Southern Baptist Convention Endorses Racial Suicide

Southern Baptist Convention, ashamed to be White, promotes diversity

American South

If there was ever any doubt that the Southern Baptist Convention was fully on board with Black Run America, it was dispelled this week with two bold stands taken by the Southern Baptist leadership.

Their goal is to emulate the Anglicans, destroy the Southern Baptist Convention, and replace Christianity with an unappealing, milquetoast version of Unitarianism, in order to accelerate its declining appeal to its core constituency, as has already happened in England.

(1) In the first move, the African-American pastor Fred Luter Jr. of New Orleans was elected Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention as part of an ongoing effort impress The New York Times by “promoting diversity.” Next year, Luter is expected to leap frog to become President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Richard Land told The New York Times, “About 30 years ago we were virtually all white — by intention, sadly but true.” At their recent meeting, the Southern Baptist Convention adopted “sweeping measures” to “give special attention to appointing individuals who represent the diversity within the convention, and particularly ethnic diversity” in committee appointments.

(2) If that were not enough, the Southern Baptist Convention adopted another resolution in Phoenix which calls for “a just and compassionate path to legal status” for illegal aliens, essentially a plea for amnesty in the name of Southern Baptists – the largest Protestant denomination in the United States – who overwhelmingly oppose “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Five years ago, I would have used this as ammunition to justify atheism and to blame Christianity for setting us down the path to racial suicide. Since I have moved beyond the White Nationalist world, I have arrived at a more mature understanding of this subject.

That such a move is happening now instead of five decades ago only shows that the Southern Baptist Convention really isn’t driving this train and is merely trying to impress the more powerful subversive forces in our culture.

The Southern Baptist Convention didn’t apologize for “racism” and opposing the Civil Rights Movement until 1995. I was fifteen years old at the time.

When the Southern Baptist Convention finally announced that Christianity had always been theologically opposed to “racism,” the organization was officially celebrating its 150th anniversary.

If this had always been so obvious (like, say, in the Ten Commandments), you would think they would have figured it out sooner. It wasn’t obvious because the very term “racism” was unknown in America until the 1930s. The Bible itself has nothing to say about “racism” and endorses slavery.

In the 1920s, the only people in America who considered “racism” to be a social problem were communists and their fellow travelers on the Far Left, who in 1961 drove through Alabama as the “Freedom Riders.”

It is an indisputable historical fact that the social movement against “racism” in America hatched out of this underground secular communist milieu and was ultimately inspired by millenarianism and class warfare rhetoric.

“Anti-racism” might dress itself up in the language of Christianity, but that is only a “mainstreamer” tactic used by Saul Alinsky’s disciples, a disingenuous way to appeal to a broader audience in a specific cultural context. The proof of its secular lineage is that the universities were captured and won over to the anti-racist cause long before the churches.

The Left has completely jettisoned every aspect of traditional Christian morality (the typical American Christian couldn’t tell you the seven deadly sins or the three theological virtues) and systematically replaced its real content with bogus sins against their own doctrine of political correctness: racism, sexism, nativism, classism, homophobia, heteronormativity, etc.

“Racism” is just the most well known example of a modern sin that Far Left vanguardists have successfully portrayed as a moral failing which was completely unknown to countless generations of Christians including Jesus Christ, St. Paul, and the Church fathers.

You would think that the Bible has a rock solid case to make against things like gay marriage, feminism, and communism. Just reading the Bible, you get the impression that the Christian God would be very displeased with men and women consuming pornography and happily fornicating outside of marriage in a setting of social equality.

If the Christian God disliked Sodom and Gommorah, what kind of impression must he have of San Francisco? That such places exist in our society – which represent the triumph of the “free love” movement, the “gay rights” movement, the “feminist” movement – illustrate that America is rapidly losing its Christian culture.

Taken seriously, Christianity is about preparing your soul to enter the Kingdom of God, not trying to create Heaven on Earth. From a Christian perspective, utopianism can only be a ludicrous heresy because man has a fallen nature and we live in a fallen world, which can only be redeemed by divine intervention.

If you have an eternal soul, why should something as silly as “comprehensive immigration reform” matter to you? Do you really believe you are going to be judged on the basis of your political opinions?

Instead of attacking Christianity and needlessly isolating ourselves from our Christian neighbors, White Southerners should embrace their churches and use Christianity as a weapon to fight back against our enemies.

We have a far stronger and more appealing case to make against the likes of Richard Land than he does against us. Unfortunately, no one is really making that case (there are a few exceptions, see here, here, and here), which only magnifies the problem.

We shouldn’t abandon the University of Alabama or Auburn University because those institutions have been hijacked and turned against us. Nor should we abandon our own states and communities for some abstract utopia that only exists in the minds of a handful of fantasists on the internet.

As the polls and economic data have repeatedly shown, Black Run America is poised for a downfall.

White people are moving in one direction. The Southern Baptist leadership is moving in the opposite direction. Eventually, the leadership will lose this argument.

If we choose to influence this course of events, instead of sitting idly by on the sidelines, as we largely do now, this will happen sooner rather than later.

