Lobby Senate to Defeat the Dream Act Amnesty!

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington...hears from constituents

NumbersUSA says the final Senate vote on the Dream Act Amnesty for ~ 2 million illegal aliens could come as soon as Wednesday. Our side is confident we have the votes to kill this Dream Act/Nightmare Act. But activists need to work as hard and as effectively as they can in the next few days.

I went to the trouble and expense to acquire the Congressional Staff Directory so our side can reach specific staff members BY NAME to get our message heard.

Please contact Senate staff in ANY state that you have ever lived, worked, gone to college etc. You want to ask for a lower level staff member who’s job it is to listen to constituent concerns.

Also get on immigration control forums like Americans for Legal Immigration and share Congressional Staff contact information. Learning how to effectively lobby Congress is a skill that just takes practice. So let’s practice in the next few days. Please let me know which state, which Senators you would like to contact – we should follow NumbersUSA’s lead on who are the key senators to contact.


  1. Here’s a sample of the Congressional Staff contact info – this is for Virginia Senator Webb:

    Sen Webb:

    Washington, DC StaffPaul Reagan
    202-224-4024Chief of Staff
    E-mail: paul_reagan@webb.senate.govJessica Smith
    202-224-4024Communications Director
    E-mail: jessica_smith@webb.senate.govWil Jenkins
    202-224-4024Press Asst.
    E-mail: wil_jenkins@webb.senate.govTrevor Moe
    E-mail: trevor_moe@webb.senate.govDoug Ierley
    202-224-4024Legis. Counsel
    E-mail: doug_ierley@webb.senate.govKathryn M. Wilmoth
    202-224-4024Admin. Director
    E-mail: kathryn_wilmoth@webb.senate.govDavid Bonine
    202-224-4024Legis. Director
    E-mail: david_bonine@webb.senate.govPhilip Brady
    202-224-4024Legis. Asst.
    E-mail: philip_brady@webb.senate.govAli Nouri
    202-224-4024Legis. Asst.
    E-mail: ali_nouri@webb.senate.govGordon I. Peterson
    202-224-4024Legis. Asst.
    E-mail: gordon_peterson@webb.senate.govMaribel Ramos
    202-224-4024Legis. Asst.
    E-mail: marikel_ramos@webb.senate.govMarta McLellan Ross
    202-224-4024Legis. Asst. , Foreign Policy
    E-mail: marta_mclellan@webb.senate.govJustine Augeri
    202-224-4024Legis. Aide
    E-mail: justine_augeri@webb.senate.govAdam Schiff
    202-224-4024Legis. Aide
    E-mail: adam_schiff@webb.senate.govJenny Bryant
    202-224-4024Legis. Corres.
    E-mail: jenny_bryant@webb.senate.govPatrick Day
    202-224-4024Legis. Corres.
    E-mail: patrick_day@webb.senate.govCourtney Weaver
    202-224-4024Legis. Corres.
    E-mail: courtney_weaver@webb.senate.govEmily Zuelzer
    202-224-4024Legis. Corres.
    E-mail: emily_zuelzer@webb.senate.govCarolyn Walser
    202-224-4024Exec. Asst.
    E-mail: carolyn_walser@webb.senate.govJoe Gallow
    202-224-4024Systems Admin.
    E-mail: joe_gallow@webb.senate.govLogan Gibson
    202-224-4024Press Asst.
    E-mail: logan_gibson@webb.senate.govRafael Anderson
    202-224-4024Staff Asst.
    E-mail: rafael_anderson@webb.senate.govJada Greehowe
    202-224-4024Staff Asst.
    E-mail: jada_greehowe@webb.senate.govLuke Principato
    202-224-4024Staff Asst.
    E-mail: luke_principato@webb.senate.govJacob Terrell
    202-224-4024Staff Asst.
    E-mail: jacob_terrell@webb.senate.gov
    State Offices and Staff
    Danville, VA 24541-1468:
    308 Craghead Street, Suite 102-4
    Phone: 434-792-0976
    Fax: 434-972-0978
    Tina GrahamField Rep.
    Falls Church, VA 22042-3215:
    7309 Arlington Boulevard, Suite 316
    Phone: 703-573-7090
    Fax: 703-573-7098
    Gwen SigdaField Rep.Sara BrownCaseworkerMatt LuchasCaseworker
    Norton, VA 24273-1923:
    756 Park Avenue, N.W.
    Phone: 276-679-4925
    Fax: 276-679-4929
    Gwyn DuttonField Rep.
    Richmond, VA 23219-2309:
    507 E. Franklin Street
    Phone: 804-771-2221
    Fax: 804-771-8313
    Conaway B. Haskins III State DirectorLouise WareField Rep.JoAnn PulliamCasework DirectorDebbie BurroughsCaseworkerJustin JenningsCaseworkerLinda WilliamsStaff Asst.
    Roanoke, VA 24018-4370:
    3140 Chaparral Drive, Building C, Suite 101
    Phone: 504-772-4236
    Fax: 540-772-6870
    Debra LawsonField Rep.Martin MashField Rep.
    Virginia Beach, VA 23462-3023:
    222 Central Park Avenue, Suite 120
    Phone: 757-518-1674
    Fax: 757-518-1679
    Jeanne Evans
    Field Rep.Charlie Stanton
    Field Rep.Andrea Trotter

  2. Let’s start with Florida. Let me know how you did, you talked to, who you sent e-mail to and their response. Then we’ll do the two other states

