Countdown With Hunter Wallace

June 21, 2011, Year Three of The Anointed One, Barack Hussein Obama

Black Run America

The clock is ticking down on Black Run America. There are too many good stories to analyze today to single out any particular one for special attention.

In honor of Keith Olbermann’s return last night on Current TV, I am calling this post: Countdown With Hunter Wallace.

These and other stories are making the news ….

(1) Update: Jefferson County Implosion

As we saw the other day, Jefferson County, Alabama (home of the Birmingham metropolitan area) is on the verge of bankruptcy because of the $3.2 billion sewer debt it racked up under Larry Langford, the former African-American Mayor of Birmingham, who is now serving a 15 year sentence in federal prison for bribery and corruption charges.

Langford pimped out Jefferson County public debt to Wall Street in exchange for jewelry, expensive clothes, and cash donations. Jefferson County taxpayers are now reeling from savage cuts in public services. Sheriff’s office deputies will no longer be around to work traffic accidents.

Gov. Robert Bentley is meeting with Jefferson County commissioners to clear the path toward bankruptcy. Now that the Alabama Supreme Court has struck down the occupational tax, Jefferson County has drawn its last straw and will be one of the first major urban dominoes to fall in the collapse of Black Run America.

(2) “Extremist” and “Racist” Increasingly Mocked By Conservatives

Another one of our major themes here has been the attention we have been giving to hardening White racial attitudes colliding with rising African-American and Hispanic expectations in the context of Black Run America’s long term economic decline.

It is a sign of these changing times that the DWL accusation of “racism” has lost much of its former sting. At National Review, Mona Charen observes that the charge of “extremism” is being used ever more frequently by defensive DWLs, and is starting to replace the old charge of “racism.”

The more “extremist” is used by DWLs to defend Barack Hussein Obama and to describe the likes of Jon Huntsman or Mitt Romney, the less seriously that charge is taken by White people, which is also good for us.

The same is true of “racist” which has recently been stuck to John McCain of all people (after all he has done for illegal aliens in this country) for drawing attention to the fact that illegal aliens started the massive Arizona wildfire.

(3) The White Working Class, not Hispanics, Will Decide 2012

Don’t miss this article in The New Republic.

In spite of all the attention that has been given to “the Hispanic vote,” it is the White working class which will decide the 2012 election, and determine the fate of Barack Hussein Obama.

Midwestern states like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana are dominated by White working class voters. The major reason that 2010 was such a blowout for Democrats is that elderly Whites and the White working class revolted against Democrats in unprecedented numbers.

In 2008, Obama lost the White working class by 18 points, but in 2010 Democrats lost the White working class by 30 points. Obama will lose in 2012 if the White working class in those states turn against Democrats again.

Obama’s electoral problems in the Midwest have been dramatically compounded by the fact that blacks are moving out of the Rust Belt cities to places like Georgia where Whites are far more racial and conservative.

The black vote makes far more of a difference in Illinois than Alabama.

(4) Hispanics Won’t Save Obama in 2012

Finally, Forbes has called attention to what we have been saying all along here, which is that Hispanics can’t possibly save Obama in 2012 from his erosion in support among the White electorate.

Where do Hispanics live in America? 75 percent of the Hispanic population lives in California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Arizona, New Jersey and Colorado.

Obama is going to win Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and California with or without Hispanics. Some of those Blue States have also lost votes in the electoral college.

Republicans are going to win Texas and Arizona. That leaves Florida and Colorado on the table.

In Florida, Obama’s numbers have been underwater ever since the “slow response” to the Gulf Oil Spill and his destruction of NASA, and the Sunshine State has disproportionately suffered from the collapse of the housing bubble.

There are lots of elderly and college educated White voters in Florida that have turned against Obama in the last three years. At this point, it would take a miracle to win them back; tellingly, the death of Osama bin Laden wasn’t even enough..

In 2010, Republicans swept the Florida governorship, state legislature, congressional races. Obama can’t possibly win Florida in 2012 without a dramatic swing in support among White voters there.

Colorado has a lot of college educated Whites and young Whites who were Obamaniacs in 2008. As we have seen, many of those Obamaniacs are now Boomerangs, and they are unlikely to support Obama in 2012.

None of this matters anyway if Obama loses Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin which seems increasingly likely to happen.

The U.S. Census also includes illegal aliens in Hispanic population statistics. No one even knows how much of the Hispanic population growth has been driven by illegal aliens who are ineligible to vote for Obama.

(5) ICE To Use “Discretion” In Deporting Illegal Aliens

In light of Obama’s problem with disaffected militant Hispanics like Luis Gutierrez, who are pissed off that Democrats didn’t use their supermajority to pass “comprehensive immigration reform” in 2008 to 2010, it is no sure thing that even Hispanics will have a strong turnout for Obama in 2012.

To make up for this failure, Hispanic kingmakers like Luis Gutierrez have been demanding that Obama use his executive powers to make life easier for illegal aliens in this country in exchange for their support in 2012.

