Obama Delivers Reparations

District of Corruption

If it wasn’t a bad enough day with the Democrat majority in the House passing the DREAM Act amnesty to reward Mexican criminals for violating our national sovereignty, President Barack Hussein Obama delivered reparations to black farmers this afternoon.

$4.6 billion dollars will now be looted from the public treasury and distributed to trial lawyers and negro scam artists who claim they were “discriminated” against by the federal government. This will hardly bring “closure” to the black farmer shakedown. It is only the beginning of every negro thug in America trying to hop on the government gravy train by claiming to be a victimized black farmer.

In related news, it was quietly revealed a few days ago that Shirley Sherrod, the USDA official that was fired over the summer for anti-White statements, whom the Left claimed was the victim of a rightwing racist witch hunt, will be receiving a cool $13 million dollars in the Pigford settlement.

Who else wants to be a millionaire?

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  1. Good! When people are starving in the streets, we can talk about this! They got their repamarations all right, now can we separate? Now can we live our White lives without having these people forced on us?

    I hope Rushannity talk about Shirley Sherrod’s cool 13 mil.

  2. The Democrats are on a roll …

    (1) The DREAM Act amnesty.

    (2) Trying to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

    (3) Reparations to black farmers.

    (4) The Black Panther scandal.

    (5) The South Korea free trade agreement.

    (6) Charlie Rangel.

  3. HW I think you have the right idea about the engaging instead of being a sulking loser. I have a question if you would please answer; How would you answer if you were cornered by an “anti-racist” and accused of being a “racist?”

  4. You give them an inch, they’ll take a mile.

    We ought not to give them a single centimeter, if you ask me.

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