North Carolina: The Color of Crime

North Carolina

In North Carolina, 66.8 percent of the population is White and 21.6 percent is African-American. Hispanics are 7.7 percent of the population of North Carolina, but are counted as White in North Carolina crime statistics.

Source: U.S. Census 2010


In North Carolina, African-Americans commit 47.8 percent of the murders, although they are 21.8 percent of the population.

Over a ten year period, North Carolina homicide statistics show a strange rise in the White percentage of total homicides, and a corresponding decrease in the African-American percentage of homicides.

As we saw in California and Arizona, this is explained by the influx of Hispanics into North Carolina who are counted as “White” in North Carolina crime statistics and whose effect is masked by the pie charts above.


African-Americans are committing 44.5 percent of the rapes in North Carolina. Were it not for the effect of Unknown and Hispanic rapists in the pie chart, the percentage of African-American rapists would be much higher.

What is the color of crime in North Carolina?

57 percent of prisoners in North Carolina are African-Americans. 35 percent of prisoners are White. It should be noted that Hispanics are counted as White.

In other states which keep more accurate statistics, Hispanics commit significantly more crime than Whites, so it is reasonable to assume that only 28 percent of prisoners in North Carolina at a minimum are White.

Crime is black.

Source: North Carolina Department of Justice

Source: Crime in North Carolina, 2009

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  1. “Hispanic” crime in North Carolina is much higher than is being reported. One thing I’ve noticed is that on the magistrate/local level, a “Hispanic” will get a slap on the wrist compared to a White man, if prosecuted at all. Read the local crime reports, if you want to get the big picture.

  2. Please note, that the mestizos/zambos/indinos wandering around NC are starting to creep people out—if something isn’t done soon they will ruin the tourist business in NC.

  3. Thanks for all the yeoman’s work you have done compiling this information. It provides irrefutable proof to push back the lies of DWL’s.

    On SBPDL, I answered another comment about the low # of blacks in Canada. Blacks in Canada are a huge problem, and commit the bulk of the crime. When I was growing up, a shooting/homicide in Toronto was unheard of and would scandalize people for weeks. Now, homicides, shootings, car jackings, rapes, break and enters, bank robberies, etc are a normal, everyday occurance.

    Everyone in Toronto knows that the perpetrators are black. Watch the evening news, and hear of a shooting at “Jane and Finch” or near “Morningside”, and you will immediately know the color of the perpetrator, and most likely the victim. To confirm that, you have to dig deep and find the booking photos. The media will NOT report on the color of crime.

    The annual “Caribana” parade is a disgusting spectacle — sex openly on the streets, robberies, assaults and the trash that is left makes the Mall after the inauguration of Obummer look pristine. Yet taxpayers are still required to “fund” this “multicultural event”.

    In the spirit of your project, I tried to compile similar statistics for Canada, and found out that the police in Toronto are forbidden from compiling statistics that are race-based, as this could be “discriminatory”. So, even though the vast majority of real crime is committed by blacks and muslims, white Canadians are not allowed to quantify that.

    This is the DWL – PC view of the world at its finest. Be careful, as I am sure that this is what is coming next to America — the idea that truthfully compiling data about crime, welfare use, foster care residents, prison populations, etc broken out by race is “prejudiced”.

    ….”It is the policy of the Board that the Board and the Force not compile or publish statistics relative to the race, colour or creed of individuals involved in criminal activity …”

    Pg. 36- 37 of the “Joint working group on race relations” by the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force.

    A follow-up phone call confirmed this policy is still in force today.

  4. Drudge has linked to a week’s worth of columns. I guess Obama is getting his militia together via facebook and twitter. Between the Black SA and the psychopath white libs calling people “racist” Americans are in a world of hurt.

  5. A good project for racially aware activists in non-PC states like North Carolina is to either via law or administratively (if you have a conservative Gov.) change the state reporting requirements on crime and the prison population to “match and include all the categories used in the most recent US census.” We want to be able to fully understand the color of mestizo crime, too.

  6. Zambo is an old term from colonial Latin America for someone of mixed African and Amerindian ancestry. Doesn’t really have application today because those mixtures are dispersed among the population and generally considered “black.”

