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I know some of you (cough … Kievsky) are always itching for a fight with our enemies. Hector Tobar of The Los Angeles Times has written a column about the readers who have been emailing him to celebrate the defeat of the DREAM Act.

Email Hector Tobar.

Congratulate him on the defeat of the DREAM Act three times in the last four months and every other time over the course of a decade. Be sure to point out that the DREAM Act is dead for two years and will likely be dead for a lot longer than that after redistricting and realignment work their magic in the House.

Recommend Luis Perez for immediate deportation.

Note: Maybe we should launch a campaign to draw the attention of ICE to Luis Perez? How would we go about that? Let’s brainstorm.

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  1. It is hard to see how to get Luis Perez deported.

    Say we dig up all the facts on Luis Perez we can – photos, legal name, aliases, addresses, etc.

    Then someone makes a show of publicly giving all that info to ICE, demanding they do their job.

    Then the fun starts. ICE won’t enforce. Somehow we have to find out who at ICE has deciison-making power to get Luis picked up, and then locate and publicize his info.

    Of course, the people who do this publicly will be attacked as being racist. That’s probably why it doesn’t get done.

    If it all gets done egregiously enough, the media will pick up on it, at which point the government will act – hopefully in the desired way.

    Of course, the media will do all they can to avoid commenting on the case.

    I believe that it could be done – and that if there was an organization that made a point of deporting such people one-by-one, it would be a good thing. But getting the first few successes is going to be tough.

  2. How about you host an online petition to remove the criminal, Luis Perez, from the U.S. Collect the e-signatures and send them to ICE and the major news networks – and maybe … just maybe, the story will catch and this criminal’s deportation will serve as a subpoena to the pro-amnesty crowd, while, at the same, energizing whites to take the country back.

  3. I emailed Tobar and praised the defeat of the DREAM/NIGHGTMARE Act and demanded the immediate deportation of Luis Perez and his family – and demanded Luis and his family pay restitution for their theft of American Tax dollars.

  4. I noticed this in that column:

    “Montion, born in Arizona, is now 78, a mother of six, grandmother of 13, and a retired shop steward for the Communication Workers of America, a union with a long and militant history.”

    The Communication Workers certainly do have a long and militant history, a history of Communism. When this old Montion woman crossed the border decades ago, that Union was already widely known as being chalk full of card carrying Communists. They helped Montion cross the border at that early date and then protected her from discovery and employed her for all those years and even wormed her to legal citizenship.

    Let us hope that we are finally seeing the end of these F-ing “Progressives” and their decades long enterprise of helping non whites destroy the America that whites built.

  5. My guess is anyone who spearheads a direct movement to make ICE do their job gets a visit from Big Butch Lesbo Sis and her Department of Histerical Sissies.

  6. Not to say it isn’t an awesome idea. Is Yeoman around or did he disappear in the Great Purge? There’s a man unafraid to get his hands dirty.

  7. I just got finished listening to the latest Radio Free Northwest.

    When do you think HAC will put his own ass on the line and take his own advice and start a violent revolution against the federal government?

    Place your bets.

  8. I love this part:

    “I can understand how it doesn’t seem to make sense for a state that’s cutting jobs and budgets to give a boost to the sons and daughters of outsiders. But the alternative is to allow an entire group of people to continue living here as an undereducated underclass. Is that really what we want?”

    The writer doesn’t even allow that the “alternative” Americans want is deportation. We certainly don’t want to be forced to pay for their education through law school.

    Maybe someone who’s good with math and finding information on the internet could figure out the total cost to taxpayers of an education in California from 8 years old through law school and then publicize it. The costs of education in California isn’t cheap and I think the total cost would shock most people.

    Luis Perez is a feel good story used to promote the Dream Act. But taxpayers weren’t allowed to see what it cost them.

    Even Montion is against the Dream Act–probably because she’s a taxpayer.

  9. I meant to add to my post that we wouldn’t even have to deport them if we stop handing out freebies to everyone illegally crossing our borders (like free law degrees, free jobs, free everything) they’ll deport themselves.

  10. That all 3 “female” left-liberal supreme court justices are jews wasn’t pointed out in the article. Sotomayor is a maranno crypto.

