Defeat: White Zion

Mark Potok opposes the spread of "nativist laws" as the Arizona-style immigration law dies in Wyoming


I have some bad news to report: the Arizona-style immigration law that was introduced in Wyoming has died in a House committee.

Rep. Pete Illoway’s bill did not even get a single vote in the “Minerals, Business and Economic Development Committee” in the Wyoming House. Republicans constitute 7 out of 9 members of this committee.

The ACLU, Wyoming Contractor’s Association, and the Wyoming, Lodging, & Restaurant Association – the typical pro-amnesty coalition of big business and civil rights organizations – opposed the bill.

The Republican members of this committee seem to think that they could quietly kill this bill, appease their big business friends, and count on the rest of us not catching on and failing to remember when they come up for reelection.

We can’t let that happen.

There are a number of lessons to be learned from this defeat:

(1) Wyoming is a Western state like Idaho and Kansas. The Democratic Party is weak there. Liberals and moderates like to hide out behind the Republican label.

Restrictionist immigration reform has been blocked in Idaho and Kansas in the past by pro-business Republicans. I know of a restrictionist law that passed the Kansas state legislature but failed in reconciliation. These business groups are stronger out West than they are in the South.

(2) Let’s give credit to our enemies. They were on top of the ball on this one.

The pro-amnesty lobby was organized and several pro-business groups testified against this bill. We have public opinion on our side in Wyoming, but racialists and conservatives are not as properly organized, motivated, or financed in Wyoming as we should be.

The exact opposite was true in Mississippi.

(3) The problem is not public opinion.

The polls always show that White Americans support Arizona-style immigration reform. That is even true in Colorado which has much more unfavorable demographics than Wyoming.

(4) The constructive way to respond to this is to get better organized and prepared. We have to close the gap between public opinion and legislative results. This means countering the influence of special interest groups like the human rights and pro-business lobbies.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a blogger in every state of the Union that focused on restrictionist immigration laws in his or her own particular state?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had people on the ground whose sole job was nothing but social networking and community organizing for restrictionist immigration reform?

We can be much more effective than we are today. It is not a question of man power. This is a question of will power. There are plenty of racialists and conservatives out there who are concerned about immigration, but they really don’t know what they can do to about the issue.

We can ramp up our activist and education efforts.

(5) I don’t like the taste of defeat.

It is inevitable that we are going to win some and lose some. A constructive way to respond to this defeat is to do our part to ensure this doesn’t happen again in other states.

Right now, there are similar bills in Texas, Indiana, Florida, South Dakota, and Utah that are being discussed in the media. You need to know that the same pro-amnesty coalition is working around the clock to defeat them.

You also need to know that there is a better than even chance that some type of restrictionist immigration law is under consideration in your state legislature.

Simply put, you need to be on top of this issue.

(6) As far as this website goes, I regret spending too much of my time fighting with the vanguard who do nothing to solve our problems, and not enough time raising awareness about immigration in the state legislatures this month.

I could have put up a specific post about the Arizona-style immigration law in Wyoming. I have mentioned it on this website in the past, but only in the context of a dozen or so other laws circulating at the state level.

This defeat has inspired me to get back on track.

(7) We have favorable demographics to work with in the Western states.

Idaho, Wyoming, and Kansas are among the most conservative states in the country. There is nothing stopping us from changing the legislative results we are getting out of those states.

(8) I know that we have at least two readers from Wyoming who browse this website. You need to know who killed the Arizona-style immigration law in your state.

If you live in Wyoming, I urge you to contact your representatives and give them a piece of your mind:

“Minerals, Business and Economic Development Committee”

Thomas Lockhart (R):

Home – (307) 472-4116
Fax – (307) 237-2441

James Byrd (D):

Mike Greear (R):
Work – (307) 347-9801
Cell – (307) 388-3399
Session – (307) 388-3399
Fax – (307) 347-2859

Norine Kasperik (R):
Home – (307) 257-7875
Cell – (307) 689-5939
Session – (307) 689-5939

Glenn Moniz (R):
Home – (307) 745-4711
Cell – (307) 760-1116

Jim Roscoe (D):
Home – (307) 733-5389

Tim Stubson (R):
Work – (307) 234-1000

Dan Zwonwitzer (R):
Cell – (307) 214-7826

David Zwonwitzer (R):
Cell – (307) 630-1955

Final Thought

There will inevitably be vanguardists who come on this website to argue in favor of “rejecting the system” following the defeat of this bill.

