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White Pride World Wide, but nowhere in particular


Ferdinand Bardamu has written an incendiary article about White Nationalism that briefly touches upon some of the subjects that I have dwelled upon for months now.

I won’t endorse the “slam poetry” here. It is my intention to stir up a hornet’s nest in the comments. Those who are looking for a fight can join the one already in progress at In Mala Fide.

Instead, I will respond with my take on the major arguments presented in this essay:

(1) White people are their own worst enemy.

I can’t argue with that one.

My worst enemies are White people. In fact, virtually all of them are involved in some significant way with the White Nationalist movement.  No one but White Nationalists have ever tried to cause me harm in the real world.

Ferdinand Bardamu is onto something here.

It was White people who planted slavery in America. After Sherman burned Atlanta to the ground, it was corrupt White politicians who put the 14th and 15th Amendments in the U.S. Constitution.

As far back as the 1850s, greedy White businessmen were conspiring to import a cheap labor supply from China. The same people are today the strongest supporters of “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Whites allowed Jews to hijack their cultural institutions. In fact, many White elites identified with the Jews, embraced the counterculture, and turned against their own people.

If I went and turned on my satellite dish, I could find at this very moment White women who make their living defiling their bodies for money in the interracial porn industry.

If you had asked Americans in the Early Republic who was their worst enemy, virtually all of them would have said Britain or France.

The Confederates believed the Yankees were their worst enemy. Even within the South, there were many Southerners who thought the Confederacy was their worst enemy.

Later generations of Americans were convinced that the Germans and then the Russians were their worst enemy. Today, there are millions of White Americans who believe that White Nationalists are their worst enemy.

If you had asked White Nationalists a few years ago who was their worst enemy, many would have said George W. Bush, and before that Bill Clinton. They would have at least run a close second behind the Jews.

When you ask White Nationalists this question, hilarity ensues: the worst enemy of Will Williams is Harold Covington, the worst enemy of Alex Linder is Jared Taylor, the worst enemy of Martin Lindstedt is Glenn Miller, the worst enemy of Mark Weber is Willis Carto, and so on.

I’m sure the worst enemy of Pepsi is Coke.

Let’s grant there is a lot of truth in this observation.

(2) Whites are divided.

This too is obvious.

You could make a really strong argument that the expansion of racial equality in America has been historically driven by infighting between Whites.

This has only happened on four occasions: the Revolution when Americans fought the British, the Civil War when Southerners fought Yankees, the Second World War when Americans fought Germans, and the Cold War when Americans fought the Soviets.

There were also periods in between these wars and conflicts when racial equality waned: the Antebellum era that followed the Revolution and the Jim Crow era that followed Reconstruction. I’m sure there are European parallels.

White Nationalism is more of an ideal than anything else. In reality, White people have always been at odds with each other. The ideal of racial solidarity was a constructive way of redirecting our innate aggressiveness toward outsiders.

(3) The Jews are not the cause of all our woes.

This is also true.

The Jews have done us a lot of damage, but they could have never pulled it off without the indispensable alliance they struck with the White elites who sold out their own people.

At the same time, blaming the Jews for our misfortunes and projecting negative energy upon blacks and Hispanics has the effect of channeling some of the negative energy in the White Nationalist community away from vicious infighting.

(4) White Nationalism is multiculturalism for White people.

There are similarities.

Blacks have built an identity around being victimized. The same is true of White Nationalists.

Blacks blame outsiders for their misfortunes. The same is true of White Nationalists who blame the Jews for the failure of White people to respond to their call to action.

If there is a real difference here, it is that White Nationalist grievances (many of which are justified) are not validated in our society. The American elite has no interest in addressing these concerns in the way that they do with other minorities.

This only fuels paranoia and conspiracy theories. It throws gasoline on the fire.

A Step Beyond

If we were to take a step beyond this critique of White Nationalism, we would ask the following question: can “whiteness” alone ever move a people into action?

My answer is no.

Just who are White people? Where is the White ethnostate? Why is a myth needed to shore up this identity? Can White Nationalists stop fighting with each other for five seconds? Can White Nationalists agree on anything?

In an emergency situation, such as the total collapse of the system which the vanguard always talks about, could you rely upon White Nationalists?