  11. Soso,

    Steve Sailor and others frequently discuss at VDARE the total cost of education, on both an individual basis and as a group, to tax payers. It is a hell of a lot. In some places as high as 30 or 40 grand per year per student, some places even higher. And that is not college but high school.

  12. California the third world country is about the Blue Stater’s necks. Remember all those times we heard about how the Southern states suck at everything, too dumb, too fat, too everything bad, too little anything good? Well now we have an honest to god’s chance at shoving this right back into their anti-white faces. Besides which demographic group contributed to the South’s woes the most?

  13. Why the 1965 Immigration Act passed:

    Protestant America did not embrace Catholic America. Catholic America chose the Samson option. Now everyone is worse off.

    Why is this important?

    In 2012 Romney will be a front runner for the implicitly White party. Romney is a Mormon. Mormons have historically been looked down upon by main-stream racists of a Protestant and even Catholic persuasion even though Mormonism is far better for whites genetically in theory and in practice.

    Additionally, Marco Rubio would make a rational VP candidate because he can become the hispanic Obama and drain hispanic votes from the implicitly Jew party.

    Are we again at a 1965 style crossroads? The most important task in the next period is defeating the Jewish party, taking away their money printing press, and restoring the Bill of Rights. Doing so will allow white nationalism to continue its exponential growth via the internet, while causing severe recession in Jew dominated economic circles (finance, old media).

    That may require old intra-White divisions to be laid aside, and even some kind of understanding with the mestizos that are already here legally. Actually, it is certain to.

    To illustrate a personal setting aside of divisions: even though I despise Christianity; it is the Grendel of the piece. I am after the defeat of Grendel’s mother; Judaism. Thus I never speak ill of Christianity around people of modest intellect, and I masquerade as one even though I am deist at heart.

    Keep your gaze fixed steadily on the North Star: the displacement of the current Jew aristocracy and its replacement with a white (not WASP) aristocracy. If we can do that, the purer nations will be free to go even further, setting the stage for their resuscitation of America as a white nation in a global white commonwealth.

  14. @ Nietzche


    Whites need unity, from the vanguard to the mainstream. We all have a common, broader, overreaching goal – one that we can ALL agree on.

    It’s time to set aside the style and substance arguments.

    Defeating the DREAM/NIGHTMARE Act was a great victory and once we start achieving greater political victories, the vanguard will naturally fall in-line and moderate their positions when they see the tangible results of White America taking their country back.

    This is going to be a great two years and beyond.

  15. If Luis Perez has a social security number it was fraudulently obtained. If he doesn’t have a social security number—chances are he has never paid federal, state, or local taxes, or, that his employer, or employers have never paid federal payroll taxes on him.

    I’m sure the IRS, and the various state tax agencies should be told about this potential tax fraud, and you can point out the LA Times story by Hector Tobar.

    You can ask Hector if he wants cut in for part of the reward. 🙂

  16. Thanks for the mention, Hunter!

    My favorite enemy to rhetorically engage are white liberals and anti-white, Jewish hotheads like Tim Wise. Writing to the Brown Reconquista Right feels like pissing in the wind. Discussion is pointless with them; threats are cowardly and illegal, and like I said, having a discussion with someone who believes that disposing of you is in their interest is no discussion at all.

    Of course liberals and anti-whites also believe in disposing of us, but they have to keep a second face to their naive white audiences so they can get speaking fees. They have to maintain a facade of even-handedness and objectivity, and that’s where you drive in the polemic crowbar and make ’em scream.

    There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of whites who want to scream at the likes of Hector Tobar.

  17. FOX News: “Congress plans to debate whether children born to parents who are in the U.S. illegally should be automatic U.S. citizens, [a move that could hurt the GOP] in its endeavor to get enough Latino votes to win 2012 White House.”

    Why is this network spewing propaganda – is it owned by a Jew?

