Mainstreaming on the Jewish Question

Leni & Addy - Knowing there is a time and a place for everything

I would like to open the floor here to Hunter and to our other best activist/writers on what we should do concerning the Jewish question. O.D. is going mainstream, working to reach the hearts and minds of mainstream White Americans to work for the legitimate rights of our people in our country. Worse is not better for our people, we’re looking to WIN not always lose. And open day in, day out anti semitic, Jew hatred propaganda is a losing program with mainstream Whites. All should understand that mainstream White Americans do not respond positively to folks running around screaming:


Well, you get the point. Still, we’re not Neo Conservatives; we’re aware of realities, including certain unpleasant realities with many Jewish people and Jewish organizations. We’ve read and understood the writings of Kevin Macdonald, Wilmot Robertson, David Duke – even honest Jewish writers like Steve Sailer. Jewish Neo Conservatives really did hi-jack the American Conservative movement. The National Review is now the Jonah Goldberg Review. Jewish Neo Conservatives really do push terrible programs of:
1) Invade the world for Israel
2) Invite the world – open borders immigration of the NW Third World
3) In hoc to the world, endless borrowing to pay for #1, #2

Yeah, we also know that yes, Jews dominate the media, Hollywood, Madison Avenue, the Federal Reserve, lots of Wall Street and groups like the ADL, SPLC make it a virtual “hate crime/”thought” crime to sing Christmas Carols in public.

So how do we do “mainstream” honest/effective discussion/activism on “the Jewish question”. I’m opening up the floor to intelligent suggestions.

I will just say here that we should strive to be:

1) fair and honest
2) effective

I end by noting the success of two other White folks that were on our side:
Leni Riefenstahl and Addy Hitler who together produced the great propaganda film “Triumph of the Will” in which there were exactly no – ZERO negative references to Jews. These two great artists, leaders of our people understood that there is a time and place for everything and regular Whites folks in Germany then and America now, don’t want to be bombarded with endless, negative rants about “The Jews”.


  1. I really have no illusions about this site being less about being pro-White than being pro-GOP. But I have to ask this to see what kind of response I get. If your not neoconservatives then why do push for people to vote for neoconservative candidates? Neoconservatism is a political philosophy that supports using economic and military power to bring market liberalism, democracy, and human rights to other countries. Virtually all the Tea Party candidates fielded in the November elections are neoconservatives that I can discern fall into this category including this site’s favorite pick for President, Sarah Palin. Perhaps the standard definition of neoconservative is not your idea of neoconservative? Enlighten us.

  2. Rodger,

    (1) What is your definition of “pro-White”?

    (2) It looks to me like you define being “pro-White” as crying on the internet under an anonymous pseudonym and doing absolutely nothing about our problems.

    (3) I’m pleased that the Republicans defeated the DREAM Act three times in four months. Someone had to do it.

    (4) That’s more than I can say about you people.

  3. Rodger says:
    December 19, 2010 at 1:07 pm
    I really have no illusions about this site being less about being pro-White than being pro-GOP. But I have to ask this to see what kind of response I get. If your not neoconservatives then why do push for people to vote for neoconservative candidates?

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Roger – O.D. is not in any way a “Neo Conservative” blog. That’s a ridiculous charge.
    Here are the 3 components of Jewish Neo Conservatism:

    1) Invade the world for Israel
    2) Invite the world – open borders immigration
    3) In hoc to the world, endless borrowing for #1, #2

    That’s the short and sweet of it.
    O.D. is a part of the grass root White populist/conservative movement that has swept to power in large parts of the country – South and Midwest. We’ve done it by attacking #2 and #3 and pretty much ignoring #1 as it just isn’t a winner for our side, it’s too heavily identified with the Liberal/Left.
    Buchanan tried to form all sorts of anti War coalitions with the Left – with Gays, pro Palestinians Fulani – sure it was interesting from an intellectual standpoint but with the exception a tiny % on both sides at the top – gay and Non White Leftists simply hate all things White, Conservative, military – most hate Israel because it’s supposed to be like Racist White South Africa under Apartheid. So it just doesn’t work great for us straight White Conservative Americans to try to show up at hard core Leftist events and bash Racist, Zionist Israel and Racist America. The National Anarchists are the only ones who still try to do this stuff and I wish them well, I just can’t do it or at least can’t do it very often.
    I also have few illusions about trying to sell anti war, anti Military policies to Heartland America, to Whites in the South. Heartland, Red State America loves the military, loves guns, loves war – even wars against our kinsmen the Germans, Italians, Serbs, Russians, the English. Those ridiculous Mel Gibson movies where the White English are the evil bad guys, they sell great to Red State, Heartland America.
    What are ya gonna do?
    Well, we at O.D. do our best – we’re smart, sharp and quick to see openings, cracks in the anti White system and we’re going local.
    Presidential Politics still mostly suck – as that’s where the Jew media, Beltway system hacks, forces of political correctness can concentrate their power to brutally attack, intimidate anyone who steps out of line. I don’t see any GOP Presidential contenders stepping out of line regarding Israel, Jewish media/money power and most will still pander to Blacks, Latinos, maybe not homosexuals as much as the Dems.

  4. Wandrin … excellent advice when confronted with the “holocaust”. Many people believe that the following tack, or “talking point” is quite effective, and should be repeated just like a broken record …

    Rather than discuss the “holocaust”, just note that many people are in prison in European countries for just DISCUSSING that topic, and then note that there must be something wrong with a story if merely DISCUSSING it can get you ARRESTED and thrown in prison. Don’t argue the details, just point out repeatedly ….

