Countdown: A Very Different Ballgame

What do we want? Black Power!

Black Run America

As my research into the “Civil Rights Movement” in Alabama begins to focus on Stokely Carmichael (aka “Kwame Ture”) and SNCC in the Black Belt, there are five related stories about “black power” making headlines to which I want to draw your attention:

(1) Jamaica: We Made a Mistake

Via CofCC.

Black Jamaicans are now convinced that independence was a mistake. They want to be back in the British Empire, not because they particularly like White people, but because they want to live off the welfare state like their African-American counterparts.

This is why there will never be a “black ethnostate.” Unlike Whites, blacks don’t want to live in homogeneous areas under black control. The majority black counties in the Alabama Black Belt are losing population.

Macon County, Alabama would have collapsed decades ago without federal welfare spending. The parts of the South that are attracting blacks are predominantly White metropolitan areas like Charlotte and Atlanta.

(2) Detroit: Motor City Resurgence

The New York Times is peddling the lie that Detroit is on the verge of a “resurgence.” DWLs have been talking about a “Detroit Renaissance” for twenty years now.

Essentially, Detroit will do anything to get the White people to come back and pay taxes. Mayor David Bing is trying to recruit a bunch of hipsters to gentrify the city and is boasting about some limited success.

Detroit and Jamaica are black holes like Birmingham and Tuskegee where “black power” was a catastrophic social and economic failure.

(3) Black Judge Strikes Down Michigan Affirmative Action Ban

In Michigan, a three judge panel on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down Michigan’s ban on affirmative action.

The Clinton appointed black judge R. Guy Cole argued that repealing the constitutional amendment, “unconstitutionally alters Michigan’s political structure by impermissibly burdening racial minorities.”

If these “minorities” propose unpopular public polices that fail to attract White support for a legislative remedy, well, this is a black world now, and that qualifies as an “impermissible burden” that violates the 14th Amendment.

The 14th Amendment is being interpreted here to mean giving “minorities” anything they want because to do otherwise would impose an “impermissible burden” on Black Run America.

This will go to the Supreme Court.

(4) Do Minorities Have Too Much Power?

There is a new four page article by Ronald Brownstein in the National Journal about our favorite topic, hardening White racial attitudes.


– 10 percent of Whites say “minorities” have too much power in the Republican Party, 33 percent say “about right,” 40 percent say “too little” and 17 percent “don’t know.”

– 30 percent of Whites say “minorities” have too much power in the Democratic Party, 42 percent say “about right,” 16 percent say “too little,” and 14 percent “don’t know.”

– 25 percent of Whites say “minorities” have too much influence over the political process, 45 percent say “about right,” 23 percent say “too little,” and 7 percent “don’t know.”

In contrast, 60 percent of African-Americans say they have too little influence, 64 percent say they have too little influence over the Republican Party, and 43 percent say they have too little influence over the Democratic Party.

Black Run America (BRA) is not yet powerful enough in the eyes of African-Americans. Whites are not fully awake to the crisis they are facing.

Listen to this:

“And yet, at its core, the new dynamic of racial politics revolves around a single inescapable, and irreversible, fact: As the nation grows more diverse, white voters’ ability to determine the outcome of elections and the distribution of political power is diminishing.”

Unlike American Indians, White people are expected to be overjoyed about an immigration policy that is pushing us into minority status and stripping us of our political power.

“Historically, white majorities have governed in America,” says Emory University professor Merle Black, who has written extensively on race and politics. “And what we’re really talking about is whether white majorities are going to govern in the future. It’s a very different ball game—a very different America.”

If the projections are right, there will be 400 million people in Nigeria in 2050 after it runs out of oil, and Barack Hussein Obama will succeed in laying a “New Foundation” for the American economy.

BRA will go bankrupt long before that happens. You can’t run America like Detroit or Tuskegee and expect it to be sustainable in the long run. That only works on the periphery, not in the wealth producing core.

In the videos below, Stokely Carmichael (later Kwame Ture) boasts about recent triumphs for the “black power” movement in Alabama and Georgia. He is referring to places like Lowndes County which we will get to eventually.

Barack Hussein Obama is destroying America in much the same way that Carmichael and his friends took over and destroyed so many American counties and cities in the 1960s and 1970s.

All we have to do to precipitate the collapse of BRA is give blacks the power they desire. They will wreck the economy, which will lead to “austerity measures,” which will unleash racial chaos by the American Interahamwe.

(5) Nicholas Kristof Tours Africa

Nicholas Kristof is a walking caricature of the DWL.

Kristof can always reliably be found at the scene of disaster and is now touring sub-Saharan Africa. He has somehow managed to convince himself that Africa has a bright future.

From Morocco we flew south to Nouakchott, the sleepy capital of Mauritania. I had been a bit disappointed that no pro-democracy protests in Morocco or Mauritania coincided with our visits — but we did stumble across a melee in Nouakchott. Its target: us.