I mean could you really depend upon these people on the basis of ideology? Would you bet your life on it? Do you think people will die for a nation they can’t sing about?

Common Thread

There is a common thread running through all of the above: “whiteness” alone is a pretty weak source of identity.

“White people” are not a nation. “Whitemanistan” is not a state. If you ask White Nationalists to describe their nation-state, they can’t even tell you its name and location. Every White Nationalist group has its own flag and opinion on that subject.

The myths have to be created from scratch. They are still on the drawing board because there is no real substance to this identity. Just the scaffolding.

There is just a generic abstract model, a fantasy world, created by a few obscure intellectuals that appeals to various types of alienated people on the internet – Walmart cornflakes.

Most of these people have little else in common. They are not related by blood or culture. They don’t share a common history. The only thing that White Nationalists really share are grievances and abstractions.

That is probably why they spend most of their time fighting with each other. They don’t have what it takes to get this idea off the ground. That requires something more than being pissed off about the Jews.*

White Nationalism is just an ideology created by intellectuals who are satisfied with a nation that exists only in their own minds. People like that are perfectly comfortable living in a world of ideas. Their heads were already in the clouds.

Such a world has no appeal to anyone else though. No one is going to sacrifice themselves for something which is not perceived as real and immediate. They have to feel it in their bones.

The “freedom” that the American colonists fought the Revolution over wasn’t the abstract “freedom” and “tolerance” of Enlightenment philosophers (just ask the loyalists).

Even those who would sacrifice themselves for this rough sketch of an ideal (think of The Order) will break under pressure and turn against each other. The gaping hole in White Nationalism is the “nation” which is believed to need its own state.

Until something more substantial can be found to fill that vacuum (now you see where I am going), White Nationalism will never go anywhere. As a proposition nation, it will remain thin soup.

*As proof of this, notice how the people who are most pissed off about Jews usually hate each other too. In many cases, they believe their online enemies secretly work for Jews like Cass Sunstein.

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  1. Good article Hunter. Being from Australia perhaps i could give you an insight from an outsiders perspective. “White Nationalism” to me, is joke. We have White Nationalists in Australia, and we have much the same problems with them as you do with Harold Covington…. For some reason, the “Movement” attracts the marginalised, the dispossessed, the “underclass” and the worst types of “Whites”. By the way, what is “White”. I hate the word. I think the best thing you could ever do Hunter is drop the “White Nationalist” label. Americans are the only ones that call themselves that. In Australia, we are Australian Nationalists. In Britain, they have British Nationalists. America – White Nationalists. This is how ridiculous White Nationalist ideology is…. i remember reading a National Alliance news story about Poles moving to Britain by the millions… and he said “This is the sort of Immigration we do support!”‘. What a joke! The Europeans and nor us Australians can understand this logic….
    I reckon the right word to use is Euro-American. Euro-American patriot. Thats my advice. I dont think anything good will ever come out of White Nationalism… except the PLE idea, but even that is only attracting the underclass. We need more middle class, normal, educated people who are sensible, balanced and, well… sane. You wont find a whole lot of this in the White Nationalist movement.

  2. Lots of truths told there.. hopefully it provides food for thought for introspection and ideas for resolving those problems.

    I belong to a community and we have a process whereby we resolve our disagreements, always honourably face to face, never behind each otehrs back, and always until the issue is fully resolved. We have had many disagreements, huge fights, but we made a commitment when joining the community, that we resolve our disagreements honourably to each others faces, and we sit in that disagreement, face to face until it is solved. We don’t run with our tail between our legs to go and gossip about so and so. Its tough sometimes acting honourably, but a strange thing happens, the more you act honourably, inlcuding to those you perceive even in the interim as your enemies.. and the more you sit through problems and resolve htem.. then you start to see these people whom you battled through a verbal fistfight with, in a new light.. you learn to trust each other. You learn that no matter how pissed off they may be about something you said or did; they will come to you, and tell you to your face, and you make a time to resolve it. It builds SINCERE TRUST, LOYALTY, and FRIENDSHIP.

