Boycott Thor

Boycott Thor


A coalition of White Advocates led by the CofCC is boycotting the new “Thor” movie.

For those who are unfamiliar with this story, the negro Idris Elba of HBO’s The Wire (the gangster “Stringer Bell”) has been cast as the Germanic god Heimdall in the film, which is set to be released in May 2011.

Personally, I would never watch “Thor” under any circumstances, especially a PC version that spreads nonsense about European history and mythology. We all know people in our own circle of friends who might be be tempted to watch a summer blockbuster action movie like this. We should discourage them from doing so.

I support the anti-Thor effort.

It is drawing a lot of publicity to our cause. I have seen the boycott mentioned on MSNBC several times now. If for no other reason than self interest, we should throw our weight behind this effort.

It has not escaped my attention either that this is a positive, constructive response to an identifiable problem. The Thor boycott has already succeeded in getting some publicity for the White Nationalist cause. Heathens and Christians are also working together for once instead of fighting about theology on the internet. That’s another reason to support this.

If you have a Facebook account, please take the time to join the Thor boycott groups. We are closing in on 1,000 members.

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  1. Well, I think it is expecting a bit too much to have a 100% White, Nordic Odinist pantheon. Heimdel is a major Norse god, he just guards some bridge and doesn’t get to mate – so it’s more like letting some Black guy be the door man to a White racial universe/expensive all White Condo.

    It looks like the movie has casted a very strong, Nordic young man to play Thor, so mabye some female movie goers can go for him instead of Will Smith saving planet earth in some other Summer movie.

    Hey, it’s a fallen world.

  2. Jack

    Heimdall, the shining one is the Whitest of the gods. He is the father of mankind and will blow the horn to signal the coming of Ragnarok.

    He is not a minor god.

    WPWW 🙂

  3. Yes, making the whitest of gods a negroid has Jewish snicker written all over it. Wasn’t Moses a negroid? And Sarah too if I don’t remember correctly, but what the hell — next Old Testament movie to come out, have Sarah played by Whoopie Goldberg.

  4. The usual Hollywood stellar nonsense.
    It’s like the remake of “Roots” with Dolph Lundgren playing “Kunta Kinte”!!!

  5. Nick van Rensburg says:
    January 2, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    Heimdall, the shining one is the Whitest of the gods. He is the father of mankind and will blow the horn to signal the coming of Ragnarok.

    He is not a minor god.


    Jack Ryan replies:

    The movie is based on the Jack Kirby Marvel Comics Thor – I highly recommend Kirby’s Thor from the late 1960s – all White, and having a kick ass Norse god come down to earth and take the side of regular White Americans – well, I liked it in my youth, still do.

    Don’t see Heimdall as a major Norse God in the Marvel Comics Thor universe. The guy has to spend his life standing on a bridge, being a guard – so he gets to blow a horn to signal the coming of Ragnarok. So, you’re saying once ever 100,000 years Heimdall gets to actually do something, otherwise he just has to wait and watch.

    Doesn’t sound like a great job.

    Plus, on the Norse Gods are completely White, Heimdell isn’t “the Whitest of the gods”, because they are all White.

    The more I think of it, it sounds like a nice touch – no way Jew Hollywood would allow and all White, NS Nordic, Thor movie, so it’s sounds like our side made a deal – saying “Ok, we’ll make this God Heimdell who serves as a doorman/bellhop a Black guy, satisfied? And the Jew Hollywood types are hoping Thor makes as much money as the Spiderman franchise.


  6. JR: Not a comic fan, but I feel that one turd spoils the salad. Nobody had to put the Dark Stuff in this show. Weren’t the “Ring” movies all White, except for the Orcs?

  7. You guys are missing something evne worse – the “love interest” is Israeli Hebess Nralie Portman.


    And I think I saw a Slant, in the Nordic Pantheon, as well.


    Branagh’s on My List. Top 5

  8. Mensa members Jack Ryan and Denise are right: Thor was a Nordic White man, not a nigger. Boycott “Thor”!

  9. Solutrean Social Club says:
    January 2, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    Even Wikipedia knows that Heimdall is indeed the Whitest of the gods. Another mistake you are making (surely well-intentioned) is to give Marvel Comics rights over these gods.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Fair enough. And I haven’t followed what happened to Thor at Marvel Commics since the 1980s.

