Florida Requires Drug Tests For Welfare Benefits

Florida takes a baby step toward the Black Apocalypse, The Day The EBT Card Stops Working


Florida is another state that is struggling with diversity and economic decline in the context of Black Run America.

The Florida legislature recently passed two bills which respond to White racial resentments and indirectly attack the Black Run America system:

(1) The first bill is a ban on saggy pants like the one that was passed in Arkansas last month. We have already seen how this is a half measure and symbolic attack on integration in public schools by frustrated White conservatives.

(2) The second bill requires welfare applicants to take a drug test. Recipients who test positive for any controlled substance will lose their welfare benefits for a year. If they test positive a second time, they lose their welfare benefits for three years.

Like science and mathematics tests, these new laws will have a “disparate impact” upon African-Americans and Hispanics in Florida because of the “racial gap” in welfare and drug trafficking.

Hate Numbers

Here are the facts:

– In Florida, blacks are dramatically overrepresented in the child welfare system (see these graphs) while Whites are underrepresented.

– In Florida, 2,603,185 people were on food stamps in 2010. The New York Times has a useful interactive map which breaks down food stamp usage by race and county for Florida and every other state in America.

– In Florida, 21.1 percent of blacks are on food stamps, roughly 629,753 out of 2,984,613 people. There were an estimated 675,000 illegal aliens living there in 2009, 330,750 of whom were on food stamps.

– In Florida, blacks and illegal aliens combined account for 960,503 out of 2,603,185 people in Florida on food stamps.

– As of the 2010 Census, there are 2,420,840 “foreign born” persons in Florida who are not illegal aliens, roughly 823,085 of whom are on food stamps.

– In other words, blacks, illegal aliens, and legal immigrants – the vast majority of whom are Hispanic, which doesn’t include native born Hispanic citizens – account for 1,783,588 out of 2,603,185 people in Florida on food stamps.

– In Florida, blacks account for anywhere between 48 percent to 54 percent of prison inmates. Drug offenders account for the largest proportion of new admissions.

71% of Florida state prisoners test below GED (9th grade) level. The Florida criminal justice system seems to have an institutional bias against low grade idiots and morons.

– Nationwide, 90 percent of black children in America will have lived in a household that uses food stamps by the age of 20, as opposed to 37 percent of White children.

– Nationwide, black children whose head of household is an unmarried high school dropout have a 97 percent chance of residing in a food stamp household by age 10 – the “welfare queen” was a “truth stereotype.”

– Nationwide, EBT cards feed 1 in 3 black people in 750 counties. 28 percent of blacks, 15 percent of Hispanics, and 8 percent of Whites are on food stamps.

– Nationwide, blacks are 13 percent of Americans and Whites are 63 percent. In Florida, blacks are 16.1 percent of the population and Whites are 59.5 percent.

– In Florida, a recent CIS report found that 48.7 percent of immigrant households are using some type of welfare. This includes 37.1 percent on food stamps and 30.1 percent on Medicaid.

– In Florida, 62 percent of illegal aliens and 45 percent of legal immigrants are on some type of welfare: 49 percent of illegals and 34 percent of legal immigrants are on food stamps. 36 percent of illegals and 29 percent of immigrants are on Medicaid.

Florida Food Stamp Usage By Race and County (2009)

Rep. Sally Kern was punished for telling the hate truth about the racial gap in working for a living. In Florida, the White taxpayer feeds 21 percent of African-Americans:

Northwest Florida

Escambia – Whites (9%), Blacks (33%)
Santa Rosa – Whites (7%), Blacks (12%)
Okaloosa – Whites (7%), Blacks (18%)
Walton – Whites (7%), Blacks (15%)
Holmes – Whites (21%), Blacks (15%)
Washington – Whites (14%), Blacks (20%)
Bay – Whites (12%), Blacks (29%)
Jackson – Whites (11%), Blacks (20%)
Calhoun – Whites (14%), Blacks (16%)
Liberty – Whites (13%), Blacks (13%)
Gulf – Whites (12%), Blacks (12%)
Franklin – Whites (10%), Blacks (14%)

