Navigating blogger burnout


OneSTDV is calling it quits.

He is experiencing all the classic symptoms of blogger burnout syndrome to which no one is entirely immune:

(1) Getting bored with logging onto the internet to read the Daily Apocalypse on Facebook and sites like American Renaissance.

(2) Developing an interest in more meaningful change which involves taking on controversial positions and inviting conflict with people who disagree.

(3) Dissatisfaction with life in the real world which is linked to the inordinate amount of time you spend writing on the internet.

(4) Frustration with some of the characters who are exclusively found in cyberspace. In OneSTDV’s case, the “fags of the Manosphere.”

(5) Sheer exhaustion from blogging too much and not doing much else besides.

Having been down this road many times before, I have learned how to deal with this problem. Maybe I can offer some useful advice.

Back in February, I had come to the end of my rope with White Nationalism. I was sick and tired of arguing with people on the internet about stupid things. Eventually, I returned to writing here and hit a new stride.

Here’s how I navigated that crisis:

(1) I quit writing for about two months.

(2) I spent much of the time that I used to spend blogging clearing off some land. If you want to soothe your soul, nothing quite does it like physical labor outdoors.

(3) I visited a lot of cultural and historic sites in the area.

(4) I quit engaging White Nationalists and following most of their websites. When kooks start writing books about you being the President of the United States, it is time to disengage.

(5) I took up a new interest in Southern culture and ethnicity that has been immensely rewarding. I’ve gotten to know more people who share my views and live nearby.

(6) Finally, I borrowed a page from my friend Paul Kersey and learned how to have fun when writing.

If I have learned anything over the years, it is that you won’t ever find meaningful change in politics. Ultimately, you have no control over the actions of other people.

The only thing you really have control over in this world is your own life. You have a lot of influence over your family and friends and to a lesser extent over your coethnics.

Race is too broad a category. You have even less influence over unrelated people who share your ideology or resentments.

So, if you want to do something meaningful, I recommend the following activities:

(1) Have children.

(2) Invest in your marriage.

(3) Write a book.

(4) Plant a garden.

(5) Develop your property.

(6) Explore the world of tradition.

(7) Take up religion.

If you are going to write, do it to have fun or to satisfy your own curiosity. It is all about finding the right balance.

Note: OD will be returning to full stride in taking on Black Run America next week. I will be writing a review of Hollywood in Blackface soon.

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  1. OneSTDV is not one of us, so no loss. He condones miscegenation and threatened to ban me the few times I commented there because he and his Jewish cronies were offended by my racial preservationist message.

    The problem you had was a lot different. First, it was a mistake to water down your message and bring on a lot of people who don’t complement your style and perspective.

    You’ve also always had bad judgment when it comes to who you associate with, so it ends up biting you in the ass.

    It was better before all of that and it’s better now that you’ve returned to your original format.

  2. OneSTDV: So I’m a sensitive asshole, if you haven’t noticed yet.

    Oh yeah, we know, I noticed that from the get-go.

    Seems like he’s just bitter that everyone didn’t love him. Wow, he’s incredibly naive. Yes, the internet is full of idiots, something apparently he just figured out.

    I’ve had experience with personalities like that since my high school was majority black.

    If you are a co-dependent type of personality and can’t stand on your own two feet against a rabid mob you’ll never make it in White nationalism, HBD, Alt Right, or anything that goes against the mainstream/herd. You have to be motivated from within not by others.

  3. Something special about this episode?

    I watched one episode a while back, but it’s way too drawn out, he repeats the same thing over and over, and then finally after you’ve been incredibly patient they have a few minutes at the end of worthwhile footage. It’s an hour show with about 5 minutes of content.

    I’ve enjoyed Game of Thrones.

  4. I once commented elsewhere that WN seemed to be fizzling out, and the real future is in the regionalist and new traditionalist/alternative right.

    I was thinking in particular of your own trajectory from WN to what I’d call regionalism. You learned (as most WN’s fail to do) that one has to cultivate one’s garden, place, and family in order to have something worth fighting for, and that others will see as worth fighting for.

    You and Matt Parrott (Hoosier Nation) also understand the power of local politics. Republican government still functions at that level, and it’s the only place where we can earn trust and leadership among real people.

    I agree that the life of a full-time blogger is unhealthy, and your time away has always paid off in the quality of your articles.

    I could not agree more with your concluding advice, except that I would add that if one has a special gift for writing and politics, one should work that in as well. Keep writing.

  5. That’s why I canceled my cable, most of it is garbage. There are only a few shows I can tolerate.

    The Killing is also well done, although unfortunately further on there’s miscegenation.

    I find Mireille Enos to be fascinating. Not just her phenotype but her personality. It’s like she’s from a time long ago, nothing like most women today.

  6. the real future is in the regionalist and new traditionalist/alternative right

    That’s nothing new, it’s always been there, it’s our natural state.

    The idea of uniting all Whites never existed in history, it’s a fantasy. Especially when you consider that our greatest opponents are other Whites/Caucasoids.

  7. We are supposed to be in the world, but not of it, and we should never put our trust in princes, mortal men, who cannot save.

  8. Hunter,

    I think you handled this burn-out, dysfunctional American WN back stabbing, CTs, kooks, nut cases, constant negativity against you and OD very well and I am glad to see you blogging again about state and local issues.