    Its a tough process, but it can work for any type of group, cause the process doesn’t use ideology. But its not for sissies; you need serious cohones! 😉

  3. Well, I was unimpressed by FBs article. Whites are the own worst enemy and cultural differences among Whites make WNism difficult or impossible. Wow, penetrating. Intelligent WNists have been making those points for years.

    Although I might be mistaken because I don’t read his blog, FB seems to be responding to the RAHOWA Sieg Heil 88 faction of WNism who speak of little but “niggers” and the “Joos.”

  4. FB’s article was clearly inspired by the need to distance himself from White Nationalism in order to impress some of his supporters who were complaining about racialist commentators. It was “slam poetry.”

    In spite of this, there were grains of truth in the article, which I thought needed some elaboration. I don’t see how anyone can deny that White people are their own worst enemy. You see that on a daily basis in the White Nationalist movement.

    I could write a master’s thesis on the subject. Where to start?

    In the American Revolution, the British did everything they could to arm the slaves and incite the Indians on the frontier against the American colonists. France and Britain spent a century trying to undermine the United States.

    The steaming pile of shit in the U.S. Constitution called the 14th Amendment was directly caused by the antagonism between Yankees and Southerners.

  5. No one is going to sacrifice themselves for something which is not perceived as real and immediate. They have to feel it in their bones.

    I would go further and say this must be felt in the heart.

    And many of us DO feel it, this heartfelt urgency to do something–anything! about the awful and sure desperate end game that awaits Whites as more and more minorities are flooded into our lands the world over. This is immediate. This IS real.
    To my own thinking this is really the nucleus of what must bind us now: the recognition that ‘White’ IS now ‘a people’ of sorts, a quickly dwindling-in-numbers people who are leaving a rather nasty legacy for our own kind to deal with when THEY become the minority in all of our lands in the not too distant future.

    I never used to think of myself in this way, as ‘White’ in this sense. It is a new and somewhat strange way to operate in the world, but I am finding I feel a new love and concern , a patience even, for my sleeping fellows who are really so good in so many ways, but whose goodness has been betrayed, both by certain fellow Whites…..and ‘others’. ….. (we will save that for another day, but suffice to say i think you have under emphasized the Jewish problem somewhat here, even though I agree Whites have allowed it to fester and grow).

    I am in no way minimizing the legitimate listed gripes. I just think we no longer have a choice really. We must continue to try and build each other up and teach each other the truth of what is/has happened, and what inaction will mean for our (White) future. There are a good few bloggers in the ‘WN’ blogosphere doing exactly that right now, and I know it is having an impact. Is it enough? Well, only if we all pitch in and DO something with what we know I guess.

    what is “White”. I hate the word.

    Hmmm, a ‘White’ man who “hates” the word White?
    Bit strange that…….

  6. Hunter,

    I 100% support your move to get out of the dysfunctional, back stabbing, 24/7 WN ghetto and leave the Vanguard world to live a successful, real life in the real world.

    That said, we do have lots of individuals who just can’t stand mainstream America, mainstream American politics, they can’t stand mainstream American popular culture and they want to be part of a counter culture. Call these folks “Vanguardists” or whatever, but there are large numbers of these people and someone should come up with some suggestions for things for these people to do.

    Now, it’s unrealistic to think that we will come up with some group, individual activity for these Vanguard types that will change the course of history, save the White race etc – instead we should have much more modest goals like:

    1) Bringing about fun activities that Vanguard types will actually go out and do
    2) Have these activities actually promote the 14 words in some way, move forward, not backward.

    I’ve got some ideas, which I think many O.D. readers will enjoy. Could I make a post on this subject on O.D.?

    Thanks Hunter – best of luck on finding success in the real world.

  7. The REASONS why Whites do not identify as White, are essentially twofold:

    Conditions in North America and Western Europe aren’t bad enough yet, for Whites to identify AS White. We know times are tough, but not enough Whites have yet seen, as in direct personal experience, exactly what happens when Whites are dispossessed (and slaughtered off) by non-Whites.

    Whites, due to atomism, and a pre-occupation with individuality, still believe “We are all alike underneath”. Hard, bitter experience is the ONLY thing that will purge this delusion.