Note: Everything that has been said here about the Southern Baptist Convention is equally applicable to Mormons and Catholics.

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  1. The southern baptists left the truth years ago. It was just in more subtle, hidden ways.
    It’s “nice” to see they have finally taken off their phony face mask and joined the rest of the whore’s daughters on the road to perdition.

  2. They have came a long way since the President of the Southern Baptist asserted in 1980 that “God almighty does not hear the prayer of a Jew.”

    But it was nothing a few private jets, lucrative book deals and television slots could not take care of. In other words, money. Revilo P Oliver pointed out one fact that at least we can look to: our people do not sell out cheap. This may eventually work to an advantage in light of the all but certain immanent financial bankruptcy of the country and people writing these big checks.

  3. “Instead of attacking Christianity and needlessly isolating ourselves from our Christian neighbors, White Southerners should embrace their churches and use Christianity as a weapon to fight back against our enemies.”

    I left my Baptist church a long time ago. It pained me to do so, but when I became racially conscience in my teen years, I found that my beliefs collided with what was being taught in our churches today. I really did try to stay with my church. Thats kind of hard to do when your pastor is married to a half-Cherokee and one of his daughters and son-in-law have adopted two nonwhite children for their little rainbow family. He has also endorsed race-mixing and even allows interracial couples to come to his service. Then there’s the whole Zionist and pro-Israel element.

    The final nail in the coffin was when I was in church with my mom and grandparents and there was this older white preacher who was giving a few words in the pulpit. Surprisingly, he mentioned that he knew that whites were becoming a minority and Mexicans were becoming the new majority. The old preacher went on and said that we need to try to “convert” them to the Lord instead of trying to send them back, to which my (former) pastors wife gave a loud “Amen.” That was the day I completely lost any respect for the church I had been grown up in since I was seven ever since, along with the rest of the churches.

    While I am still a devout Christian, I have not found a church which I can feel fully comfortable going to because it seems that most of these preachers and deacons want to play who can adopt the most African and Asian children and are constantly beating off to how great the Jews are (despite the fact they absolutley hate Christianity).

  4. Joe,

    I come from a similar background.

    Eventually, I realized that it wasn’t about my racial beliefs which are rock solid and will never change, but about those who are not as far along as I am, and that by isolating myself I wasn’t advancing my cause and was only making it easier for people that I dislike to advance their agenda.

  5. If this had always been so obvious (like, say, in the Ten Commandments), you would think they would have figured it out sooner. It wasn’t obvious because the very term “racism” was unknown in America until the 1930s. The Bible itself has nothing to say about “racism” and endorses slavery.

    True enough. Nevertheless, the word “racism” can mean many different things, and it’s not exactly difficult to recognize that forms of it are rather obviously malicious and spiteful. Even people with strong racial feelings can be put off by that sort of thing, so it’s hardly surprising that Christians would eventually adopt an “official” view on it. I’d say it’s a waste of time trying to beat back the tide on that one. Better to just let it go and focus on the ways Christianity is compatible with milder (but sufficient), identitarian (rather than mindlessly aggressive) forms of “racism.”

    Secondly, the Bible endorses inequitable economic relations, rather than just slavery itself. In this, it’s quite in tune with nature, since economic relations always will be inequitable to some degree. By endorsing slavery yet placing moral strictures on the practise, Christianity ensures that even those subjected to this most vicious and unjust economic relationship are still able to retain some degree of dignity (that is hardly necessarily owing them, left to nature alone). This an important moral point in Christianity’s favor.

    We have a far stronger and more appealing case to make against the likes of Richard Land than he does against us. Unfortunately, no one is really making that case (there are a few exceptions, see here, here, and here), which only magnifies the problem.

    The problem with those views is that they present the issue as all or nothing: either Christianity is to be completely racialistic or ethnocentric, or it’s to be completely anti-racist. Tactically, in today’s climate, that’s a loser: most people will opt for anti-racism. Far better to highlight that Christianity is compatible with even the most forceful in-group orientations, and that insofar as such orientations serve a just moral end Christianity endorses them (as it does other institutions that serve just moral ends).

  6. At this point every mainline Christian sect, including the Catholic V2 sect, is indistinguishable from Freemasonry. The History of the Plan is becoming clearer and clearer as it nears its fruition. It is mind boggling how utterly manipulable we are. Choose your poison wisely.

  7. This is exactly why I haven’t been to a Protestant church service since I was 18 years old. Nobody is forcing the Southern Baptist leadership to do this.

    Richard Land has no ethnic identity. So he has nothing to defend. He is the type of southerner who would refer to himself as “white”. “White”, of course, isn’t a proper ethnic description. Land isn’t thinking about his ethnic group’s 40,000 year history of ethnic identity, race, language, clothing, land, architecture, literature, myths, law, etc.

    Land represents those Southern Baptists of Western European descent who identify themselves only by their religion, not by their ethnic group. Black southern baptists have a strong racial, ethnic, and cultural identity. This is about southern baptists of mainly British Celtic descent destroying one of their institutions by allowing other ethnic groups take over. Jews are just laughing.