This juvenile response will accomplish nothing except ensuring that we lose the next battle in this long war. You don’t see our enemies quiting because they lost in Florida, Maine, Mississippi, and Kentucky. It is always a good idea to take their advice under consideration and respond in exactly the opposite way.

In Congress, Wyoming turned in a solid response to the DREAM Act. Senators Enzi and Barrasso voted against the bill. Rep. Lummis also voted against the DREAM Act in the House. There is nothing stopping us from turning the tables at the state level.

We have favorable conditions to work with.

Instead of taking the advice of losers, I recommend we start imitating winners. The winners in Wyoming (the pro-amnesty lobby) and Mississippi (restrictionists) succeeded by beating the other side in gaming the system.

Mark Potok of the SPLC has a new article at The Huffington Post called “Nativist Laws Wreak Havoc Across the Nation.” The Left and Mark Potok are against the spread of “nativist laws” like the Hazelton Ordinance and Arizona’s SB 1070.

That is the closest reading you can get to “true north” as to what direction we should be taking in the immigration wars.

We lost this round. We can win the next one.

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  1. Probably more Democrats in WY than you think, a fusion between the limo libs of Jackson and the blue collar ones in Caspar. So this is no doubt a bipartisian affair here.

  2. Not too many blue-collar democrats in Casper. WY has always been a right-to-work state / (never had much manufacturing) most blue collar are oil field, not unionized. This was the doing of Big Ag and especially the Jackson Hotel and Lodging Assoc.

    Will commence contacting above legislators.

    Thanks, Hunter, for chasing down the contact info for me. I was going to do it as soon as I could this weekend and post here.

  3. Just repeated what my friend from WY said about how the latest Dem to be elected Gov and how he was elected. Then he went off on a riff about the wolves which the paid off libs have unleashed upon the ranchers and elk hunting outfitters so rich libs can get real estate cheaper.

    Wyoming being in its own state of wierdness, get rich or die trying Mormons in the western part, big city loudmouth libs in Jackson, traditional RINOs thruout fronting for business quarterly returns, needless to say it is not the American South in its political orientation.

  4. “Wyoming being in its own state of wierdness, get rich or die trying”
    Wyoming is boom and bust.
    Oil field pays very well for high-school-graduate men with strong backs. Depending on the price of oil, you can make 100 K a year — or find yourself laid off. In times of high oil, WY has several times made the statistic of highest per-capita income of the nation. Then in times of oil glut, a chunk of the population leaves. But certainly there’s many Southerners (Scotch-Irish) here, and much of their thinking.

    The influx of loony libs in Jackson from CA since the mid-90s is a definite problem.

    Rich libs got real estate cheaper during Freudenthal? All I saw was the prices of “ranchettes” (8-20 acres with a view of the Tetons) going up, up up (into the millions) . Are you saying the wolves in Yellowstone are what convinced the ranchers to stop ranching and sell off their land as ranchettes? That’s plausible. But I don’t see how it got the land to be cheaper (since small parcels go for more per acre than big parcels). What did your friend say? This is interesting.

    I do know, when the real-estate boom came to that area, many families who’d live in Teton and Park counties for decades, generations, suddenly couldn’t afford their property tax because a billionaire from LA had just bought a parcel next door for 3 million, and so their land was suddenly appraised for that. But that’s a county deal, isn’t it?

    It’s almost safe to say that Jackson ain’t part of Wyoming anymore (at least the way I think of Wyoming).

  5. Thanks for the contact info Hunter.

    And I recommend that folks call these state reps even if they aren’t from Wyoming (yet). It’s a national issue so if one state gets weak on immigration, we all go down.

    Just say you are “from” so and so a place in Wyoming – a place you maybe visited once.
    Cell phone numbers don’t automatically show location, people keep old cell numbers when they move from state to state. Plus who can trace e-mails? Make your e-mails and phone calls short, intelligent and to the point. This grass roots activism is how our side beat back all of the national attempts for illegal alien amnesties and how we took over state legislations in the South.

  6. All my WY opinion is from second hand knowledge, I’ve known people from WY for years and it is their opinions that I’m mashing up. Too expensive for me, crap housing for big bucks, no water and where there is water you better believe you won’t be the first there.

    I like the idea of “White Zion” for at least one good reason because when the screaming jews come for you, you can always say that your ideas came from the jews themselves. Today we do not need to create “white supremacist” propaganda we can literally go to the Haertz website and rip off the jews blood and soil zionist propaganda.

    As for carptet baggers like Chuck Baldwin heading to these areas then running for office I think a huge waste of time and negative publicity for anyone on the Right.

