Black Run America: Atlanta Metro Beating

Negro gang assault and terrorize passengers on MARTA train in Atlanta


I spent much of this afternoon trying to find a new topic to write about. My usual keywords had failed to turn up anything remotely interesting.

Having exhausted all other options, I turned to Stuff Black People Don’t Like, America’s most reliable news source on Black Run America, and discovered to my surprise that a mob of nearly 30 black teenagers had savagely beat two passengers on a MARTA train in downtown Atlanta over the weekend.

How did such a culturally significant event fly completely under my radar screen? I must have spent over 45 minutes doing Google searches for “Georgia” and “Atlanta” looking for race related stories. I search all the Southern states on a daily basis to keep track of the latest racial news.

I had forgotten that “this is a Black World”: in Black Run America, White liberal journalists ignore, spin, or cover up stories like the Knoxville Massacre that are too embarrassing to black people.

Here is “Soulja Girl” on the MARTA train terrorizing an elderly woman back in 2008:

I wonder if Corporate America uses that one in their “diversity training” sessions.

Silly me, I didn’t hear about the lynch mob on the MARTA train in Atlanta because I was searching for stories about black people, not stories about “youths” or “teens” or “juveniles,” and the racial context of this story had been completely expunged by mainstream reporters and therefore wasn’t turning up in search engine results.

The media elite had decided this WAS NOT going to be “a teachable moment” in American race relations. Down the memory hole.

Here is how one of the attackers was described by The Examiner:

“One of them, a 5 foot, 4 inch teen, between 13 and 18 years old in a pink T-shirt and brown shorts, hit one of the men in the face with a soda can.”

FOX News reports:

“ATLANTA — Authorities say a group of 20 to 25 youths boarded a public train bound for Atlanta’s airport and attacked a couple of passengers.”

CNN reported:

“Atlanta (CNN) — Police say as many as two dozen youths beat and robbed two Delta Air Lines employees on Atlanta’s public rail service Saturday night.

A Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) police report said as many as 20 to 25 juveniles attacked the two men as they rode southbound towards Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.”

Not even VNN Forum had the story: “30+ Pack of Nigger Hyenas Assault Passengers on MARTA Train.”

The gang members chanted “B.F.P.L.,” an enigmatic name, as they assaulted the Delta Airlines employees and terrorized the other passengers. They purposely locked themselves in the train with the victims so they could not escape.

“There was blood everywhere, people were hollering and screaming,” a witness told Channel 2 Action News. “We were intimidated. People were terrified. People were trying to run. But there was nowhere to run.”

The CofCC has shed more light on this story: “B.F.P.L” stands for “Bank First, Play Later,” a local Atlanta rap group, and a minor local newspaper has confirmed that niggers were the attackers, as common sense (i.e., “racism”) would suggest.

The Facebook description of “Bank First, Play Later” reads as follows: “PUT MONEY FIRST AND PLAY LATER MONEY OVER EVERYTHING.”

See also “Gucci Mane Arrested in Atlanta” and “Allen Iverson vs. Atlanta Police” for other recent examples of this culture of nigger materialism being fostered in “the city too busy too hate.”

Here’s what we learned this evening:

“MARTA police said they have good surveillance pictures from both where the teens boarded and the Oakland City Station, where they got off the train. They said in addition to those photos, they have several clues which are leading them to persons of interest they want to question. Officials said it was slow, but steady progress.”

The police have both eye witnesses and clear pictures of the suspects from surveillance cameras. There is no ambiguity about the race of the attackers on the MARTA train. The media is hiding critical facts from the public in order to advance a racial agenda.

Truth is the first casualty of Black Run America.

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  1. This is one reason I avoid public transportation. If the leftists, who supposedly care so much about the environment, really wanted more people to use public transportation, they would see to it that it is safe. As long as it is not safe for non-blacks, many of us will opt for cars instead.

  2. Back when it was just black vs white the media only needed to cover up the relentless waves of anti-white racial attacks and the anti-white media was and is okay with that. However as the White proportion of the population decreases and the non-white proportion increases the result is more black vs (random ethnicity) crime. For a long time the bulk of the immigration was blue collar and hispanic and the resulting black vs hispanic crime could be covered up also and the anti-white media is ok with that.