North Central Florida

Gadsden – Whites (5%), Blacks (30%)
Leon – Whites (4%), Blacks (23%)
Wakulla – Whites (8%), Blacks (13%)
Jefferson – Whites (6%), Blacks (27%)
Madison – Whites (12%), Blacks (33%)
Taylor – Whites (15%), Blacks (26%)
Hamilton – Whites (14%), Blacks (25%)
Suwannee – Whites (15%), Blacks (28%)
Lafayette – Whites (9%), Blacks (12%)
Dixie – Whites (20%), Blacks (15%)
Columbia – Whites (14%), Blacks (25%)
Union – Whites (15%), Blacks (13%)
Bradford – Whites (13%), Blacks (18%)
Gilchrist – Whites (13%), Blacks (13%)
Alachua – Whites (5%), Blacks (31%)
Levy – Whites (14%), Blacks (28%)

Northeast Florida

Baker – Whites (15%), Blacks (23%)
Nassau – Whites (8%), Blacks (16%)
Duval – Whites (7%), Blacks (27%)
Clay – Whites (7%), Blacks (14%)
St. Johns – Whites (4%), Blacks (20%)
Putnam – Whites (16%), Blacks (41%)
Flagler – Whites (7%), Blacks (20%)

Central West Florida

Citrus – Whites (10%), Blacks (18%)
Hernando – Whites (11%), Blacks (22%)
Pasco – Whites (10%), Blacks (17%)
Pinellas – Whites (6%), Blacks (32%)
Hillsborough – Whites (6%), Blacks (28%)
Manatee – Whites (6%), Blacks (31%)
Sarasota – Whites (6%), Blacks (34%)
DeSoto – Whites (13%), Blacks (24%)

Central Florida

Marion – Whites (10%), Blacks (30%)
Sumter – Whites (7%), Blacks (18%)
Lake – Whites (6%), Blacks (24%)
Seminole – Whites (3%), Blacks (20%)
Orange – Whites (14%), Blacks (21%)
Osceola – Whites (7%), Blacks (18%)
Polk – Whites (13%), Blacks (24%)
Hardee – Whites (9%), Blacks (28%)
Highlands – Whites (12%), Blacks (22%)

Central East Florida

Volusia – Whites (8%), Blacks (27%)
Brevard – Whites (7%), Blacks (24%)
Indian River – Whites (6%), Blacks (30%)
Okeechobee – Whites (12%), Blacks (28%)
St. Lucie – Whites (7%), Blacks (29%)

Southwest Florida

Charlotte – Whites (8%), Blacks (16%)
Glades – Whites (5%), Blacks (17%)
Lee – Whites (6%), Blacks (29%)
Collier – Whites (3%), Blacks (17%)

Southeast Florida

Martin – Whites (4%), Blacks (21%)
Palm Beach – Whites (3%), Blacks (19%)
Broward – Whites (3%), Blacks (18%)
Miami-Dade – Whites (3%), Blacks (25%)
Monroe – Whites (5%), Blacks (19%)

Florida Lawmakers in Black Run America

We agree with the NAACP and La Raza that these new laws will have a “disparate impact” upon non-Whites in Florida who disproportionately engage in drug trafficking while benefiting from social services. Blacks often sell drugs and food stamp cards to buy non-perishable items in grocery stores (see the video below).

In Black Run America, it is a violation of federal law and racial etiquette for White people to target blacks and Hispanics on the basis of race. That is why White state lawmakers have to use coded language and ostensibly universal policies to target racial minorities in a more cowardly and indirect way. They promote token blacks like Allen West and Jennifer Carroll to shield themselves from accusations of racism.

If Gov. Rick Scott signs this new drug testing bill into law, the burden will fall most heavily on blacks and illegal aliens, which could possibly have the salutary effect of driving thousands of Democratic leaning minorities out of Florida.