    2) There is still boundless social incentive for Whits to NOT identify a White. Intelligent, competitive, ambitious, but not terribly well-educated “mainstream” Whites are NOT aware of their peril – and have no reason what-so-ever to care about the Fate of their Race. A lot of what happens with Whites comes down to Hubris. WN’s always provide all kinds of Fun Facts about White Genocide. I’ve discovered that the ONLY fact, that makes a genuine, immediate dent, through clueless and cheerfully feckless White skulls, is the one aobut the global population drop, of Whites, in the past 100 years. They usually don’t believe this; I always tell every-one I know to “check it out for yourself. Don’t take my word for it…”. Still – after the initial shock, the reaction I get is, “Well – wht can ya do”.

    So what can ya do?

    And to answer “Nicholas Cole” – of course the “movement attracts the marginalized, and dispossessed. Ths types are the type that tend to be most affected by the grotesque, White hating policies of the Blood Traitor Elite. FYI – we can call ourselves whatever we want. Those European terms are simply cowardly avoidance OF referring to historical Whiteness.

  8. We just have to wait it out…stay alive, stay out of any Gulags, and wait…

    All I remember about Bardamu, is an article of his, detailing how he’d love to bump up against that heifer loud screeching ghetto Negress Jennifer Hudson, whilst trashing “fat” White women. So – Bardamu is not the most credible oracle on the Web, is he?

  9. Whites have historically fought other Whites, cause that’s who they were dealing with. No one else was any kind of a real threat. Hunter – I’m glad the blog is back. You wrote a BRILLIANT article on the founding of Virginia, some months ago, detailing how it took White Colonists almost 20 years, to appreciate that the Injuns were NEVER going to behave AS Whites, and to begin a serious program of Injun removal. We are now in a similar situation, on a global scale – and most Whites are utterly oblivious.

  10. Jack,

    I’ve lost interest in quarreling with the vanguard. It is better to leave them alone. They can do their own thing. Enough has been said about that subject.

    This thread serves as a point of departure. It was not intended to revisit old feuds or rehearse the argument for mainstreaming White Nationalism.

  11. Hunter Wallace says:
    April 6, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    I’ve lost interest in quarreling with the vanguard. It is better to leave them alone. They can do their own thing. Enough has been said about that subject.

    This thread serves as a point of departure. It was not intended to revisit old feuds or rehearse the argument for mainstreaming White Nationalism.”

    JR Responds:

    Understand. And once you have broken free of this 24/7 drop out, American WN Vanguard cult, you really don’t want to go back.

    My interest in writing some some activity suggestions for Vanguard types, wasn’t meant as an offer to re-fight old flame wars, instead it was meant as a humorous article on some
    fun activities for certain types to do. These might include activities like dressing up like ugly, hairy, racially alien Muslims and causing a back lash, instead of dressing up like Nazis and causing the backlash. Another activity is doing some of the actions that Jews to do us to cause trouble, disguise who they are and what they are doing. One suggestion is for Vanguard types to actually legally change their names to Jewish sounding names like “Joshua Goldberg” and proceed to lead efforts to ban the public display of Christmas in Southern towns, or else to stage extremely anti Islamic plays like “Mohammed was gay” and cause a huge, international Muslim backlash against obnoxious Jews everywhere – that kind of thing.

    I still think some Vanguard types are capable of getting out and having some fun, causing trouble in ways that work for us instead of against us.

  12. As anyone who studies evolutionary psychology can tell you the very valid but missapropriated point you made have everything to do with ingroup fighting on a tribal level. I guess we need to discuss the battles of the 12 tribes amongth there own, the Comanchee and the Siouxe, The Aztecs and the Mayans, Mau and Shanghi Shek? You make no point here other than we have like every other out group fought our own ingroup..
    White Nations, exist they have existed and we are known as Western man that is the definition of white. White nations can be seen in Iran translated as Land of the aryans, today it is fallen to amalgamation and thousands of years of lost history.
    Your attempt to steer white nationalism from a generation of educated and professional explicitly white men and woman is a joke, men like Kyle Bristow prove your errors.
    You can say what you will about enemies yes white people who associate with white people will have issues with a white person, my god Mormons have issues with The reformed church of jesus christ, and the jews have problems with Finkelstien, lol.
    White Nationalism is growing leaps and bounds every day more and more young men and woman being steered by men like myself in the right direction.
    Do we expect white nationalism to be strong in a few short years? The answer is no.
    A generation is now growing from coast to coast from many groups all explictly white they are refusing to align themselves with the weakest generation and are being directed by the white boomers and gen xers like myself who have made a commitment to white nationalism in the Americas, Canada and South America..

