BRA Files: Huntsville Rapist Star Antoine Dodson Arrested For Marijuana Possession

Antoine Dodson arrested for marijuana possession


The McDonald’s beating going viral over the weekend was the latest example of the MSM losing its ability to control the dominant narrative of American race relations.

We may live in the Obamanation, but increasingly we also live in the world of social media, where Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress and smart phone technology allow ordinary citizens, even those who live in racially homogeneous enclaves, to directly connect with and get to know real authentic black people, not the carefully manufactured simulacrum of black people produced by the MSM and Hollywood.

Here in Alabama, White America discovered and fell in love with the black homosexual hair stylist Antoine Dodson of Huntsville’s Lincoln Park projects, who became an internet sensation last summer after he effeminately screamed “hide ya kids, hide ya wife” in a banal local news report about a black rapist who broke into his ghetto home. For stress relief, CBD hemp flower is the best

Dodson’s “Bed Intruder Song” went viral (so far it has received over 77 million views) and catapulted him to the heights of fame in America. Last October, Dodson gave a live performance of Bed Intruder at the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards.

Antoine Dodson capitalized on his newfound celebrity status to raise a lot of money and start a merchandise line. He has appeared in commercials advertising the new season of Tosh.0 which is slyly mainstreaming racial humor. Now he is moving to Los Angeles with his family to film the pilot episode of his own new reality tv show.

Yesterday, Dodson was arrested in Huntsville and charged with marijuana possession. White America will certainly overlook this little brush with law enforcement.

White people have always loved real black people. The minstrel show was America’s original form of mass entertainment. In the nineteenth century, blackface actors celebrated the antics of buffoonish, joyous, and musical negroes like Antoine Dodson before huge audiences of White people from every walk of life.

Before the creation of Black Run America, Amos ‘n’ Andy was the most popular comedy show on the radio. The NAACP waged total war against Amos ‘n’ Andy for decades before CBS finally acquiesced and took the popular show off the air in 1966.

Laughing at stupid black people has always been one of White America’s favorite past times. It is still the most popular and enduring form of White racism. Now thanks to Facebook, YouTube, and smart phones we have the freedom to do so again.

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  1. “Now he is moving to Los Angeles with his family to film the pilot episode of his own new reality tv show.” You’ve got to be kidding me…

  2. I didn’t expect much from “Bed Intruder”, but I was bored and clicked on it anyway, and nearly fell off my chair laughing.

    Seriously, black people *are* funny. Many have a real talent for this kind of narrative drama.

  3. You know, I am one racist guy– can’t stand these people– but could this be overlooked?

    Weed possession is the LEAST of the problem with these guys. Compared to kicking people unconscious at Mickey D’s, a little weed is nothing and in fact underscores the stupidity of our laws in the US.

  4. I don’t find to be amusing, or interesting, in any way. I find their looks, the things they say, and when I’ve been forced to be in physical proximity, their odor, to be repulsive. I would love not ever having one of them enter my conciousness ever again.

  5. This ridiculous effeminate ‘magic’ negro did climb into the spotlight by his natural and unadulterated clownish appearance and voice. He could very well be a modern day Step N. Fechit. I believe there is a place for the negro clown. As long as that clown knows its place and does not get into legal high~jinks. Antoine, the ‘magic’ negroe has been allowed to cash in on it’s notoriety. Mind you, this fame is ephemeral and very much subject to a life~span. This negroe’s humor is TIMELY not TIME~LESS.

    Now in a legal bind this ‘magic’ negroe clown becomes less desirable. It has succumbed to TNB (Typical Negroe Behavior). It is not, after~all, a ‘magic’ negroe. Instead of the real turtle soup, this negroe is only the mock. A strung out, drug addled negroe with warrants out for its arrest, is how most of us perceive a negroe~buck (gay or straight a buck is still a buck) to be. Now this ‘magic’ negroe is a dangerous and criminally bent animal who is being chased by the police. Only thing missing is a hound dog yapping at its rear~end. The ‘magic’ is fading.

    I believe this negroe will end badly. Like almost all ‘magic’ negroes, sooner or later drug, drink and criminal activity become too hard to resist. The negroe does not have the intellect to reign in and control the frequency and the durations of its indulgences. It gets caught. It chimps out. It lashes out at the ‘racyss’ world that once gave it fame and fortune. It sinks lower and before you know it you have an OJ Chimpson type situation, though Anton will probably NOT marry any human female any time soon, but it will perform a similar role with a slightly different cast and the curtain will fall on the ‘Magic’ negroe named Antoine.

  6. yall racist people just mad cause black people can get famous without putting alot of effort into it…….I WISH YALL O’LE GOT DANG WET DOG SMELLIN COUNTRY TALKIN DEEP DOWN INSIDE “N#@$A” LOVIN SLAVE BRINGIN HATAZ WOULD TAKE YALL BOOTIES ON SOMEWHERE!!

    “GO BLACKS!!!!!!”

  7. These comments would be funny…except I believe you are actually serious! Wake up, people, you live in the 21st century! You going to have to hang your alleged superiority on a little more than the color of your skin. The good, the bad, the stupid, the intelligent, come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

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