In the long run, we don’t think these half measures are enough to prevent Florida from drowning under the rising tide of color and socialism. Stronger measures will be required at a minimum to restore the traditional racial balance in the Sunshine State.

The dismantling of the welfare state, which we call “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working,” is a welcome step in the right direction. Diversity is failure and wouldn’t be subsidized or promoted in a sane society. Ultimately though, we can’t solve our racial problems without openly identifying them and tackling them in an explicit way.

It is time for Florida to have a frank and honest conversation about race and black privilege in Black Run America.

Note: I am fully aware of the death of the Florida immigration bill this evening. This will be addressed in a separate post tomorrow.

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  1. Disparate impact… how about disparate benefit? Let’s talk about how much non-Whites benefit far more than Whites, and at the expense of Whites.

    We keep hearing how deporting illegals or deporting non-Whites isn’t feasible, it can’t be done, it’s too expensive and difficult, etc. If we cut out all of these benefits for the poor and preferential treatment for non-Whites, and further tax them for the privilege of living in a White country, that would deter them from coming here. Just make their lives more difficult and they will leave on their own.

  2. I mean, whatever you think about racial politics, or the root causes of unemployment, drug use, etc., only a complete dick would tell someone, “No, you can’t have food. Just starve.” Even if the reason is because they’re lazy.

  3. Mark,

    You’re right.

    Getting rid of welfare and food stamps is far more effective than Arizona-style immigration laws because dismantling the welfare state hits blacks and Hispanics. More on this tomorrow.

  4. How are you going to move to another state if you’re on welfare? Moving is expensive, time-consuming, etc. I bet there are people who are smart enough to figure out a way to pop on a bus and pop into a new apartment overnight, but it’s got to be a neglible amount of recipients.

    As for the EBT card, wasn’t the whole point of this write-up that you don’t get one if you’ve been doing drugs?

    Okay, did some research and it turns out that you only have to take a test if you’re receiving a check instead of just an EBT card, so the point is mute. But then the issue becomes one of economics, rather than moral judgments about actions – and it turns out that there was a program like this in Florida in the past but it was discontinued because it turned out to be a waste of money due to it being a big bureaucratic boondoggle and because not enough recipients were on drugs to make up for the added expenses.

    When you run a company, you have to accept that there are costs of doing business – a certain percentage of customers will not pay bills, things get stolen, unexpected inefficiencies, etc. And it works the same way in societies, too. If in order to keep people who will be productive members of the workforce afloat long enough to get employed again, we have to support a large number of people who are just money sucks, that’s just the cost of doing business. I don’t think it should matter whether that segment is black or not.

  5. Wayfarer: They won’t starve, they will work. If not work, then there are foodbanks and other charities run by religious organizations. Charity is the realm of religion, not government.

  6. The attempts to pass these half measures prove there are still many White people with the right instincts. The problem is it’s damn near impossible for Whites to ever get these laws put into effect. First, the law has to be introduced and get out of committee. Then, it has to be passed by one chamber with the opposition using procedural tricks the whole time to stop it. Then, the same thing has to happen in the other chamber. Then, the executive has to sign it. The law might die at any step in that process. The Media will be attacking the law and its supporters the entire time of course. Depending on the nature of the law, the national media, Hollywood, the ACLU, the President, and the US Justice department might pile on, as we saw in Arizona. Then, even if the executive signs a bill/law that passes both chambers, survives the procedural tricks, survives the behind-the-scenes lobbying, and survives the media attacks, the law/bill will then have to survive the inevitable challenges in state or federal court or both. If the law survives the first round in federal court, state court or both, the process will just start over again at the appeallate level. And if the law somehow manages to overcome all of these hurdles, the net effect will be a nice symbolic victory that means little in terms of altering the landscape in a fundamental way.

  7. We just need to bring back voluntary sterilization. 10 grand to get snipped.

    I’m dreaming, of course, but if people are starving in the streets and rioting then perhaps the State will discover that it is in fact politically correct to spay/neuter the teeming welfare class.