  7. Yes. You need to stop this vanguard-bashing, which YOU have been initiating and keeping alive, on this site. That or soon you’ll find yourself with the reputation that Covington enjoyed about 15 or 20 years ago.

    Go get ’em.

  8. I wouldn’t exactly say that Wyoming seemed like the kind of place one would expect blue collar big city democrats, the largest towns were all between 20-50,000 in population. I wouldn’t even classify them as Urban, the first thing that felt like a “city” on I-80 heading east from Salt Lake was Lincoln Nebraska. Just google up somewhere in Wyoming, on the top of the google search results page click “maps” then click the + sign to zoom in and pull the little orange people figure down onto the map for a street view and you can tour around and see exactly what anywhere in the country looks like. (I took a tour of Detroit this way, it’s not as bad as the WN “ruins” site looks, but those run down areas do exist in the oldest parts of town.) I recommend going to a street view of I-80 at Wamsutter to get a good idea of just how dry and desolate Wyoming is for those who suffering from the delusion that it can support millions of whites to flee there. Just an oil rich, coal rich, cattle rich territory for a modest population to provide resources for the rest of us. The reintroduction of wolves is an example of SWPL types without a clue for reality force upon rural Americans. A similar thing happened with Crocodiles in Australia’s Northern Territory. These animals are immensely dangerous when they roam about, you don’t want to go for a typical walk at a state park without a firearm when such dangerous animals roam around. Unlike a bear, wolves are in packs and even one man with a gun is vulnerable. When they eat livestock, SWPL types are so out of touch they show up and make money writing books about space aliens experimenting on cows.

  9. Nightowl says:
    January 25, 2011 at 9:08 pm
    The reintroduction of wolves is an example of SWPL types without a clue for reality force upon rural Americans. A similar thing happened with Crocodiles in Australia’s Northern Territory. These animals are immensely dangerous when they roam about, you don’t want to go for a typical walk at a state park without a firearm when such dangerous animals roam around. Unlike a bear, wolves are in packs and even one man with a gun is vulnerable. When they eat livestock, SWPL types are so out of touch they show up and make money writing books about space aliens experimenting on cows.

    Jack Ryan replies

    I’m pro wolf and coyote. The fear of wolves attacking humans is along the same lines as vampire bats swooping down to drink the blood of humans. How many (white) humans were killed by wolves last year in the US? I would wager it’s somewhere between 10 and zero or somewhere between 1 and 0.

    Wolves and coyotes clean up so much of the vermin in the country and they are very musical. Our problems in North America are not native wild animals, our problems are bad humans – Mestizos getting drunk and driving around and killing our people, Black criminal underclass types murdering White police officers in St. Pete Florida.

    It’s the same in Africa – the beautiful animals should be protected, most humans in Africa needed to have their populations decreased.

    And folks here need to get away from the Ronald Reagan Conservative plan for the US West – where anything goes agribusinesses, large ranchers are calling the shots. Anyone who’s studied the racial, immigration issue in the US understands that large White agribusiness owners, large ranchers just love, LOVE endless supplies of cheap NW immigrant labor.

    $*(*#% these selfish anti nature large ranchers – and why do they need so many guns? Let them guard their cattle, sheep with spears – maybe they would lose some weight running around in the outdoors fighting with spears and not present the negative image of the fat, selfish White rich Conservatives!

    Conservatives – too cowardly to fight without hi tech guns
    too fat to run.

    Go Wolves!

  10. They just want people there in mostly empty Wyoming – any people of any race – because it’s good for business: more people = more consumption.

    The powers-that-be have no qualms about replacing Whites with less-troublesome immigrants and non-Whites not just in Wyoming but all around the world: they don’t care anything about the racial composition of the citizenry they rule over as long as they work, pay taxes, and of course shop-shop-shop. It’s all about business and money. Everyone is just livestock to be used by big-business plutocrats and their underlings.

  11. Yes. Let’s stop wasting our time fighting retardate time wasters – and always remember to focus on the real world.

    Thanks, Hunter, for a blog well done.

  12. @ Jack Ryan

    California journalist Mike Davis claims that California mountain lions have acquired a taste for Spandex. LOL.

  13. Wherever you have White flight, the White flighters want the same third worlders they left behind, just no so many of them. LOL. The whole circle repeats itself.

  14. I’m not a vanguardist but it seems to me that discrediting them is one of the major reason for this site existing. A bomb goes off or someone gets shot in the head and Hunter doesn’t hesitate to jump to conclusions based on nothing but wishful thinking. All the while praising neocon talking heads like Limbaugh or giving fanfare to George Bush’s biography, pretending that the same old gruel we’ve been fed for years is something new and different.