  13. “White people are their own worst enemy”

    The previous post “Lynch Mob” says different.

    Simple question: Would things be different if incidents like that were reported fully and consistently in the mass media? I think the answer to that question is obviously yes. If everyday the truth was being reported they wouldn’t be able to guilt-trip those White people who are susceptible to gult-tripping, which is most of them, because no matter what they said to try and stop it the balance of sympathy would shift to the victims of black crime because of the sheer weight and nastiness of black crime.

    So why isn’t it reported? Not only why isn’t it reported but why at the same time does the education system and media put so much effort into trying to make White people feel bad over their racial sins, even going so far as to make some up when there aren’t enough real ones to hand?

    White people have a bug, (or a feature depending on your point of view), and that bug is being exploited by Jews through their capture of the media and education system. So yes the underlying problem is a lot of White people having a sympathy dial in their head which can be exploited but the proximate cause of our genocide problem is Jews manipulating that dial to an anti-white setting by filtering the world people see from the world as it really is.

    They don’t have to manipulate that dial so it leads to our genocide. From tomorrow they could cut media censorship and start letting out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and everything would change. They choose not to because they want our genocide.

    However knowing that Jews are the primary cause doesn’t neccessarily help because there’s the same problem with criticizing Jews as Blacks. All those holocaust movies have set most White people’s sympathy dials for Jews to the maximim positive setting so if a WN starts talking about Jews to someone conditioned like that their reaction is basically “Don’t you think those poor people have suffered enough! How could you be so mean!!”

    The problem with WN is a direct result of the nature of the problem. The bulk of White people are susceptible to a particular form of guilt-based conditioning. The ones who are least susceptible to it are by definition different and that difference leads them to choose tactics that would work on people like themselves – but people like themselves aren’t the problem. The problem is how to reach the people who aren’t like them.

    I think the lack of success – because of wrong tactics – causes the bulk of the bitterness and frustration inside WN circles. People involved in something that works where they can see (some) progress are much more positive e.g BUGS or PLE or something.

  14. @Lew

    I saw a comment from you, from where i can’t recall, about having problems when using the word “anti-white” with White people. What i do is

    Anti-white: I’m white so how can i be anti-white?
    WhiteRabbit#34782: You’re anti-white because you’re obsessed with proving you’re not “racist”. The multicultists scream and shout about white racism (and only white racism) all day every day so White people like you become anti-white to prove you’re not.

    (You can then segue into official anti-white discrimiantion.)

    WhiteRabbit#34782: It’s like “affirmative action.” Companies know the government will take them to court if they have too many White workers but couldn’t care less if they have too few so if their local quota of nonwhite was 20% they hire 25% just to be on the safe side. Like you, those companies become anti-white through over-compensating.

  15. Denise says: “And to answer “Nicholas Cole” – of course the “movement attracts the marginalized, and dispossessed. Ths types are the type that tend to be most affected by the grotesque, White hating policies of the Blood Traitor Elite. FYI – we can call ourselves whatever we want. Those European terms are simply cowardly avoidance OF referring to historical Whiteness.”

    The point is Denise, what is “Whiteness”, its an artificially constructed term for an artificially constructed ‘percieved’ racial group. Ask a European what his heritage is and he will say a Scotsman, or a Frenchman, or a Russian, etc. There is no “White” identity. Only what some second rate American intellectuals like Duke try and create.

    Euro-American isnt for people to soft to use the word white, its for those who recognise the word white is meaningless, and brings the glory of our race down to the most basest level – skin colour. We are about so much more than the colour of our skin.

    I dont think the survival of European Americans will ever be secured until they come to terms with these things; this identity crisis.

  16. Dan,

    What is the name of the White ethnostate? Where does it exist? Who lives there? Thanks.

