Detroit: Capital of Black Run America

The symbolic black fist of Joe Louis is raised over the bankrupt and abandoned Motor City. Did he knock out Detroit?


Last week, we laughed out loud with SBPDL about the golden, blinged out $1,000 trash cans and computer chairs in the South Detroit Public Library.

We thought it was hilarious that $2.3 million dollars of American taxpayer money was being squandered to overhaul the Detroit Public Library where 47 percent of residents are “functionally illiterate” and only 10 percent of them are “receiving adult literacy classes.”

Something like that could only happen in Black Run America or the Central African Republic. As the United States declines into a Third World country under the failed economic leadership of Barack Hussein Obama, the gross malinvestment of White taxpayer dollars is becoming an ever greater source of resentment.

Michigan isn’t a Southern state. The Motor City falls outside the scope of this website. But today, we have caught wind of such an intriguing story that it is necessary to make an exception to our rule and lead the Confederate Army on a Rebel Raid into Yankee territory – into the spiritual and economic capital of Black Run America: Detroit, Michigan.

If the fighting continues to subside in the comments, we might start venturing into other parts of the country more often. And besides, Kid Rock has impressed us recently and is one of our favorite outlaws around here, so we have our excuse to briefly sojourn into his hometown.

Africanization of The Motor City

This isn’t the first time we have ventured into the spooky industrial ruins of Detroit.

The Detroit vs. Hiroshima comparison has been one of our favorite talking points in racially conservative circles for as long as I came remember. It is so irresistible and unanswerable that even Glenn Beck has seized upon it as ammunition.

For White Nationalists, Detroit is the ultimate refutation of the “progressive” anti-racist mythology of Black Run America: the Japanese in Hiroshima are better off after getting hit by a nuclear bomb than Detroit is today after getting hit by diversity.

In a scene out of the Dark Ages, black people moved into the industrial heartland of North America and utterly destroyed the confident modern civilization they found there. Shiftless negro bums who speak an alien dialect now panhandle for change among the abandoned skyscrapers. Wild animals have returned to reclaim their habitat from crack dealers.

Kwame Kilpatrick, the former mayor of Detroit, later Federal Bureau of Prisons #44678-039, turned the mayor’s office into a criminal enterprise to enrich his family and entourage. His chief of staff was turning tricks in the Manoogian Mansion.

While Detroit hemorrhaged its population, Mayor Kilpatrick was in North Carolina enjoying aromatic whirlpool baths, expensive champagne, and chocolate strawberries with his African-American mistress. He succeeded in extorting millions of dollars from contractors which the city never got back.

“Nigga Rich” is African economics:

“Civil servants filling the posts vacated by departing colonial officials insisted on the same high salaries and perks – pensions, housing allowances and cheap loans. Government budgets soon became burdened with the huge cost of salaries, allowances and presidential expenses. Writing in 1962, the respected French agronomist Rene Dumont noted that a deputy in Gabon was paid more than a British Member of Parliament and earned in six months as much as the average peasant did in thirty-six years. He went on: ‘As for the Gabonese presidency, parliament and ministers, with all their supposedly useful trips, it probably represents, in relation to the national income of the country, more than the cost to France of the court of Louis XVI in 1788.’ Ministers in Nigeria were rewarded not only with princely salaries but rent-free, air-conditioned residences, replete with stewards, gardeners and drivers, generous car allowances, entertainment budgets, free telephone and free electricity. Senegal’s budget for 1964 showed that 47 percent of the total was allocated to civil service salaries. In the Central African Republic and in Cote d’Ivoire the figure was 58 percent; in Congo-Brazzaville, 62, percent; in Dahomey, 65 percent. A report on Zambia noted: ‘Expensive houses built for the emergent elite swallow up the bulk of urban housing investments. Thus the construction of 1,710 high- and medium-cost dwellings and 1,307 servants’ quarters absorbed 77.2 percent of the amount spent on urban housing in 1974. Another 13.4 percent went into the building of 1,266 low-cost units, 4.7 percent into 2,000 houses on serviced plots, and the remaining 4.7 percent into 9,905 houses.’

The wealth the new elite acquired was ostentatiously displayed in grand houses, luxury cars and lavish lifestyles – ‘platinum life’, it was called in Abidjan. In East Africa a new tribe appeared, cynically known as the WaBenzi, in description of rich politicians, officials and businessmen who drove about in expensive Mercedes-Benz cars. Though ministers in parliament and at public meetings still issues promises about social equality and referred sympathetically to the needs of the common man, the gap between the rich elite living in plush villas, elegant apartment buildings and town houses, and the masses surviving in slums and bidonvilles on the fringes of the towns became ever more noticeable.

