BRA Enforcers Lose Containment: McDonald’s Beating Goes Viral

McDonald's rewards blacks for their uncivilized behavior with diversity jobs and 24/7/365 racial self promotion

Golden Arches

The McDonald’s racial beating video is going viral across the internet as the BRA enforcers of PC in the Google/YouTube memeplex censor each new uploaded video in order to shield black people from some long overdue criticism.

As this site has repeatedly shown, the promotion of black people is the highest moral principle of contemporary American society.

The original video been mirrored across dozens of accounts. The word is spreading across Twitter and Facebook.

Some outraged White people are calling for a national boycott of McDonald’s over its anti-White 365Black diversity policy and inability to protect White customers from these savage black-on-White wildcat attacks.

They are sick of seeing unaccountable corporations like McDonald’s pandering to black people and rewarding them for their uncivilized behavior. If McDonald’s was 365White, wouldn’t they be accused of racism? Isn’t that racist?

We would like to encourage this idea. 365Black has to go.

Update: McDonald’s is responding with meaningless apologetics via their corporate Twitter channel. If they are really sorry, they would stop a promoting black people 365 days a year simply because they are black.

It’s a sign of the times when fast food chains like McDonald’s start drawing racial distinctions between their customers and promoting one racial group 365 days a year above all others – White people being at THE BOTTOM of their racial food chain.

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  1. With many McDonald’s and other majority black stores, what you need is 365Police. It’s not uncommon to see a police vehicle parked in certain lots throughout the day.

  2. If it would have happened to my daughter, I would camp out at that McDonald’s until they showed up and give them some lead to go with their McFries. How long will it take for the whites who are victimized daily before they retaliate? With the extreme violence we have seen these people inflict upon civil society you would have thought someone would snap by now.

  3. A couple years ago I read an article in the MSM about how the people of a town in Texas were dealing with the fact that ten years earlier, two White felons had deliberately dragged a Black felon to death in a dispute over the spoils. I thought to myself, They are so hard up for racist atrocities that they are dredging up decade old squabbles among criminals as examples of White mistreatment of Blacks, when there are hundreds of racist attacks on Whites every year. My hope is that young Whites will learn via Youtube what some of us old Whites have long known, and that a reflexive disbelief in White guilt is creeping into their minds.

  4. Just to let you know, the “woman” who was beaten is actually a cross-dresser who went into the women’s bathroom. When “she” was asked to leave the bathroom by the two young ladies, “she” refused.

    So stop trying to add some sort of racial dimension to this problem. It was simply two young women beating up a filthy homosexual degenerate. I would have done the exact same if I was them.

  5. A headline on an old 1973 WHITE POWER NEWSPAPER of National Socialist White Peoples Party was KILL BLACK PIGS in response to Mau Maui Killings in Chicago and Zebra Killings in San Francisco. The Law of Survival is above all other laws. All you people out there, read WHITE RESISTENCE MANUEL! When a White Mormon Church of Jesus Christ is formed, survival for White Race will begin! The Raven will Return and the Sweet oder of Cedar the Holy Smoke! White Mormon Power!

  6. I have nothing against Black people my best friends a black I love them but when you see this black or white its uncalled for this girl could have died and to see the workers not helping or putting her in the back room until the police came tells me I will never go to McDonalds again it was really hard to watch this video the girls who beat her up should do time in prison and see how they feel.

  7. Allen Tate seeing clearly in 1936:
    According to the critic Ian Hamilton however, Tate and his co-agrarians had been more than ready at the time to overlook the anti-Semitism and pro-Hitlerism of the American Review in order to promote their ‘spiritual’ defence of the Deep South’s traditions. And when leftist New York critics pointed out that those traditions included slavery and lynching, Tate was untroubled: “I belong to the white race, therefore I intend to support white rule…lynching will disappear when the white race is satisfied that its supremacy will not be questioned in social crises.”

  8. “It was simply two young women beating up a filthy homosexual degenerate. I would have done the exact same if I was them.”

    In which case the media will treat it the exact same way they’d treat a gang of White girls attacking a cross-dressing black homosexual, kicking him/her multiple times in the head, while White MacDonald’s employess stood around and filmed it?

  9. The original source for all of the claims that the person who was attacked was a transvestite is the McDonald’s employee who snickeringly filmed the assault. I’m still waiting to hear confirmation of his claim. But regardless, the victim is White and has White family, and likely White friends, acquaintances and sympathizers. Why immediately estrange ourselves from a possibly receptive audience by championing the violence against the victim? I think all Whites should receive White racialist support in the event of non-White crime/violence against Whites. That includes gays, wiggers, petty criminals, and otherwise confused urban teens who are White. It’s a simpler and probably more effective stance on the issue.