Obama has finally reciprocated by gutting ICE of its enforcement powers. This is a de facto amnesty of illegal aliens who are not violent offenders. It is not like BRA immigration laws were ever anything than a joke anyway.

(6) Job Depression Starting To Rival Great Depression

In U.S. News and World Report, Mort Zuckerman proves useful for once, and shows that the present job losses are so bad that they effectively wipe out every job gained in America since 2000, and this comes after Barack Hussein Obama added around $6 trillion dollars to the national debt.

Half the BRA jobs being created under Barack Hussein Obama are coming from temporary help agencies. Seven people now compete for every one job opening in the BRA economy.

This is a good article which is contains some important economic clues about the impending fiscal collapse of this increasingly insane system.

(6) College Board Shows Persistent Racial Gap in Education

The College Board has released a stunning new report which reveals that the racial gap in college and high school education has stubbornly conformed once again to “white supremacist” racial stereotypes.

After the passage of the “No Child Left Behind Act,” 70 percent of Asian men, 44 percent of White men, 28 percent of African-American men, and 16 percent of Hispanic men have an associate’s degree or higher.

How can this be in 2011, people?

(7) African-American Racial Gap in Unemployment at 16.2 percent

The official African-American unemployment rate has risen to 16.2 percent under Barack Hussein Obama. It is 17.5 percent for black males and 41 percent for black teenagers. That is Depression-era territory.

As hard as it is to believe, more African-Americans had jobs under George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan than they do under Barack Hussein Obama, but blacks still overwhelmingly support Obama because, you know, this is Black Run America.

The black unemployment rate is less important than it initially seems.

Unlike White people, African-Americans don’t have to work to support themselves. This is a Black World now.

African-Americans can live off the federal government with EBT cards and TANF welfare and Section 8 housing like more than 39 percent of African-Americans in Michigan and more than 22 percent of African-Americans in Virginia already do.

(8) New Book: Middle Class Black Women Should Marry White Guys

According to The Root, there is a new book coming out which urges middle class black women to marry White men, because black women (“single is the new black”) can’t find compatible mates (i.e., anything but sperm donors and domestic violence) among black men.

Unfortunately, we can say this scenario is highly unlikely to happen, as science has recently shown that black women are less attractive than women of other races. As you might expect, the clueless Asian professor who violating BRA racial etiquette in such an egregious way was quickly fired.

Why would a White man want to marry a black woman when he can marry a Ukrainian mail order bride or hook up with a lower class Asian or Hispanic woman? White men who dislike White feminist women have plenty of other options.

(9) “Diversity” Advancing In College Football

A new study has found that colleges are capitulating to political correctness and are hiring more black coaches in order to advance “diversity” in the NCAA.

If the ACC performance of the University of Virginia Cavaliers under Mike London last season (or Mississippi State under Sylvester Croom) was any indication of the wisdom of this policy, college athletic directors might want to reconsider this policy.

Black college athletes have a hard enough time getting into college and graduating with a degree in sociology or child daycare. Maybe they should leave coaching to men like Nick Saban or Gus Malzahn who have the brains to do it effectively?

Auburn and Alabama have too much at stake in their rivalry to take a chance on “diversity.”

(10) Michelle Obama in South Africa Fighting Apartheid

First Lady Michelle Obama is overseas traveling in South Africa fist bumping Jacob Zuma and Nelson Mandela. She went over there to “honor the legacy” of the fight against apartheid.

With the Secret Service around, Michelle and Sasha don’t have to worry about getting raped or worse in Black Run South Africa, the Rainbow Nation, which was turned into a police state to host the 2010 World Cup.

Raping women is one of South Africa’s favorite new past times under President Jacob Zuma. A child is raped every three minutes in Black Run South Africa. 1 out of 3 men in South Africa proudly claim to be rapists.

South Africa elected its first black president in 1994, Nelson Mandela. There have been nothing but black presidents ever since.

In 1993, Mandela’s son-in-law raped a University of Connecticut student, but he fled the country before he could be convinced and sent to prison.

South Africa, which is so full of rapists it exports them to America, still refuses to extradite Nelson Mandela’s rapist son-in-law to face criminal charges.

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  1. Your site gave me a little bit of hope. I just came from the Dallas Morning News website, where I comment every day. Every comment–mine or not– that mentions racial statistics is removed. Any post that mentions who runs the SPLC or the ADL is taken down immediately. It gets depressing. Dallas is consistently one of the top 3 cities for all areas of crime reported by the FBI for at least the past 10 years. It has gotten so bad that I am moving out to the country and homeschooling my kids. I only have one friend who “can see”, so your website and others are the only affirmation I get during the week. Thank you.

  2. Oops, I meant “gave” as in “just now”, not as in “used to”. I just re-read that I thought I should clarify. Thanks again.

  3. A few comments:

    (1) Stay tuned.

    Search the archives for “Color of Crime.” There are crime statistics (including interracial rape statistics for AL and NC) here for California, Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.