A study of trade figures of fourteen francophone states in 1964 showed that the amount spent on importing alcoholic drinks was six times higher than that spent on importing fertilizer. Half as much was spent on perfume and cosmetic imports as on machine tools. Almost as much went on importing petrol for privately owned cars as on the purchase of tractors; and five times as much on importing cars as on agricultural equipment.”

Martin Meredith, The Fate of Africa: From the Hopes of Freedom to the Heart of Despair (New York: Public Affairs, 2005), pp.170-171

Doesn’t the “platinum life” of the post-colonial WaBenzi in East Africa have an uncanny resemblance to Allen Iverson and his 10 Lamborghinis?

What about the corruption of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and the $1,000 dollar golden trash cans and computer chairs that are now being installed the Detroit Public Library? Doesn’t that sound like something out of the Central African Republic in the 1960s?

Detroit is just a little slice of Africa in America. Watch and enjoy the coronation of Dolemite I below. You will understand. I promise it is one of the funniest damn things you will ever see.

Stimulating Detroit

We suspected the Robocop statue and the golden trash cans in the Detroit Library were the tip of a much larger iceberg of corruption.

Detroit is too much of an embarrassment to Black Run America to be allowed to exist indefinitely. The $9,000 designer trash cans were only a piece of a much larger puzzle.

It came to our attention last night that Highland Park, Michigan had received a $13.8 million dollar “Neighborhood Stabilization Grant” from the federal government under the terms of Barack Hussein Obama’s wildly unpopular stimulus package, the “American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009.”

The money is scheduled to be used for “blight elimination, acquisition of foreclosed homes for resale and stabilization of neighborhoods.” Three quarters of the federal money will be spent demolishing targeted areas. The rest will be built constructing new homes for the existing residents.

“The new homes will be energy efficient with insulation, ceiling fans, quality kitchens, two bathrooms — not typical housing built for poor people. The new construction has to provide value, Newburg says, the homes have to be “gorgeous, affordable and add to the neighborhood value.”

The federal government is giving Highland Park several million dollars of taxpayer money to tear down “blighted neighborhoods” in the ghetto, subsidize the construction of new homes worth over $100,000, and to sell them for like hotcakes for $50,000 each.

“City officials say they want to turn each grant dollar four times within the city. To accomplish that, the city will implement Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Act of 1968. Under section 3, local residents and businesses that employ local residents are to receive the jobs and contracts funded by the grant, says Sandy McDonald, the newly hired Economic and Community Development director.

“Jobs, training, contracts will go to local residents; they will get the opportunities,” McDonald said.

This story was starting to sound very interesting: it all clicked together when I checked on a hunch and discovered that the racial composition of Highland Park is 93.4 percent “African-American,” a kiss of death to civilization.

Highland Park, Michigan, which used to have highest standard of living in North America, is where the abandoned Chrysler Headquarters stands and Clint Eastwood’s movie Gran Torino was filmed. Hailing from the Real South, we did not know this.

In sum, the Obama administration is using federal stimulus package money to (1) tear down “blighted neighborhoods” that blacks have destroyed in Detroit, (2) build gorgeous, luxurious new homes for welfare queens, and (3) dispense racial patronage to its local black supporters through government contracts.

Highland Park isn’t an isolated case either. There are 11 other cities in Michigan that black people have destroyed which are undergoing the same type of taxpayer subsidized demolition and reconstruction.

All told the Obama administration will be spending a grand total of $223,875,339 dollars to put a fresh coat of paint on Detroit and other rundown parts of Michigan.

It Pays To Live In Detroit, Literally

This large sum grabbed our attention and provoked us to probe the subject further.

We learned in the course of our investigation that Detroit is so desperate that the city is literally paying people to move there. The city is offering “four incentive options” to live within the boundaries of Philadelphia (north), Martin Luther King (south), and Rosa Parks (west) in the Midtown area.

– New renters receive a $2,500 allowance of funding toward the cost of their apartment in the first year followed by additional funding of $1,000.00 for the second year.

– Existing renters receive a $1,000 allowance of funding for renewing a lease in 2011.

– New homeowners receive a $20,000 forgivable loan toward the purchase of their primary residence if taken one-time, OR $25,000 at the rate of $5,000 per year if taken over 5 years.