  10. The transgender status of the victim, being in a women’s bathroom, the fact that blacks are not exactly known for their tolerance of homosexuals or anything associated, and the age of these girls all came together in the perfect storm on this one. This beating should only be shocking or remarkable for the simple fact that it confirms an already well established behavior pattern among young blacks. How many more of these do whites have to see to understand that they had better raise their awareness around young blacks and that they had better possess the ability to successfully flee or fight. Counting on the kindness of your fellow man when multiple young blacks are involved is questionable at best. The single most telling detail of the video for me was the fact that the person filming this had a cell phone in hand while announcing to all that he recognized the victim was having what he believed to be was a seizure. There was no impulse to call 911 for help, his main concern was for the aggressors to get away. This should be the highlighted aspect of this video.

  11. Hunter – let’s give credit where credit is due!

    The Black Run America meme (as far as I know) was created by the proprietor of the Stuff Black People Don’t Like website. It’s a great web site that everyone should have bookmarked. Where as AmRen has being doing the community a huge service for a long time by simply reporting on the staggering volume of black crime, SBPDL has gone far beyond this in explaining the total world view that is allowing this to happen, connecting seemingly disparate threads like College Basketball, the Cosby Show and McDonalds to street crime and black misbehavior.

    The meme is starting to spread. Lawrence Auster at his View From the Right blog links to SBPDL fairly regularly and has started using the BRA term. You appear to have adopted it as your own in the latest evolution of OD into a race-realist site with a Southern twang.

    Lawrence has also linked an interesting article showing the correlation between living in highly black states (like Alabama and Mississippi) and white mortality. Something you might want to write about.

    You’ve added a nice spin on this story with your title! There is a place for all of you in the ecology, but it’s important to credit the pioneers.

  12. Paul Kersey is a friend of mine. We chat all the time.

    I decided a few weeks ago to start writing about BRA stories in the South. I’m told there is a BRA New England in the works now.

    There are so many stories going on related to the concept that no single person has the time to cover them all. That doesn’t even touch upon the historical and philosophical development of BRA, speculation about its ultimate downfall, the relationship between BRA and WN, BRA stories in the sports and entertainment world, etc.

    You could devote an entire blog just to BRA economics or BRA in the sciences or BRA and the Republican Party. It is a pretty big conceptual breakthrough.

    Until now, no one has given a name to the period of history we find ourselves living in.

  13. Of course, Blacks no more run America that vicious dogs run junkyards. But the idea of BRA is a useful way station on the path to full racial enlightenment.

  14. ‘Clyde worte:
    April 23, 2011 at 12:27 am

    Just to let you know, the “woman” who was beaten is actually a cross-dresser who went into the women’s bathroom. When “she” was asked to leave the bathroom by the two young ladies, “she” refused.

    So stop trying to add some sort of racial dimension to this problem.’

    The minute those two ‘young ladies’ attacked a human (female/male/transgender/he~she/whatever), it became a RACE issue. The fact is that two gorilla~nosed, criminally driven she~boons attacked a white trans~sexual female. She lives as a woman. Her sexuality is her business. Not mine. But a pair of jungle negroes decided they would kill the human because that is what negroes do. Negroes are feral and savage jungle apes. They are scary alone, but lethal in groups.

    The only suggestion I have for the two ‘young ladies’ is that I hope they are introduced to two tall trees and two short ropes. That will HEAL America.

  15. White solidarity is far more important than whether or not the victim was a transvestite.

    I am glad that I have never frequented McDonald’s, and I will surely never set foot in another one.

  16. By far the most interesting aspect of this story is the way in which the hate business has publicly “dissed” the LGBT community. I thought blacks and LGBT were supposed to be down like four flats on the Left on the racism question?

    The SPLC won’t call the Baltimore attack a “hate crime” because the attackers were black and that would mean taking the inconceivable mental leap of publicly acknowledged that black people commit “hate crimes.”

  17. Trust me on this, folks. The LGBT “community” is not down wid da struggle. I am not part of the “community” even though one of those letters applies to me. My friends who own shops and other businesses are just as tired of monkeyshines as anyone else with a grain of sense.

    I had heard the term 365Black and thought it was just another term for BRA. Now that I know it is a concerted effort on the part of McDonalds, I will never set foot in one again. I can see catering advertisements to a publication (blacks in Ebony, a lesbian couple in Advocate, Whites in BH&G or New Yorker or Atlantic). But to set up one race above all others and run a campaign complete with website? My dollars are better spent elsewhere.

  18. Oh, and one more thing: I hope there is a way to charge the camera man with something as he was, I believe, the one warning the assailants to flee because the cops were on the way.

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