Under Obama, The Heavens Wait … And The Jobs, Too

As America goes to space for the last time, Obama's economy nosedives


Under Barack Hussein Obama, President of Black Run America, this is where we are at today as a nation:

(1) The last space shuttle launched today because Obama cancelled the Constellation program which had spent $10 billion dollars over the course of five years.

(2) In November 2010 alone, the federal government spent $5.8 billion dollars on EBT cards; a record setting $64.7 billion dollars in FY 2010.

In one month, the federal government spent over twice as much on EBT cards as was invested last year in the Constellation program.

(3) The New York Times has a disingenuous editorial called, “In an Earthbound Era, Heaven Has To Wait.” In reality, “heaven has to wait” because BRA is bankrupt and Obama is president.

We spend more on EBT cards in four months than we do on NASA’s entire budget every year. The Brown Hole in Texas is the most voracious consumer of EBT cards in America.

(4) The June employment numbers have been released: 18,000 jobs were created in June. The pathetic May numbers, which received so much criticism, have been cut more than half to 25,000 jobs!

Please note that 125,000 jobs have to be created every month just to keep up with population growth.

How many of those Obama jobs were created by the McDonald’s job fair? At the time, the Obama administration said the McDonald’s jobs would be counted in the May employment numbers, not the April numbers.

In the press conference below, Obama urges Congress to pass new “free trade agreements” with Asia and South America. This is a reference to the South Korea, Columbia, and Panama free trade agreements.

More free trade?

All we have done for decades is pass new “free trade agreements.”

(5) Finally, somewhere between 7 and 35 African-American students took calculus in Oregon between 2009 and 2010. They will probably all be hired by NASA to help the Muslim world feel better about its scientific accomplishments.

Gosh, all you can do is laugh at this society and the transparent lies it is based upon (Clinton unleashed Wall Street and signed NAFTA), which by any reasonable standard is a failure. It is actually a hopeful sign that the space shuttle program is ending.

BRA was born when the space race was just getting started. Now that America is withdrawing from the space race to invest more money in EBT cards for African-Americans and Hispanics, this is a strong indicator that the end is near.

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  1. Remember how we used to regard “Survivalists” ? They were these crazy people that stockpiled food and water and ammunition and kept their weapons clean and oiled and they were sooooooo crazy. Remember?

  2. Concerning the calculus bullet, I took the course in Portland public schools my senior year. There were plenty of Black students in my classroom, but the teacher didn’t actually teach calculus – it was just the name of the course. Instead, she’d give us precalculus assignments or assign movies for us to watch – or give us tests and let us use advanced graphing calculators. Or we’d sit in a big circle and talk about liberal nonsense. I was basically a straight A student, and this was my first exposure to a ‘multiracial’ environment after transferring in from a smaller town. That was when I started waking up to reality, but it wasn’t until you posted this that I consciously realized the Black students were probably the reason the class was so dumbed down. After a few classes I just started sleeping in and skipping the course as a total waste of time. I still got an A.

    I guess something must have changed for the better between then and now, because my school isn’t one of the ones listed in the article.

  3. There is a great deal of ruin in a nation – Adam Smith

    In November 2010 alone, the federal government spent $5.8 billion dollars on EBT cards; a record setting $64.7 billion dollars in FY 2010. Really this is (relatively speaking) peanuts compared to, say, the money we’ve wasted in Iraq. This is why “the day the EBT cards stop working” isn’t coming anytime soon. A great many things will be sacrificed first. What we’ll have is a slow, grinding decline, a slower, larger version of South Africa, with the productive having their blood sucked every step of the way. Basically they are being turned into high-functioning serfs and will occupy that position until the bitter end, even after they’ve become a small minority. There will likely be no release through collapse any time for decades if not generations.

  4. Black youths may end the United States at any time they so choose. The slow grinding decline is less likely than large scale ethnic violence. I say America will be more like Yugoslavia.

  5. CofCC website even posted a story from Dublin Ireland, blacks there went on a racial rampage, and are being charged for it, surprise.

  6. The Milwaukee situation is going to be one to watch all summer. Then again, so is virtually ever major city – and minor – in the country. I hate to use the word exciting, since people could die, but we are witnessing something amazing thanks to Facebook, Twitter, cell phones, and a growing number of Web sites that document a truth that is no longer hidden in the back pages of major city newspapers.