    Sen. Bill Nelson

    Washington, DC Staff Peter J. Mitchell
    202-224-5274 Chief of Staff Brenda Strickland
    202-224-5274 Deputy Chief of Staff for Administration Daniel McLaughlin
    202-224-5274 Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Bryan Gulley
    202-224-5274 Press Secy. Alicia Brown
    202-224-5274 Scheduler Laurence Wildgoose
    202-224-5274 State Scheduler Beth Nielson
    202-224-5274 Office Manager Ryan McCormick
    202-224-5274 Tax Counsel Neal Higgins
    202-224-5274 Legis. Director Clint Odom
    202-224-5274 Legis. Counsel , Communications Christopher Caple
    202-224-5274 Legis. Asst. , Military Affairs Bill Couch
    202-224-5274 Legis. Asst. , Education, Small Business Greta Lundeberg
    202-224-5274 Legis. Asst. , Foreign Relations Madeline Otto
    202-224-5274 Legis. Asst. , Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid Katherine W. Platt
    202-224-5274 Legis. Asst. , Appropriations, Welfare, Faith-Based Initiatives Susie Quinn
    202-224-5274 Legis. Asst. , Environment, Agriculture, FEMA, Social Security Patricia M. Curran
    202-224-5274 Corres. Manager Yariv Pierce
    202-224-5274 Legis. Corres. for National Security Jenny Solomon
    202-224-5274 Asst. to the Chief of Staff; Legis. Corres. Straton Kirkton
    202-224-5274 Asst. to the Legis. Director; Legis. Corres. Treon Glenn
    202-224-5274 Legis. Corres. Gene Schlesinger
    202-224-5274 Legis. Corres. Sheri Atkins
    202-224-5274 System Admin. Mara Sloan
    202-224-5274 Press Asst. Patrick Hanley
    202-224-5274 Special Asst. Melissa Alvarado
    202-224-5274 Staff Asst. Jessica Gruse
    202-224-5274 Staff Asst. Charlie Joughin
    202-224-5274 Staff Asst. Keenan Mahoney
    202-224-5274 Staff Asst. Kevin Maskornick
    202-224-5274 Staff Asst. Note: At Sen. Nelson’s request, individual staff e-mail addresses are not published.

    State Offices and Staff
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33328-2022:
    3416 S. University Drive
    Phone: 954-693-4851
    Fax: 954-693-4862
    Willowstine Lawson Regional Director Ihab Al-Dammagh Staff Asst.
    Ft. Myers, FL 33901-5503:
    Justice Center Annex Building, 2000 Main Street, Suite 801
    Phone: 239-334-7760
    Fax: 239-334-7710
    Diana McGee Regional Director
    Jacksonville, FL 32207-9021:
    1301 Riverplace Boulevard, Suite 2218
    Phone: 904-346-4500
    Fax: 904-346-4506
    Michelle Barth Regional Director Grace Pettus Staff Asst.

    Miami, FL 33134-6611:
    2925 Salzedo Street
    Phone: 305-536-5999
    Fax: 305-536-5991
    Laura Fatoric Regional Director Anna Marie Ross Staff Asst.
    Orlando, FL 32801-4326:
    Landmark Center Two, 225 E. Robinson Street, Suite 410
    Phone: 407-872-7161
    Fax: 407-872-7165
    Sherry Hupp Davich Director of Constituent Svcs. Lisa M. Marshall Deputy Director of Constituent Svcs. Celeste Brown Regional Director Artena Greene Technology and Training Karen Cully Constituent Advocate Frank DeToma Constituent Advocate Peggy Gustave Constituent Advocate Dolly Kobernat Constituent Advocate Ingrid Piedraheta Constituent Advocate Marcia Randolph Constituent Advocate Sean Beaudet Mail Clerk Courtnie Harris Staff Asst. Josiah Manzo Staff Asst. David Sanchez Staff Asst. Kelda Senior Staff Asst. Usha Tewari Staff Asst. Alicia Tighe Staff Asst. Rupa Venkatesh Staff Asst.

    Tallahassee, FL 32301-7736:
    U.S. Courthouse Annex, 111 N. Adams Street
    Phone: 850-942-8415
    Fax: 850-942-8450
    Peter J. Mitchell Chief of Staff Jacquelyn T. Bannister Director of Outreach Joe Davenport Staff Asst.
    Tampa, FL 33602-3849:
    Sam M. Gibbons Federal Courthouse, 801 N. Florida Avenue, Fourth Floor
    Phone: 813-225-7040
    Fax: 813-225-7050
    Digna Alvarez Regional Director Shahra Anderson Regional Director

    West Palm Beach, FL 33401-5319 :
    401 Clematis Street, Suite 201
    Phone: 561-514-0189
    Fax: 561-514-0844
    Michelle McGovern Regional Director

