Is Anti-White Bias a Problem?

New York

A few days ago, I drew attention to a fascinating new study which shows that White America is rejecting the liberal narrative about race and becoming less inclined to support new “civil rights” reforms.

In the 2000s, the White majority began to perceive anti-White bias as being a greater problem than anti-black prejudice for the first time. The gap in perception of racial bias has been converging for decades, but only recently has the pendulum swung positively in the “hate truth” direction.

11 percent of White Americans now believe that anti-White bias is a 10 on a scale of 10. The White majority now understands that we live in a Black World with visible black leaders like Barack Hussein Obama and Oprah Winfrey as well as 365Black corporations like McDonald’s.

The polls clearly show that the White majority has rejected the theories of “institutional racism” and “white privilege.” A huge percentage of Whites now believe that “anti-black bias” is now all but non-existent.

How can Whites be racist when it was White people who created the Obamanation? How can White people be racist when every institution in our society is trying to uplift African-Americans? White people want to know.

The historical significance of this cannot be exaggerated: Black Run America has quietly experienced an “intellectual collapse” in White America. We are just now beginning to see the earliest visible effects of that collapse in social justice movements (social justice is people who pay taxes receiving the government services) like the Tea Party.

Black Run America is based on the idea that African-Americans cannot get ahead in our society because of White racism. Gunnar Myrdal told White people they suffered from “An American Dilemma” and the Supreme Court responded with the Brown decision that ordered integration in public schools.

Now that White people know that Whites are not racist anymore and that racism isn’t holding back African-Americans, the visible failure of African-Americans to make progress has become a serious problem in need of explanation.

(1) If White racism isn’t holding back African-Americans, there has to be some other explanation for racial inequality.

(2) If the experts in race relations have gotten it wrong for decades, then White America has been told a huge lie and authority figures cannot be trusted.

(3) If blacks can’t get ahead in spite of visible explicit discrimination against Whites and non-existent discrimination against blacks, what is holding them back?

(4) If robbing White people to create social programs like Obamacare doesn’t solve racial inequality, how can social spending on the welfare state be justified and seen as anything more than institutionalized racial extortion of White taxpayers?

(5) If “racism” doesn’t explain inequality in our society, then why should Whites feel guilty about black failure?

(6) If Whites have no good reason to feel guilty anymore, what is stopping White racial consciousness from coming roaring back and looking for vengeance?

White people like us are only the early adopters. We are smart enough to see through the race lies and have traveled far ahead of the curve. The White wagon train is headed in the same direction. It is just taking longer to catch up.

Most White people were brought up to believe that “racism” explains racial inequality. If White racism and the Ku Klux Klan would only go away, African-Americans and Hispanics would become just like us, or so we have been told.

Now that White racism is gone and the Klan is only seen on the Jerry Springer Show, African-Americans are still not like us in spite of our best efforts, White people are mad and want to know why they have been lied to and made to feel guilty about something that isn’t their fault.

The Roundtable

In lieu of these festering resentments, The New York Times has convened an emergency roundtable of Disingenuous White Liberals and Token Blacks to discuss the intellectual collapse of Black Run America.

The subject of non-debate and preconceived conclusions: Is Anti-White Bias a Problem?

Earlier this month, we learned from a Pew Poll that the only White people who believe in Black Run America are “Solid Liberals” (like the people who comprise this panel), 61 percent of whom believe that racial discrimination is the main reason African-Americans can’t make progress in our society.

Only 9 percent of SWPL “Post-Moderns,” 33 percent of “New Coalition Democrats,” and 37 percent of “Hard Pressed Democrats” believe in the racial discrimination explanation.

Likewise, “Staunch Conservatives,” “Main Street Republicans,” “Libertarians,” and “Disaffecteds” all reject the racial discrimination explanation and believe our society has made the needed changes to give African-Americans equal rights.

If Jim Crow America was based on the idea that whites were a superior race, Black Run America was based on the idea that African-Americans couldn’t get ahead because of the “American Dilemma” of racism, and no one but DWLs and African-Americans honestly believes that anymore.

Jim Crow America collapsed because White people started to believe that “racism” was why African-Americans couldn’t get ahead in our society. Black Run America was created to solve the “American Dilemma,” eliminate White racism and transform African-Americans into the equals of White people.