  8. Yeah, saw this one coming, but it is still terrible – horrible treason.

    One can understand why decent White Romans once decided to throw certain “Christians” to the lions. Too bad the lions died off in Europe but these terrible, rich, VERY RICH pro race mixing, pro illegal immigration invasion “conservative” Southern Baptist leaders (regular S. B. folks in the pews don’t go for it) are still living, breathing and betraying our people.

    My approach is to remove the term “Christian” from such traitor elites. They are not “Christians” as Christians are good, honest folks following the ways of Jesus Christ. These are Judeo X’tians. Once you understand which side folks are on, unleash all the offense one can muster on corrupt Judeo X’tians – folks who get high in churches just to get close to little boys to molest, folks who come up with all sorts of financial scams to steal the money of old retirees. If any church’s rich elites go for race mixing and mass immigration amnesties, support any and all negative rumors against them.

    White people who are Christians are some of our best folks. No reason to question, attack their faith. This has nothing to do with Christianity being wrong – it’s the rich traitor elites in now all Christian denominations (Orthodox Christians and some LDS seem to be the last hold outs). Time to get personal, name names – find out where the traitor Judeo X’tians play golf – put the word out.

    What happened to the traitor Judas?

    That’s what needs to happen to these of the same kind.

  9. Excellent.

    I believe, at this present juncture, that both gloves need to be taken off, in our reassessment of the Western imperative, that is, its Survival; the ‘church’ should no longer gain sympathy nor support from WN’st, just as in previous situations of life or death.

    No longer will the essence of Western culture and life be predicated upon a spurious and decadent belief system – if we are to survive, it must be on our own terms, our own blood, and our own faith. Period.

    Of course this means ‘civil war’, but when has it ever not meant this? BRA is a sideshow, a dangerous and deadly sideshow, but it will, and is inexorably coming to that pivotal point, once again, and our decisions must be based upon what we know to be self-evident – and this is flesh and bone.

    The strength of the West has allowed for liberalism to flourish; the weakening of the West, in like fashion, is ushering in the reaffirmation of ethnic-nationalism, the reality of which, as we all know, seeks no ‘pie in the sky’ mentality, and unlike the attempts at moderation in the last century will, no doubt, seek to assert itself with a zeal not seen since the inquisition – but this time it will be no [Girolamo] Savonarola, but one of our own, who will sweep away this confusion.

    Let these ‘christians’ be wary, for we will not be servants to the Beasts of their false images.

  10. I give it five years before the Baptist hierarchy decide to”reconcile” with their homosexual brethren, apologize profusely, and sanctify queer marriage.

  11. The important point that needs to be recognized here is that Richard Land speaks for the Southern Baptist elite who are trying to ingratiate themselves to other American elites who are not Southern Baptists.

    Ditto with the Methodists and Presbyterians.

    Alabama and Georgia just passed tough new immigration laws. White Southerners make up their own minds on these issues. It is a much easier task to turn them against a bunch of unpopular elitist snobs than it is to get them to abandon Christianity or convert to some other religion.

  12. As I said above, I was alienated and felt the same way for years.

    This began to change when I started to realize that my racial and cultural views were fairly common in my area. It also occurred to me that we were facilitating this process by voluntarily removing ourselves from our cultural institutions.

    Instead of isolating ourselves, it makes much more sense to mingle with people, seize upon the points we have in common with them, and work with them to lead them in a more positive direction.

    The enemy has been doing this for decades.

  13. The Baptist leadership seems to have surrendered just as the tide was about to turn. If the tide continues there’ll be breakaway churchs formed.

  14. Look at what the opposition has been doing.

    As card carrying communists, the leftist vanguard despised traditional religion. As a practical matter, they realized that they had to work in a Christian context and win people over to their side who were involved with Christianity.

    What did they do?

    Instead of hiding out in a bunker and writing fantasy novels like Harold Covington, they took over the seminaries and started pushing the view that communism is the only true authentic form of Christianity.

    It is a much simpler task for us to argue that Christianity is compatible with White racial consciousness – the Southern Baptists, Southern Methodists, and Southern Presbyterians shared our point of view on race for 150 years – and “anti-racism” only became the official doctrine 16 years ago.

  15. @ Hunter

    You should be able to sell your North Carolina crime series to the News & Observer:

    The News & Observer
    215 South McDowell Street
    P.O. Box 191
    Raleigh, NC 27602
    Main: (919) 829-4500
    Customer Service: (800) 522-4205

    Btw, our Roman Catholic friends should remember that Protestants are not required to believe in anything or anyone—only Jesus Christ.

  16. Silver,

    Look no further than VNN Forum to see what happens when racialism becomes untethered from culture and tradition.

    (1) First, the rage turns into fascism, which burns so hot that it becomes unstable, explodes, and destroys itself.

    (2) Second, it attracts nothing but sociopaths and mentally unstable people who give racialism a negative public image, which reinforces our marginalization and accomplishes precisely nothing.

    (3) Third, it is ceases to be attractive to any considerable segment of the White population, who are forced to choose between morality and a racial identity they have been taught from birth to despise.