    Sen. George LeMieux

    Washington, DC StaffKerry Feehery
    202-224-3041 Chief of Staff
    E-mail: kerry_feehery@lemieux.senate.gov Vivian R. Myrtetus
    202-224-3041 Deputy Chief of Staff
    E-mail: vivian_myrtetus@lemieux.senate.gov Benjamin Moncrief
    202-224-3041 General Counsel
    E-mail: ben_moncrief@lemieux.senate.gov Ken Lundberg
    202-224-3041 Communications Director
    E-mail: ken_lundberg@lemieux.senate.gov Jessica Garcia
    202-224-3041 Press Secy.
    E-mail: jessica_garcia@lemieux.senate.gov Toby Philpot
    202-224-3041 Deputy Press Secy.
    E-mail: toby_philpot@lemieux.senate.gov Danielle Joos
    202-224-3041 Scheduler
    E-mail: danielle_joos@lemieux.senate.gov Rachel Hedge
    202-224-3041 Deputy Scheduler; Special Projects
    E-mail: rachel_hedge@lemieux.senate.gov Theresa Young
    202-224-3041 Admin. Director
    E-mail: theresa_young@lemieux.senate.gov Maureen Jaeger
    202-224-3041 Exec. Asst.
    E-mail: maureen_jaeger@lemieux.senate.gov Michael D. Zehr
    202-224-3041 Legis. Director
    E-mail: michael_zehr@lemieux.senate.gov Taylor Booth
    202-224-3041 Legis. Asst.
    E-mail: taylor_booth@lemieux.senate.gov Victor Cervino
    202-224-3041 Legis. Asst.
    E-mail: victor_cervino@lemieux.senate.gov Vennia François
    202-224-3041 Legis. Asst.
    E-mail: vennia_francois@lemieux.senate.gov Frank Walker
    202-224-3041 Legis. Asst.
    E-mail: frank_walker@lemieux.senate.gov Brian Walsh
    202-224-3041 Legis. Asst.
    E-mail: brian_walsh@lemieux.senate.gov Spencer Wayne
    202-224-3041 Legis. Asst.
    E-mail: spencer_wayne@lemieux.senate.gov Michael Thornberry
    202-224-3041 Legis. Aide
    E-mail: michael_thornberry@lemieux.senate.gov William Cronin
    202-224-3041 Corres. Manager
    E-mail: william_cronin@lemieux.senate.gov Natasha Bui
    202-224-3041 Legis. Corres.
    E-mail: natasha_bui@lemieux.senate.gov George Ghanem
    202-224-3041 Legis. Corres.
    E-mail: george_ghanem@lemieux.senate.gov Samuel Novales
    202-224-3041 Legis. Corres.
    E-mail: samuel_novales@lemieux.senate.gov Ryan Powers
    202-224-3041 Legis. Corres.
    E-mail: ryan_powers@lemieux.senate.gov Jennifer Renjel
    202-224-3041 Legis. Corres.
    E-mail: jennifer_renjel@lemieux.senate.gov Ryan Duffy
    202-224-3041 Speechwriter
    E-mail: ryan_duffy@lemieux.senate.gov Dan Soto
    202-224-3041 IT Director
    E-mail: dan_soto@lemieux.senate.gov Kelly Kaar
    202-224-3041 Data Entry Specialist
    E-mail: kelly_kaar@lemieux.senate.gov Meaghan A. Cronin
    202-224-3041 Press Asst.
    E-mail: meaghan_cronin@lemieux.senate.gov Patrick Buell
    202-224-3041 Staff Asst.
    E-mail: patrick_buell@lemieux.senate.gov Cate Minichino
    202-224-3041 Staff Asst.
    E-mail: cate_minichino@lemieux.senate.gov
    State Offices and Staff
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304-4686:
    642 N. Federal Highway
    Phone: 954-760-4124
    Fax: 954-760-4598
    Steve Martino Southeast Florida Regional Director Sheela Venero Staff Asst.

    Fort Myers, FL 33901-3010:
    2120 Main Street, Suite 200
    Phone: 239-332-3898
    Fax: 239-332-3447
    Sarah Hines Southwest Florida Regional Director
    Jacksonville, FL 32207-8149:
    1650 Prudential Drive, Suite 220
    Phone: 904-398-8586
    Fax: 904-398-8591
    Adele Griffin North Florida Regional Director Ashley Cook Staff Asst.

    Miami, FL 33166-6640:
    8669 N.W. 36th Street, Suite 355
    Phone: 305-418-8553
    Fax: 305-549-4014
    Carlos Curbelo State Director Eddie Borrego South Florida Regional Director Hiram Borroso Constituent Services Rep. Martha Lopez Special Asst. Nicole Rapanos Asst. to the State Director

    Orlando, FL 32801-3499:
    201 S. Orange Avenue, Suite 350
    Phone: 407-254-2573
    Fax: 407-423-0941
    Christa Bailey Allen Director of State Administration and Special Projects John Newstreet Central Florida Regional Director Melissa Hernandez Director of Constituent Services Todd Sykes Deputy Director of Constituent Services Rose-Nancy Joseph Constituent Services Manager Sandra Anderson Constituent Services Rep. Michael Panella Constituent Services Rep. Kari Whaley-Ramsey Special Asst. Zachary Zampella Special Asst. April Daniel Staff Asst. Ayala Mercedes Staff Asst.
    Pensacola, FL 32502-5658:
    One N. Palafox Street, Suite 159
    Phone: 850-433-2603
    Fax: 850-433-2554
    Kris Tande Northwest Florida Regional Director Mary Beth Barrows Northwest Florida Regional Special Asst.
    Tampa, FL 33612-9220:
    3802 Spectrum Boulevard, Suite 106
    Phone: 813-977-6450
    Fax: 813-977-6593
    Matthew Mucci Gulfcoast Regional Director Marie Carusillo Special Asst.

  3. Here’s 1 from Pennsylvania – I don’t think it serves a purpose to give you Arlen Specter unless you want to gloat to his staff that he’s finished for life.

    Sen. Robert P. Casey Jr.
    Washington, DC Staff James W. Brown
    202-224-6324 Chief of Staff Larry Smar
    202-228-6367 Communications Director Stephanie Zarecky
    202-228-6367 Pennsylvania Press Secy. Michelle Shwimer
    202-224-6324 Scheduler Barbara Vachon
    202-224-6324 Exec. Asst. Jeff Mozdziock
    202-224-6324 Special Asst. to the Senator Kristen E. Gentile
    202-224-6324 Admin. Director Ed Williams
    202-224-6324 Sr. Counsel Liz Hermsen
    202-224-6324 Sr. Policy Advisor Avni Shridharani
    202-224-6324 Policy Analyst Dick Spiegelman
    202-224-6324 Legis. Director Deirde Downey Fruh
    202-224-6324 Legis. Asst. Will Hansen
    202-224-6324 Legis. Asst. Bryn McDonough
    202-224-6324 Legis. Asst. Gillian Mueller
    202-224-6324 Legis. Asst. Damian Murphy
    202-224-6324 Legis. Asst. Spencer McKinstry
    202-224-6324 Legis. Corres. Maureen O’Dea
    202-224-6324 Legis. Corres. Cristina Baumgardner
    202-224-6324 Legis. Aide Sara Mabry
    202-224-6324 Legis. Aide Jennifer McCloskey
    202-224-6324 Legis. Aide Catherine Murray
    202-224-6324 Legis. Aide Ashely Stover
    202-224-6324 Legis. Aide Josh Yearsley
    202-224-6324 Technology and New Media Director Nicole Rhoads
    202-224-6324 Press Asst. John Richter
    202-224-6324 Staff Asst. Tom Feeley
    202-224-6324 Congressional Fellow Note: At Sen. Casey’s request, individual staff e-mail addresses are not published.
    State Offices and Staff
    Allentown, PA 18101-2456:
    840 Hamilton Street, Suite 301
    Phone: 610-782-9470
    Fax: 610-782-9474
    Jesse Salazar Field Rep.