    However now things have changed and the race-replacement of White people extends into the white-collar world and the people in that world include many who are both non-black, non-white and not virulently anti-white enough to see the occasional crime overflow as an acceptable price to pay. Bit by bit Japanese engineers and Indian managers and Korean accountants and Chinese scientists are going to make it harder for the media to maintain the Great Lie.

  3. I had the thread about McDs at Freakistan pulled, it basically devolved into the same old routine we whites pounding our chests while having gun fantasies, all in all totally useless. As if internet ranting about “niggers” is going to do anything at all.

  4. “As if internet ranting about “niggers” is going to do anything at all.”

    The anti-white media are the real problem because if they told the truth something could be done about it.

    50 years of media silence = MILLIONS of White casualties.

  5. I don’t understand why the skin color of the attackers is significant. It doesn’t signify anything – including race. The attackers could be connected by ways which are more related to the cause of the attack, such as economic class or upbringing. I can’t see why you would focus in this post on one shared trait, except for the fact that it’s instantly visible.

  6. Jake: I will take your comment at face value. “Black” in this case refers not to the particular skin color of any individual, but to the people once known in this country as “Negroes”, and now as “African Americans”. You are probably too young to remember this, but until 10 or 15 years ago, nobody used the phrase “African American”. I am old enough to remember when the polite term was “Negro”, and am not willing to jump through the hoop every time these people decide that a new name will bring them the dignity that their behavior will not.
    We focus on race because it is race that is the common thread in these attacks. When did you last hear about a mob of poor or working class Whites attacking upper class commuters? How often do you ever read about unprovoked attacks on Blacks by Whites? Our contention is that Blacks are collectively much less intelligent and more violent than Whites, and that these differences are genetic in origin. These news items are merely the external expression of internal qualities.
    I hope I’ve clarified things for you a bit.

  7. I actually have read quite a lot about unprovoked attacks on blacks by whites, I thought it happened pretty often, especially 10 for 15 years ago. There was even a society for it, i think “unprovoked attackes on blacks by whites” was pretty much their mission statement.

    Thanks for taking me seriously, I’m not making an attack on your core contention, I’m just making an attack on the weird assumption that having black skin was the only thing or most important thing that linked the attackers. I mean, they were all teenagers, when was the last time you heard about a group of guys in their fifties attacking people in a train. Maybe it’s teenagers who are stupid and aggressive. Black skin only seems significant in stories like this because its the most striking difference.

  8. Jake: I can’t recall ever hearing of a bunch of 50 year olds attacking a commuter train. Nor have I heard of 30 White teenagers attacking a commuter train. While there are some stupid, violent Whites, stupid violent Blacks far outnumber them, despite there being five times as many Whites as Blacks in this country. Ask yourself, if being Black was not significant in this event, why were there no Whites among the attackers? Surely some of those fellows must have White friends they could have invited along, if race were not an issue?

    There are very few White on Black attacks, and there haven’t been for decades. The last honest-to-goodness racial attack I can recall was back in the 1980s, in Bensonhurst NY. The last White on Black killing to make any waves was 12 years ago in Texas, when two White felons dragged a Black felon to death in a dispute over dividing the spoils. It’s hardly a hate crime to murder your accomplice. Check the statistics online, far more Whites are murdered by Blacks than the other way around.

  9. Jake – you’re committing the fallacy of assuming that race and skin color are the same thing, whereas in reality skin color is just one of the differences between ‘Whites’ and ‘Blacks’. Because skin color is most visibile, and because of constant indoctrination, people tend to forget that there are also differences in brain size, intelligence, aggressiveness, skeleton shape, reaction time, skin thickness, fertility, athletic ability, etc etc. It’s not the color of their skin that this article focuses on – it’s their race. Of course it doesn’t help that the word used to describe ‘Blacks’ comes from the color of their skin.

  10. I’ve seen more restrained behavior at the primate cage at the zoo.At least she wasn’t throwing her own feces….

  11. Something that may help to put things into perspective is the fact that blacks in this country are the product of selective breeding. The big strong buck niggers that could work hard in the fields all day were (encouraged) to have a lot of offspring just like any work animal(purely economical reasons),while any black that exibited the propensity for educating himself found himself sans testicles….anyway you get it. that’s the reason that the vast majority (not all) will not be winning any Nobel prizes in Physics or Chemistry anytime soon, and if one does you can bet he/she has more than just a little caucasian genetic material…..

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