    Likewise, you can see what happens when culture and tradition become untethered from race and ethnicity. Just read the article that Jen links to above.

  17. “and “anti-racism” only became the official doctrine 16 years ago”

    I think that’s the critical point. Denominations that surrendered decades ago have already lost almost all their good people. The recent surrenderers are a different kettle of fish.

  18. I occasionally visit different churches to see what “message” is being conveyed and how receptive the congregation is. In addition to the pro non white angle, there is much nonsense and other pure poison being given out as “advice.” For example, the idiot preacher of a church I visited one Sunday awhile back devoted about 30 minutes advocating the single young men to find pregnant women to try to make a go of it.

    (I hope no one here is so stupid that I have to come back here and explain in a step by step detail why this “advice” is about the worst that could be given. And yes, I know that it is *possible* that this situation can turn out for the good and that it no doubt occasionally actually happens, but…as I said, I hope no one here is so stupid to have to be told…)

  19. Hunter, I think you misread me. My point was that if you’re going to contend that Christianity requires racialism or ethnocentrism (or what have you), in the present climate, that’s going to drive more and more people to the alternate view presently on offer and already fantastically well-established — that Christianity requires anti-racism. This doesn’t close any gaps between racialism and normal people; it widens them. My contention is that all that is required is to emphasize all the ways in which Christianity is compatible with racio/ethno-centric feelings, ethnocentric politics, ethnocentric morality, ethnocentric social organization; if offered as a choice, as a viable, morally plausible alternative, people will be more likely to select, and certainly more likely (at least initially) than if it is presented as a moral demand or requirement.

    I don’t quite get why you had to reiterate the points that you did. I’m only too well aware of it all.

  20. I am dealing with this very issue, in my local area. The JEWS – that who we are talking about – entered th Church decades ago, in order to subvert form within – and have done so. To a wildly successful degree.

    I am appalled by the Careerists, who are selling their own people out for Sheeny Gelte – but what else is now?

    If we ignore Christianity, inthe USA – we ar DOA. that’s where the family oriented, tradtional Whites ARE. I’ve got a very tough row to hoe. I have really pissed off a local woman, WHO KNOWS BETTER – becasue I have been blatant about the death of Whites at the hand of MultiCULTism. However, a local White Christian man is 110% on board.

    So there ya go.

    So man up folks, stop whining, anddive IN.

  21. To even try an analyze this intellectually is wasted effort if one does not consider what the target audience is for these anti-white hucksters. It’s women and the anti-white efforts are little more than the meaningless goo goo thrown at women to satiate their emotional needs. Start from there and then any analysis is productive, if not you will only frustrate yourself.

  22. Well if BRA collapse is going to be like the prognosticators says its going to be, let us flash forward to one of those days.

    Whites have begun to form families again, but all is not perfect because some of the older college “educated” wimin are still trained for the old religion of negro uplift.

    Loud squawking in the background from a disgruntled nutty woman, and Pa says, “Shut that bitch up or I’ll throw her to the niggers.” Nutty crackpot shuts up while the other women around her try to comfort her and to keep her quiet all the while they plot to redecorate her room after the memorial service.

    Remember white women have a sense of duty that is outsized, but absolutely no sense of responsibility, that is why GOD made white man.

  23. RobRoy:

    “Loud squawking in the background from a disgruntled nutty woman, and Pa says, “Shut that bitch up or I’ll throw her to the niggers.” Nutty crackpot shuts up while the other women around her try to comfort her and to keep her quiet all the while they plot to redecorate her room after the memorial service.”

    I love you! That was wonderful, and so very very true!

  24. Let us put an end to this nutty cult of white christian flagelation. Go ask these preachers, why did god put white men on Earth? To be blended out of existance in a genocide of massive proportions? Now what man of god wants that, now what man of god will be held responsible for this?

  25. I was a Southern Baptist in my youth tho it’s been quite awhile since I’ve been to church. I see where this was weasled in under the noses of Conservative White Christian Baptists, we believe no one should be turned away at church, even homosexuals, coloreds, etc. At the same time it was understood that things like homosexuality are a sin and anyone who is serious about becoming a Christian has to stop doing the immoral things they did before. I’m sure soon enough there will be gay marriage and openly gay ministers, sunday school teachers, deacons, etc in the once proud bastion of Southern Christians that was formerly the Southern Baptist Church.

  26. RobRoy – another winner! I am TRYING to counteract these mental cases I know, who keep saying “It’s not Scriptural” whne I tell them about Racial survival. There are approx 41 admonitions AGAINST Race Mixing, in the Bible, ad I keep getting, “It’s not Scriptural”. All because this one woman has “…good Haitian and Mexican friends”.


  27. You didn’t mention that functionally, Christianity encourages whites to makes lots of babies. They say marry anyone you want to, but people overwhelmingly choose partners of their own race. It’s the only outlet in the Western world in which it’s still not taboo to tell white people to have lots of kids. Leftists can’t stand this.

    Also, those big church organizations are like politicians. They will adapt to what people want, or the competition will.