    I suspect your answers are dunno, not really sure, and White people in that order. Which is exactly my point.

    What you have here is an abstraction, a proposition nation, that appeals only to intellectuals and alienated people. It is too thin to appeal to anyone else.

    Like I said above, White Nationalists share grievances and abstractions, and that is about it. They are too heterogeneous to do anything to advance their goals.

  17. “White Nationalist” is the wrong phrase to use when trying to describe a group of European Americans. In my opinion, it would be better to use the ethnic description of those European Americans. Ethnicity includes race, language, legal system, literature, clothing, architecture, etc. The people in the USA who would be described as “White Nationalists” are mostly Celtic and Germanic Americans who ancestors came from Western Europe(England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Germany, Scandanavia, Austria, N. Italy. ) Why not just use the proper ethnic description? Everyone else uses their ethnic identity to describe themselves and their groups(NAACP, LaRaza, LULAC, World Jewish Congress, B’nai B’rith). The Celtic and Germanic peoples should create ethnic organizations, including civil rights organizations, to help their own cause.

  18. @Wandrin

    I made that comment on TOO; thanks for the follow up.

    But, regarding the utility of race as a basis for nationalism, I will say this. I agree that the vast number of White cultural differences present a very formidable challenge to unifying White people. In fact, I’d say the notion that myriad cultural differences make building a Euro nationalist movement around race difficult or impossible is one of strongest objections to White Nationalism as a concept there is. The historical record makes it clear that White people don’t like each other very much. The WN Internet scene is a microcosm of this trend.

    Convincing Whites to put aside differences and work together against a common threat has not shown itself to be easy even with survival at issue.

  19. If you want to save The West then just do something to keep the 5+ billion people of Asiatic descent from flooding in to Western lands. A certain number of Asians are fine and add economic vitality to some Western nations, but severely overcrowded Asian countries like China, Korea, Japan, etc look greedily upon all the uninhabited territories in North America – plus the vast amount of natural resources like unpolluted freshwater, fertile land, coal, etc – and hope to take them over eventually via racial infiltration into Western lands.

  20. Nicholas Cole: “I think the best thing you could ever do Hunter is drop the “White Nationalist” label. Americans are the only ones that call themselves that. In Australia, we are Australian Nationalists. In Britain, they have British Nationalists. America – White Nationalists.”

    This is because many American White Nationalists are actually White Internationalists who look to the work of F. P. Yockey (see link below) in seeking to establish a worldwide ‘White Imperium,’ or White International, a ‘White United Nations’ if you will (which is already partly in existence through NATO, actually); see –

  21. @Lew
    “But, regarding the utility of race as a basis for nationalism, I will say this. I agree that the vast number of White cultural differences present a very formidable challenge to unifying White people.”

    Sure, “White” isn’t a nation and even if it was Aryan is a much better word for it.

    Tribes are about common descent and common bloodlines. White people as a group split off a very long time ago and then gradually split into separate geographical nations and once settled in separate geographical regions started to breed within those boundaries and diverge strongly as nations and even then there’s still very strong regional differences. A Frenchman and a German isn’t close enough to form a nation together (unless they have separate cantons like in Switzerland). The Flemish and Walloons in Belgium want to split. The Czechs and Slovaks did split etc.

    In European terms WN could mean a kind of pan-White thing as well but i doubt it would ever get off the ground because the genetic distance is too wide. So to me, European WN is more about recognizing that if any one Euro country tried to go nationalist they would almost certainly get attacked by the transnationalist elites still in power in the other White countries. So WN in those terms is actually more about a political / military alliance of separate White tribes in the face of a common threat.

    Which comes back to America. It seems plain that there is more than one White identity in America and maybe it would be better to work with that rather than try and squeeze everyone into one box. I don’t know what the groups would be but the idea would be similar to Europe where people form up first on what they see as their primary identity and the label they feel most comfortable with and then federate at the continental level in the same way Euros would if / when the nationalist parties there really start to get off the ground.

    Six people who agree get a lot more done than twelve who spend their whole time arguing. I think the same principle applies here.

  22. “There is no “White” identity.”

