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The Nine Nations of North America


Suppose for a moment that the American Empire succumbs to its own internal dysfunctions and really does collapse in the future.

What would the political geography of North America look like after Washington loses control over its provinces? In the Nine Nations of North America, Joel Garreau attempts to answer that question.

There is nothing really far fetched about this scenario. The Roman Empire eventually collapsed under its own weight. The Soviet Union and British Empire also failed to endure.

It took hundreds of years for the rotten imperial edifice to give way, but centralized authority was eventually lost over the Roman provinces, which in time splintered and evolved into the nations of modern Europe.

In much the same way, the homogenizing American corporate culture (i.e., Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore, Kim Kardashian etc.) that reaches into every American household through the internet, television, radio, movies and magazines might similarly fade away in a terminal national emergency.

Can you relate to Snooki? I can’t.

Roman citizens from Scotland to Anatolia shared the same imperial culture for centuries. They also spoke the same language. A thousand years later, Europe was a very different place to any observer.

Look at this way: no one cares about Fred Durst, Pauly Shore, or Christina Aguilera anymore. Pop culture is a cheap substitute for real culture. Like minstrel shows or bebop, the cultural fads of today will be forgotten tomorrow and replaced by novelties more amenable to our descendants.

Nations are built on an ethnic and cultural bedrock. They have geographic borders. Most have an economic foundation. Japan made sense as a nation. Yugoslavia did not.

Similarly, the United States and Canada are imperial states ruled by a political class in Washington and Ottawa. These federal regimes with their artificial borders rule over several new emerging sub-nations.

So what will North America look like a thousand years from now?


If the United States were to collapse, it is reasonable to assume that a Southern nation with Atlanta as the capital would emerge from the ruins. Dixie is a pretty obvious successor state.

Dixie would include all of present day North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas. The border cuts through eleven other border states.

North Florida, Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Southern Delaware, Virginia without NOVA, Southern West Virginia, Kentucky without Covington, Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois, Southeast Missouri, Southeast Oklahoma, and East Texas from Dallas through Houston to Galveston would be subsumed within Dixie’s borders.

That sounds about right.

Neither NOVA or South Florida are Southern in any true sense of the word. Likewise, the Mexican areas of Texas are properly included in Aztlan.

I have no experience with Oklahoma, Missouri, Indiana, or Illinois, but I have always heard that parts of these states were settled by Southerners whereas Yankees and European immigrants colonized other areas.

Greater Cuba

The Cuban bourgeoisie have transformed South Florida into an extension of the Caribbean. Miami is indisputably a Latin American city.

Since this book was published in 1981, the border between Dixie and South Florida has crept northward into the Tampa/Orlando metropolitan area.

I’ve been told you cross the border between Dixie and South Florida somewhere in Central Florida between Gainesville and Tampa now. I have little experience with that area.

The Beltway/Yuppieland

The Beltway is a world unto itself.

When I was in Virginia, I noticed the economy seemed to be booming in the Washington metropolitan area. No wonder the rest of America hates that place.

This inability to effectively tackle any domestic problem contains the seeds of Washington’s eventual downfall.


Dixie borders Aztlan in Texas.

The Aztlan border stretches across Texas from Houston to the Rocky Mountains in a roughly straight line. It swoops up from there through Eastern New Mexico to include Southwest Colorado and cuts down to include Southern Arizona.

In California, Aztlan includes the coastline from Los Angeles to Tijuana, Southern California, and the Central Valley, minus the Pacific Coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

There are already efforts underway to create Baja Arizona and rename New Mexico as Nuevo Mexico.


Americans already have a pejorative name for this place: the Left Coast.

Ecotopia is the string of leftwing, heavily Democratic SWPL coastal counties that stretches from Los Angeles to the Canadian border along the Pacific Coast and west to the Cascade Mountains.

It includes Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Juneau and the temperate coastal region of Alaska south of Anchorage. San Francisco is the spiritual capital of Ecotopia.

Greg Johnson and Counter-Currents only make sense in the cultural setting of Ecotopia. This also happens to be the major reason why it makes no sense whatsoever to describe the “Pacific Northwest” as a White homeland.