    Bellefonte, PA 16823-2321:
    817 E. Bishop Street, Suite C
    Phone: 814-357-0314
    Fax: 814-357-0318
    Kim Bierly Field Rep.
    Erie, PA 16501-1162:
    17 S. Park Row, Suite B-150
    Phone: 814-874-5080
    Fax: 814-874-5084
    Kyle Hannon Field Rep. Art Martinucci Field Rep.

    Harrisburg, PA 17101-2105:
    22 S. Third Street, Suite Six
    Phone: 717-231-7540
    Fax: 717-231-7542
    Bonnie Seaman Director of Constituent Services Teresa Dennis Deputy Director of Constituent Services Dianne Beecher Sr. Constituent Advocate Matthew Leonard Constituent Advocate Sarah Newman Constituent Advocate Kevin Stanton Constituent Advocate Alex Baloga Field Rep. Mary Kent Staff Asst.

    Philadelphia, PA 19103-3231:
    2000 Market Street, Suite 1870
    Phone: 215-405-9660
    Fax: 215-405-9669
    Cheryl Bullock Southeast Regional Director Vivian González Cueto Constituent Advocate Kurt Imhof Field Rep. Erin Wilson Field Rep.

    Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1851:
    Regional Enterprise Tower, 425 Sixth Avenue, Suite 2490
    Phone: 412-803-7370
    Fax: 412-803-7379
    Jackie Erickson Southwestern PA Regional Director Joe Gookin Constituent Advocate Christopher Rosselot Field Rep.
    Scranton, PA 18503-2059:
    409 Lackawanna Avenue, Suite 3C
    Phone: 570-941-0930
    Fax: 570-941-0937
    Charlie Lyons State Director Maurya Morris State Scheduler Sharon Lynett Field Rep.

  4. And here is New Jersey

    On second thought – look who the US Senators are from New Jersey!

    Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D NJ)
    Sen. Robert Menendez (D NJ)

    Wow, that’s really bad – can’t see much hope with these two.

  5. Thanks; I’ll give the Harrisburg # for Bonnnie Seaman’s people a try, even though Bob Casey is an immigration proponent. Philadelphia’s numbers are a waste of time as its just a black hole (pun fully intended).
    Unfortunately, PA gov’t has a history of graft and corruption.

  6. Oldtimer says:
    December 14, 2010 at 12:38 am (Edit)
    Thanks; I’ll give the Harrisburg # for Bonnnie Seaman’s people a try, even though Bob Casey is an immigration proponent. Philadelphia’s numbers are a waste of time as its just a black hole (pun fully intended).
    Unfortunately, PA gov’t has a history of graft and corruption.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Very good. But consider calling Philly offices and seeing if you can converse with Black American staff – be honest, but understand who you are talking with – most regular Blacks are against mass Latino immigration as they take jobs from Blacks. The main point of this excercise is to practice our communication skills – instead of just being angry and out of the loop, we are engaged and reaching people with many truths. Good luck.

  7. I called Mary Landrieu’s office three times today and got no one. According to the latest information I have been able to find, Landrieu now plans to vote YES on the Dream act. She knows most people in this state are against the Dream act, but she is not up for reelection until 2014.

  8. Lew, try again, and this time ask for some specific, lower level staff member, by name, practice getting through, getting heard.

    Here is Mary Landrieu’s staff contact info:

    Washington, DC Staff Jane L. Campbell
    202-224-5824 Chief of Staff
    E-mail: jane_campbell@landrieu.senate.gov Aaron Saunders
    202-224-5824 Communications Director
    E-mail: aaron_saunders@landrieu.senate.gov Robert Sawicki
    202-224-5824 Press Secy.
    E-mail: rob_sawicki@landrieu.senate.gov Dan Toffey
    202-224-5824 New Media Coordinator
    E-mail: dan_toffey@landrieu.senate.gov Alicia Williams
    202-224-5121 Office Manager
    E-mail: alicia_williams@landrieu.senate.gov Kate Nicolai
    202-224-5824 Scheduler
    E-mail: kate_nicolai@landrieu.senate.gov Betty Krupa
    202-224-5824 Asst. Scheduler; Staff Asst.
    E-mail: betty_krupa@landrieu.senate.gov Elizabeth Weiner
    202-224-5824 Exec. Asst.
    E-mail: elizabeth_weiner@landrieu.senate.gov Tanner Johnson
    202-224-5824 Projects Director
    E-mail: tanner_johnson@landrieu.senate.gov Elizabeth Craddock
    202-224-5824 Legis. Counsel , Agriculture
    E-mail: elizabeth_craddock@landrieu.senate.gov Thomas Michels
    202-224-5824 Legis. Director , Energy, Environment
    E-mail: thomas_michels@landrieu.senate.gov Cynthia Jones
    202-224-5824 Legis. Asst. , Defense
    E-mail: cynthia_jones@landrieu.senate.gov Olivia Philipp
    202-224-5824 Legis. Corres. , Energy, Agriculture, Environment, Interior
    E-mail: olivia_philipp@landrieu.senate.gov Angelique Roche
    202-224-5824 Legis. Aide , Judiciary, Tax Budget
    E-mail: angelique_roche@landrieu.senate.gov Chuck Kelm
    202-224-5824 Legis. Fellow , Defense
    E-mail: chuck_kelm@landrieu.senate.gov Linda Cox
    202-224-5824 Systems Admin.
    E-mail: linda_cox@landrieu.senate.gov Tabitha Edgens
    202-224-5824 Asst. to the Chief of Staff
    E-mail: tabitha_edgens@landrieu.senate.gov Ryan Lyle
    202-224-5824 Projects Coord.
    E-mail: ryan_lyle@landrieu.senate.gov Youshea Berry
    202-224-5824 Projects Asst.
    E-mail: youshea_berry@landrieu.senate.gov Alyson Azodeh
    202-224-5824 Data Entry Clerk
    E-mail: alyson_azodeh@landrieu.senate.gov Jetaine Hart
    202-224-5824 Communications Asst.
    E-mail: jetaine_hart@landrieu.senate.gov Ellie Atkins
    202-224-5824 Press Asst.
    E-mail: ellie_atkins@landrieu.senate.gov Sara Pollock
    202-224-5824 Staff Asst.
    E-mail: sara.pollock@landrieu.senate.gov Kristen Granier
    202-224-5824 Staff Asst.; Tour Coord.
    E-mail: kristen_granier@landrieu.senate.gov