A Mauritanian host took us to the open fish market, and we strolled through. Suddenly a very large fishmonger grabbed Thomas, outraged by the camera dangling from his neck, and suddenly dozens of others were milling around us and shouting. One of our drivers tried to pull the man off Thomas, and then fists were flying and our driver was suddenly in a headlock. We tried to retreat, and the original troublemaker let go of Thomas long enough to pick up a huge wooden pallet and attempt to smash it down on our vehicles. Fortunately, a policeman rushed over and helped us escape, and we never figured out quite why this tumult had happened. A fluke, I think.

As a DWL journalist, Kristof never asks real penetrating questions: what has “democracy” produced in Birmingham, Detroit, or Tuskegee? What has “independence” produced in Haiti or Jamaica?

Here’s the deal: European welfare spending has managed to temporarily reduce infant mortality and eliminate a few diseases in Africa.

In a few decades, this will produce a Holocaust in Africa when Europeans start retiring en masse and can no longer afford to sustain Bono’s philanthropic crusades in Africa when they are consumed by jihad from the banlieues, Camp of the Saints, and Greek-style fiscal collapse.

Update: A DWL female journalist goes to Haiti to cover the one year anniversary of the Haitian earthquake, fantasizes about being raped by a local, partakes in the experience, and then flies back to San Francisco, where she is diagnosed with PTSD.

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  1. All we have to do to precipitate the collapse of BRA is give blacks the power they desire.

    Yes! Obama 2012! Worse is better, for now.

    Don’t forget the role of neocons in bankrupting the country through their chickenhawk foreign adventurism.

  2. If you’re serious about chronicling the death of Detroit, I recommend the book ‘Violence in the Model City’, about the 1967 riots. The first several chapters are the most valuable as they show that Detroit negroes in 1967 earned, on average, more than whites outside Michigan did.

  3. Great sight, thanks for all your hard work. I especially enjoy (and use) your research into the truth of the Civil Rights movement. I used it (effectively, I think, as it got me kicked off the sight) in pointing out the pickle conservatives are in with regard to gay marriage (one of the least of this nation’s concerns at this moment). Sanctimonious white conservatives are worried and up in arms about the encroachment of gay rights/marriage. I simply pointed out that it is a logical step forward from the Civil Rights movement. Conservatives jumped on the civil rights bandwagon, and even place it at the center of what it means to be a Republican, now they have no logical defense against gay rights. The chicken has come home to roost. It will be interesting (and entertaining) to see conservatives try to differentiate the two.

  4. Regarding the coming African mega-famine when Whites can no longer feed them: The writer Jonathan Foer (“Everything is Illuminated”, and “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”) is saying that the West needs to give up meat so that the animals’ food can be given to the Third World. Insanity tolerated is insanity magnified.

  5. That article about the raped in Haiti ‘journalist’ is shocking really. I spend so much time now reading good , truthful, reality based material that I sometimes forget how SICK IN THE HEAD most women my age are today in the West.
    I felt like taking a shower after reading it

    Great stuff lately Hunter, yer doing a brilliant job here and I wish you continued success.

  6. ‘Yes! Obama 2012! Worse is better, for now.’

    It seems like the ‘Worse is better’ reasoning is even starting to seep into the pop culture!

    Having this meme already embedded into the psyche of Whites, awaiting to be activated, could be a tremendous aid to White Advocates in the future!

    ” At one point in the film, the Autobots willfully leave Earth after the United States government orders them to do so (thinking they bring with them more problems than they can help solve). Soon after this, the Decepticons completely destroy the city of Chicago – the entire city – as part of a plan to bring their own planet into our sun’s orbit and enslave mankind. It is no surprise that the Autobots return to save us, but Optimus’s reasoning for allowing Chicago to be wiped out before their doing so is inexcusable: “Your leaders needed to understand that the Decepticons will never leave your planet alone,” he says. So, what we have is Optimus Prime, the most virtuous character in Transformers mythology – and one of the most virtuous in all of pop culture – allowing an entire city to be destroyed to prove a point.

  7. Regarding the coming African mega-famine when Whites can no longer feed them: The writer Jonathan Foer (“Everything is Illuminated”, and “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”) is saying that the West needs to give up meat so that the animals’ food can be given to the Third World. Insanity tolerated is insanity magnified.

    Didn’t the Magic Negro and his handlers just create another meddling bureaucratic committee to oversee rural America. Ostensibly for economic growth but in reality to interfere in every aspect of the lives of hated “rednecks.” No doubt all kinds of “green” nonsense will be shoved even deeper down red state America. SWPL types will also use the opportunity to advance their cause of mandatory vegetarianism. If the magic negro had his way he very well could forbid rural whites from raising meat and instead divert their animal feed to “Bono” type causes.

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