The Color of Crime: Chicago (2009)


Just out of curiosity, I decided to test out the DWL theory that race tells us nothing about violent crime in Chicago.

Source: Bloomberg News

According to the 2010 Census, African-Americans and Hispanics are 61.3 percent of Chicago’s population. Whites and Asians are 38.4 percent.


96.8 percent of homicide in Chicago is committed by African-Americans and Hispanics.



Of the 2,759 robberies committed in Chicago in 2009, 2,352 of those robberies were committed by African-Americans, which means that African-Americans are responsible for 85.2 percent of robbery in Chicago.

Aggravated Assault

Source: 2009 Annual Report, Chicago Police Department

It looks to me like 96.8 percent of homicide, 93.3 percent of rape, 96 percent of robbery, and 91.8 percent of aggravated assault94.5 percent of violent crime in Chicago is committed by African-Americans and Hispanics.

If African-Americans and Hispanics were removed from Chicago, 95 percent of violent crime in Chicago would disappear along with them.

How does race have nothing to do with crime? Why does the media pretend there isn’t a connection here?

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  1. I don’t want to derail this important subject, but reading a debate between Dugin and de Carvalho reminded me of your excellent critiques of Vanguardism.

    Dugin is the person who originated the fantastical idea of a Russian lead Euro-Siberian empire supposed to save Europe from liberalism by imposing an Ortodox-Christian dictatorship on the rest of Europe. A self-described admirer of Hitler and Stalin, he is the archetypical vanguard. The popularity of his work among radicalized Russians students is in many ways regrettable.

    Dr. Olavo de Carvalho, by contrast, has nothing in common with him. As a philosemite and race-realist, he has been one of the few Brazilian intellectuals to consistently defend America from leftist slander. Though a “traditionalist” in his early years, he has come to eschew that label and now identifies with mainstream American conservatism. He has brought the views of brilliant intellectuals such as Jared Taylor, Anne Coulter, and Michael Savage to a Portuguese and Brazilian audience, and has come to see American foreign policy as necessary to protect the West from the threat of Islamic terror. He has been vilified by the leftist elite in Brazil because of his dispassionate defense of George Bush, who he considers an excellent general and defender of America but a poor politician. He has also pointed out in many writings the danger of racial equality, as exemplified by the south African disaster.

    I think de Carvalho’s debunking of every trope his insane opponent threw at him should serve as an example for future debates between Vanguardists and Realists.

    The debate can be read here:

    Here are some telling extracts:

    “Prof. Dugin is an ostensible preacher of war and genocide. He confesses that he hates the whole West and that his declared goals are to incite a Third World War, to wipe the West off the face of the Earth, and to establish everywhere what he himself defines as a universal dictatorship. He has already said that nothing makes him sadder than the fact that Hitler and Stalin did not join forces to destroy France, England, and everything else they found on their way, distributing to the whole universe the benefits that they had already lavished on the inmates of the Gulag and Auschwitz”

    “Secondly, it is true that Americans do not do good because they are forced to by the government, but because they are stimulated to do it by the Christian values they believe in. Freedom of consciousness, instead of degenerating into sheer anarchy and the war of all against all, is moderated and channeled by the unity of Christian culture which, notwithstanding all the efforts of the globalist elite to destroy it, is still hegemonic in the USA. John Adams, the second president of the USA, already said that a Constitution such as the American, granting civil, economic, and political freedom to all, was made only for a moral and religious people and no other. The proof that he was right is that, as soon as the principles of Christian morality began to be corroded from above, by the action of the government allied to the globalist forces and to the international left which Professor Dugin so much praises as the moral reserve of humanity, the environment of honesty and puritan rigidity that prevailed in the American business world gave way to an epidemic of frauds as never before seen in the history of the country. The phenomenon is abundantly documented in Tamar Frankel’s book Trust and Honesty: America’s Business Culture at a Crossroad (Oxford University Press, 2006).”