  18. “That may require old intra-White divisions to be laid aside, and even some kind of understanding with the mestizos that are already here legally.”
    The old White divisions are legion, and their being laid aside has always been key, but just try bridging the gap (gulf?) between the various factions-guaranteed to give you an ulcer. Our lack of ethnocentrism is our primary weakness 🙁 our enemies know this and ever use it to their advantage. An “understanding” with the Meztizos is impossible for precisely that reason; all they need to do is sit tight while the various White factions 1) help the Jews (Christian-Zionists and US soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq) 2) fight among ourselves (WN’s vs. Vanguardists) 3) Hide from the truth (most of the Western World) 4) ignore politics and keep watching television and play video games. 5) Commit acts of political suicide (vote for Obama). The Meztizos have the best unwitting ally possible: US!

  19. Here’s why it is going to be hard to get ICE to do their job:

    Basically, if ICE won’t do their job when a state like Arizona refers a bunch of people needing deportation to them (whey they are in state custody and just need to be put on a one-way buys to Mehico), why would you expect them to do their job when they’ve got to go hunt down and catch Mr. Perez?

    It comes down to making ICE do their job. That’s all it comes down to, but it will be a hard nut to crack, because they are determined to not do their job.

  20. I read the article, Spichunter and the Feds appear to be saying, as they always do, that they have total control over the states and they will enforce (or in this case not) what they want to, when and where and IF they choose to.

  21. That is why, at the end of the day the only answer to all WN concerns may turn out to be state secession. If they will not comply with their own laws and can’t be made to do so, what else is left for states to do?

  22. Yeah, I don’t think it’s worth debating the likes of Hector Tobar. People like Hector Tobar, Kent Wong, Bell Hooks, etc, are our eternal enemies and will not be satisfied until white people are completely destroyed. Us debating them on racial issues is similar to an Arab debating a Zionist Jew: They’re never going to agree on anything, so there’s no point in having discussions.

    Non-whites (primarily blacks and Hispanics) have shown their true colors (pun intended), and what they intend for whites.

    It’s people like Tim Wise that we need to go after. Despite the fact that he’s a vicious anti-white polemicist, when speaking to white audiences at workplaces or universities, he seeks to put on a more moderate and respectable face.

    We need to expose him to regular, everyday white people, and let the white masses know that he and his ilk hate them and wish them ill will. It’s time for Wise’s lucrative career (speaking fees, book promotions, and the like) to come to an end, and time for him to join the world of the unemployed.

    On another note, I don’t think that Wise’s supposed Jewishness is an issue. He’s only part Jewish, and on his FATHER’S side at that, which doesn’t even make him a real Jew. I have a friend of Wise’s exact ethnic background (Jewish father, white gentile mother), and he doesn’t consider himself Jewish, and points out that he wouldn’t be considered Jewish by most Jews.

    I think he just plays up his Jewish ancestry in order to gain “oppression cred.” It’s his way of subtly saying, “see, I know what ‘people of color’ go through, because I know what it’s like to be oppressed too!”

    In short, I think Tim Wise is a very clever hustler and scammer, who needs to be unmasked before the eyes of the white masses.

  23. Mark Rubio is not a Mestizo. In this Anti-White climate, he’s a White Cuban who saw that it was better to advance by checking off Hispanic [which merely implies being Non-White] than checking off White on any EOE forms. Such are the times we live in.

    However, Mark Rubio is a good candidate, because the Mestizos would still identify with him. Because where they hail from, most Mestizos would ordinarily consider themselves varying degrees of White. That is why I could comfortably predict that Machete Movie would be a flop once I saw that Danny Trejo not Antonio Banderas was its protagonist. Most Mestizos see themselves as looking more like Banderas than Trejo even though the opposite is often true. Their system is a color spectrum. Part of their resentment with us Gringos Norte Americanos is their frustration with our one-drop rule.

    One poster mentioned the Catholic-Samson option, because Protestants did not accept them. I think the Jews pulled the same thing with the Catholics then that they do with the Non-Whites now by taking advantage of any tensions to divide and conquer. I say this as a Catholic that is not happy that my co-religionists allowed themselves to be used that way.

    I will say this. Even though they tended to snub Catholics privately, the Protestants’ political system was too inclusive and too easy for non-Anglo Protestants to game for their own good. IMO, the Latin-American White Catholic elite have the right of it. With their public policy of mestizaje, they manage to make Non-Whites feel socially included even as they deprive them of any real political power to improve their situation. If our history in North America is any indication, more people seem to get more bent out of shape by being banned from country clubs than they do about having a real say in the running of the country as separate but equal.