– Existing homeowners receive matching funds of up to $5,000 for exterior improvements for projects of $10,000 or more.

Detroit will PAY YOU to live in one of these 100 abandoned houses.

If you are a police officer, Mayor David Bing offers you $150,000 in housing renovation money and requires only $1,000 down to take possession of an abandoned home. If you are a college student, you are offered $2,500 to rent and a $20,000 forgivable loan to buy properties in Detroit.

If you are willing to live among diversity, the government will give you $150,000 to renovate a home for less than the cost of a really sorry trailer.


Detroit Digital Justice Coalition

The diversity racket and corruption surrounding the use of federal stimulus money in Detroit goes even deeper than this.

An organization called the “Detroit Digital Justice Coalition,” which seems to consist of a WordPress blog and Facebook page, has been given $2 million dollars in federal stimulus funds to “support its community organizing” and “economic development efforts” in the Detroit area.

“Digital justice” is about ensuring that “all members of our community have equal access to media and technology, as producers as well as consumers.” You will be heartened to learn that the “Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion” is serving in a fiduciary oversight role for this group.

Here’s the best part: the federal stimulus money is going to be used by the DDJC to build computer centers and wireless broadband networks in the rundown black ghettos of eight Michigan cities – Benton Harbor, Detroit, Flint, Hamtramck, Highland Park, Muskegon Heights, Pontiac and Saginaw – on the basis that “communication is a fundamental human right.”

These broadband networks are being built in the ghetto “to transform Michigan’s urban areas into information economies.”

The people who live there can’t even read, man!

What are they going to do with expensive new computers and broadband internet access? Besides download rap music and pornography or sell them at a pawn shop? If a Detroit cop has to be paid $150,000 by the government to be your next door neighbor, what possible economic value are you to society?

Final Thoughts

Why are we the only ones asking the important questions about Black Run America?

Are mainstream journalists somehow unable to connect the dots between diversity, violent crime, corruption, and the decline of their city? Where is 20/20 on this story? Are they really that dumb? We don’t think so.

They can’t tell the “hate truth” because it is thoughtcrime (i.e., BRA philosophy) to draw logical conclusions about African-American economics. It is a gross violation of racial etiquette for White people to break the race code and identify the blackness of the elephant in the room.

It is liberating to not have to acknowledge such constraints.

Note: This post is a draft and will be edited this afternoon.

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  1. If you have a sadistic streak in you, then with a sincere voice tell a smug liberal how great it would be if they volunteer their time in BRA. Destroys them everytime, utter complete emotional and mental destruction delivered upon a white lefty. Truth be told they have given up on the negro.

  2. I must take issue with one point:

    Something like that could only happen in Black Run America or the Central African Republic.

    Actually, the Central African Republic is more pragmatic, they don’t bother building libraries.

  3. The link to the old Hiroshima comparison piece doesn’t work. Newbies should have a chance to see it.

  4. Hunter – this sort of an article is why I read, and value, your blog. There is no commentary I could add – we are already the well-schooled “chior”. I use things like this, to try try try to get the sleeping and resentful-of-being awakened folks to snap out of it.

  5. Hunter:

    Superb Essay – and the Hisoshima connection works.

    Don’t know if this was one of the links or not but there is an exquisite photo-journalism-type coffee table book called the Ruins of Detroit showing the results of black destruction from the inside of these trashed buildings — scattered text books, torn up theater seats, ripped apart hotel rooms, melted chairs from arson fires lighted on “Devil/Hell/Mischief Night” — even the inside of a bank vault that had been “emptied” of its contents before being ripped apart. This one is amazing:

    And Here:

    The best way to Spread The Word about the conditions of Detroit and results of BRA is to link this wonderful piece everywhere you can, including the photos to drive the issue home. Those photos, and YTube videos are worth 1000 words! Especially as literacy has drastically decreased and few these days are able to make it through an entire essay!!

    We on the West Cost have NO idea about how blacks have completely destroyed our once-White, White-built cities in Detroit among other places. Makes me wanna….

    BUT, we have our own problem here with the Hispanic population covering our monuments, bridges and buildings with gang and spray-paint graffiti and throwing trash all over our once-beautiful parks and clean neighborhoods. To them these creations represent the enemy: White America — the people they’re told oppress and repress them (while we give them everything the nano-second they cross the border).