But now, White America has effectively delivered “a no confidence vote” on Black Run America and its discredited sociology, and we have entered the transition phase (analogous to the 1930s to 1970s) between the current system of race relations and whatever emerges as its successor.

The insipid commentary about race relations at The New York Times isn’t even worth reading. It only illustrates the gap between what DWLs believe about race and what White people are thinking about the subject.

White people can see that in Black Run America someone like Jared Taylor cannot rent a hotel room or find a book publisher, but the 2011 White Privilege Conference can take place in Minnesota and the SPLC can pay Morris Dees $304,000 a year to be a “civil rights activist” down the street from where George Wallace said “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”

If segregationists had a roundtable discussion about race relations in the 1940s, you would get a similarly clueless result. DWLs who believe in the Myth of White Racism are unable to see the gravity of the crisis that they are facing.

Their whole society is constructed on The Myth of White Racism which no one believes anymore. The intellectual foundation of Black Run America has collapsed underneath their feet. It is only matter of time before the structure that has been erected on the foundation is toppled as well.

In Jim Crow America, this happened in the 1920s and 1930s, but the social revolution it inaugurated didn’t occur until the 1950s and 1960s.

Final Thought

Intelligent people can read this “hate graph” and draw the logical conclusion.

In 2010, White people are rating anti-White bias about a 4.8 on a 10 point scale, and anti-black bias about a 3.6, a narrow and unstable gap between racial perceptions in discrimination, enough to cause some visible rumbling among Whites, but not much else.

By the year 2030, if the present Black Run America racial consensus continues its long term deterioration, White people are going to be rating anti-White bias around an 8 on a 10 point scale, and anti-black bias around a 0 years before that.

Somewhere between 2011 and 2030, there is going to be another revolution in America, and it is either going to look like 1961 or 1861. Black Run America will either go bankrupt and up in flames on “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working” or White frustration will simmer until it eventually reaches its boiling point.

In 2030, White people are going to look back at the preceding eight decades of racial insanity, when safe neighborhoods and economic prosperity have become a distant memory of a storied past, and ask themselves the inevitable question: why did our ancestors create Black Run America when they could have gone to Mars?

Update: It saddens us that Americans are traveling to outer space for the last time when nearby earth-like exoplanets in other solar systems are being discovered with atmospheres and water oceans.

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  1. A guy in Oklahoma just got a life sentence because he shot a teenage robber in his store while there were customers there as well. He shot him in the head and the kid dropped to the ground. He then shot him in the abdomen 4 times. The jury thought the final use of force was excessive. I don’t know the racial make-up of the jury, but something tells me that BRA was overly represented.

    Apparently defending yourself against these thugs will also get you thrown in prison.

    The perp’s name was Antwun.


  2. Is that the pharmacy shooting? I was wondering about what happened in that case. A life sentence, huh? To me, the verdict is disturbing and contradicts the optimism of Hunter’s article here. Many may argue about that and want to insert sophistry but I think they would be wrong. I remember when it happened and read many comments. Far too many white people failed to see he was killing a budding hardcore criminal who without a single doubt would have went on to kill someone, probably multiple people, had not his criminal career been terminated at the outset. This was his very first crime and it was an armed robbery. The kid didn’t screw around, he started right off using a gun.

    Take plenty of note, too, this was Oklahoma.

    Facing a jury of modern white Americans who have chosen “security” and conformity with modern “ideas” usually means the end of your life. As I mentioned on another thread, Paul Craig Roberts is about the only one who much even talks about this state of affairs. It is disturbing.

  3. Yes, the pharmacy shooting in OK.

    The guy is 59 years old and they gave him life.

    We should petition the Govenor of Oklahoma to pardon him. This is outrageous!

