Black Run America: Nashville Gentrification

Whites gentrify Nashville neighborhoods as Black Nashville suffers from homicide crisis


The Tennessean has added an interesting new twist to their ongoing coverage of race relations in Nashville.

White professionals are gentrifying black neighborhoods in downtown Nashville. They are moving back into areas like the 12South neighborhood, Germantown, Sylvan Heights, and Five Points in East Nashville.

We are told there is an “upside” of this process: as blighted predominantly black areas are transformed by the new White residents, they are becoming safer, more economically viable, and less polluted. The tax base is expanding and property values are increasing.

There are all sorts of new grocery stores, shops, and restaurants opening up to cater to the new residents. Neighborhoods are being renewed. Recreation areas are opening up that would not have existed otherwise.

The “downside” of gentrification: rising property values and property taxes are displacing “the established populace” of poor black people whose rundown homes are becoming unaffordable.

Young Whites are settling in some of these areas in order to avoid long commutes to work and because of their proximity to the downtown nightlife scene. Baby Boomers are retiring and no longer need their big empty houses.

The common denominator here is that the Whites who are moving into these areas aren’t looking for a good neighborhood school for their children. They have either already raised their offspring or see having kids as a lifestyle inconvenience at the present moment.

Nashville should become more attractive to White families when enough blacks have been driven out. They won’t have to worry anymore about sending their sons and daughters to a failing school with the sort of diversity that would negatively impact their education.

Self Deception

The self deception on display here would stun aliens from another planet who do not have to pay lip service to our tradition of political correctness.

In the wake of the Civil Rights Movement, Whites move out of a prosperous neighborhood in Nashville. Blacks move into the area and run it down.

Decades later, the Whites return to the same neighborhood and bring safety and prosperity back with them. The old problems of the black neighborhood begin to disappear as the poor black residents are squeezed out by higher property taxes.

The Tennessean is unable to look at a neighborhood like 12South, which is on the upswing because of White gentrification, and then look at the housing projects like J.C. Napier and Sam Levy where black homicides have reached a “crisis level,” and draw the obvious conclusion that the quality of the people living in the neighborhood is what determines its relative success or failure.

If you removed the low quality black residents from the Nashville housing projects and deposited them in Liberia, the homicide rate in the area would swiftly decline and state prisons would begin to empty out.

The same is true of the “failing schools” in Nashville. They are “failing schools” because they are composed of students from the black underclass. If Japanese or Swedish students replaced the blacks in those schools, their various problems would also disappear.

It would certainly be a worthwhile experiment in social engineering.

Racism Pledge

In related news, the Nashville YWCA will be holding an event on Thursday that will “offer an opportunity for the entire city to take a pledge to end racism.”

“Racism” is holding us back. “Diversity” makes us richer.

Racism is why black students dropout of integrated public schools. It is why black people live in poverty in rundown neighborhoods for decades that Whites are able to renew through their own initiative within a few years.

Obese black people are living in food deserts in Nashville because Whole Foods and Fresh Market are so blinded by racial prejudice that they won’t sell them nutritious food.

What have we learned today?

In Black Run America, the collective failings of blacks (racial disparities in health, education, violent crime, socioeconomic status, etc.) are explained in terms of individual moral failings on the part of Whites.

Alternative explanations which invoke the relative character and intelligence of blacks compared to other races are forbidden and can only be cited as proof that endemic White racism is responsible for the plight of Black America.

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  1. The other phenomenon that would perplex aliens from another planet is why the double standard regarding displacement? If Hispanics grow in percentage and absolute numbers in an area, and drive out local whites due to crime, noise, intimidation, mere not wanting to be around culturally different people, etc., there is never any angle in such articles saying that an “unfortunate downside” of increased “cultural vibrancy” is that local and longterm Whites residents are driven out.

    It is only when NAMs leave a place that this “unfortunate side effect” of gentrification is bemoaned.

    And of course, there is the unbelievable cognitive dissonance in such double think: Decreasing crime rates, increased commerce and economic activity, more community trust and interaction? Bad, if it involves increased numbers of Whites and lower number of NAMS. Increased crime, businesses driven away, multi-generation locals driven from their native place? Wonderful, so long as those driven away are White.

  2. What’s wrong with someone coming into an area and improving it? From this article, it seems as if a white person comes in and improves an area it’s “wrong” and “racist.” Bullshit! Further more, black people don’t live in food deserts just because they can’t buy the uber-healthy food from Whole Foods. What is there like 2 Whole Foods in the area (Green Hills, Cool Springs)? And, they are expensive as hell! A Whole Foods wouldn’t survive in the ghetto because no one could afford to buy their food, and they would probably get robbed. Those stores only do business in the nice parts of town where they can get the money. They run a business, not a charity.

  3. I’m fairly certain that “alien’s” who have mastered space travel, would wonder why there was still so much inequality based on Eurocentric ideals, instead of the whole planet working together to solve larger problem’s regardless of race, gender, etc. You’re all very stupid people.

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