  28. It is getting really bad out there.

    Perhaps White Christians should return to the catacombs and maintain their doctrinal purity there (It worked 2,000 years ago!) during these new literally Dark Ages of the Black Run America.

  29. Five years ago, I would have used this as ammunition to justify atheism and to blame Christianity for setting us down the path to racial suicide. Since I have moved beyond the White Nationalist world, I have arrived at a more mature understanding of this subject.

    Lol. Yep, you’re still an asshole. Not that I’ve identified as a WN in years, but, I bet you can go back in your archives (if they go back far enough) and find me defending Christianity against you. There are lots of Christian and pro-Christian WNs. It doesn’t take a genius to see there’s a lot to work with in Scripture. You ever sat down and read a variety of translations of OT law? Don’t blame your stupid (former) position on WNs.

  30. He has also endorsed race-mixing and even allows interracial couples to come to his service.

    You make it sound as if he has a choice. I’m genuinely curious – does he? I honestly don’t know what the law is or how much control church authorities have over their memberships vis-a-vis race.

    Let us put an end to this nutty cult of white christian flagelation. Go ask these preachers, why did god put white men on Earth? To be blended out of existance in a genocide of massive proportions? Now what man of god wants that, now what man of god will be held responsible for this?

    Indeed. Why did God create the races in the first place? Why did he give them such wildly different traits? It sounds like heresy to me, the idea that God wants something He created to be destroyed, and didn’t tell us. Obviously it’s MAMMON who wants this thing carried through, not God. If God had wanted to mix the races, why did He set the Hebrews against the Canaanites and the rest? Why did He command the Hebrews to destroy them, to run them off? Why did He command them not to mix with them, not to take their daughters into their bloodlines? Sure, the whole thing is couched in religion, but their religion was ethnocentric; if He really meant it was all about religion sans ethnocentrism, why did he sentence ALL the Canaanites & co. to the same fate? He made no exceptions for the genuine converts, the righteous Canaanites, etc. He made an explicitly ethno-religious ruling and the Hebrews followed it.

    And no, this isn’t just a Hebrew thing. The Hebrews lost their exclusive covenant with God and the Christians got the new covenant. And none of the old law passed away, so no, that new covenant does not leave behind the ethno- part of the ethno-religion.

    If Christianity is “anti-racist,” and the parable of the good Samaritan was about “anti-racism,” why did Jesus pick a Samaritan for his parable? The Levant was the crossroads of the world in Jesus’ lifetime. If he was peddling “anti-racism,” why did he pick the Samaritans for his tale of diversity and aw-shucks, anybody can be moral? The Samaritans were, what, 3/4s Hebrew? At the time, there was a huge controversy among the Hebrews over whether the Samaritans were Jews or not. That’s why he chose the Samaritans; they were the opposite of the group he’d choose if he’d been pushing “anti-racism.” He had far more alien peoples to work with if “anti-racism” had been his goal; black Africans, white Europeans, Asians near and far, etc. “Anti-racism” wasn’t his goal; he was preaching to the brothers not to reject the 3/4s or 7/8s Hebrews, because they might be more about the Hebrews than the full Hebrews.

    Remember the foreign gal who came to Jesus and asked him to heal her child? He told her he had come only for the sons of Israel. HMMM, I wonder what he meant by that? WHO was he referring to? That’s right – fellow Hebrews. So he outright rejected this woman’s plight and request to heal her dying child, because she wasn’t from the right tribe/race. Then she redoubles her efforts, saying that even dogs may beg for scraps from the master’s table. It’s only then, when she bows and scrapes and recognizes her tribal/racial betters, that he relents and grants her request.

    But yeah, Jesus was “anti-racist.” What a laugh.

  31. THAT is how you deal with rice Christians who serve Mammon. You expose them as heretics, you illuminate the scripture they pretend to serve, but actually reject and subvert.

  32. God is clearly a “racist.” God is eternal and unchanging, and clearly the stuff he got up to in the OT is “racist.” If he was a “racist” then, he’s a “racist” now, because God doesn’t change for the New York Times.

    It’s the Christians who want to work “anti-racism” into Christianity who are wrong. It’s the Christians who presume to retcon God’s “racism” out of Christianity who are heretics. They serve Mammon, fawn and bow and scrape for the world, when they should be worried about God.

    P.S., yes, I’m still an agnostic; I’m strictly a cultural Christian.

  33. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” This is a nice example of “anti-racist” scripture, right? WRONG. Lev 19:18: “Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against a fellow Israelite, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.” That’s the New Living Translation but the other translations are pretty close. Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against your fellow tribesmen; love your fellow tribesman as you love yourself. THAT is what “neighbor” actually means in the Bible; your fellow tribesman. This passage makes no sense otherwise.

  34. You find a preacher/minister/pastor with his heart in the right place, and you work his ass in private every chance you get. You establish at the outset that you expect your conversations to be private, and get his word, hand on his book, that they will be. Then, if he turns on you, you can tell the entire congregation that he made an oath on the Bible to keep your theological conversations private.

    So work on that minister, and gradually erode his naive, Mammon-inspired beliefs in “anti-racism” and the rest. If he takes his faith seriously, it’ll have an effect.