  4. A new acronym whStupid, Liberal, Anti-White Bigots.


    There are only two types of SLAWB: hopelessly stupid and hopelessly biased. You have to be one or both to believe the things SLAWBs believe:

    diversity is a strength
    every culture is equally good
    race does not exist
    the Western world need more immigrants
    white racial identity is racist
    non-white racial identity is wonderful
    mentioning or alluding to minorities in an unflattering way is racist
    refusal to feel guilty for being white is racist
    refusal to hate all white people is racist
    openly calling for the extermination of all white people is not racist
    any white person accused of racism by anyone is a racist
    anyone accusing a minority of racism is a racist — unless the accuser is a less racist minority (blacks < Muslims < Hispanics < American Indians << Asians << Jews), in which case the accused is the racist; or both are the same race (e.g. black vs. "Uncle Tom"), in which case whomever is least anti-white is the racist
    science, statistics, and common sense are racist if they do not support any of the aforementioned beliefs
    freedom of speech does not extend to questioning any of these beliefs (including this one), which is racist
    a racist (by any of the above criteria) is the worst thing you can possibly be, and the use of violence to suppress his or her “hate thoughts” — and I do mean thoughts, not just speech — is a legitimate political strategy to be encouraged, if not mandated by law
    Neither type of SLAWB can be reasoned with. The hopelessly stupid SLAWB cannot understand, and the hopelessly biased SLAWB will not understand, or he will understand but pretend he does not understand because it profits him (e.g., Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jackson’s crazy son…).

    Since they cannot be reasoned with, it is about time I stopped trying.

    I have stopped trying
    I mean it. I am done arguing with these morons and charlatans.

    So now that I have stopped trying, what am I going to do with all my free time?
    ose time has come:

  5. The eight women and four men were solemn as they filed back into an Oklahoma County courtroom after wrapping up deliberations in three hours and thirty minutes. Some had tears in their eyes. Each answered, “Yes,” in a quiet voice when the judge asked them one at a time if that was the verdict.

    “It was a really hard day,” one juror said later.

    “All of us took this seriously,” another juror said. “It was a very emotional day. … We’re judged by the laws of our society. You have to live within those laws. Tough or not, you still have to live within those laws.”

    Yes, we have to live with both the laws fools have agitated for and the fools who cannot even conceive of doing anything but conform to them.

    And take plenty of note of the following detail as well. It, too, is instructive in understanding the mentality of the masses of white people.

    “Ersland had considerable support at first but that dropped off when it turned out he had fabricated his claims of being a combat veteran of the first Gulf War.”

    If he had been a “war hero” fighting for the purpose of a few men to be able to spend 12 or 14 million bucks for their 16 year old’s birthday party “protecting our freedoms,” support would not have dropped off.

    Then there was this:

    “After the verdict Thursday, Parker’s [the budding hardcore armed criminal] mother, Cleta Jennings, and other relatives huddled together in tears outside the courtroom. “Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus,” they said.”

    And this:

    “Ersland [the crime stopper] sat stone-faced during closing arguments Thursday as prosecutors repeatedly called him an executioner.

    “This defendant made himself judge, jury, executioner,” Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Chance said before a packed courtroom…She said, “He was a 16-year-old boy lying unconscious on the floor.””

    Many of the mental cripples who saturate pro white websites and who are wondering how to corral more women are distressed that they are not on friendlier terms with the sex that makes up an increasing percent of jurors, commissars, agitators, sympathizers, the spiteful and vengeful who are the locomotive of the force
    destroying us.

    And witness this pathetic scene:

    “In his closing argument, Box[the defense attorney] had jurors close their eyes and imagine they were in the pharmacy when the two robbers come in, one pointing a gun and pulling back on the gun’s slide. He asked jurors to imagine…”

    No, Box, that was in a John Grisham novel and would only work on white people when they need an excuse to atone for their racism and reward a black. You are defending a white man who killed a dangerous nigger.

    Not really relevant, but to show how stupid people really have become, and how disconnected from reality and how addicted to fantasy they are:

    “It’s a human trait. You don’t turn your back on something you’re afraid of,” Prater[another of the prosecutors] said.”

    Bullshit, Prater. Most people will turn their backs, shut both eyes as tight as they can and shit down their legs. It is only a vanishingly small number of people who, when involved with shooting or possible shooting, will behave like John Wayne or some other actor does in movies and fiction books.

    Enough of this morbid introspection of our shitty people and the society they have made! I don’t have much stamina for it anymore. I’m going back to my physics and engineering books. I only spend about an hour now each day on the Internet and try to only spend a few minutes of that perusing these websites.