    State Offices and Staff

    Baton Rouge, LA 70801-1713:
    Old Federal Building, 707 Florida Street, Room 326
    Phone: 225-389-0395
    Fax: 225-389-0660
    T. Bradley Keith State Director Celeste Fontenelle State Scheduler; Asst. to State Director Leslie Foster Regional Rep. Shannon Langlois Office Manager; Constituent Svcs. Manager Jeanne-Marie Ganucheau Smart Growth Coord. Elizabeth Bartlett State Education Liaison

    Lake Charles, LA 70629-0104:
    Capital One Tower, One Lakeshore Drive, Suite 1260
    Phone: 337-436-6650
    Fax: 337-439-3762
    Mark Herbert Regional Manager Darlene Manuel Constituent Svcs. Rep.

    New Orleans, LA 70130-3309:
    Hale Boggs Federal Building, 500 Poydras Street, Suite 1005
    Phone: 504-589-2427
    Fax: 504-589-4023
    LaVerne Saulny Regional Manager Wes Kungel Regional Rep. Sherae Hunter Constituent Svcs. Rep. Allison Phillips Constituent Svcs. Rep.

    Shreveport, LA 71101-3123:
    U.S. Courthouse, 300 Fannin Street, Suite 2240
    Phone: 318-676-3085
    Fax: 318-676-3100
    Tari Bradford Deputy State Director Michael Jackson Regional Manager LeNelle Williford Constituent Svcs. Rep.

  9. Jack Ryan,

    Excellent thread, and thanks so much for doing the grunt-work in posting all those numbers and e-mails to the government.

    Its about time that we as White Americans realize that we cannot keep conceding away Our power, especially what, relatively, little of it is left.

    It is high time that ‘Vanguardists’ and ‘Mainstreamers’ alike band together here and do all they could to ABSOLUTELY DELUGE Congressional offices with the Truth on this criminal legislation — and encourage every single person they know to do the same.

    Seriously, enough fighting eachother with tendentious, and often esoteric, debate and more of fighting the actual Enemy, an Enemy that wants nothing more than to put Us all in a Soviet-style Gulag.

    I lived and worked in Washington DC a number of years ago, including some work for a Congressman, and believe me when I tell you, the e-mails, faxes, and especially *phone calls* and *letters* REALLY DO MATTER and count far more than one could possibly imagine.

    Like I said in another thread – Please, PLEASE stay on top of all your local Senators and Congresscritters, not just till Wednesday, but until the next Congress takes over. If any of you all remember the chicanary and manipulation that took place to get ‘ObamaCare’ and the ‘Hate Crimes’ bill passed at the last minute.

    Again, it is up to each and everyone here reading this to make sure they do not mendaciously try to sneak an amnesty through as some kind of 11th hour Christmas ‘present’.

    Good luck to Us all.

  10. By all means, I’ll contact Barbara Jewess Boxer and Diane Jewess Feinstein. Not. Sometimes you just have to admit that normal politics – at least where I live – no longer works, and start thinking about other methods.

  11. Called Casey’s office in Dc. Bright cheery White staffer duly noted my opposition. Black, bored staffer in Harrisburg caught my drift right away – she will note my “strong oppositon”.

    Who the Hell knows? I don’t want ot call Spector’s office. It’s waste of time. Why give the Hebes the satisfaction of hearing White outrage, on our dime?

  12. Denise says:
    December 14, 2010 at 2:28 pm
    Called Casey’s office in Dc. Bright cheery White staffer duly noted my opposition. Black, bored staffer in Harrisburg caught my drift right away – she will note my “strong opposition”.

    Who the Hell knows? I don’t want ot call Spector’s office. It’s waste of time. Why give the Hebes the satisfaction of hearing White outrage, on our dime?

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Denise – please consider writing an e-mail the D.C. staffer (did you use/get her name) and send a

    “Thank you for listening to my concerns”

    Make it short and personal. We want to develop one on one, person to person contacts, not spamming. Most young congressional staff members are idealistic and want to help the public, not get lobbied by special interest PR hacks.

    And then maybe include some links to mainstream immigration control articles from say Numbersusa or vdare.com – nothing overtly White Nationalist.

    And then C.C. many other staff members.

  13. The latest from our best source Numbersusa

    1) Sen. Brown says NO! That’s the best news from yesterday. He was the Republican whom the pro-amnesty forces claimed was going to get them to the 60-vote victory mark. (See more details below.) Congratulations to all you activists in Massachusetts.