    I will share my own observations about this problem of burn-out and all the negativity associated with American WN.

    1) Never make WN your whole life.

    If you make some loyal friends through your activism – that’s good, but don’t drop out of mainstream society to hang out with folks who do WN 24/7/365. You can’t make a good living in WN, you can’t find a good GF, wife etc.

    2) Protect your privacy.

    Even if you are doing non controversial activism, like opposing Al Qaeda terrorist immigration, use a pen name and be ready to come up with some defense for the brutal ad hominem attacks that “you’re a RACIST”. It’s not just the SPLC, ADL, LaRaza, NAACP that will try to ruin your life, many/most mainstream Conservative Whites will look to throw you under the bus.

    3) Stay focused on where you live.

    A national, international “movement” of Whites just doesn’t happen. But you can be a successful, solid activist/leader in your local area.

    4) Always work to get away from any “movement”.

    Hunter is right to suggest working on outdoor physical labor. Reconnecting with nature is the cure for so much that is wrong with our lives.

    5) Hang out with some healthy White families who have lots of children.

    These good folks will not want to argue about politics – why should they and why should any of us? Life isn’t all gloom and doom.

    Take care Hunter to all OD readers who have gone through the best and the worst here.

    14 Words

  9. River Monsters is awesome. That guy is a true explorer in the best sense of the word.

    I also can’t say enough about having a connection to the land. There is something immensely powerful about it. And there is a jealousy that rages in certain types when they see a simple man, who isn’t supposed to have anything, creating something productive and beautiful on his own little piece of the world. We are a people of the land. I’m sure of it.

    One place to fight for a better world is in the sphere of property rights. The string of government entities and their employees seeking to take the the people off the land is nearly endless.

    I agree that OneSTDV was a pretty strange place. There seemed to be a lack of congruity in the overall worldview. It was a curiosity at best. A somewhat annoying one.

  10. I have never understood how prolific bloggers do what they do without getting paid. Writing high quality material on a regular basis is a lot of work to do only for personal satisfaction. There are many ways to obtain personal edification that don’t require fighting it out with assholes and trolls in the comments. It’s a catch 22. If a blogger has talent, he will build up an audience and influence. But then to maintain that audience, he will have to write often. Thus, burnout is inevitable.

    I think that to solve this problem a blog needs multiple authors so that no one writer has to shoulder the whole burden (dailykos, redstate, in mala fide). Or, if the blog is a one man show with solid traffic (mangan’s, Laurence Auster, Laura Wood), it should have highly controlled comments that aren’t such a time suck.

  11. 10) Don’t be a woman-hater

    I’m leaving other sites because of the infestation of Ted Bundy wannabes. Some of those people are just batshit crazy. This is the best, most friendly site in the anti-BRA, pro-White sphere.

  12. Ted Bundy was actually funny and masculine.

    These little effeminate, mentally ill twerps on these websites are society’s rejects. They hate women because that’s all they can do, they have no light within them, they have no souls.

    You can’t truly advocate for the White race and at the same time hate White women.

  13. Yes, Al Bundy, too, lol.
    I did mean Ted Bundy, though. The notorious serial killer. Some of these, ahem, *people*, are advocating for the mass murder of women and “white knights”, whatever the hell that means.

    So, by their logic, it will be a handful of Spearhead readers and other assorted whack jobs, killing off all of the married men and men with girlfriends. After that daunting task is accomplished, they will make all of the women into sex slaves and kill the ones that resist. With these diminished numbers, they will expel all of the turd worlders. Sounds like a great plan to me!

  14. As much as I despise them I don’t think they’re serial killers, they’re just misguided, inept, bitter nerds and anti-social defectives.

    Some of them may have been legitimately wronged by women, but so have I. It’s how you handle stress and challenges in life that make you the person you are.

    Whatever the case may be they won’t live a fulfilling life by being that way and can’t have a meaningful relationship with female family members or a wife or daughter.

  15. 10) Don’t be a woman-hater


    You can’t truly advocate for the White race and at the same time hate White women.


    Keep repeating those comments! On the one hand on some WN sites, I constantly read “How can we get more females interested in the WN movement?” or “Without the women on board this movement will go nowhere.”

    Then, often on the same thread (!) I’ll read screeds about how American women are “ball busters”, “feminazis”, “man haters”, only looking for someone with $$ to support their lifestyle. Wow!
    Also, that only “Asian” women know how to take care of men, etc.

    I know there is a lot of Troll infiltration on these sites from Aspies and others who are mentally ill or have had bad experiences with women, but c’mon, I’m reading far too much of it on the blogsphere, especially lately.

    It turns us women off to have to defend ourselves against those who hurl these invectives at us — with, worse, no one coming to our defense! Surely there must be some decent White Males out there who would promote our cause.

    Yes, a few of you men write that we are the most beautiful, desirable women on earth, but I read much much more from the other side. I can’t repeat the names I’ve been called for defending White women!!

    Come on guys — if you really DO love us, defend us, defend our honor! There are plenty of us out here looking for a nice White husband to take care of, desire children instead of worthless career, are traditional, love to cook and keep a nice home….

  16. Their hatred of women is completely irrational. Its bordering on the insane. Everyone has had negative experiences with the opposite sex. A few bad experiences will never make me hate 50% of humanity. I hate feminism and liberalism.

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