  6. Stupid people. Do they imagine that they themselves would exercise calm judgement while fighting for their lives? Killing feral animals up close isn’t shooting pool. That’s why the M-16A2 has a three round burst function instead of full auto, too many soldiers emptied their weapons in terror.
    Everyone on that jury needs to find themselves alone and face to face with a malignant and armed Dark. The survivors could post their reflections here.

  7. I frequently get this argument from the DWLs: White Americans are the wealthiest group in the country. Collectively, they have more money than any other race. Therefore …and you can fill in the blank from here…institutional racism is still a problem, White privilege is pervasive, Whites clearly don’t have it that bad, Whites are benefiting from a 400 year head start in Blacks, and so on.

    The fact that Whites are still the wealthiest group in the country is the foundation of a whole range of anti-White arguments. I’m looking for new ideas on beating down this argument if anyone has any.

  8. He then shot him in the abdomen 4 times. The jury thought the final use of force was excessive. I don’t know the racial make-up of the jury, but something tells me that BRA was overly represented.

    Apparently defending yourself against these thugs will also get you thrown in prison.

    It’s not that Whites are against their own, but they are actually being objective and truthful, whereas non-Whites would not be.

    I have served on a grand jury and I can tell you firsthand that the blacks on the jury are biased and make no bones about it. We were even advised to just use good judgment and not necessarily use literal interpretations of the law, because they want to try as few cases as possible.

    Even though objectively he did use force when it wasn’t necessary, the black teen was unarmed and immobile on the floor, should an educated and successful businessman really serve a life sentence for defending his life and his employees lives against some worthless, welfare, criminal niggers? I’d have to use good judgment here and say no. Give him some minor charge and let him walk in 6 months to a year.

    The ironic thing here is that the video security system he installed was his undoing, it was used as evidence against him. Without that they wouldn’t have had a case.

  9. I frequently get this argument from the DWLs: White Americans are the wealthiest group in the country.

    It’s a stupid argument to begin with. Of course Whites are and should be the wealthiest group in their own country. Likewise the Chinese are the richest in China and the Japanese in Japan.

    They proceed from a false and hostile assumption that Whites should allow alien races to invade their own country and have equal or greater power and wealth otherwise it’s immoral and “racist.”

  10. LEW: The mean average income for Whites includes multi-billionaires and electricians. Obviously, the extremely wealthy skew the results. So, for a start, use the median, not the mean income. The median, for readers unfamiliar with it, is the income that half the people are above, and half below. The mean income for a billionaire and nine electricians is, LOTS. But that tells you nothing about how well most electricians are doing. The median is the number between the 5th lowest paid electrician and the 6th lowest paid, a much more accurate measure.

    If people want to talk about what Whites have collectively, ask them about how much crime Blacks commit, collectively? How many bastards do they whelp, collectively? Watch them squirm when you turn the tables.

    Recently, I eviscerated my worthless leftist nephew so badly that he warned me not to talk to him at the next family gathering, by asking repeatedly, Why would you expect a demographic group that has a murder rate 11 times the White rate to be equally represented in the trades and professions? I kept switching the social statistics, from high school graduation rates to venereal diseases, but always the same closing. It provides a good opportunity to dump the full spectrum of Black and Hispanic wretchedness on a leftist’s head. They may hate you for it, but you’ve crammed the ideas into their constricted little minds. Better than that, you’ve opened the eyes of onlookers.
    Leftists dream of slaying racists, just as little boys with cap guns once dreamed of fighting cattle rustlers. They never get to mix it up with a real racist, confounding him with their brilliance and righteousness like they do in their fantasies. (I’m absolutely serious. I’ve heard boastful White boys full of MLK bullshit actually telling stories about how the put some racist in his place.) When you pop up, they are anxious to show their stuff. They have their cliches ready, and are helpless when you refute them. Be ready to refer them to facts easily found online, that’s your put-up-or-shut-up weapon.

  11. Lew,

    “The fact that Whites are still the wealthiest group in the country is the foundation of a whole range of anti-White arguments.”