  6. I live in Jewish Run America, I don’t know where Black Run America is. But I got to the part about Nigger Rich and Afroeconomics and had to stop reading to comment. That section, describing how elites parasitize their own people in black countries, should be a prime exhibit in demolishing the idea that blacks are more “collectivist” than whites or yellows. I think this very, very common idea (among race realists) needs putting to rest. The idea that blacks look out for each other is absurd. Yes, American blacks show striking cultural homogeneity – because they’re dumb. Yes, they unite to bash whitey and demand handouts – because they’re dumb, and a minority. None of that points to a greater genetic predisposition toward collectivism IMO. Blacks sell their own out at the drop of a hat. Just look at black “leaders” the world over (supposedly collectivist black “leaders” do nothing whatsoever to stop mass 3rd world immigration, even though blacks are hardest hit by its effects).

  7. Svigor,

    I think the distinction between collectivist and individualist ethnic groups is misnamed. The difference is between clannish morality and individual-based morality.

    Clannish morality is genetic morality: me against my brothers, me and my brothers against my cousins, me and my cousins against the world. Genetic morality breaks down past the extended family however and as in most parts of the world defence requires larger groups than that humans invented social identity mechanisms to mimic family and extend that clannish morality to a wider coalition: tribalism, nationalism, religion etc. Judaism shows how you can create a particularly strong blend through weaving the religious social identity and tribal social identity into one.

    Clannish morality doesn’t care about “is it good?” but “is it good for the [blank]?” where [blank] is any clannish group.

    Blacks fit that .

    White people uniquely (?it may just be proportions?) have an individual-based morality. If, for whatever reason, a group evolves to have less ethno-centricity, (where ethno in this case is defined as their extended family out to cousins), then automatically they will develop a more individual based morality and all that that entails e.g universal rules.

    If you look at it this way, as a deep biological difference, and apply it to online arguments then it will suddenly click that clannish are like lab mice pushing a button to get sugar. They are programmed that way.

  8. For White Nationalists, Detroit is the ultimate refutation of the “progressive” anti-racist mythology of Black Run America: the Japanese in Hiroshima are better off after getting hit by a nuclear bomb than Detroit is today after getting hit by diversity.

    Excellent. Take-away one-liner.

  9. I guess I’m playing devil’s advocate, here. Detroit is already thoroughly destroyed as a White industrial city; it’s not coming back. The problem is that, letting it go completely to wrack and ruin is already causing Negros to leave Detroit for Whiter areas. Which means that, in not saving Negro epi-centers like Detroit, we run the risk of creating even more Detroits as Negros totally destroy one city only to move on to the next.

    To me, keeping Negros in Detroit by offering enough government-subsidized amenities is a good idea, if properly implemented. Razing all the derelict neighborhoods on the outskirts of Detroit and constricting the city makes more sense. Building nice residences for the displaced to move to also makes sense.

    Paying Negros to stay in Detroit also makes sense, if they understand that there is no raise in the government allotment if they breed more Negros and you throw in a big sterilization bonus.

    You can pay Negro municipal workers and administrators. Make it the law that municipal and government employees who get paid by the city must live in the city. That way they may crack down on delinquent elements themselves. Hire Negro police men and firefighters so the residents can’t complain about White racism.

    Yes, it’s disgusting that this would have to come out of our tax dollars, but developing already primarily Negro cities as Negro magnets is a lot less expensive and disruptive to the White than White Flight has been.

  10. The problem is that, letting it go completely to wrack and ruin is already causing Negros to leave Detroit for Whiter areas.

    One strategy to controlling non-White blight, is to spread them out among the whole country, that way their degeneracy and corruption aren’t so concentrated.

    HBD’ers have this idea as well, that we should merely maintain a majority White country, similar to the Latin American strategy. Of course we see how that turned out.

    I completely advocate that for these self-righteous SWPLs that live in all-White gated communities while hypocritically preaching diversity. They should be forced to reap what they sow for middle and lower class Whites.

    The better strategy, the Germanic strategy, the Nordish strategy, is to remove non-Whites from our country altogether, including Asiatics and hybrids. It would also end all racism, it’s win-win.

  11. I’ll admit Detroit takes the cake. I was born/raised in L.A. and watched our politicians sell themselves out to the high bidder over the past 73 years. I’ve personally witnessed what liberalism/democratic party does to a formerly world class city. If I had it my way I would arrest all politicians responsible for destroying L.A. by arresting for treason, trying them fairly before a proper jury, have them represented by their favorite ACLU attorneys. When found guilty I would give the cocksuckers the firing squad.