  35. Don’t blame your stupid (former) position on WNs.

    Christianity is just one example of how WNs erect unnecessary barriers between White people and racial awareness. There are many others.

  36. It is hoped that this discussion will continue, in a comprehensive way, as this is one of the major planks by which our folk-community will rise or fall.

    Assessing the ‘faith’ of any people is a delicate one but, as history has shown, a reassessment of all our structures is necessary if we are to facilitate a reasonable and determined outcome. It is hard to ‘pull teeth’, and this is precisely what it is like to attempt this – the pain will, most certainly, be the same.

    The ‘faith of our fathers’ is a catchy phrase to the uninitiated, yet the faith of our fathers was much deeper than the ‘christianity’ of today – in fact, the robust and simple faith of yesteryear was made possible by the very racial sense of ‘community’ inherent in young and vibrant peoples – after all, early Christianity was completely ‘aryanized’ by the 1500’s, and maintained a cohesive and ineluctable passion for the extension of the ‘racial community’, a far cry from what we see today.

    Many young White Nationalists have developed a contempt for Christianity. They view it as passive, weak and ineffective. They argue that it is a “semitic religion” designed to weaken us. They turn instead to Christian identity or paganism. Ironically, while the Jews are frightened of Christianity, White Nationalists view it as too wimpy and passive. Who is right?

    In the spirit of our time, we should ask whether T.S. Eliot’s poetic image is accurate. Do we really have “Christ the Tiger?”

    In part, we have become the victims of our own declining literacy. Few Christians understand that all modern Jews are “Pharisees,” believers in the “oral law” passed down in the Talmud.

    Christ the Tiger had a few words about the Talmud and Talmudic (Halachic) reasoning.

    Let’s review them:

    “Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples,

    “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. So you must obey them and do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.”

    Could Christ the Tiger give a more clear warning about double dealing and saying one thing while doing another? Must Christians ignore his words?

    The above was part and parcel to the common attitudes and nomenclature when I was young, and it seems to be the same today – either way, it is obvious that this type of discussion has forever left us with empty promises; this does not discount the ‘soul saving’ implications of Christianity, yet, to be sure, I have always had a problem with the hubris of Christians generally, as their prima facie evidence of anything sacerdotal is nothing more than an overriding feeling of inclusion within the framework of ‘redemption’, and little else.

    Every picture of Christ, with the exception of Blake, seems to be settled in the sands of faraway nations removed, entirely, from our common source; the adoption of these methods and functions does not, a kinsman make. Moreover, it is flesh and bone, that primal and reasonably obvious marker, which make us white-ethnics, racialists, implicit ethno-nationalists (WN’sts all) and the like, different from our fellows – and this is not a negative, but simply a classification which our fellows must decide is either right or wrong for the future of their children.

    Ultimately, ‘christianity’ has left the Folk – not the other way around – and this only because of its human proselytes, those who maintain a certain public leadership. Humanity, that is, white humanity, is fickle, and ‘belief’ and ‘faith’ is a mainstay within our community, but this is only as beneficial as it benefits the whole ethno-state, anything else is compromise and death.

    We live in a time in which there is much talk about “religious freedom”, and it is assumed that beliefs about the supernatural are a “private matter” which every individual has a right to determine for himself. Thus we have the dogma about the “separation of church and state” which was one of the basic principles of the American Constitution and survives today as one of the few bases of that Constitution that have not been officially repudiated or covertly abrogated (but this, as we all know, has a more, shall we say, sinister reason for being, at least it is being ‘used’ by sinister individuals).

    This conception of religion is a recent one. It was a novelty when the Constitution was written, and it was then a compromise that many of our people accepted only reluctantly. It has consequences that very large segments of our population are unwilling to accept today; it is now a source of infinite sophistry, hypocrisy, chicanery, and puzzlement amongst our various divisions.

    We must therefore remind ourselves that religion is historically a ‘social phenomenon’ and a concern of the ethnic-national collective much more than of the individual. From the earliest history of our race to the present, religion has, in varying degrees, served three distinct purposes: as a political bond, as a sanction for social morality, and as a consolation for individuals. These three functions became so intertwined that at any given time in our history, including the present, they seem inextricably interwoven, but to distinguish them clearly, we may consider them separately.

    These functions of religion are to ‘affirm’ political cohesion; it has retained this function almost to our own time. When the unity of Christendom was shattered by the Reformation and it became clear that it would not be easy for either the Catholics or the Protestants to exterminate the other party, an early compromise was the doctrine of cuius regio, eius religio. By agreeing that the ruler’s religion was to be that of all of his subjects (except of course, the Jews, who were always given special privileges), men hoped to maintain the effective unity of each state, and that was a political purpose that atheists could and did recognize as expedient.

    The religio-political implications run very deep when we discuss faith or religion, as it becomes at once supra-personal, and intra-personal; yet the White Nationalist position has always placed race as its a priori in all philosophical discussions – white nationalism has, traditionally, left ‘religion’ to the individual, yet felt akin to those ‘Christian identity’ converts in the past, simply because their inductive, perhaps counter-intutitive inclinations, placed race on the same level as faith. This seems to have changed over the years proof, I submit, that however one packages ‘christianity’ (as we know it today) it will fail the ultimate test – that of the survivability of our ethno-state.