  8. I have another great idea. Require those on welfare between the ages of 18-35 to do community service at least once a week. These same negroes on welfare are probably the same ones throwing trash along the side of the road and on people’s property. I have to pick up trash every week in my yard from these welfare blacks.

  9. The food stamp map lumps mexicans in with whites.

    The white–colored disparity is much worse than it looks.

  10. Art: All social statistics, unless they specifically sort out Whites and Hispanics, lump the two together, and are therefore wholly untrustworthy. And many sets of data, while they may have a “Hispanic” category, put lots of the worst of them into the “White” box, thereby making Whites look worse and Mexicans look better. Generally speaking, if it’s not racist, it’s not honest.

  11. How they use White today is erroneous.

    They use Hispanic in statistics as more of cultural marker than racial. Since Latins made such a mongrelized mess out of Latin America, White is very relative and meaningless as any sort of racial standard.

    If we were to truly take a racial census with a proper standard of North American White, that being people of wholly European descent with majority Northwestern European heritage, we would be in the minority.

  12. Wayfarer,

    Someone in Mexico thinking of crossing the border will do so based on the cost/benefit of doing so. Increasing the costs and reducing the benefit will change the flows both internally and externally. If the more right-wing states do it first, it pushs the flow to those places that don’t understand the problem.

    All good.

  13. Their only argument is a pretentious moral one. That it’s immoral to not provide for them. I argue that it’s immoral to aid and abet the racial and cultural destruction of your own people and nation.

    So all these SWPL blue states can enjoy their self-righteousness as their communities turn into third-world cesspools and implode.

  14. I mean, whatever you think about racial politics, or the root causes of unemployment, drug use, etc., only a complete dick would tell someone, “No, you can’t have food. Just starve.” Even if the reason is because they’re lazy.

    Saint Paul did it.

    2 Thess 3:10 “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.”

    Florida takes a baby step toward the Black Apocalypse, The Day The EBT Card Stops Working

    Caption of the year.

  15. I am currently reading “Nothing to Envy”, a book written from interviews with North Korean defectors. During the famine of the late 1990s, hungry people learned to look away from the starving. If the racially homogenous Koreans with their communist upbringing could refuse decent, law abiding beggars, we Whites should have no trouble ignoring starving dirtbags, particularly if they’re not our people.

  16. Well im one of the white people that recieve foodstamps in florida.why is all the focus on blacks and hispanics?i live here so what I have noticed that there are nothing but cracked out white men and women in fishnets and no bra at the food stamp office, and believe it or not mostly white.it is a shame that people still have to down others to make them feel better.i am a mother and I had to work very hard to make it and I thank god for food stamps or else I wouldn’t eat.STOP stereotyping and cut off the junkies I’m tired of my taxes paying for their fix.

  17. Brittany says:
    STOP stereotyping

    I have noticed that there are nothing but cracked out white men and women in fishnets and no bra at the food stamp office

    Looks like you need to lay off the crack and take your own advice, Brittany.

  18. I get tired of the racial argument. If you don’t use drugs don’t worry. Lazy people come in all races. It’s not racism. It just so happens that in Florida that the majority of recipients of welfare in Florida are in this group.

  19. Brittany and others. It does not matter if they are on drugs or not. We cannot continue to help those that do not help themselves. There is nothing racial about this. The same rules should apply to both black and white. The facts merely show that by overwhelming numbers that Blacks take less responsiblity for themselves, their children and their community. In the interest of “fairness” they think we should not let their children or them suffer. So it’s quote not fair but then they think it is fair to take from my child so their child can have. It is nothing but a selfish lazy philosophy purported by a race with a history of genocidal actions.

  20. EBT RULES in California
    Is beyond disgusting

    FAT illiterate women with 10 kids feast at fast food restaurants everyday and go home to make more kids who will become high school drop outs and criminals and vote for pig pellosi and pig obama or others like them

  21. I’m having a hard time with this. How is this racist when EVERYONE is affected by it? Whomever thinks this is racist PLEASE explain this to me!

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