  12. Negros are just bone idle lazy, just look at Africa they have still not progressed beyond the stone age. Negros will always live of Whitey. The only way to get these shut-skins working is to bring back slavery. They breed like rabbits to live on welfare, lets sort that out first. no more welfare for the silver-backs and sheboons, let them pay for their own nigglets

  13. Detroit was doomed with the Racial Hate year 1943, the City of Detroit never healed from Race War !
    Detroit got lost with the 1967 Destruction !
    Detroit never healed from Hate !
    Detroit will survive and live again with being productive when the African- Americans accept the facts, truths, and reality that the African Kings sold slaves to the White Masters !
    The Black persons of Detroit have to educate themselves on who they really are in America? African Kings sold their own mothers, sisters, brothers, and children into Slavery! Slavery was over in the year 1865 with the Signature of a White President and the Blood, Sweat, and Tears of White Men Union Soldiers that wanted a United States of America ! African King Government Officials of Detroit have made the problems worst not better. Freedom of speech is what this message is about. Horror of Detroit ! The Best Solution: Break up Detroit into smaller towns, Detroitville, Wayneville, Fordville, Motorville, and make it a Farmland with cows, horses, and chickens, and ducks. Give Fairground shows with Country Music and have pig contest and flower shows with best prize.
    Have Moonshine Feast Dinners, Grit Breakfast feast with a free jar of pig feet !
    Michigan would be the best place to live in a small country towns all over the place.
    The African Americans will adjust or move back to the South of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, or Africa !

  14. I grew up in Detroit. My parents had season tickets to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. It may sound strange to all of you, but I will always think of the Detroit I knew as a center of beauty, culture, good breeding, art, and music. After Sunday mass, we would go to the Ponchartrain for brunch. We also spent lots of time at the beautiful marble Detroit Public Library and the Detroit Institute of Arts, where I saw numerous art exhibits. I had friends who lived in Indian Village, Palmer Park and Palmer Woods, and attended parties at the Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle. We used to attend movie premiers then pop over to Lim’s Chinese Garden. Of course, there were stables and riding trails on Belle Isle in those days. Also in those days, Cass Tech was a leading high school and one of the few to have a harp department. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Don’t forget that Detroit produced people like Ben Carson, and I admire him. We went to see the Tigers at Briggs Stadium, the Lions and the Pistons. There was everything you could possibly want or need in Detroit. I especially loved Vernor’s and shopping at Hudson’s, Crowley’s and Jacobson’s. So many wonderful places for a kid.

    I write this in sadness, because I know what Detroit once was…it was the proverbial shining city with business, finance, manufacturing, restaurants, medicine, art, culture, and, best of all, the coolest cars in the world. Of course Detroit had problems, but the moment unions were introduced to that city, it began to die. Why? Because you cannot preserve and build anything when you believe that you are owed something by someone else when you didn’t EARN it. When you add villians like Coleman Young to that toxic mix, you get the recipe for decline. I also have to lay some blame squarely at the feet of the Catholic Church, which embarked on its crazy misguided social justice leftist crap, white residents who fled instead of fighting for what they had built, and businesses which should have taken over the mayor’s office like any good industrialists would have done.

    Yes, someday I do believe Detroit will rise again. Eventually, you run out of places to which you can retreat. Hopefully, it won’t just be an archeological site in 3050.

  15. I was born and raised in the Detroit area. My parents were both born and raised in Detroit itself. My dad was born in 1940 in Detroit, and he used to tell me what a nice city it used to be.

    If you ever want to get depressed, find some before BRA/after BRA pictures. It’ll do the job!

    I now live in a nice rural area in Ohio.

  16. That there way ruin a perfectly fine city or neighborhood with drugs filth crimes laziness welfare . Then blame racism have the government move them into a new clean neighborhood .then there destruction begins again and again till eventually there will be no where to run

  17. “Detroit is just a little slice of Africa in America.”

    This sums it up. I don’t know if even the union realizes that Detroit might be a little slice, but the crust of that slice makes up the whole pie. I live nearby lake Erie, in a place where you think Detroit niggers wouldn’t be, and we’ve got Detroit niggers rotting away the city’s foundation. There was recently a murder in our city, and when they tried to find him, he was found a month later with his cousin in Detroit! Now that I know this, I imagine there’s a nigger smuggler in every major city who will ‘hide’ a nigger away in Detroit for the right price.

    I wish they would wall off the city like in Escape from New York. But knowing niggers, they’d find a way to breech the wall and escape like the animals they are.

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