    2) Senate isn’t going home at end of week. Senate Majority Leader Reid had earlier indicated he wouldn’t keep Senators in session until Christmas Eve like he did last year. Typically, Congress adjourns before Thanksgiving to allow the nation to feel safe at least for the month of December. Reid was supposedly going to let the Senate go home at the end of this week. (The newly elected Congress takes over Jan. 5.) If the Congress adjourned at the end of this week, it was going to be hard to shoe-horn the DREAM Act amnesty debate and vote in between all the giant have-to business. But now, it looks like the Senate is staying in session until next week and maybe until next Thursday the 23rd. Bad news for us.

    3) Amnesty vote unlikely before LATE this week. Yesterday, we were saying the amnesty vote might happen as early as Wednesday (tomorrow). With the extended Senate session, it is difficult to see the amnesty coming up before this weekend and probably next week. That gives the various contingents of illegal-alien students and clergy coalitions a lot more time to lay guilt trips on Undeclared and squishy-NO Senators back home. More bad news.

    Jack Ryan comments:

    So the A.H. traitor – married to the Jewsess converso Harry Reid is going to keep everyone around up until Christmas Eve (what do Jews and their partners care about Christmas?) in hopes of sneaking in this amnesty at the final hours.

  14. Okay,
    Called Harrisburg, got one of Ms. Seaman’s subordinates who sounded really distant and disinterested. Said she would make a note of and relay my concerns, yada, yada.

  15. So as I tally it, there were 10 or possibly 11 people on this thread who indicated (including Hunter and Ryan ) that they would contact their representatives about this immigration issue. That is something, but so far it is still a sad response. We will need a few more to counter the 160,000 phone calls the adversary claimed to have made.

  16. I gave $20 to NumbersUSA – a better use of my time than lobbying my two stalwart senators, Merkley (traitor) and Wyden (guess…).

  17. Captainchaos says:
    December 14, 2010 at 2:53 am (Edit)
    Jack Ryan is a Mensa member?

    Jack Ryan replies:
    Sort of, not really.
    I qualified for Mensa on SAT scores and IQ scores, paid a few dues, got a card, checked out their on line forums, got their magazine (nothing great) on the basis of advice from a female, British South African expat – I joined and went to a couple Mensa parties, which weren’t very good – but there is something to be said to be part of an organization that has bright people/clubs all over the nation/world.
    It basically is a way for one to say that one isn’t “stupid” as antis are always using the ad hominem attack that RACISM is only for dumb, unenlightened people and EDUCATION is the solution to help everyone rise about “racism, ignorance” etc. I forgot who insulted me on O.D. for something that was supposedly “stupid” and I don’t care to remember.

  18. Does anyone have some suggestions for Conservative, patriot, immigration control internet forums where I can go and share Congressional Staff contact info?

    I tried to share this info on the ALPAC – American’s for Legal Immigration Forum where I had solid success a couple of years ago, but it doesn’t seem to be happening for me there now.Things change, new cliques, trolls come in


    We do want to give this our best shot. I think NumbersUSA is the best, but they don’t have forums. By all means have everyone here sign up for Numbersusa and take advantate of their free faxing service, e-mail guidelines.

  19. Nightowl says:
    December 15, 2010 at 1:03 am
    I sent a few faxes to Kirk and Rep Tim Johnson, but Durbin the scoundrel is a waste of time.

    Jack Ryan replies:
    Durbin is such a scum bag – standard for Chicago. He doesn’t even give out staff e-mail so regular folks can write them.
    I did use the online Turbin contact web page to send him a really nasty e-mail for sponsoring this Nightmare Act when we have such high unemployment in Illinois and I raked him over the coals for giving a Lindsey Graham style speech to the National Council of LaRaza.

  20. Jack: “It basically is a way for one to say that one isn’t “stupid” as antis are always using the ad hominem attack that RACISM is only for dumb, unenlightened people and EDUCATION is the solution to help everyone rise about “racism, ignorance” etc. I forgot who insulted me on O.D. for something that was supposedly “stupid” and I don’t care to remember.”

    Of course you know that even a Mensan could say something stupid, and even be stupid generally if not particularly.

  21. Don’t forget to call your senator on the left wing’s dime!




    This one toll-free number is how the pro-am nasties are making so many calls. This number is being spread all over college campuses. Use the left’s number to tell your senators to vote NO.

    PS: Why don’t you post the whole list? I need Oregon and Washington. Please and thank you.

  22. I’d like to help, but I’m overseas and don’t have a phone. And as Oregon Dan noted – the Senators in my home state are a lost cause.

  23. Elijah says:
    December 15, 2010 at 5:26 am
    I’d like to help, but I’m overseas and don’t have a phone. And as Oregon Dan noted – the Senators in my home state are a lost cause.

    Jack Ryan replies

    Please don’t write off White people as “lost causes”. And don’t fall in to the false divide of Conservatives vs Liberals, good vs. evil.

    There are certainly White staff members working for Oregon Senators that can be reached – please reach them. Use environmentalist, anti Islam arguments. It’s a cop out to say nothing can be done about mass immigration, Dutch Liberal/Left Whites are giving their lives to speak out on this issue, why can’t we make some phone calls, write some e-mails?

  24. I live in Connecticut so I doubt there’s much that I can do with the two horrible senators that represent this state. I’ll probably send an e-mail to both but I don’t see what good it will do. I’ll pass around those congressional staff contact numbers though to others to help them stop this amnesty travesty.

  25. MrTang says:
    December 15, 2010 at 6:17 am
    I live in Connecticut so I doubt there’s much that I can do with the two horrible senators that represent this state. I’ll probably send an e-mail to both but I don’t see what good it will do. I’ll pass around those congressional staff contact numbers though to others to help them stop this amnesty travesty.