    It is doubtful, H, that your newly commissioned advance, at the exclusion of ‘white nationalism’, and indirectly your reaffirmation of your ‘bedrock’ Southron ‘religious’ upbringing (as you are eloquently displaying daily in your posts) will do anything but add to the already prodigious volume of ‘Christian vs. anti-Christian’ dialogue which, perforce, has sapped so much energy and direction from our ethnic-nationalist imperative; White Nationalism has avoided, for the most part, this ineluctable parody of Dante’s inferno, as most white nationalists, whether they realize it or not, have forsaken this alien and vindictive position, and have embraced the value and intrinsic racial spirit of their ancestors.

    When one presents hypothesis and analytical devices, it would serve both the individual and his audience if, and this is a big ‘if’, the discussion takes into account a long-term association of nomenclature and strategic imperatives, rather than, willy nilly, changing ones views, thereby leading the ‘flock’ into conflicting areas of thought; one must, on the contrary, develop an eschatology intrinsic to the development of the whole, fastidiously shaping this world-view. Voicing one’s opinion brings with it responsibility and obligation, which far out-weighs the immediate corollaries of filling empty blogs.

    In the final analysis, religion will, and does, play an important part within the spirit of our Folk. The ‘reactionary’ element, which is perceived as a ‘negative’ aspect of WN’sm by some here is, nevertheless, considered a healthy and inevitable defense mechanism by those who are daily disenfranchised by those Institutions you highlighted above; this will continue and become much more intense, as the doors are increasingly shut against us. Theoretically, your position, in fact your ‘optimism’, in exhorting those readers and contributors to not stay away but, instead, continue to work ‘inside’ is a naïve, albeit noble injunction, and will simply prolong the inevitable. Moreover, unless these believers are able to ‘place themselves’ behind the pulpit (either directly or through their influence), their placement is marginal, and will be subsumed.

    What to do?

    Continue our political and rhetorical attacks, perhaps even making our positions known and felt in the congregation – in lieu of this, one would consider starting their own ‘private’ gatherings (like Christians did in the past), and then en masse travel to these ‘churches’ in question, and encourage dialogue which favors our position.

    If redemption is your clarion call, by all means continue to support that institution which propounds this; if the survival of your ethnic-state is your objective, maintain the WN’st position of an educated and devout appreciation of your racial imperatives, and look at race as your religion. The rest will follow.

    Nevertheless, your coverage of this subject and the many others you consistently bring to light, is healthy; the dialogue which always ensues is quite illuminating.

  37. Exodus 22:21 (I’ll just quote the NLT unless stated otherwise): You must not mistreat or oppress foreigners in any way. Remember, you yourselves were once foreigners in the land of Egypt.

    Some would like to expand that into a blanket ban on stopping immigration, or an order to assimilate the other, but that doesn’t hold water. The Levant was the crossroads of the world, and even 2,000 years ago, Hebrews were probably wheelers and dealers. So their law told them not to molest or harass the stranger traveling in their lands. But this is not a blanket mandate for acceptance or assimilation, by any means. It’s just a modus vivendi; don’t crack foreigners’ skulls, because you have to trade to prosper and you can’t trade with foreigners if you’re cracking their skulls. Enforcing immigration law or rejecting integration/assimilation are nowhere near what this passage is about.

    Obviously those who would take this out of context and assume it means we have to assimilate foreigners en masse, or tolerate mass immigration, have lost the plot.

    Exodus 22:20 (NLT again): Anyone who sacrifices to any god other than the Lord must be destroyed.

    So clearly, blanket tolerance is not the order of the day. Clearly, Christians are not to suffer Muslims, or south America pseud0-Christians.

  38. Exodus 22:25: If you lend money to any of my people who are in need, do not charge interest as a money lender would.

    In other words, don’t charge interest on loans to your co-tribalists. Interest on loans to others is fine.

  39. Exodus 23:24: You must not worship the gods of these nations or serve them in any way or imitate their evil practices. Instead, you must utterly destroy them and smash their sacred pillars.

    There’s tolerance for you. 🙂

  40. Christianity is not the problem.

    (1) Christianity flourished in the American South for three hundred years. The Jim Crow South had the most elaborate racial regime in world history.

    Thus, no one can say that Christianity and White racial consciousness are incompatible, as historically speaking, the two advanced across North America, Africa, and Australia together, along with republicanism.

    If White racial consciousness is incompatible with Christianity, then someone has to explain why we are all sitting here today, in a country that was created entirely at the expense of the indigenous inhabitants by White Christians.

    (2) The Jim Crow South and Apartheid South Africa were overthrown by hostile outside forces. If Christianity had been the problem, then American history would have turned out differently.

    The South would have succumbed to its own racially corrosive preaching, but that is not what happened here. The Southern Baptist Convention officially condemned “racism” in 1995.