    The Kirby Thor of the mid to late 60s was excellent – very noble, all White and Thor is great White, young God of Thunder, Mighty Thor never “turned the other cheek”


    I think it should be clear to everyone considering going to this movie that the movie is based on the Marvel Comic “Thor” , not a faithful presentation of the Norse Pagan religion.

  10. But if Thor’s love interest in this movie turns out to be a Jewess, OK – will be out on the streets protesting in front of theaters.

  11. “Weren’t the “Ring” movies all White, except for the Orcs?”

    The reason Peter Jackson was able to get away with an all White cast in the Ring films was that all three films were shot simultaneously. Once it became clear after the first film that the cast was all White, but no one could do anything about it because the other two films were already complete and in the can. Peter Jackson was heavily criticized for not casting Blacks in the Ring films, so The Hobbit will include non-White actors in key roles. In fact, a casting director was fired from the project for not considering non-Whites.

    This always happens with all White franchises. The first instance was when Lucas added a negro to the cast for The Empire Strikes back because there were no Black faces in Star Wars. The Harry Potter franchise made it through 3 or 4 films before adding an Asian female in a key role (Harry’s love interest).

  12. Boycotting the non-White Thor, is a great way to normalize WN thought. I will support that.

    Might I also suggest events like the one below, be held in America to memorialize White victims of Multiculturalism?

    British National Party Takes Part in Annual Salem Demonstration

    “Salem demonstration in Sweden, held annually to commemorate a vicious anti-white attack by immigrants in that country.”

  13. Well, did anyone expect that any sort of popular entertainment would be left unpolluted? I suppose that this could be an opportunity to show White boys that the multi-cult is out to get them. I recall how attached the young can be to their pop heroes, and insistent about getting their facts straight, even if the “facts” are imaginary.

  14. Captain Chaos – why are you insultig me? I think the cxasting of a Congoid, as Heimdall, was a grievous and intentional insult. But a Jewess as Thor’s mate? What about Freyja? She and Thor were always an “item”. But Thor, mated with an Israeli? Why aren’t you insulted?

    This is the way they steal the genes, and subvert the lineage. Who has enslaved us?

    FYI – when all the little boys I know go to see this – I will use this to show how White culture and mythos has been corrupted and slimed. I will tell them, “See? See how Whites are forced ot pretend that traditional White stories have alwys been “multi-cultural” – and this is a complete LIE?” I know the little boys I know will loathe an Afircan cast as a White god.

    The little kids I know will get it right off the bat.

  15. Oh – Kenneth Branagh is the director. I think he’s the one that cast the Negro. He’s a vile turncoat. He hasn’t had a hit in years.

  16. Jack Ryan, I’m surprised and disappointed at your attitude. Discard’s metaphor expresses the situation perfectly. The whole point of including negroes in this movie is to push the view that “race is not relevant”. If we respond by saying, OK, it’s not relevant if the character is minor, they win. Next time, it’s a slightly more significant character, and so on.

    In the early stages of the multicult invasion, the BBC used to have a policy that they called “blonking”. That stood for “blacks on camera”. The idea was to include blacks in every show, just in the background, to accustom audiences to seeing negroes in ordinary scenes. Innocuous, yes? Who could object? That was just the start. Look where we are today.

    The problem with compromise is that the unrighteous always gain, and the righteous always lose something. No compromise. Nip this abomination in the bud.

  17. “how about we all agree that this is a subversive portrayal of a white hero and it needs to be opposed?”

    The thing is that a lot of less sophisticated people want to try to find hidden pro-white meanings in explicitly anti-white movies etc. You see a lot of that on Stormfront. Many white nationalists don’t pick up on more subtle anti-white subtexts, especially Frankfurt School type stuff where the bad guys are all rich WASPs and the good guys are a multi-ethnic(but white) misfits.

  18. There is a large problem here: if you’re “boycotting” this latest piece of Hollywood Jewcrap, this suggests that you have been spending good money on prior pieces of Hollywood Jewcrap. Stop – Going – To – The – Movies. You are financing Zion. Put the money in silver, weapons, ammunition. Someplace useful.

  19. LEW

    The Harry Potter books are anti-White.

    The “bad” side in the book are trying to preserve their racial purity and are presented as Upper Class Anglos.

    Also, the headmaster is revealed to be gay in the last book.

    JK Rowling is an evil b*tch

  20. Nick – i don’t have time to get into this now – but the Potter books are a mixed bag.

    Rowling did not make Dumbledore a homo in the last book. It’s implied, but not explicit. She stated AFTER that last book, out of spite, against the Christians that condemned her witchcraft.