    Jack Ryan replies:
    I wouldn’t think of it that way – you really can’t go to the top to actually reach the two Senators that you dismiss as “horrible”. Once you get the whole staff list, check out middle and lower level staff and see if there looks like anything that is White, non Jewish. Your goal should be to reach the hearts and minds of this/these staff membes. Present yourself as a solid, good person who represents lots and lots of regular, solid good people in the senator’s state. This is practice in persuading new people, our people to come back to our side. You want to come off as principled and sincere, not a krank or a bad guy. And the Northeast isn’t lost – lots of folks thought New York City and New York State were lost in the 90s and Whites took back the streets of New York, gave the boot to a terrible Black mayor.

  26. soso says:
    December 15, 2010 at 4:27 am
    Don’t forget to call your senator on the left wing’s dime!




    Jack Ryan replies:

    Soso be careful on this phone number, calling on the Left wing dime.

    I read comments on the Americans for Legal Immigration Forum that some of these Left wing toll free numbers are rigged so that anyone who calls the number is automatically recorded as supporting “Yes” for amnesty.

    Also, we just want to get away from spamming – sending out anonymous faxes and leaving voice mail messages to be included in some tally of Yes or NO. We want to train our side how to call the right phone numbers to reach the right people and have real, one on one conversations where our side can effectively present our positions.

    This comes down to yet another area where our side just doesn’t know the right way to do things – we don’t know how to run a meeting, to run an effectively public Q & A session, we don’t know how to recruit good candidates who are competitive, who can compete to win and we don’t know how to work within the existing political system, the media systems, so instead our sides RANTS AND RAGES THAT THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS ROTTEN, EVERYONE IS A TRAITOR, A LEMMING, WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE etc, etc.

    This exercises that I am promoting today is designed to help activists learn how to contact public representative, how to effectively communicate with other White people, in this case lower level Congressional Staff members. The skills we learn here can be directly translated in to effectively working with your city council representative, state reps, country board chairmen, school boards, business owners, regular working White folks.
    Our side needs to get away from the loner, drop out, angry White males who just HATE EVERYTHING and embrace losing because that’s just what we do. We’re in this to win things and we have/can/will win many things.
    14 words

  27. Please call MI D Sen. Stabenow – Numbers USA says she could go our way.

    I called and it was just a recorded answering service for people to leave their positions, just say you are “From (some town in MI)” and ask her to vote NO on Dream Act. MI went heavily Republican in the last election and let her know you are independent but if she burns us on this Amnesty you’ll work against her next time.

    Here’s the phone # 202-224-4822

  28. OMG, Thanks for the warning. I’ll spread it around.

    I don’t know if you noticed but I asked for the lists for Oregon and Washington.

    Practicing and improving our lobbying skills to an actual person instead of reciting a recorded message is the way to go. The whole thing now (for me at least) is so impersonal it’s intimidating and I hope to eventually establish a rapport with aids I’m more comfortable with and call often.

  29. Soso

    Here’s Washington

    Sen. Patty Murray

    ashington, DC StaffEvan Schatz
    202-224-2621 Chief of Staff; Legis. Director Alex Glass
    202-224-2621 Communications Director Matt McAlvanah
    202-224-2621 Press Secy. Eli Zupnick
    202-224-2621 Deputy Press Secy. Mike Spahn
    202-224-2621 Leadership Staff Director Grace Rooney
    202-224-2621 Scheduler; Exec. Asst. Jared Axelrod
    202-224-2621 Asst. to the Chief of Staff; Deputy Scheduler; Legis. Aide Amaia Kirtland
    202-224-2621 Administrative Director Shawn Bills
    202-224-2621 Legis. Asst. Sarah Bolton
    202-224-2621 Legis. Asst. Paula Burg
    202-224-2621 Legis. Asst. , Health, Social Security, Budget, Medicare, Women’s Issues, Choice Carrie Desmond
    202-224-2621 Legis. Asst. , Defense, Corps of Engineers Travis Lumpkin
    202-224-2621 Legis. Asst. , Transportation, Housing, Arts, Financial Services, Tax, Trade, Small Business Neely Marcus
    202-224-2621 Legis. Asst. Jason Park
    202-224-2621 Legis. Asst. , Homeland Security, FEMA, Immigration, Judiciary, Crime, Technology, Telecommunications Jaime Shimek
    202-224-2621 Legis. Asst. , Agriculture, Animals, Environment, Natural Resources, Bureau of Reclamation, Energy, Native Americans Stephanie Arnold
    202-224-2621 Legis. Aide Moire Duggan
    202-224-2621 Legis. Aide Geoff Kirkwood
    202-224-2621 Legis. Aide Lauren Overman
    202-224-2621 Legis. Aide Adam Goodwin
    202-224-2621 Legis. Aide Annie Walden-Newman
    202-224-2621 Legis. Aide Carole Cory
    202-224-2621 Systems Administrator; Web Manager Steve Bergsbaken
    202-224-2621 Mail Manager Sam Kussin-Shoptaw
    202-224-2621 Staff Asst. Zach Mallove
    202-224-2621 Staff Asst. Note: At Sen. Murray’s request, individual staff e-mail addresses are not published.
    State Offices and Staff
    Bellevue, WA 98004-4602:
    Campus Office Park, 1161 116th Avenue, N.E., #214
    Phone: 425-462-4460 Sergio Cueua-Flores King County Director
    Everett, WA 98201-4067:
    2930 Wetmore Avenue, Suite 903
    Phone: 425-259-6515
    Fax: 425-259-7152
    Seattle, WA 98174-1003:
    Henry M. Jackson Federal Building, 915 Second Avenue, Suite 2988
    Phone: 206-553-5545
    Fax: 206-553-0891
    Brian Kristjansson State Director Sheila Babb Deputy State Director Erika Whinihan State Scheduler Mary Glenn Front Office Coord. Ed O’Neill Asst. State Director Kim Brown Sr. Constituent Svcs. Rep. Lindsay Herbst Constituent Svcs. Rep. Miriam Mina Grants Coord. Mary Conway Community Affairs Specialist Sheri Berdine Staff Asst.
    Spokane, WA 99201-0712:
    10 North Post Street, Suite 600
    Phone: 509-624-9515
    Fax: 509-624-9524
    Erin Vincent Eastern Washington Director Jennifer Martinez Eastern Washington Regional Rep.
    Tacoma, WA 98402-4450:
    950 Pacific Avenue, Suite 650
    Phone: 253-572-3636
    Fax: 253-572-9089
    Sean Murphy Southsound / Olympic Peninsula Director Kristiné Reeves Kitsap / Olympic Peninsula Director
    Vancouver, WA 98661-3856:
    Marshall House, 1323 Officers Row
    Phone: 360-696-7797
    Fax: 360-696-7798
    Page Phillips Southwest Washington Director David Hodges Southwest Washington Regional Rep.
    Yakima, WA 98901-2760:
    402 E. Yakima Avenue, Suite 390
    Phone: 509-453-7462
    Fax: 509-453-7731
    Rebecca Thornton Central Washington Director Committee and Subcommittee Assignments