    There are also crime statistics for Chicago and Atlanta. Tomorrow, I am posting The Color of Crime: Tennessee.

    (2) If you haven’t already done so, check out and and

    (3) Search the archives for the “crime” tag or category. You will find all kinds of ammunition there.

    (4) We have “The Color of Welfare: Virginia” and “The Color of Welfare: Alabama.” There are specific posts about the racial breakdown of TANF welfare and EBT card usage in Michigan and Florida.

  4. “It has gotten so bad that I am moving out to the country and homeschooling my kids.”

    Edwood, you will look back and decide that’s one of the best choices you ever made 😉

  5. Hey Edward,

    God bless you and your great family. Home schooling is a great way to go – you’ll live in ways our great grand parents once lived. Your children will have the best teachers – you and your wife.

    And please understand that we at O.D. are pulling for you – you are never alone. Please share some positive, personal successes in your great life.

    Wishing you all the best.

    14 words

  6. Edwood -have you EVER called the Editor, and DEMAND they start writing about Race? Try it. Be aggressive. Forthright. Don’t yell – but have a focused RAGE in your voice. There should not be ONE shred of apology, or “tolerance”. Put is ALLon Them. That’s the stance. Remind them that the local IQ Orcs they champion do not read their rags. Sneer, as you state this fact. They must hear the sneer in your voice.

    Be aggressive. You are 110% RIGHT. THEY are a million perrcent WRONG. This should be your approach. You’ll get different sorts of reactions – but you’ll also get through.

  7. “illegals ineligible to vote”. We have no citizenship test for voting. 2012, certainly in any Democrat state or precinct, any and every wetback who walks into the polling place will be allowed to vote. Here in Santa Barbara, a “sanctuary city” thanks to 4 consecutive female Jew mayors, illegals + legal spics + Jews + white cosmics are a clear and growing majority. Still, HW, your faith in the electoral system is touching.

  8. Thanks, “Edwood” is actually a mixture of my maiden/married last names. My first name is rather unique and I don’t use it on comments. We should be moving next week. I am getting excited. Not much crime out where we’ll live. No more waking up because there’s a police helicopter shining its light into your backyard. We lived in a nice house in a nice white middle class community. Unfortunately, the area is also known for its “diversity” due to the low-rent cheapo condos and section 8 apartments. The dichotomy was surreal, you have $200K+ houses (up to the $1 million houses) going to the same schools as the section-8-ers.

  9. CF,

    Thank Providence, and thank our wise ancestors, for the electoral college.

    The wetbacks are concentrated in a handful of states. Once a state’s electoral votes have flipped to blue, getting ever bluer matters not one whit. A million more total popular votes (i.e., illegals voting) for Obama in CA gains him not even one more electoral vote.

    You know what would be awesome? A total rout, like Reagan v. Carter in 1980, 49 states to 1, or 46 to 4, or some such. I don’t know if such a thing is even possible anymore, but it would be fun. I’ve got no love for the Repugs, but hoo boy, imagine the joy of rioting and torching Korean shopkeepers the blacks will have if Obama loses.
    THAT kind of poor-loser-ship on the part of blacks will harden some White, formerly bleeding, hearts. Bring it on!

  10. Is this wishful thinking, Hunter?

    The illegals have been counted. The electoral college adjustments have been made.

    We know mestizos lack dynamism, particularly of the sort required to put down the beer and read the newspaper to figure out one’s voting precinct.

    If the illegals in CA DON’T show up to vote and the (privately disaffected) DWLs and working class Whites DO, could CA possibly turn red this go-round, tossing its extra EC votes into the Anti-Obama column? Wow, that would be epic.

  11. There’s nothing the chattering classes hate more than working-class whites.

    Undoubtedly, when you scratch a Washington elitist, you either (a) find a short line of do-nothing public servants leading back to coal miners or (b) a long line of do-nothing socialites leading back to some recent peasant turned bourgeois in England.

    I think the meme is spreading on both sides of the divide that self-rule is what both blacks and whites want. That means two different nations.

    The only question is who gets what.

  12. If you “scratch” a “Washington Elitest” – you get a whole lotta yelling , and threats of lawsuits et al, and DC is Tel Aviv West. England? Nahhhh….the Eastern European shtetl lineage, is what infests the Disaster on the Potomac.

  13. Hunter, I must say that your ‘Color of Crime’ series is extremely helpful.

    Follow your instincts with a dash of empiricism; I only wish that our corporate side was there to pay you for your services.

  14. Faustus says:
    June 22, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    “Hunter, I must say that your ‘Color of Crime’ series is extremely helpful.”

    Ditto. “The Color of Crime” series has been excellent, along with this “Countdown” article. The whole site is a refreshing counterpoint to the likes of Stormfront, VNN, Occidental Observer and so on.

  15. the Jefferson County implosion was one of the best kept secrets of 2011. I had to come here to get info on it. NCLB was a joke that allowed the unscrupulous to bill taxpayers for services that were unprovided. I should know, I was in it.

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