    She tries to be very multi-culti PC – but her innate Whiteness always undoes her.

    She only focuses on the physical characteristics of the Whites charcters. She’s obsessive about the appareance and coloration of her primary White characters. The non-Whites are given a cursory compliment – but they are never even described.

    The most BEAUTIFUL character in the book is Fleur Delacourt – the Flower of the Court. A blond, blue-eyed French girl. She is literally irresistable to males.

    Race-mixers end up punished, disgraced, or dead.

    Even the “bad blonde WASPS” – the Malfoys, are redeemed, due the familial love and devotion of the blonde mamma, Narcissa. And they wind up unscathed, and intact as a family.

    Rowling cannot help herself.

  21. Denise

    I take your points.

    On the flip side, the way Bellatrix Lestrange is portrayed is terrible. She is a caricature of an upper class racialist.

    I would love to marry a girl like Bellatrix (but that isn’t Rowling’s intention) 🙂

  22. You guys are missing something evne worse – the “love interest” is Israeli Hebess Nralie Portman.


    That may be true, but the reality of the situation is that most whites don’t see her that way. To middle America the likes of Natalie Portman, Michael Douglas, etc are simply seen as white Hollywood Actors and Actresses. (Heck, I bet most of Glenn Beck’s audience didn’t even know Soros was of the tribe till Beck told them.) But no one sees a black as anything other than a black, I predict this movie will flop because of the race change. That makes absolutely no sense, along with the fact that who other than a few comic book nerds has even heard of this “Thor” character?

  23. I will be boycotting this movie. Branagh owed it to his viewers to simply hunt up some African god for Idris Elba to play and integrate him into the cast. After all why should White gods be spared the joys of diversity anymore than White mortals? African mortals have no problem invading Europe and intruding on indigenous Whites NOW, where would an African god be any different respecting White gods? Natalie Portman could be woven in as some Semite goddess who feels that the gods were too homogenous for her tastes and decides “to do something” about that.

  24. Denise: “why are you insulti[n]g me?”

    Didn’t realize I was. Nothing wrong with being in Mensa.

  25. Nick – Bellatrix is portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter. From the House of Rothschild. Study her connections, I’ve ALWAYS thought she looked like a troll. Hebes always look Hebe-ier as they age.

    She’s little, and has an overhanging brow. She spends most of her time playing loonies. She has done a terrible job as Bellatrix- but that’s the point. I think it’s it’s a kind of an inside joke. A lot of the cast are Jews. Harry is played by a Jew. Lucius is played by a Jew. it’s more of that dekiberate insult/inside joke thing,

  26. Nightowl – I know. Many Whites Americans are absolutley clueless regarding their displacement by and acclimation to Jews. It’s been very incremental. Americans have been accllimatized, via media, to Jew View. The Way the Jew Regards the World.

    This has been pretty overt since the 50’s. “Seifeld”was the icing on the cake. The lox on the bagel. “Elaine”, an alleged Christian, was played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Of the French Dreyfus Jews. She’s from a family of Hebe billionaires.

  27. Actually, he played Stringer Bell on The Wire, not Omar. But yeah, what a ridiculous casting choice. Just a blatant attempt to annoy conservative whites and a lame attempt to seem hip and edgy.

  28. I see I’m on moderation. Jack Ryan is the worst contributor here and he uses censorship to suppress the general consensus that he’s stupid.

  29. M – just watch your mouth and please clean up your comments.

    O.D. is not the place to shout obscenities, or discuss games with excrement.

  30. That’s one of the reasons talking about Jews is often ineffective amongst the general public. If Americans can’t even identify Jews as Jewish how can they put the two and two together? If the average yokels can’t figure out that an awful lot of the people they see on TV, in the movies, in political administrations, and other high places aren’t just ordinary white Americans, but are Jewish. How can they even begin to digest scenarios of Jewish domination of American institutions and using their supplication of the old WASP elite to transform America into something more to their liking? They seem to think all these ordinary farm boys just decided to become “liberals” and work for the ACLU etc. to tear down America. That this whole thing “just sort of happened.” (I just got a chain mail going around talking about “muslims taking over America” that refers to the ACLU as “disgruntled Christians”) Before ordinary Americans could even begin to fathom the Culture of Critique they need to be able to sort out the underlying ethnic identities of what at first seem to be “ordinary” white Americans. How do you do that without seeming “weird” to the public? Dwelling on either Jews or everyones ethnic identities?