    Another way of looking at it i guess would be that White Americans used to be just Americans. So maybe the problem is more to do with having an identity and losing it and in the process of scrabbling round for a new one all the old submerged differences are coming out. Maybe American WNs should just go back to calling themselves Americans and hyphenate everyone else.


    Numbers of Children of Whites Falling Fast

    WASHINGTON — America’s population of white children, a majority now, will be in the minority during this decade, sooner than previously expected, according to a new report.

    The Census Bureau had originally forecast that 2023 would be the tipping point for the minority population under the age of 18. But rapid growth among Latinos, Asians and people of more than one race has pushed it earlier, to 2019, according to William Frey, the senior demographer at the Brookings Institution who wrote the report about the shift, which has far-reaching political and policy implications.

    Is this “real” enough?
    Is this “immediate” enough?

    (and Denise, it is nice to see your comments here again)

  24. Well we certainly can disagree on Grand Strategies, but what we should be in accord on is getting more average whites at least more attuned to the demographic problems.
    Posting on the web, other than to motivate our fellow WN’s is not the way.
    The most time /cost effective thing I’ve found
    (I realize most of you aren’t retired and consequently immune to economic pressure as myself) is to have magnetic signs on your car. This can have a short simple pro-white message stating and obvious fact and a pro-white web address.
    You may out of caution only want to have these signs on your car when out of town, or at least not in your company parking lot, but you can certainly display them on vacation.
    The last trip out of town a pick up truck I’d passed caught up with me on my right, slowed down for a bit, then dropped back again. Certainly they were re-reading my “Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, white children’s countries for everyone” sign.
    Hopefully they got themselves more educated when they got home on the internet. 🙂

  25. Nicholas Cole wrote:

    “Whiteness”, its an artificially constructed….. ”

    So where have we heard that phrase before. 🙂


    “…second rate American intellectuals like Duke…”

    So what kind of people really really hate Duke. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. Phil, that was going to be the next sliver of Cole’s comments I wanted to highlight.

    Glad I wasn’t the only who noticed how ‘interesting’ they were…

    I guess the best place for some to hide really is in plain sight 😉

  27. @phil white
    “Posting on the web, other than to motivate our fellow WN’s is not the way.
    The most time /cost effective thing I’ve found…”

    WN sites should be mostly about information that can be used and ideas on tactics etc. Your suggestion is a good one.

  28. Are you on your meds or something? You are making far too much good sense these days. This is the quality of writing that got me interested in Odessa Syndicate in the first place.

    If you want North American white nationalism, the basis on which to do it is something like the Nine Nations. Dixie and New England are not the same people. Deseret and Seattle are not the same people. Local politics, local communities, local concerns – that is how to build a societal fabric that can actually support a nation. The problem is that most WNs can’t imagine such a thing because they have never seen anything other than the Union – the Empire.

    ““White people” are not a nation. “Whitemanistan” is not a state. ”

    That’s what I’ve been saying everywhere this comes up.

    But, I have roots in Europe. I have seen cemeteries with my ancestors going back centuries, and walked in countrysides where nearly everyone was a distant cousin of my grandparents’. I have seen firsthand what actual national feeling is like. Something similar is what is needed to create a true nationalism in North America – but people are too atomized, too deracinated, too mobile. It won’t happen _until_ the massive flow of money and goods and people accompanying the modern economy slows down at least a little.

  29. In regards to Duke, i dislike him because i think he’s, well, an idiot. A former Ku Klux Klansman trying to be a moderate now? Anyone who denies the importance of IMAGE when presenting our case to our folk is delusional… Duke does more harm than good. We need more Jared Taylor’s, more Richard Spencer’s, more Kevin DeAnna’s, and less charlatans like Duke.
    The problem with American White Nationalism is its frequent association with people of dubious pasts and shifty characters.
    Until and unless such time as American White Nationalists clean up their act, polish their image, and lose all the rough-edges (learn from the BNP and the FN guys), i think the “Movement” will be stuck in the outer gallexy’s, light years from the centre’s of power, and light years from any meaningful contribution to the saving our race.

  30. Thanks for the reps Mary and Wandrin. I’d already marked Mary down as someone I liked. 🙂

  31. “In regards to Duke, i dislike him because i think he’s, well, an idiot. A former Ku Klux Klansman trying to be a moderate now?”