“The Pacific Northwest” isn’t a sub-nation like Dixie, Aztlan, or New England. Oregon and Washington are artificial states drawn by nineteenth century politicians.

The parts of Oregon and Washington east of the Cascades are culturally and economically part of the Interior West. Similarly, the Pacific Coast of California and Vancouver have far more in common with Seattle and Portland than Boise and Helena.

The Empty Corridor

The Empty Corridor is a vast, sparsely populated area that includes most of Western Canada and the Western United States.

In Canada, it includes all of Yukon Territory, Nunavut, and Alberta. Northern Manitoba, Northern Ontario, North and Southwest Saskatchewan, and British Columbia minus the Pacific Coast.

In the United States, it includes all of Alaska minus the temperate area south of Anchorage, Idaho, Oregon and Washington east of the Cascades, Eastern California, Nevada, Utah, Northwest Colorado, Northern Arizona, Wyoming and Montana roughly west of Cheyenne.

Most of this area is owned by the imperial regimes in Ottawa and Washington. The economy is based on mining and industry.

For some reason, Deseret isn’t counted as a sub-nation. In the event of an American collapse, the Mormons in Utah and neighboring states would certainly confederate.

The Heartland

The Heartland is a vast agricultural belt that stretches north/south across the prairie from Central Texas to Southern Manitoba and east/west from the Rocky Mountains to Western Indiana.

It includes all of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, North and Central Texas, Oklahoma minus Southeast Oklahoma, North and West Missouri, the prairie regions of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico, Illinois minus Egypt and Chicagoland, parts of Western Indiana, and Wisconsin east of Milwaukee.

The Foundry/Nation of Immigrants/America

The Foundry is the decaying industrial heartland of North America. The region sees itself as the real America or the real Canada and seeks to dominate the rest of the continent.

If Ottawa and Washington were to lose control, the Foundry (for lack of a better word) would linger on as the rump of the American nation.

It includes all of Michigan except the Upper Peninsula, the industrial cities of East Wisconsin that rim Lake Superior, Southern Ontario, Chicagoland, Northern and Eastern Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia, NOVA, Maryland minus the Eastern Shore, Northern Delaware, New Jersey, Southwest Connecticut and New York state west of Albany.

The Foundry is dominated by gritty, grimy industrial cities like Baltimore, Detroit, and Buffalo. This was the scene of “the melting pot” where all the nations of Europe supposedly blended together into the American man.

New York City

New York City, which is defined here as Manhattan, is an aberration like Hawaii or Washington, DC that doesn’t neatly fit into the surrounding region. In the event of an American collapse, it would probably become a city-state like Venice.

Greater New England

Greater New England is the home of the Yankee nation. As everyone knows, the capital of New England is Boston.

New England includes Eastern Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, parts of Eastern New York state and the Canadian Atlantic provinces of Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward’s Island.


Quebec will undoubtedly emerge as the first sub-nation in North America to blossom to full nationhood.


Hawaii is an Asian nation dominated by the Japanese which already has an indigenous secessionist movement.


Does this make any sense to you?

Have you ever crossed any of these borders and gotten the existential sense of being in a foreign country? Maybe you were born in one of these North American regions but now live in another.

Personally, I think Montreal (Quebec), Atlanta (Dixie), Miami (Greater Cuba), Los Angeles (Aztlan), San Francisco (Ecotopia), Boston (New England), Kansas City (Heartland), Denver (Empty Corridor) and Detroit (Real America) make a lot more sense as national capitals than Washington and Ottawa.

We ought to abolish dysfunctional states like California, Illinois, and Colorado which no longer make any sense in the 21st century. That would be a good start.

In the long term, we ought to abolish the United States and Canada altogether and replace them with nation-states that work. The federal government can’t function properly when Dixie and Heartland are pulling in one direction, a conservative direction, and Ecotopia and New England pulling in another, a progressive one.

Real America is suffering from massive industrial decline and chronic unemployment because of its disagreements with Dixie and Heartland over trade policy. Similarly, Dixie and Aztlan are being overrun by Hispanics because Ecotopia and New England have struck an alliance with Mexico and Greater Cuba to gain political advantage within the Union.