  31. Nightowl – that’s the Great Big Problem, isn’t it? Jews know they are Jews. Whites have been oh so carefully taught to “not judge” ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY about anythng pertaining ot Race.

    “Race doesn’t matter!” sez Whitey White White.

    “Race is EVERYTHING”, smirks Every-One Else.

    “The only way out is through the Jews” David Lane.

    So – ya can’t worry about being “weird”. I believe ya must face it headlong. Name De Jude. Speak truth. Be prepared for any and all consequences. Or shut up and take it.

  32. The Harry Potter franchise made it through 3 or 4 films before adding an Asian female in a key role (Harry’s love interest).

    The differences between diversity in print and on film can be amusing. Rowling’s work is a good example. She set Ginny (Potter’s eventual love interest) up with a negroid, but if you blink you miss it, because she sets him up as a black character long before she sets him up with Ginny, and always refers to him by his upper class British sounding name, not his black skin or his nappy head.

    So basically, out of sight, out of mind. The reader can easily miss the fact that a nice Irish redhead is sucking face with a congoid.

    But Hollywood doesn’t have that luxury. They can’t get diversity points on technicalities. So, as far as I know, all the detailed scenes of Harry passing the two sucking face in the halls of Hogwarts were scrubbed from the movies. Because Hollywood knows when to push “diversity,” and when to back off for a dollar’s sake.


  33. I when I had the dorm cable channels in Urbana that didn’t consist of much other than C-Span and a few local broadcasts stumbling across the Amren conference in 1996 and being fascinated by it. Then reading Patrick Buchanan’s Death of the West after September 11th. Then I stumbled upon the I love White Folks website that named the Jew and immediately recognized the raw truth of the matter. I had seen the A&E documentary on Jews in Hollywood where they took credit for using cinema to push liberalism. (produced for a Jewish and SWPL audience that viewed that as a good thing) I also remembered the Jewish girls in my High School all seemed to be VERY politically active, far left agitators for ACLU crap, along with the theater fags. I spent a month digesting that site and listened to Pierce’s rants as well and became so immersed in groupthink that when I was hanging out with some apolitical, degenerate white youths in my complex I blurted out about how the Jews run America and then realized that you just can’t do that because people stare at you as if your from outer space.

  34. Denise

    I am talking about Bellatrix in the book not the film. She’s not Jewish in the book 🙂

  35. I will be boycotting this movie.

    I’ll wait until it’s online. I pretty much boycott the entire output of the entertainment media these days. Let them go to the Chinese for their money.

    Branagh owed it to his viewers to simply hunt up some African god for Idris Elba to play and integrate him into the cast.

    Bingo. If they just HAVE to have a congoid, why can’t they write an original character, or bring in an existing black character? Why do they have to take a shit on white mythology? Why don’t they make a movie about a black pantheon, and see how many tickets they can sell to that?

  36. Nightowl: If you’re going to point out Jewish control, recognize that most American people have been taught all their lives that anti-Jewish = Nazi, and that Nazi = evil. Jews have worked long and hard at putting this false equation into all our heads, and it won’t be removed easily. I suggest using the phrases “New York Jews” to describe Jewish finance and “Hollywood Jews” to describe Jewish media. New York and Hollywood already carry a lot of negative connotations, and by using them as adjectives, you can pretend that you don’t mean Jews in general, like that nice Jewish eye doctor or whatever well-behaved Jew your listener happens to know. I also suggest using only mainstream or explicitly Jewish sources to back up your points, to avoid being dismissed as an extremist.

  37. The perception that Jews are White is THE fundamental problem. When people see someone like Bill Kristol on Fox News calling for a war against Iran, most people see a White conservative, not a Jew pushing Jewish interests. Likewise, they see a White economist in Alan Greenspan and a White liberal in Frank Rich. Our side will make a great leap forward once people begin seeing Jews as Jews, because the Jewish agenda becomes so transparent and obvious once you know what to look for. Whenever you see a Jew on TV, read a Jew or listen to a Jew in any context, all you need to do to uncover the agenda is ask “how does it benefit the Jew”?

  38. Oh – Nick – I knew you were referring to the film Bell – not the book Bella.

    I can see why Book Bella would be the gal o’ your dreams!

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