    Deliberately dishonest use of averages. If you compare like with like across socio-economic bands whites at the bottom are discriminated against compared to non-whites at the bottom and whites in the middle are discriminated against compared to non-whites in the middle but it’s disguised by being averaged with the people at the top.

    Also as whites are grouped with Jews the overwhelmingly disproportionate Jewish privilige gets added to and hidden inside the white numbers. If Jews were separated out the true position would be a lot clearer especially now the top 1% are entering into a special stratosphere of their own

    A couple of good links that fit, one is the Espenshade study

    “When lower-class whites are matched with lower-class blacks and other non-whites the degree of the non-white advantage becomes astronomical: lower-class Asian applicants are seven times as likely to be accepted to the competitive private institutions as similarly qualified whites, lower-class Hispanic applicants eight times as likely, and lower-class blacks ten times as likely.”


    to show how unbalancing it is to include the top 1%.

  12. Lew, the most fundamental reason that groups have different levels of success is that there are group level differences in IQ, which is largely heritable. There is no institutional racism against any but whites and to a degree, asians (at least as regards entry to college).

    Most “anti-racists” either don’t know, or pretend not to know the racial pecking order of group IQ, which goes Ashkenazi Jews, Asians, Gentile Whites, Mestizos, Blacks. Everywhere in the world that tests are administered, whether they had a history of slavery or not, group IQ results are the same. Intelligence (or lack thereof) has real world consequences. If there were white privilege, Jews and Asians would not outscore Gentile Whites, nor would they out earn them, but the do. White privilege is a foolish canard that Asians utterly invalidate. I’m not advocating more Asian immigration (I favor my own group), but they offer easy refutation of stupid “White Privilege” arguments. IQ and Income and Crime rates are highly correlated. Blacks fail wherever they are, whether there was ever slavery there or not.

    If they come at you with “Race is a social construct”, I like Sailer’s concept of race (see: In fact Sailers FAQ on Race, and on IQ are good to reference when you need facts and links. See:

    IQ link:

    Race link:

  13. John D: We know nothing about the average IQ of the great bulk of Orientals. Those that come here are not drawn from the rice paddies, but from the urban privileged. Nor would I trust them to tell us about their own dullards. Shortly after WW2, when Americans first tested the kids in occupied Japan, some towns came up with average IQs as high as 111. Of course, the local test givers been cheating in order to impress the occupiers. I’m sure they still do. Why should they show their dirty laundry to Westerners? I don’t doubt their intelligence, I just see no reason to believe it’s higher than ours.

  14. Regarding “Race-is-a-social-construct”: I think that even most leftists are uncomfortable with an idea so contrary to experience. It’s not something they want to defend, and they don’t know how to explain it anyway. Insist that they justify so foolish a notion and watch them sputter. And in any case, they’re behind the curve. The DNA people can nail your race down to the ethnicity these days.
    To give an example, I read some fellow’s explanation that race depends on what criteria you choose. If you choose hair color, Japanese and Negroes are of the same race, and so on. See? Isn’t “race”a silly idea? He didn’t bother to explain how people who have a whole package of obvious similarities, hair texture, skin color, eye shape, nose shape, tooth shape, fat distribution, and are all from the same breeding population, cannot be distinguished from people who differ in all these respects. The difficulty in debate really lies in confronting absurdity. We are accustomed to finding the reasoning in an opposing view, but we find a logical vacuum with these anti-racists.

  15. RobertinArabia: I feel you pain. I look for every opportunity to try to stir up white people to defend, if not themselves, at least their children. It can be depressing. American Thinker has lots of whites who, I believe, are fertile ground for awakening. I’ve been “doing “there for a while before I was kicked off. My experience on AT is that whites don’t get it–it is white children who are the targets of both elite white marxists and every other minority group, not “all” children. AT whites are so sure that if they they lead by way by surrendering thier whiteness and take up the mantle of colorblind society, that all the minorities will love them for it. It makes me want to scream. Do they not think about the future of thier white children and grandchildren, or do they hate them? Sick.

  16. should an educated and successful businessman really serve a life sentence for defending his life and his employees lives against some worthless, welfare, criminal

    The businessman was caught in a terrible predicament: let the guy live, and get sued in civil court and end up paying for that criminal to have a family of four kids, or blow the guy away and risk jail. He chose the latter.