    “Do you really want to impress me with this silly journalistic cliché, Prof. Dugin? I know the facts, my friend. I know the dose of violence on both sides. I know, for instance, that the Israelis never use human shields, while the Palestinians almost always do it. I know that, in Israel, Muslims have civil rights and are protected by the police, while, in countries under Islamic rule, non-Muslims are treated as dogs and often stoned to death. The number of Christians murdered in Islamic countries reaches several tens of thousands every year.[51] I have not read any of this in the New York Times; I saw it with my own eyes in documentaries which the big media hides. I do not live in a make-believe world.

  2. You’re using the wrong statistic.

    The fraction of murders committed by Whites is one stat. The fraction of Whites who commit murder is an entirely different stat. The latter is the right one.

    One needs- murder rates per 100K population, broken down by race, perhaps additionally by age.

  3. What do I say when I get hit with the favorite DWL talking point…..”The U.S. Justice department is biased against black people!”

  4. Murph: Ask the DWL exactly how the DoJ is biased against Blacks. Keep in mind that you’re probably not going to persuade any anti-White multi-cult who is so deluded. The target of your argument is the other listeners/readers. Most people never jump into other people’s disputes, but they will listen to what’s being said.

  5. I would like to see the bigger picture here. By simply looking at race the real issue get’s clouded. Are you saying that 90+% of African-Americans and Hispanics are murderers? I’d like to see those percentages in relation to socioeconomics. What is the relation to poverty? I’m sure that the numbers would look much different when factored in.

  6. Jeremy: Read the graphs. Blacks are 32.4% of the population and 75% of the murderers. Whites are 31.7% of the population and 2.8% of the murderers. Divide 75 by 32.4 (2.315) and 2.8 by 31.7 (.088). Then divide the quotients, 2.315 by .088, and you’ll see that a Chicago Black chosen at random is 26.306 times as likely to be a murderer that a Chicago White.
    Regarding socio-economics and poverty: Nobody in Chicago is as poor as most Whites were a century ago. Are these poor people without food? Without shelter? Are they laboring 12 hours a day? I used to be involved in foster care. Most of these people are just habitual fuck-ups. They piss their money away on beer and lotto tickets, don’t pay piddling tickets and watch them go to warrant, show up in court dressed for the beach, go away to hang out with their cousins for a few days and leave their kids with no food in the house. Stupid, lazy, thoughtless jackasses, even when they’re not violent.

  7. This is the most thoughtless, unintelligent, racist, and sickening thing I have ever seen. I’m still hoping that I’m going to look back through this and see a “just kidding” somewhere. This kind of hatred and bigotry has no place in the 21st century.

  8. sickened,

    I find it interesting that you are “sickened” by crime statistics that were pulled directly from the Chicago Police Department’s 2009 Annual Report.

    You’re not “sickened” by the actions of the African-American and Hispanic murderers, rapists, muggers, and thieves. Instead, you are “sickened” by the racial faux pax of drawing attention to the reality of violent crime in Chicago.

    Deluded Liberal.

  9. There is something called a logical fallacy. If I said, “My grass is wet. Therefore it rained.” You might say, “Well, maybe it didn’t rain. Maybe somebody turned on the sprinklers and watered the grass.” Maybe it did rain….but just seeing that the grass is wet does not prove that it rained.

    The straight numbers may show a high percentage of violent crimes by minorities. That doesn’t prove that taking minorities out would make you safe. I’m going to go back to what Jeremy said about needing other information, like socio-economics. If you want to prove anything, you’re going to need more numbers. What if 98% of those minorities are in poverty and 98% of the white people are well-off. The numbers look completely different. All I’m saying (besides that it is totally racist to use these numbers to try to prove that non-whites are more violent) is that you need to get the entire story. You can’t pull out a few facts and try to make such outrageous, and yes, racist statements.

    I understand that I’m not going to change your minds, but someone has to call this what it is instead of sugarcoating it as “factual”.

  10. Sickened,

    You can control for income if that data is present. You’ll find non-asian minorities are more likely than whites to commit violent crimes across the same income group just as sure as you are to find their IQs are generally one standard deviation less.