  15. “crap housing for big bucks”
    Jackson / Cody, yeah, but where else?
    My dad was a homebuilder in the ’80s. White guys (i.e., both skilled and ethical) built ALL the housing done then, and all the years prior, so it’s quality stuff.

    The building that’s gone on in the 2000s, yeah, you saw a few short, brown men leaning on shovels, but having fled CA, so I know what I’m talking about, you saw plenty of White guys doing framing and roofing. I think our housing stock is pretty good. (Very good if you buy a 20 y o house).

    The housing is expensive? Nuh-uh. Outside Jackson and Cody, you can get 3 bed, 2 bath 2 car garage on a decent-sized lot for 190 – 200 K.

    Water’s an issue, yeah. But we don’t NEED millions to come to be the seed of the Ethnostate. We just need enough pro-Whites to toss out the rats in the House that I was unaware until today we had an infestation of. (20,ooo maybe?) Obviously we’ll have to eventually spread our people out amongst the surrounding states, but WY is the place to start if we’re to have any chance.
    We have some big lakes: Boysen, Alcova, Pathfinder. The fishin’ in the streams in the Big Horns is great. You can camp in the Big Horns without a reservation. Drive up, plop down. Even 4th of July weekend, you might get a plum campsite. If you don’t mind primitive camping you can set up camp anywhere in the Big Horn National Forest.
    Rock Springs is desiccated. Cheyenne is praire. Laramie is high prairie at 7000 feet and p****ing cold, but the Snowies are georgeous, so summers are luscious. Casper butts up against Casper and Muddy mountains (North Laramie Range). Nice mountain, pine trees, aspens, bad fire a few years ago on part of it. Gillette’s quality of life has improved considerable.

    Some way nice places if you want trees and water that haven’t been Jacksonized:
    Douglas is on the list of America’s 50 best small towns, short drive up Laramie Peak to Esterbrook.
    Buffalo is cute, butts up against the Big Horns. Thermopolis is the World’s Largest Hot Springs.
    Fair warning: The Wyoming Wind is the stuff of legends.

    If you don’t mind being worked to death, (shiftwork or 12-14 hours in the summer) the mining / oil fields are still doing good. I see Wyoming Machinery is advertising again for technicians to fix big Caterpillars.

    If you can be an entrepreneur for a family business, the taxes here are low.

  16. HW-
    nash2z does make a good point. Badmouthing everyone else is one of the things that made him such an outcast. I’m not saying you shouldn’t denounce violence or vanguardism. But you don’t have to make it so personal and petty. Speak to the principles instead. And while your at it why don’t you keep your mind out of greg’s pants? Otherwise, you two might find yourselves the topic of some kinky rumours.

  17. $*(*#% these selfish anti nature large ranchers – and why do they need so many guns? Let them guard their cattle, sheep with spears

    Well, Jack, why don’t you go live in a cave, while the rest of us enjoy the technology of the 21st century. My ancestors have been Scandinavian soldiers, lumber jacks, farm laborers and farmers for over 400 years (I’m only the second generation who’s not) and your statement is ridiculous at best.

  18. I wish OD would have an article on the Supreme Court’s decision to void the Constitution. A decision which was issued last week!

  19. The blending of racialism and conservatism will be the growth industry of the next ten years. Case in point, the SPLC and Center for American Progress released their big twin prong attack on Kris Kobach this morning, which follows the Leonard Zeskind attack on the Tea Party in October.

    Vanguardism is a dead branch of White Nationalism.

    The future is the growth of White identity politics in the mainstream. As racial conditions deteriorate, we will see White racial consciousness popping up much more frequently in the conservative movement.

    The best use of our time is building a mass constituency for pro-White views, eroding the legitimacy of anti-racist organizations, and passing restrictionist immigration laws in the state legislatures.

  20. What do you think will be the future evidence of racial deterioration? The MSM makes a concerted effort to cover black degeneracy.

  21. Erik Nordman says:
    Erik Nordman says:
    January 26, 2011 at 2:48 am

    Well, Jack, why don’t you go live in a cave, while the rest of us enjoy the technology of the 21st century. My ancestors have been Scandinavian soldiers, lumber jacks, farm laborers and farmers for over 400 years (I’m only the second generation who’s not) and your statement is ridiculous at best.

    Jack Ryan replies;

    What do you have against Wolves?

    What do you have against nature?

    Our people have gotten in to trouble, put our race in to dire straights by going against nature.