    Clearly, the Southern Baptists, Southern Methodists, and Southern Presbyterians are just going along with “anti-racism” which is the dogma that is propagated by every other institution in our society, especially by the government and universities, which were pushing this view long before it became mainstream and popular here.

    (3) There are still millions of White Americans who are racially conscious. The overwhelming majority of Whites who disapprove of illegal immigration, affirmative action, and interracial marriage are White Christians.

    If Christianity was incompatible with White racial consciousness, then there would be a strong negative correlation between the two instead of a strongly positive one.

    Any fair assessment of Christianity would conclude that it can cut both ways.

    Look at the Puritans in New England and Colonial Virginia: in both cases, the English colonists attempted to convert the Indians and were willing to mix with them, but that changed in light of the hostile reception they kept getting.

    Christianity didn’t start out as a racial religion, but it became one in Virginia and Massachusetts through the Indian Wars. Similarly, while Christianity is anti-racist in our times, that doesn’t mean it has always been (see the Confederacy or Apartheid South Africa) or always will be anti-racist.

    The Christian tradition is so deep and versatile that it can be invoked to justify almost anything, racially speaking. You can be for capital punishment or against capital punishment depending upon your interpretation of theology.

  41. Faustus,

    My view is that Christianity can be either racialist or anti-racist. Where I live, Christianity has been “racialist” for the vast majority of our history, and the majority of people who live around here are still racially conscious and pro-White and conservative, even if they are Southern Baptists.

    The Southern Baptist Convention endorsed amnesty for illegal aliens, but Southern Baptists are strongly against illegal immigration, and Alabama just passed the toughest anti-illegal immigration law in America.

    I don’t see anything to be gained from abandoning our real world institutions, substituting a private fantasy world for them, and venting our frustrations on the internet in anonymity.

    The only thing that effectively accomplishes is:

    (1) Deliberately isolating ourselves

    (2) Creating an unnecessary obstacle between us and our peers

    (3) Ensuring that anti-racist voices face no opposition which only reaffirms their legitimacy

    Alternatively, I can look at the polling data which shows that, say, 50 percent of Republican voters in Mississippi openly say they are opposed to interracial marriage, and the other polling data which is cited here all the time, and conclude that WNs are actually only a small fraction of people who are “pro-White” in America.

    That needs to be repeated: WNs are a small minority among American racialists. The vast majority of White people who are racially conscious in America have never heard of WN before. It is kind of like the Ron Paul movement which is ubiquitous on the internet but “a mouse that roared” in the real world.

    That also speaks volumes about why the movement never goes anywhere: it cannot even connect with the majority of Whites who agree with the WN position on race!

    Why should I be involved in my community?

    If you live in a Southern state like Alabama, chances are there are a lot of people who go to your local church who privately share your racial views, who you would never encounter on the internet.

    The same is true of almost every other form of community activity around here. What sense does it make to withdraw from a society that is already implicitly to explicitly pro-White to a significant degree? What sense does it make to erect unnecessary barriers to bringing people on board who are already explicitly racial?

  42. The more I study, the more I think that Christianity is inherently ethnocentric.

    The OT is clearly ethnocentric. The God of the OT was clearly ethnocentric. The new covenant of the NT basically takes away the Hebrews’ status as God’s chosen people and gives it to all of humanity. But that just means the ethnocentrism of the covenant of the OT is passed on to all of humanity; universal separatism, universal ethnocentrism.

    I sure as hell don’t see any rice Christians taking “There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female” to mean Israel mustn’t exist, Jews mustn’t exist, feminism mustn’t exist, etc. So why should Christians take “anti-racists” or Jews seriously when they try to foist that passage off on us as “anti-racist”?

  43. Christianity basically makes Jews into just another group of heathens who must step up and accept Christ if they want to get square with God. The Jews given warm(er) welcome in the NT are long gone, having long since assimilated into the surrounding Christian population. Which makes the current Jew-worship a heresy.

  44. ‘Christianity is just one example of how WNs erect unnecessary barriers between White people and racial awareness.’

    Believe it or not one could recommend that Whites should look to Blacks when it comes to these religious matters!

    They put Race first and religious issues are placed into a secondary position.

    Look at how the Christian liberation theologian Rev. Jeremiah Wright gets along with the Muslim Louis Farrakhan! Do they let petty theological arguments get in the way? Heck no! This is what Whites need to do! If it is alright for darkies, why not us? Race before Grace!

  45. Excellent point.

    Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians … all of them are Christians … none of them have any problem reconciling Christianity with their racial identity.

    South Korea and the Philippines are Christian nations. You don’t see either of these nations committing racial suicide.

    This is a peculiarly White problem. It is also a very recent problem. The British were Christians and they managed to colonize North America and Australia. They conquered much of Africa and ruled over the Middle East.

    If Christianity was inherently anti-racist, then the slave trade would have never existed, and Christians would have meekly surrendered to the Saracens, Turks, and Mongols.

  46. Svigor: “The more I study, the more I think that Christianity is inherently ethnocentric.”

    Tell that to the Jews and Greeks who are one in Jesus Christ. An ethnocentric religion would be, unlike inherently universalist Christianity, ethnically exclusive.

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