    No group will be as likely to commit crime than a lower-income one but the relative difference in probability is still there. These are simply facts. Nobody has made any assertion to their causality but you. Nobody has said its BECAUSE they are black/hispanic just simply that a statistical relationship is there.

    But, keep up with your deluded argument. No matter what any data says one can always claim there is some X factor not accounted for and it comes down to arguing about the existence of God – neither provable or disprovable but based on faith alone.

    Also, if please get yourself raped and murdered for us. Thanks.

  11. “If African-Americans and Hispanics were removed from Chicago, 95 percent of violent crime in Chicago would disappear along with them.

    How does race have nothing to do with crime? Why does the media pretend there isn’t a connection here?”
    It may not explicitly say that it’s because they’re black or hispanic, but this sounds pretty close to me.

    I’m sorry that you don’t like what I have to say. There is nothing deluded about my argument. I’m just presenting holes that are in this argument, and none of you know how to deal with that in a rational way.

    Instead, you (and another person who commented) wished rape and murder on me. It’s sad that this is the only way you know how to discuss things. And I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. How can you possibly think it’s ok to talk to someone this way?

  12. We’re just tired of creatures like you. Sickening. We are OVER your bullshit. We are not interested in wasting any more of our time, on your “theories”, and “data”. Have you ever lived anywhere around Nigs, and other assorted Shitskins (my terminology, because I will use any bloody terminology I like), on a day to day basis? In a situation where you cannot get away from them? I’ve lived in American Shitskin cities for most of my adult life. You can’t run your bullshit on us. It’s not “poverty” – I’ve seen, first-hand. the Nigger Tricks that so-called “middle class” Niggers pull. It’s NIGGER DNA – not money, or “education”.

    We’d appreciate your demise, at the hands of some feral Nigger, on behalf of the young Whites out there, that you and your ilk will delude, confuse, mis-educate, and GET KILLED. We don’t want Sick Twists like YOU to get more innocent Whites killed, YOU are menace. YOU are responsible for the current disaster Whites face. YOU are EVIL. What IS your agenda? Are you that Kerry bitch, looking for WN, to “interview”, in order to “understand” “why” WN are WN?

    BITCH – go to Elizabeth NJ this weekend. Go alone, and unarmed. If you still exist by Monday – tell us all about it. Meanwhile – I sincerely, with every fiber of my being, pray you achieve your Eve Carson Moment ASAP.

  13. “There is nothing deluded about my argument. I’m just presenting holes that are in this argument, and none of you know how to deal with that in a rational way.”

    It’s been dealt with completely rationally. We are showing you statistics and you are knocking down straw men and quoting whatever you heard in sociology class. BTW, one is a real science, the other is not.

    FYI, its OK to speak to you anyway I want because there is still (for now) the freedom to do so. I’d tell it to you in person. If it were not illegal, I’d tell it to you while binding your hands and putting a bag on your head and then I’d tell you again as I drove you toward the nearest negro infested part of town to drop you off. I’ll tell someone like you the same thing, most likely, while I twist a knife in their gut during the war that will result from all this mummery.

    If karma ever catches you, while you’re being murdered for $20 by some feral ape you can take solace in knowing that nobody could ever prove to you that the correlation between skin color and crime does not show a causation and the correlation can be ignored because that’s what your community college hippie professor told you. As you lay there, just remember that taste in your mouth is bile or blood coming up from your stomach and NOT your precious liberal pride.

  14. YT – re: the real-world education of a Race Traitor DWL, vis a vis, bag over head, hands tied, dropped off in local Afreakan colony – as things disintegrate – it won’t be merely a beautiful and just fantasy. I think something like approx 8% of all murders are ever solved, in places like South Afreaka. So – a lot of interesting things will happen, every day.

  15. I just wanted to share a quick story. Last night i was i kids clothing store with my wife and there was a fat discusting sheeboon in front of us with a litter of wild shitlets running all over the fucking store. Well i heard one of the little shitlets tell his sister he waz goanna punch her in da faze! Wondering where he got that from i heard his boonm mother say the same thing to him on the way out.