    Moderate for where? Duke won elections in Louisiana.

    “Until and unless such time as American White Nationalists clean up their act, polish their image, and lose all the rough-edges (learn from the BNP and the FN guys)”

    This is a neccessary step for overt or electoral politics but it’s only one step. You can still be knocked sideways by infiltrators, state lawfare, demoralization after poor expectations management or a dozen other things. No matter how cleaned-up you try to be one infiltrator in an SS uniform can trash your image overnight.

    Preparing the ground, or meta politics, is more critical i think because it works despite what the anti-whites throw at you. They knock one thing down and something else immediately sprouts up.

  32. Andrea,
    Your comment was very interesting:

    “Andrea Muhrrteyn April 6, 2011 at 1:32 pm wrote
    … I belong to a community and we have a process whereby we resolve our disagreements, always honourably face to face, never behind each otehrs back, and always until the issue is fully resolved. We have had many disagreements, huge fights, but we made a commitment when joining the community, that we resolve our disagreements honourably to each others faces, and we sit in that disagreement, face to face until it is solved.”

    I was going to comment on this, but then when I read the site attached to your name, I decided not to, because the site is so serious and heavy. Yet, after a while I decided to comment anyway, though it is distant.
    I have come to conclude that the points of political differences between people are often superficial. However, on digging into them, the superficial is actually points in large land masses of difference, and that is where the real differences are, the big differences. Unfortunately I have not been able to test this in practice with others because the vast majority of people don’t really want to sit down and dig and nail things down and spend the time, and probably repeated meetings to do so (or maybe it’s just me : ) ). Anyway, my theory is that there really are land masses of differences between the different ideas that people have. Any comments?

  33. I would like to add a comment on this subject of Whites and their Stupidity. I have attended many many groups meetings in my life from National Socialism to Odinism to NSRP to Aryan Nations and Buddy Tuckers NEWS and Robert Miles Mountain Church. From different Klans to America First Party. THE WHITEST FAMILY ORIENTED GROUP IN MY LIFE TIME WAS THE PRE 1978 MORMONS. The LDS in Salt Lake has been taken over by the NWO. I beleive the answer for Whites is forming a White Mormon Church of Jesus Christ. We need a Joseph Smith type leader now to oppose the Black Nobility and Zionism. He would have to be secret in the start and hidden so he would not end up like Ben Laden. The Raven will Return with the Oder of Cedar! WHITE MORMON POWER! oh yeah maybe White Chucky will visit alot of the White Traitors! Ha Ha Ha

  34. David Duke is a brilliant man and I ease people into everything by having them watch his videos first thing. He points out the real enemy destroying the white Christian founding fabric of the country and he does it citing all fact. One would be hard pressed to debate him which is why hardly anyone ever wants to. If we ever do succeed in winning our own seperate nation I hope he is alive and able to be the first president.

    I have a strong ethnonationalist love for the South, I feel comfortable and fit in with any conservative white people here in a way that I don’t feel anywhere else I’ve ever been. The only times I feel out of place here are going into the larger cities and that is because they have been overrun by nonwhites. Imagine my surprise when I took my family to Richmond with the intention of visiting the Museum of the Confederacy. We didn’t see ANY white people until we got to the museum and then only thirty or so, literally EVERYONE in every shop, on every sidewalk, in every car was black. My fiancee felt uncomfortable and had to snap pictures of the White House of the Confederacy discreetly because of all the blacks walking down the street that day. The amusing thing is she’s usually so liberal it almost makes me sick when we get into discussion.

  35. Making light or failure to see the damage those calling themselves Jew today can do is a fools error. It will always cost you. The day any Southern Nationalist group or any group decides to start working along side or with Jews…it will be the end of that group for it’s stated cause. Especially if that cause is traditionalist oriented. While I don’t see a Jew under every rock of a problem. They are the driving force behind many of them today. As for White Nationalism. Can’t agree with the concept. I can only defend those whites that are part of my own group. I feel little kinship with many other white groups. Why would I want to work along side Whites from the Northeast who still revel in what they did to my own people? Us Southerners tried that once in a thing called the Constitution. Didn’t work out so well for us.

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