Canada is even more dysfunctional than the United States with its impoverished Maritimes, Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta all pulling at the sinews in different directions. Calgary has far more in common with Denver than Montreal and Toronto.

How long can a theory as silly as multiculturalism hold either of these continental empires together? Probably not long.

The triumph of multiculturalism itself, first in Canada to appease Quebec, now in America to appease Hispanics in Aztlan, is proof that North America is evolving toward a new cultural and political configuration.

By 2042, the squabble between the American sub-nations will be ripping apart the United States, as the declining White majority refuses to cede power to the rising Hispanic majority.

The time is coming when Americans will again reconsider their loyalties to a dysfunctional federal government in Washington and the wisdom of its archaic nineteenth century borders.

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  1. No, I have believed that for years, and have said so many times on this website in the past. It is reflected in where I have chosen to live.

    I have always believed that blacks are easier to deal with than SWPLs. Sure, they exist here, as they have always existed here, but they are aliens in some real fundamental way, and I am accustomed to their presence, which means they don’t really inspire any type of visceral negative reaction on my part.

    OTOH, I have absolutely no patience for SWPLs, people who hate their own race and who shower their affection upon aliens in order to make some kind of social status statement.

    I can’t stand being in their presence.

  2. I’d like to know, other than blathering to each other here, what the h e double l any of you are doing? Are you doing ANYTHING to raise white racial consciousness?
    If the 80% of white’s who aren’t congenital liberals can be awakened in 5-10 years, then a lot more can be done than can now.
    Awakening whites is doable. Do it.

  3. American white nationalist I know don’t obsess about “uniting” with every other white tribe in the world.
    If anyone says white Americans can’t unite, then how the h e doble l do you think recenlty arrived white ethnic groups united with old stock Anglos to win WWII?
    And if white nations can’t unite on some occasions based on something as significant as race, then how do you think the U.S. Britain, Austrailia, France, fighting refugees from the occupied countries of Europe and Russia managed to unite over anything?
    The city states of Greece fought like cats and dogs, but when the Persians showed up they banded together. It dosen’t take much to demonstrate that we are now facing a “Persian” sized threat.
    An engineer in our office had a favoite remark, “It’s time to do something even if it’s wrong.”
    If anyone wants to do something, my snail mail is
    Phil White
    2012 Gardenview Rd.
    Sebring Fl 33870
    I’ll provide you free propaganda material that works.
    Intellectuals! They will be the death of us.

  4. One thousand years into the future, surely the most likely scenario is that Dixieland will be an uninhabited desert and most of the North Americans will live in what is current-day Alaska, the Canadian archipelago, and around Hudson Bay.

  5. Hunter, why do you feel Atlanta, GA would be the capitol of Dixie? It seems to be very much part of BRA and has been under black-control for a couple of generations now.

    Not slamming the idea, because I have no dog in this fight, but I did spend a year living in Sumter, SC when I was much younger. I love history, so I went to Fort Sumter and visited Charleston, SC, and other sites. It just seems to me that SC led the rest of the South into forming the Confederacy and was secession-bound even when they had a sympathizer like Andrew Jackson in office.

    Could you give me and other folks who are not from the Southern region some more historical background on this? Was a Confederate capitol ever even decided on?


  6. Atlanta is the trend setter.

    The qualities that define the South under Black Run America – everything from architecture to economics to race relations – find their most extreme expression in Atlanta.

    Southerners hate Atlanta because they project negative feelings upon what is happening in their own communities on the metropolis.

  7. The southern capital ought to be Montgomery again, imo as it was for the first four months to half year of the Confederacy, already has a nice original capital building just waiting for a government to move back into. Virginia shouldn’t be given over to the northeast even if it is in close proximity, too much southern history and pride in it, take it n build a wall dammit.

    On the ten million blacks, things were fine before segregation ended, reinstitute it and they will eventually emmigrate or acquiesce. Screw giving over any of Texas to the hombres, and Oklahoma would probably wanna go southern side also…the hell with giving any of florida to the drug cartel that is Cuba, send them back on the boats they snuck in on 😉

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