/patriotard nemesis (crazy people do that; when your mind is unconnected to reality, your beliefs of the moment have to be based on something; Hunter’s are based on person likes and dislikes).

    When I started cross posting Hunter’s writings at TOQ Online (which was part of my job, by the way), he was delighted. I was bringing him to a new audience (and quietly correcting his typos and gaucheries). Now, he accuses me of “plagiarism” (yes, he knows what plagiarism means, but he is crazy and thus none too scrupulous about word choice) and dereliction of duty (falsely implying that I was hired to write for TOQ rather than edit it. When I took the job, I made it abundantly clear that I was not there to write opinion pieces and that anything I did do should be considered a bonus to the journal.) EVERYTHING he says is similarly riddled with lies and distortions. EVERYTHING. Life is too short to debunk even a day’s worth of this kook’s ravings.

    Really, Hunter’s metamorphosis into populist patriotard was the beginning of the decline of this blog. His best writers left. His readership started declining. (Who, exactly, is being shunned here? A glance at both of our sites speaks volumes on that lie too.)

    I would have completely ignored him, but actually I find that crossing swords with him from time to time stimulates my own thinking and writing, so it does not detract from my productivity, it adds to it.

    Still, there is something absurd about a person of my stature crossing swords with Hunter. To an outside observer, it looks like a man with a Ph.D. squabbling with a Down’s syndrome child. It is beneath my dignity.

  34. Ivan says: “If you want to find out the percentage of ‘lemmings’ among white people, ask them this question: What’s the importance of race? Are you a racist? Than maybe you’ll start understanding what Dr Pierce is talking about.”

    That’s two questions, the first calling for a complicated, subjective opinion, and the second which many might think is a trick question calculated to ferret out anyone who still harbors natural racial instincts. Dr. Pierce wouldn’t necessarily want to work only with those who answer “yes” to, are you a racist?

    Dr. Pierce, if limited to just one question he could ask his kinsmen, it would more likely be leading one, like, “do you believe the White race is worth preserving, yes or no?”

    He would eliminate the thoughtless “nays” from further consideration, and ask if he could pose to the race preservationists, the “yeahs,” another question: “Since you believe the White race is worth preserving, do you not believe that the White race should organize for it’s exclusive interests, and fight like hell for its habitat and to preserve its precious, unique gene pool?

    Again, “nays” to the left.

    From those who answer in the affirmative to that question will be found the segment of the population that can be considered for further evaluation for what they can bring to our White Racial Alliance, and be tested. That’s how Dr. Pierce sized up prospective Alliance cadre. There was plenty of work to do for every member that volunteered to help, but only certain people had the right stuff for field cadre and National Office staff.

  35. Good point, Will. I was just trying to point out that Pierce’s notion of ‘lemming’ is not what HW thinks it is.

  36. Denise,

    Like you said, he comes over here and starts it, on my website, every single time, not the other way around. If he could just control himself, that would be the end of the matter.

  37. Re: Johnson

    (1) I challenge any objective, disinterested observer to read Occidental Dissent and Counter-Currents and then meet both myself and Greg Johnson in real life … and conclude that I am the kook here.

    (2) The sort of material Johnson constantly posts on the internet reflects the profile of a kook and an alienated sociopath.

    (3) Greg Johnson spent months filching material from around the net to make it look like he was doing his job at TOQ Online. That is because he was too lazy to write for his own website. His ideal setup was getting other people to do all the work while getting paid for it.

    (4) Anyone is free to review the OD archives. They will find that we were branching out into the real world and doing stuff in real life like going to the Tea Parties for months before this argument happened with Johnson.

    (5) Greg Johnson knows for a fact that he is the one who has been shunned. We both know the details of the matter.

    (6) The traffic of this website has actually increased.

    (7) Johnson … do you really want to talk about the details of your academic background? That’s another shoe that hasn’t been dropped here.

  38. do you really want to talk about the details of your academic background? That’s another shoe that hasn’t been dropped here.

    I would actually be interested in hearing about his academic background.

  39. Who, exactly, is being shunned here? A glance at both of our sites speaks volumes on that lie too.
    Greg Johnson

    OD has 25X the comments that CC does.

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