  24. I hope we are not falling into the Bill White paradigm? Hector Tobar is a creation of whites, given a script which he himself could not produce.

    But Hector is of more use to us than he is to the white libs. Because you see the likes of Hector will embrace the moniker of “anti-White” and he will promote this over the likes of fuzzy diversity which the anti-White Whites promote.

    For an anti-white I love Hector, he is useful.

  25. I noticed one particular theme with the posters leaving messages in response to Tobar’s article. You have the La Raza types who are claiming North America because they are “indigenous” Native Continental Americans. This annoyed the hell out of a Cherokee who told them the United Nations recognizes the rights of conquest and to get over it. One poster told them that they are Native Mexicans, not Native Americans and to go back to their native land. This poster gave me a great idea for a great White Nationalist talking point. Where is it written that we owe the Acatec, the Yucatec, the Zapotec tribes ad nauseum ad infinitum for what we “stole” from the Apache, the Comanche and the Cherokee…? This position of theirs is not legitimate at all.

    Political Pessimist says:

    “On another note, I don’t think that Wise’s supposed Jewishness is an issue. He’s only part Jewish, and on his FATHER’S side at that, which doesn’t even make him a real Jew. I have a friend of Wise’s exact ethnic background (Jewish father, white gentile mother), and he doesn’t consider himself Jewish, and points out that he wouldn’t be considered Jewish by most Jews.”

    Well, I respectfully disagree. I believe a lot of Wise’s Anti-Gentile Agitation has to do with proving himself worthy of the tribe, even though his mother was not a Chosenite. Being considered a mamzer would be a step up for him in the Jewish hierarchy of things. The criteria the Jews use is “Mama’s baby … Papa’s, maybe.” I guess there is an implicit understanding that Gentile women don’t have the highest moral standards somewhere in there.

    In any case one has to wonder how many of these mixed marrriage children that were disowned by Judaism are Gentiles’ real problem, because they feel they have something to prove to the rest of them who just don‘t give a damn, because they are secure in their own Chosenite status? I can’t think of a single negative experience I have ever had with a Jew; in fact, I have walked away with a good impression of most of those I’ve ever met.

    Dr. Laura Schlesinger, who felt closer to her Jewish father than her Catholic mother tried to fight this rule to no avail. She finally formally converted to Judaism herself, to make it official, after a lot of rabbinical resistance, from what I understand. I don’t know why, if his paternal heritage is so important to him, Wise doesn’t do the same thing.

    In any case, I’m surprised that, now they have the DNA science, the Jews don’t modify that rule with a proper DNA paternity test.

  26. Clytemnestra: The law that a Jew is the child of a Jewish mother is ancient, biblical, I believe. The real believers can no more change it than they can declare that pork is kosher.

  27. So are there any ideas on how to get ICE to do their job? That seems to be the real issue; the people running ICE won’t do their job.

  28. Spichunter

    ICE is following orders from higher up, Obama, Holder, Napolitano. They can’t do their jobs because they’re not allowed to. I read an article (maybe at vdare, sorry I don’t remember) that ICE was broken up as a strategy so the buck could be passed endlessly from one paper shuffling office to another.

    Clytemnestra & Discard

    Why do you believe anything they tell the goyim? Biblical Israelite descent was patriarchial. The 1/2, 1/4 jews make the best cryptos because they have a “white” identity to hide behind. Wise tries to pass himself off as “White” to the goyim while admitting he’s a jew to the chosen.

  29. Wanted to add something that White Nationalists can use for future reference, because you know these DREAM antics will come back like a bad rash.

    A college education is FREE in Mexico for Mexican Nationals. There is no reason all those poor little kids who were dragged here and acclimatized to the USA by their own will by their illegal parents cannot continue to get a higher education back home in good old Mexico for FREE rather than getting in-state tuition and taking up slots in the USA that should go to legal American nationals.

    Of course, the news media, even those who supported the POV of Americans against it did not report this. I wonder why?

  30. Latinos’ Slow-Burn Anger article. Bull! Come over legally. Become a citizen. Work for yourself and not for the people south of the border. Stop having anchor babies. Earn a living. Pay taxes. But, don’t invade the USA or expect respect until you are legal!

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