Trench Warfare: Nebraska Edition

Nebraska State Sen. Charlie Janssen introduces Arizona-style immigration law and a DREAM Act repeal


Nebraska is one of the brightest spots on the map for restrictionists this year. I have been quietly following new developments on the immigration front there for months now.

Some items to watch:

(1) Sen. Charlie Janssen of Fremont has introduced an Arizona-style immigration law in Nebraska.

(2) Sen. Colby Coash has introduced an expansion of E-Verify that would require every employer in Nebraska, not just state agencies, to use the system.

(3) Janssen has introduced another bill to repeal the Nebraska DREAM Act which was passed in 2006.

(4) Sen. Brenda Council, a black Democrat from Omaha, has introduced a bill that denies immigration is a state concern.

The unglamorous trench warfare going on in the state legislatures in places like Nebraska is where the real action is at the moment.

There are people like Charlie Janssen in Nebraska, Mike Delph in Indiana, Kris Kobach in Kansas, Debbie Riddle in Texas and Stephen Sandstrom in Utah who are moving the chains on immigration, but who are virtually unknown to White Nationalists.

This story hasn’t gotten the proper attention in the White Nationalist movement.

Every year there are state legislators hacking away at bad legislation in the immigration wars. These people are our future governors, senators and congressmen.

No one was paying much attention to Arizona when it passed the Voter ID law in 2004. Georgia passed its own Voter ID law in 2005. North Carolina is considering one this year.

The 2004 Voter ID law in Arizona was the weak spot in the enemy armor. It busted the dam and paved the road to SB 1070 and the upcoming attack on birthright citizenship.

The majority of White Nationalists are not interested in anything short of instant, radical, sweeping, transformative revolutionary change. This unrealistic expectation is why White Nationalists never come up with any effective means for advancing their goals.

It also causes them to miss out on the slow glacial changes (like we see on display here) in racial attitudes going on in the real world. These boring little laws add up and have a cumulative effect on racial demographics and voter registration patterns.

We know that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have fled Arizona since 2007. Maybe when entire regions of the country start emulating Arizona racialists will start to catch on.

This is how you do it.

You start where there is a consensus in public opinion and relentlessly drive the wedge forward.

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  1. I suppose we could all commit seppuku and flame out in a blaze of glory damning materialism and the modern world. That’s not really a constructive response to our problems though.

    There is a negative correlation between effective and glamorous types of action. The immigration war is being turned around through modest actions and soft rhetoric in very unglamorous places like Lincoln, Nebraska.

    We are getting better at countering the mainstream media noise machine and applying pressure on “system politicians” in the state legislatures. There is still a lot of room for improvement in this area.

    To use a football analogy, we can either play better or forfeit games, and playing better is the more viable option.

    We also know exactly what needs to be done to get better.

  2. An obvious problem is that we have traveled too far ahead of the curve.

    We have to go back, establish bonds of trust with our target audience, and lead them to a more reasonable position on race and immigration.

  3. “Reactionarys lose,calm measured aggression will win on our part.” This is so true. If a politician, or anyone is reacting, it means they are not settled, not PRO-WHITE. Everybody says there is this Race problem and this RACE problem will be solved by pouring in non-whites into every white country, forcing whites to assimilate with them.

  4. But HW “Berserker 88” just wants to “meet up” with like minded fellas and “plan” what’s wrong with that?

  5. When we destroy the “anti-racists” and their “anti-racism”, expose them for being anti-White and that they are nothing but anti-Whites, bills like this will be seen as milquetoast as declarations for apple pie.

  6. “An obvious problem is that we have traveled too far ahead of the curve.”

    I’m not sure about that Hunter. I think that the so-called white nationalist movement is behind the curve of the Tea Party which is a spontaneous white revolt against the status quo. As you say, better that we get on board before we even think about leading the train.

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