  7. I know this is an old story but…

    I live in NC, and the mexicans are tearing this place apart. There was a nice town/ county two counties over from me. Not to far Raleigh or Ft Bragg, had some good local jobs in a brick factory and a big pottery industry/ festival. Nice quite place to live, and Raleigh/ FT Bragg are the job centers for our AO. Any rate, the mexicans show up and what once was a sleepy little town has turned to shit. The town now has a narcotics squad and a gang unit to deal with all problems caused by the mexicans

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  10. It is important that you don’t discount the blacks that are victims of black on black crime. There are conservative land owning blacks that vote republican and stay out of the way of whites and play by the rules that are the largest victims of the crime of sick black males. The three last most horrific murders in the state were committed by lower class dreadlocked black males. Cynthia Moreland, Chynia Davis , and Eve Carson. Chynia Davis was also rapped and forced into sexual slavery. Now somegroup is trying to convince folks that there are neo nazi’s in north carolina. There may be some but rarely do you if ever hear of a murder being commited by a white male against a black. YOu do hear of rapes and murders everday committed by black males on mostly black women but they are never reported. Why dosent the FBI knock on their doors? You must do more to get out the reality that crime in north carolina is commited by blacks on blacks and white women. When black middle class folks realize this they will stop being brainwashed by the naacp and living in a false reality that only sets them up as victims. Black criminals spend most of their time figuring out how to victimize the black middle class but if they get away with assulting the black middle class then whites will be next on their list. If gun laws are changed then anyone will be fair game. The guns will be removed from tax paying citizens mostly white men and women and the thugs on the streets will still be fully armed. Dont fall for the ploy being used about the Temple shooting and ties to white supremacy in north carolina . Ever since white men and women have armed themselves crime in North Carolina has gone down ,criminals arent making their money quotas to send back to their gang bosses in new york and new jersey so somebody is mad. They want to return to home invasions of white males and raping light skinned black women and white ones too. Stand your ground on 2nd ammendment rights north carolina!

  11. There are almost no mixed blacks in north carolina. All the blacks are very dark skinned and ugly. That is because all thelight skinned blacks passed for white a few decades ago and now comment on websites like this. When you see a mixed race black you freak out because you are afraid they may be your cousin and report you to the naacp that you are passing. Light skinned mixed race blacks commit almost no crime and you know it. If you are so worried about mixed race black tell your whore white women to stop sucking black dick and having black babies in north carolina. Why isnt someone writing about that on all this website like how a group of white women are having a mixed race party for themselves and their black sex stud /slave boyfriends at the melting pot in Raleigh. Think about that . Get your women in line before start in on mixed race blacks.

  12. It seems you are not so professional in your discussion above (Your fear). Crime has no color and one’s choice of partner is their own. You should find more time to get educated instead of criticizing with your racist ass. Get a life.

  13. You all have great points that you make under your own beliefs! Do any of you think on the lines of America is the land of the FREE! We were able to go to bed with our doors unlocked, our kids were able to play all over the neighborhood, and parents did not have to worry, before all of this racial profiling and criminal activity began. I will agree when some of you say that before the Mexicans and African Americans decided to run our towns and cities into the ground we did have wonderful places to live and great areas for our children to grow up. Do you ever hear of a white person demolishing our towns and ruining jobs for our future?

  14. YOUR FEAR,
    What planet are you from? There are mixed people all over NC! You have an actual variety of any race mixing you would desire to find in NC, just as well as most other states.

  15. Why does the FBI put whites and Hispanics in the same murder numbers category? Is it so that blacks won’t see that the U.S. would be as safe as Sweden or Norway without them?

  16. Should Asian and native Americans think that whites and Blacks are the problem? If we get rid of Black’s and whites we would have no crime? Is there not violence in Asian countries? There are barely any black people in China but there’s still crime. Let’s look at the fact that the there are people who believe that because a person is black they are more likely to commit a crime therefore we need to know how many police think this way. That would cause a like minded policeman to target black people more resulting in more arrest of Black’s than whites by that particular policeman. What percentage of drug offenders are white? Are these other crimes drug related? If a bigger percentage of drug offenders are white that means they play as larger role in the illegal drug economy, a black racist could day; “if it were not for white people there would be no drug trade therefore no drug related crime.

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