No Labels

New York

The “No Labels” group which Michael Bloomberg recently formed in New York is so ridiculous that even Frank Rich is making fun of it. Charlie Crist and Mike Castle were there giving the RINO battle cry with Joe Scarborough. I found it noteworthy that Joe Manchin was there after pretending to be a West Virginian in the midterm elections.

If you haven’t had a good laugh today, listen to the “No Labels” anthem. I wonder if this “Akon” here will be showing up in West Virginia in the Joe Manchin reelection campaign in 2012.:

I also have a label for “No Labels”: anti-White.

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  1. What will blow this whole circus up (circus USA) is actually debating what the racial order is for Affirmative Action.

    Chicago’s schools have a racial quota system for the only schools worth going to, but it is literally hush hush when it comes to talking about which race gets what slots in which school. Needless to say whites in Chicago must remain absolutely silent about this while having faith in their political wheeler deelers to wrangle them slots for their kids, while non-whites are given much more leeway in bloviating their demands.

    Bringing the racial quotas and racial heirarchy demands out in the open will I think will be like Milosevic heading to the Field of Blackbirds and mistakenly telling the Serbs they exist as a people and have a right not to be discriminated against.

    Also needless to say that these no lables egalitarian (anti-white) clowns won’t even be a foot note to history it we break that dam.

  2. I have seen in print a couple of mentions that within the Federal Registar there is a set of guidelines that set down a racial heirarchy for hiring and contracting. My research into it says that it exists, but all I could find is that the HR people are to make visual confirmation of the race (and you thought race did not exist, HAH). I could not find the specific rule though, and I think if we do find it if it exists and I do believe it does then we have a lever into the mainstream.

  3. Here’s an example of what you get away with through humor. Maybe I’m out of the loop but I never heard of this guy Daniel Tosh. Gets close to the line, especially for TV:

  4. I heard Nixon considered pushing a 3rd party candidate to split the Dem vote. Obviously, that never happened but there is evidence the Dems were pushing feaux Tea Party candidates to siphon votes in the last election. That kind of stuff happens. Though it’s hard to say whether Bloomberg is trying to siphon off votes or just trying to cash in on a trend to propel himself to the White House in 2012. Either way I’d be surprised if it went anywhere.

  5. If Bloomberg runs in 2012 either as a Dem or 3rd party candidate Obama is in deep, deep trouble. Bloomberg has a huge following among Jews in the Northeast.

  6. If, by some freakish combination of $$$ and circumstance, this gun-grabbing Zionist-globalist billionaire were to wind up President in 2012, it would be a quick-time equivalent to the 1860 election: state secessions and civil war within a matter of days. Go for it, rich Jew.

  7. If Bloomberg ran in the Dem primaries or as an independent he would not get elected, he would merely guarantee the election of the Republican candidate whoever that might be.

  8. If I understand correctly, no labels is a pitch for a one party system. It’s not surprising the left is coming out with this now that tea party conservatism is starting to make some headway.

  9. I was thinking the same thing as Soso: tea party conservatism and economic collapse have the Elite Class thinking that the 2 party fraud is coming undone and maybe now they can pitch a “partyless” system where all acceptable candidates simply are screened and have system money and the public has no identification markers on these people.

  10. The creation of No Labels is a positive sign. Their expressed purpose according to David Frum is to limit and control discourse by calling out “extremists” in the Tea Party. Apparently in the next election cycle they plan to denounce any candidate who uses rhetoric they consider extreme. This according to David Frum. Their unexpressed purpose is to put a framework in place to run Bloomberg or another Third Party candidate to disrupt the 2012 election in their favor if the establishment doesn’t like their options. I suspect they will go out of their way to smear and defeat Tea Party candidates in the primaries at the Congressional level. They won’t be caught off guard again in the primary cycle. This is all a good sign because it shows 1) the Tea Party movement has unnerved them enough to create this group, and 2) the centrist GOP elites are not 100% sure they can control the direction of the country.

  11. “For those not following the story, the 2010 midterm elections are still quietly going on.”

    This is a good example of the herd effect. It’s a major hurdle until a tipping point is reached and then it starts to work in your favor.

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