    It probably was excessive force, but when the civil courts are so biased that they’ll just hand over this guy’s life’s wages to these idiots, it’s understandable. The guy who robbed the pharmacy would never have contributed anything.

    The result is wholly dysgenic and just plain stupid. But it’s a warning to the rest of the nation: if you shoot some guy, double tap him and then go find the other guy; don’t return to the scene to pump 5 rounds into him.

  17. The whites have too much wealth ergo white privilege thing is a segue into all kinds of avenues of attack.

    That whites have most of the power is neither here nor there, first of all. Linking it to “white privilege” is racism. Why not link it to NAM incompetence?

    Then there’s Jewish wealth, and Jewish privilege. If we’re going to talk about white wealth and white privilege, then the field’s open for me to talk about the wealth and privilege of other groups. And if that makes the libtards nervous, shouldn’t we examine these other groups even more carefully, starting with why we’re supposed to feel uncomfortable? And when THE Holocaust comes up, we can introduce the libtards to “special pleading” (probably their first time hearing the term) and “the Narrative” and its pretensions to supremacy.

    Then we can talk about how Japan seems to be rife with fanatical yellow privilege, and how these sinners need the light of libtardism FAR MORE than white Americans do. And we can expose the “provincials” (those who think goodness and light only apply to America, or their own country). Then we can have the same conversation vis-a-vis Israel. And Liberia. And Saudi Arabia. And China. And every other non-white homeland.

    THEN we can get to the real meat of the conversation, the facts of “ethnic privilege” and who REALLY has it, enshrined in law, and who gets the short end of the stick.

    Field day. “White privilege” is racist libtardism at its finest; might as well give it the thrashing it deserves. “White privilege” in the real, non-Bizarro-World universe we actually live in is “the fact that Whites (not Jews), and only Whites (not Jews), have to turn their countries over to non-whites (expressly including Jews).”

  18. “White privilege” is a way for libtards to blame OTHER white people for everything. Tell them to speak for themselves. What are they, racists who think their white skin gives them the privilege of speaking for all whites?

  19. Discard re: refuting White hatig Lefties – well done. And en pointe. Go AFTER them. Have your facts ready. NEVER EVER EVeR answer any other their charges. Respond when they say something particularly stupid. Back them up. Be remorseless, and relentless – and do not give them one inch.

    It’s fun.

  20. I tell the cretins that use the term “White Privilige” that they are really talking aobut “White ACCOMPLISHMENT, TALENT, and EFFORT” – and that THEY are tacictly acknowledging that White People ARE better (after I explain the meaning of the word “tacitly”) than every-one else – becuae THEY have stated that White people are privileged simply be having White skin.

    Shuts em up fast. Oh – they start babbling bunch of explanations and excuses – but the arrow has already hit the target, dead center.

  21. “White privilege” is more doublespeak, Denise is right. It’s just another manipulation and lie. It’s a way for them to demonize people who are superior.

    To them all differences in ability and outcome are used to attack White people. The beautiful, intelligent, wealthy and civilized are “privileged.” They’ve even said that Whites who don’t suffer from black criminality are privileged, as if we all should bear that burden, I mean these are some really sick, twisted freaks.

  22. my friends son was rejected for grants for law school despite having a 3.8 gpa all of these grants went to knee grows who spent most of their time at the student union getting high and making posters of malcom x. knee grow morons get into law school which they can not pass with out fake grades, remember this when you chose a doctor.

  23. My husband applied for a job as a social worker in a federal community action program. He is a white male over-qualified for the position: he had much more education and experience than was required.
    He was interviewed by a panel of four women and one man–all black.
    When my husband remarked that he had a law enforcement and military background and that because of these things he was disciplined, responsible and regemented, the man on the panel laughed at him.
    We knew he would not get the position. These are the people who run the government assistance programs. With our black population here at about 25%, how did the entire five person panel become African-American?
    Why would being on time, taking responsibility, and being disciplined be bad traits for any job?
    My husband knew once he saw whom he was going to be interviewed by, that there was no way he had any chance at the position.
    They want to continue to favor their race for benefits from the government agencies as well as favor their race for government jobs.

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