In Retrospect: May 2011

This day must never be allowed to happen again


Before moving ahead into June, I think we ought to take a look back at May 2011 and all the great discussions and analysis that was posted on this website. This was a very productive month for OD and there is a lot here to digest.

I would like to believe that our readers learned a lot of new things and that this website has been consistently interesting and informative over the past month. The mission here is to tell the “hate truth” about Black Run America. We have opened up lots of new windows into that subject.

Feel free to review the prodigious output below and contrast it with the material and analysis found on other websites that regularly hold fundraisers. Then visit this page.

(1) We exposed the visible cracks in Black Run America in North Carolina that are already starting to appear and speculated about what its ultimate demise might look like.

(2) We learned that The Color of Crime in North Carolina is black: 47.8 percent of homicide and 44.5 percent of rape is committed by African-Americans.

(3) We learned that 88.7 percent of interracial rape in North Carolina is black-on-white.

(4) We learned that a National African-American History Museum is being constructed on the National Mall that no one but black people will ever voluntarily visit.

(5) We learned that the Obama administration is spending $200 million dollars to create a high speed train corridor for illiterate African-Americans in Detroit can travel to Chicago faster.

(6) We learned that the Obama administration has all kinds of racial set asides for every non-White group in terms of education spending and sets aside billions of dollars every year for the specific purpose of “strengthening” non-White educational institutions (Hispanic, Asian, African-American, American Indian) with White taxpayer money.

(7) We saw that DWLs are growing concerned about the recent study which shows that White America now believes anti-White prejudice is a bigger problem than anti-black racism. White people no longer believe that racism is holding back African-Americans.

(8) We learned that far more money is wasted on idle African-American and Hispanic prisoners every year than is invested on White children in the public schools. The exact figures are provided for seven states: Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, California, and Arizona.

(9) We learned that the Color of Crime in Arizona is African-American and Hispanic: 63.3 percent of robbery, 58.5 percent of rape, 56 percent of homicide, 48 percent of aggravated assault is committed by African-Americans and Hispanics.

(10) We learned that the Color of Crime in California was African-American and Hispanic and that criminal justice spending has grown by $34 billion in California since 1967. The amount of money spent on the criminal justice system in California exceeds the California state budget deficit.

(11) We learned that welfare queens who live in the Montgomery projects (the lineal descendants of NAACP civil rights martyr, Rosa Parks) dominate the MATS bus system while the White taxpayers who pay for it are only 13 percent of bus riders.

This is the true legacy of Rosa Parks and the Freedom Riders.

(12) We learned that the Supreme Court has ordered California to experience “The Day The Criminals Are Released From Prison” because there isn’t enough money to support idle Hispanic and African-American prisoners anymore or to construct new prison facilities for them.

(13) We learned that half of all African-Americans in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area were on EBT cards in 2009. Non-Whites consume most of the social services in that area.

(14) We learned “Why Women Reject White Nationalism” and came up with a few useful ideas about how to create a new movement to solve this problem.

(15) In preparation for the review of Hollywood in Blackface, we took a look at the absurd roles in the Star Trek universe in which African-Americans have been cast, among the funniest of which was crediting African-Americans with inventing the transporter and the warp drive engine.

(16) We reviewed Jared Taylor’s new book White Identity and showed how it is a useful tool for converting our friends and family members to White racial consciousness.

(17) We laughed at a 93 year old Detroit civil rights activist who advocates a violent revolution to restore economic prosperity to the Motor City. In light of the 1967 riots, we speculated that was unlikely to work.

(18) We took a look at Jesse Lee Peterson and tried to imagine how Jim Crow America would have evolved if separate racial institutions would have been allowed to exist and segregation had been perfected instead of destroyed.

(19) We spent a lot of time looking at The Color of Welfare in Virginia in terms of both the impact of Hispanics and the consumption of TANF welfare and EBT cards by African-Americans.

(20) We learned the jobs that African-Americans hate the most: farming/ranching, cost estimators, pilots/aircraft engineers, artists, veterinarians, environmental scientists, news analysis/reporters.

BLS statistics show that African-Americans hate all jobs except working at the barber shop and the post office. Even menial jobs like fast food workers and maids are disproportionately White. There is no empirical basis to the myth that there are jobs that White people won’t do.

White people work in every field and pay income taxes in racially disproportionate numbers.

(20) We learned that White people woke up in the 2000s and began to see anti-White bias as a more serious problem than anti-black prejudice for the first time in BRA.