  16. Denise- Your mama should wash your mouth out with soap. You need to learn to speak like a lady and with intelligence. Crime is crime no matter who commits it. I don’t care what race you are. It is not NIGGER DNA. I know plenty of white low life that stand on the streets and beg for money. There are millions of white people that are trailor park trash. All black people are not criminals and just to let you know your people bought and sold people for the money you have today. It saddens me that you think this way. I see your mom didn’t raise you with any integrity or respect. If she did you’re doing a horrible job as her daughter.

  17. WHITE PEOPLE KILLED—30million Mexicans in wars of conquest—–

    WHITE PEOPLE KILLED– over200 thousand Japanese civilians in the nuking of Nagasakiand Hiroshima.

    WHITE PEOPLE ARERESPONSIBLE FOR The KillingFields of Cambodia

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    WHITE PEOPLE KILLED—33millions Incans, Mayans and Aztecan with infectious diseases…

    WHITE PEOPLE KILLED—33millions Incans, Mayans and Aztecan with infectious diseases

  18. OK, WHITES are evil! Then what about ASIANS? Why you guys keep criticizing what WHITES had done long long time ago? What don’t you look at ASIANS?! Will the evil WHITES long long time ago justify what some BLACKS are doing now?!!!! RIDICULOUS!

  19. It is true that minorities, disproportionately as a percentage of the population, commit the majority of crimes. It is a result of no standard, no morals, little education and the real genocide of Americans of African descent, the EEOC, the unaccountable welfare system, children of absent fathers as well as illegals with entitlement attitude. The most considerable of all is the heathen paganistic athiest carefree aimless confounded hapless resentful contemtuous blithering dispondent ….souls, no matter their ethnicity, who do not know or who reject GOD!

  20. sickened! No doubt you are a good person at heart but you are delusional in that you are trying to justify crimes with poverty only. Sure there is an undeniable connection between crime and poverty but race is as important as poverty. Here is a proof:
    I am Polish. Look at Poland to USA comparison in homicide rate – 4.8 vs 1.1. You have an over 4 times higher chance of being killed in the US than in Poland. I know you will argue that here in the States everyone has a right to bear arms and that is why the rate is higher here. Now look at this statistic:
    Obviously you don’t need a gun to break into someone’s home yet the US is still higher. Here is another one with theft:
    Poland has 38.4 million people so per capita theft is still much higher in the US (almost 3 times higher). Following your logic Polish people must be way richer than Americans! Wrong! Per capita GDP PPP in Poland is $21,000 while in the US it’s $49,800. I have not had any opinion on blacks while I lived in Poland because I didn’t know any. I do know that there are many of them that are good people and I actually know a few but… Soon I will be moving out from Chicago where I have been living for 10 years and one of the reasons is because the crime rate has started going up ever since blacks started moving into my neighborhood. We had some homicides (blacks), my neighbor got beat up inside the apartment building I live in (by three blacks), , water hydrants were damaged last summer (by blacks) and I know that as soon as it gets warm outside I will see bunches of blacks just standing around all day on the streets. Not working, not looking for work. Just living of food stamps (here they call them Link cards). My girlfriend now carries Mace spray because she is afraid of walking back home from her work. This is what happens when you have increasing number of blacks as percentage of population and it is proven by annual police reports. IT IS A SAD FACT MY FRIEND and the sooner you stop lying to yourself and making excuses for those lazy people (excluding the few good ones of course) the better off your family will be. I can’t wait to move out of here and where I am moving blacks are less than 5% of population and I won’t have to worry about my girlfriend being raped or myself being beat up or shot. I am not a racist! I am a realist!

  21. Just got this in an email. Decided to verify the numbers. Turns out the referenced data from the 2009 annual Chicago police report doesn’t break down violent crimes by perpetrator, but by victim. Even by applying the national violent crime rates by race (lumping whites and Hispanics as the DOJ does), and applying the crime rates to the skewed Chicago demographics, blacks are not responsible for any more than 43% of violent crimes. Since this data shows significantly more than that in every category, I challenge you to show where your days calculations came from. How did you convert victims and crimes per precinct into crimes committed by racial identification?
    Does not compute!

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