  22. I project the country will become much more racially and culturally diverse, the economy will continue to deteriorate, progressives will become bolder in their attacks on Whites, and eventually Whites will start to react in an explicitly racial way to the double standards they live under.

    The task before us is two-fold:

    (1) We have to racialize conservatives.

    This means easing their transition to an explicit form of racial consciousness as Whites encroach upon minority status. In order to do this, we have to eliminate the unnecessary barriers to understanding that now exist between conservatives and White Nationalists.

    (2) We have to remold the White Nationalist movement.

    This means overcoming the destructive legacy of the last forty years (i.e., namely the influence of the vanguard) and teach White Nationalists how to communicate with their peers and start becoming effective in the political sphere.

    The ideal is to blend conservatism and racialism into a viable White resistance movement.

    Conservatives cannot succeed if they ignore the truth about race. White Nationalists cannot succeed without a mass constituency to overcome the marginalization on the fringe and lack of legitimacy.

  23. Jack,

    I love nature and I think wolves are great, as long as they don’t attack humans or their property. What I felt was that you raved against guns and human activity in nature. We are stewards of nature, not hippie treehuggers. I am against raping nature, but your post seemed to be anti-progress.

    My ancestors carved out farms out of land you wouldn’t even believe existed, back in the old country. Places where boulders and trees are the rule, not the exception and where wolves and bears are standard. They came over here to Minnesota and Wisconsin and did the same. When you do that, you tame nature, clear the wilderness and you carry a rifle with you.

  24. Vanguardism is a dead branch of White Nationalism.

    C’mon Hunter, if that were true you’d just ignore them instead of spending so much time trying to discredit them. What do you mean by remolding White Nationalism? Redirecting it into something harmless like partisan politics? Lamestream Neoconservative politics?

  25. Erik,

    When does ‘progress’ end? When there isn’t anything left? I admire your heritage, but ideally do we want people covering every bit of available land on Earth? What is the ideal population and how do you reach it? Unless we want a world with humans and nothing but – which you get when you allow them to breed and ‘progress’ without checks – I think that’s what we’ll get. The more wild lands that are left with animals, the better for all of us.

  26. If White Nationalism is to be successful, we have to connect with a mass constituency. In order to win, we have to racialize millions of White conservatives.

    If we fail to connect with a mass audience, we are going to lose. It is that simple.

    We can’t do that as long as White Nationalism continues to be perceived as a cult for weird, ineffective Neo-Nazi exhibitionists and outcasts. White Nationalism has to be perceived as a viable resistance to the status quo or it will never go anywhere.

    By remolding White Nationalism, I believe we should eliminate the unnecessary barriers to communication that now exist and reorient our focus to community organizing and practical politics in the real world.

    I’m convinced that cult building, navel gazing, hostility to our audience, rhetorical radicalism, internet escapism, and fantasy politics have produced nothing but a massive failure.

    We should imitate winners like the NRA and NumbersUSA, not losers like the National Alliance and NSM. They engage the system and move the goal posts. These other groups of pious vanguardists sit around waiting for “the inevitable collapse of the system.”

    We know what works. We know what doesn’t.

    Smart people can get us out of this ditch.

  27. Elijah,

    What irked me about the original post was the anti-gun, treehugging flavor of it. It conveyed (to me) a Luddite attitude that seemed defeatist and contrary to White manliness.

    I agree that there’s a limit to the number of people per squaremile that the Earth can reasonably accomodate. For the planet as a whole, I think that we have probably already surpassed that, especially considering that brownies tend to care less about the planet, than do us Whites.

    The logical route for us is to continue our expansion into space. There must always be a new frontier, or we will wither and die, physically and spiritually.

  28. Erik,

    I understand, then. I definitely have a treehugger streak in me. I’m more familiar than I’d like to be with the hippie treehuggers, but I don’t think that good stewardship of the Earth is necessarily incompatible with manliness. Certainly, however, environmental advocacy has a tendency to come across as rather sissy.

    As for the rest, I agree with you. Since our progress with space travel and colonization is still lacking, I argue that the best we can do now is take better care of the planet we already have. And to be honest, the number 1 threat I see is the exploding population of browns.

  29. And to be honest, the number 1 threat I see is the exploding population of browns.

    Can I throw an amen on to that as well? I’d also like to point out something to the ZPG (zero population growth) whites out there. They aren’t going to stop having kids just because you do. They won’t stop having kids until every square inch of livable spaces looks like a haitian slum. And then they still won’t stop. So until there is real progress in reducing the 3rd world birth rate and the subsequent immigration to 1st world countries there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for us not to have more children.

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