    Sen. Maria Cantwell

    Washington, DC Staff Katharine Lister
    202-224-3441 Chief of Staff
    E-mail: katharine_lister@cantwell.senate.gov Amit Ronen
    202-224-3441 Deputy Chief of Staff; Sr. Policy Advisor
    E-mail: amit_ronen@cantwell.senate.gov John Diamond
    202-224-3441 Communications Director
    E-mail: john_diamond@cantwell.senate.gov Janeen Heath
    202-224-3441 Deputy Press Secy.
    E-mail: janeen_heath@cantwell.senate.gov Nancy Hadley
    202-224-3441 Director of Administration
    E-mail: nancy_hadley@cantwell.senate.gov Laura Benbow
    202-224-3441 Washington, D.C. Scheduler
    E-mail: laura_benbow@cantwell.senate.gov Matthew McCarthy
    202-224-3441 Director of Scheduling; Exec. Asst.
    E-mail: matt_mccarthy@cantwell.senate.gov Michael Daum
    202-224-3441 Sr. Policy Advisor
    E-mail: michael_daum@cantwell.senate.gov Mac Campbell
    202-224-3441 Legis. Director
    E-mail: mac_campbell@cantwell.senate.gov Brad Bare
    202-224-3441 Legis. Asst.
    E-mail: brad_bare@cantwell.senate.gov Wyatt King
    202-224-3441 Legis. Asst.
    E-mail: wyatt_king@cantwell.senate.gov Jeffrey Watters
    202-224-3441 Legis. Asst.
    E-mail: jeffrey_watters@cantwell.senate.gov Paul Wolfe
    202-224-3441 Legis. Asst.
    E-mail: paul_wolfe@cantwell.senate.gov Michael Barnard
    202-224-3441 Legis. Corres.
    E-mail: michael_barnard@cantwell.senate.gov Chris Dockery
    202-224-3441 Legis. Corres.
    E-mail: chris_dockery@cantwell.senate.gov Isabel Jones
    202-224-3441 Legis. Corres.
    E-mail: isabel_jones@cantwell.senate.gov Christianna Lundquist
    202-224-3441 Legis. Corres.
    E-mail: christianna_lundquist@cantwell.senate.gov Ben Miksch
    202-224-3441 Legis. Corres.
    E-mail: ben_miksch@cantwell.senate.gov Joel Merkel
    202-224-3441 Legis. Corres.
    E-mail: joel_merkel@cantwell.senate.gov Carl Seip
    202-224-3441 Appropriations Clerk
    E-mail: carl_seip@cantwell.senate.gov Chloe Etsekson
    202-224-3441 Staff Asst.
    E-mail: chloe_etsekson@cantwell.senate.gov Julian Yaeger
    202-224-3441 Staff Asst.
    E-mail: julian_yaeger@cantwell.senate.gov Daniell Brzezinski
    202-224-3441 Congressional Fellow
    E-mail: daniell_brzezinski@cantwell.senate.gov James Mueller
    202-224-3441 Congressional Fellow
    E-mail: james_mueller@cantwell.senate.gov
    State Offices and Staff
    Everett, WA 98201-4044:
    2930 Wetmore Avenue, Suite 9B
    Phone: 425-303-0114
    Fax: 425-303-8351
    Sally Hintz Northwest Washington Director
    Richland, WA 99352-3562:
    815 Jadwin Avenue, Suite G-58-A
    Phone: 509-946-8106
    Fax: 509-946-6937
    David Reeploeg Central Washington Director
    Seattle, WA 98174-1011:
    915 Second Avenue, Suite 3206
    Phone: 206-220-6400
    Fax: 206-220-6404
    Amanda Conradt State Scheduler Kenneth Pierce Constituent Svcs. Director Nate Caminos King County Outreach Director Nancy Biery State Outreach Director Stephen Yim State Grants Director
    Spokane, WA 99201-1008:
    Thomas S. Foley U.S. Courthouse, 920 Riverside Avenue W., Suite 697
    Phone: 509-353-2507
    Fax: 509-353-2547
    Marcus Riccelli Eastern Washington Outreach Director Bryan Raines Constituent Svcs. Rep.
    Tacoma, WA 98402-4431:
    950 Pacific Avenue, Suite 615
    Phone: 253-572-2281
    Fax: 253-572-5859
    Mike English Olympic Peninsula and Pierce County Director Sam Mack Constituent Svcs. Rep.
    Vancouver, WA 98661-3856:
    Marshall House, 1313 Officers Row
    Phone: 360-696-7838
    Fax: 360-696-7844
    Kimberly Blake-Pinchiera Southwest Outreach Director

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