(21) We learned that The Color of Crime in Virginia is black: 81.2 percent of robbery, 64 percent of homicides, 43.6 percent of rape is committed by African-Americans. Yet African-Americans are only 26 percent of poor people in the Old Dominion.

(22) We learned that The Color of Crime in South Carolina is black: 78 percent of robbery, 59 percent of rape, 75 percent of homicide is committed by African-Americans.

(23) We learned that The Color of Crime in Georgia is black: 50.4 percent of rapes, 85.1 percent of robbery, 77.5 percent of homicide is committed by African-Americans.

(24) We learned that The Color of Crime in Alabama is black: 77 percent of robbery in Alabama is committed by African-Americans.

From 1995 to 2009, there were 2,577 black-on-white interracial rapes in Alabama alone, which means there were more rapes in this one state over the last twenty years than there were lynchings of African-Americans in the entire Jim Crow era.

91.7 percent of interracial rape in Alabama is committed by African-Americans. Allegedly, it is just a “racist myth” that African-Americans raped White women in the past.

(25) We learned that The Color of Welfare in Alabama is black. 31 percent of total African-Americans in Alabama were on EBT cards in 2009 and 55 percent of EBT card users were African-American then.

(26) We revived the Darky Stories genre and laughed out loud at three of them: an African-American who called 9/11 to report a crack deal gone bad, the African-American woman who got a cockroach stuck in her ear, the two African-American men who were attacked by a Hispanic gangbanger after their sign language was confused with flashing gang signs.

(27) We ventured into Michigan where we discovered that 39 percent of African-Americans in Michigan were being sustained on EBT cards in 2009.

(28) We spent a lot of time in Detroit exposing the corruption there. The $9,000 golden trash cans in the Detroit Public Library were only the tip of the iceberg.

The Obama administration is using $223 million dollars of stimulus money to tear down blighted African-American neighborhoods in Detroit and to build $100,000 new homes for welfare queens which will be sold for $50,000.

$2 million dollars of federal stimulus money is being spent in Michigan to create computer labs and broadband computer networks for illiterate African-Americans to transform Michigan’s urban areas into a 21st century “information economy.”

(29) We discovered The Burden of Brown in Virginia by taking into account Medicaid spending, corrections spending, prison spending, total poverty, every category of crime, etc. I also showed that flights to Liberia were far cheaper than incarcerating African-Americans in Virginia prisons.

(30) We learned that not even SWPLs believe in the lies about race in Black Run America. The only White people who still believe the race orthodoxy that “racism” holds back African-Americans are “Solid Liberals.” No one else believes it.

(31) We saw that Florida is indirectly attacking Black Run America by requiring drug tests for welfare users.

(32) We saw that Quentin Tarantino is creating an anti-Southern snuff film called “Django Unchained” on the model of Inglorious Basterds. In Black Run America, it is now “mainstream” to indulge in the most sadistic racial fantasies of murdering White people on the basis of race.

(33) We learned that Arkansas and Florida recently banned saggy pants. This was another sign of White frustration with the decline of public education in Black Run America.

We pointed out that this was the true legacy of the Little Rock Nine who integrated Central High School in Little Rock in 1957. There was a link to a video of Central Rock High School in 2007 which showed the quality of the surrounding abandoned neighborhood.

(34) In three posts, we discussed the death of Osama bin Laden which we correctly predicted would push foreign policy out of the news cycle and that the death of the latest boogeyman would have little permanent impact upon Barack Hussein Obama’s reelection chances.

It is now June 2011.

We have 15 months to stop this from happening again and to spread the “hate truth” about the unearned race privileges that African-Americans enjoy in Black Run America. This is the real Project Mayhem.

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  1. I’m a follower of Harold Covington’s Northwest Front and I used to have nothing but animosity for this blog; after reading some of the articles I can’t help but think intellectuals really do have their place in white nationalism (depending on how broad your definition of that is. I prefer ‘nationalism’ on its own — a la ramzpaul.)

    Think tanks help form policy for the mainstream left-right farce, there’s no reason we on the far-right can’t have our own intellectual class elaborating our ideology. Also: the above list is a fantastic, irrefutable collection of facts that will cause your average leftist to froth at the mouth. Very much appreciated 😛

  2. Harold can organize his little group in the Northwest. We are preoccupied with the South. If he minds his own business and sticks to his own neck of the woods, there won’t be any future posts about him here.

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