    “I don’t KNOW what is wrong with it. I just know that something is wrong with proposition that requires you to arrest people who DISCUSS it. All I know is that something is always wrong with a proposition that requires you to arrest people who DISCUSS it.

    “Sure the government says it might cause trouble. They always say that. All I know is that something is always wrong with a proposition that requires you to arrest people who DISCUSS it.”

    They start saying you are repeating yourself, that it isn’t proof to just repeat something. So I say, “Oh, yes, I repeat that something is wrong with a proposition that requires you to arrest people who DISCUSS it.”

    “Yes, every time they jail people who DISCUSS a proposition, something is wrong with that proposition. And they ALWAYS say they are just jailing them because they are offending people.”

  5. I’ve made no attempt to define pro-White anywhere I posted. This is just more obfuscation and more lies being weaved, like what your detractors say you do. I’m glad the Dream Act failed but to be honest I didn’t think it would pass anyhow. Jack I know you don’t like paleocons/libertarians because at one time you were censoring posts about them and of course there is alot of Ron Paul bashing on here. Paleoconservatism is alot more White Nationalist friendly. If your against the traditional right that really only leaves the mainstream conservative movement, which is neconservatism. Am I wrong?

  6. Whenever anyone brings up the holocaust, I automatically mention the Ukrainian genocide. Otherwise, I think the holocaust/hoax/scam is a subject best avoided in front of most audiences.

  7. This tripe (well put, Edmund) seems to have two aims: (1) establish “Jack Ryan” as spokesman and policy designer of the Occidental Dissent community (he sure uses the word “we” a lot) and (2) move discussion away from Jews, or at least soften any discussion of Jews.

    Jew in the woodpile, anyone?

  8. Mind your manners Finlander.
    Please read the new comment guidelines and try to make an intelligent comment on the post, and not simply “go off” and flame the writer of the post. The topic of this post is how do we find effective ways to discuss serious Jewish problems with mainstream White Americans?

    And yes I do use the term “we” a lot – the goal being to find common ground with mainstream White Americans so that “they” can trust “us” – look to “us” for guidance and leadership so that “we” can lead “them”.

    O.D. is getting away from the bitter, drop out, loner, loser, alienated White Nationalist cult where individual White Nationalists can’t find any way to relate to mainstream White Americans.

  9. finlander says:

    This tripe … aims: (1) establish “Jack Ryan” as spokesman and… move discussion away from Jews, or at least soften any discussion of Jews.

    Jack Ryan

    Hey Finlander – READ THE POST! The topic of the post is the best way to effectively discuss the Jewish question/problem. The post presents A Hitler and Leni Riefenstahl “Triumph of the Will” movie as effective presentation of positive propaganda, something we can learn from. Hey Finlander – are you going to now slagg off on Hitler and Riefenstahl as being “soft on the Jews”?

    Wow, we really get some ridiculous comments on O.D.

  10. Personally, I don’t agree with holocaust denial and nazism. But as a purely practical matter anyone who engages in that sort of thing is a liability. There is a reason organizations like the ADL continually focus on it — because it’s a winner for them and a loser for everyone else. Only a foolish pitcher keeps throwing a slow pitch right down the middle. The smartest thing one can do is simply say “it was a tragedy” and move on.

  11. But that didn’t really answer the question of how to move forward. Some people say that any publicity is good. But I strongly disagree. Controversy and negativity attracts nuts and drives decent people away. That’s no way to win people over. The biggest opportunity for gains that I see right now would be to focus on positive networking while avoiding controversy as much as possible. I realize this blog is very political. So I’m not saying this blog should become non-political. I’m just saying there is a great opportunity for a non-political social/community organization. People are angry about a lot of things. They’re angry about the economy, the congress, the presidency, illegal immigration. When people are angry or upset they join things. But they don’t want to join radical organizations.

  12. @Gregor
    Yes, that’s another good tack – increase the dissonance over why it’s the only bit of history it’s *illegal* to discuss.

  13. “Worse is not better for our people”

    The terrible economy and massive increase in legal and illegal immigration over the last ten years are reason why all this tea party stuff is happening. Worse is better in that sense. If McCain had won the election, do you think the political climate would be as favorable to our ideas as it is now? What about if the economic crisis had never occurred?

  14. I think it is hard to begin any conversation about there clear motives & threat too western civilization & the USA with any white brainwashed folk. They have been taught to love embrace and worship the chosen people of the one god of the east. To them the Jews can do no harm.
    There are many topics depending on the individual if a veteran I speak to them about the USS Liberty , Pollard, The Rosenbergs,.
    If a student Rache Corrie and the Palastenian Genocide,
    If a professional the impact of the Frankfurt School, on the system as a whole be it Boasian, Freudian, Mitlon Freidman etc.
    If an artist I discuss Critical Theory and motive behind destroying our precious heritage as a great people of art.
    The average joe tea party conservo glen beck typ,,
    I go straight to the Immigration debate and people who have a historical grudge against us.
    I dont see how we get people to emrace there evolved nature unless they see it as threatend and it is there is no doubt about it there is a clear group strategy “Is it good for the tribe “, here and how you again fall into the pit OF WE DONT WANT TO JEW BASH,,
    I would say why the hell do you think the promote 100 movies a year with people with thick german accents killing the poor innocnet jews in yeta another failed Tom Cruise, Tarentino movie, etc When they lambast The Passion of The Christ ..
    We need to talk about these things and not stick our heads in the sand they hear all this minus the Jewish question on FOX NEWS..
    If we dont point out the problem no matter how hard the pill is to swallow I belive the truth will prevail..

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