  7. Jim: Things move much faster than in Adam Smith’s day, the 1700s. 90% of the population worked on farms, so as long as the rains fell and the sun shone, life went on. Modern societies are dependent on so much more than the weather, so many artificial arrangements, that they are far more fragile. Which is why the Powers That Be really do have to take extraordinary precautions, like canceling space exploration or closing state parks, in order to forestall the Day The EBT Cards Stop Working.

  8. The Constellation Program being scrapped is not the reason why the Shuttle is going away. Bush was the one who cancelled the Shuttle program.

  9. Mr. Wallace: Thanks for this informational website. I come here and to SBPDL, not to pound on blacks, but to check the pulse of whites. You see, there is really nothing wrong with blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Asians or whatnot. They all have a healthy sence of identity and wish to advance their culture and race. Regarding blacks, they do exactly how they have done for eons in Africa. Africa is a product of Africans, as Europe is a product of Europeans. It’s whites who are sick, whites are the only group not advancing their own interests or even worse, playing for the other team. You can’t blame them really, after 50 years of psychological warfare. I just pray we wake up before it’s too late!

  10. @RobRoy.

    This is true and it happened last October.Very,Very few people were aware that it had happened as the MSM simply described it as a street brawl.
    The arresting cop has described the attacks as “racially motivated”

    You can bet that he is in big trouble.

  11. Lew,

    Milwaukee citizens have concealed carry. It’s that simple. Chicago doesn’t.

    The wrong Mahogany Mob attacking the wrong white dude = chaos. As evidenced by the Mahogany Mob in Greenville, South Carolina (500 strong), the parents of the Black kids joined in harassing the white cops who tried to put a stop the melee.

  12. Paul,

    This recently happened in Columbus, GA which is about 25 minutes from Auburn. I’m sure it will lift your spirits:


    An attempt to break into an automobile outside a north Columbus residence went awry for three teens Sunday, with one being shot in the leg by the homeowner as they were fleeing, authorities said.

    Praquarius Morris, 17, Kiyon Harvey, 17, and Shaheem Williams, 18, all of Columbus, face various charges in the 5:20 p.m. Sunday incident at a Dearborn Avenue home, Columbus Police Lt. Lynn Joiner said Monday.

    “Two subjects came into the yard during that downpour and were entering one of the vehicles in the driveway,” Joiner said.

    That’s when the homeowner and his wife came out of their residence and tried to stop the two suspects who had a third person waiting in a nearby car, Joiner said.

    Amid the commotion, the male homeowner’s 8½-month pregnant wife was knocked to the ground, police said, though she wasn’t injured.

    As the suspects were fleeing toward their vehicle, the homeowner said he saw what appeared to be one of the teens brandishing a gun, so he fired his own pistol at them, striking Morris, the police report said.

    The suspects’ vehicle then left the scene and was involved in a hit-and-run accident near Dearborn Avenue and Miller Road, but did not stop, the report said.

    “One of the subjects in the car was struck in the lower leg by a bullet, so his buddies dropped him off at St. Francis Hospital and they kept going,” said Joiner.

    The suspect’s wound was not life-threatening, the police lieutenant said, with Morris being treated and released for questioning at the Columbus Police Department headquarters downtown.

    The other two suspects were eventually apprehended by police near the east end of the Welborn Drive area, where they apparently lived, Joiner said. No weapon was recovered, he said.

    “I think they were heading to somebody’s residence because the car belonged to one of their mothers,” the lieutenant said.

    Morris has been charged with aggravated assault, entering an automobile and criminal trespass. The aggravated assault charge stems from him allegedly pointing the vehicle at the home- owners.

    Williams is charged with simple battery, entering an automobile and criminal trespass. The simple battery charge stems from him allegedly knocking the pregnant homeowner down.

    Harvey is charged with criminal trespass and entering an automobile.

    Praquarius is Rihanna’s “man down.”

  13. Zero’s destruction of our Space Program is significant at a deep level. Whites are/were Promethean – explorers, conquerers, creators of real wealth. Mud People and their Jew masters simply take an existing system and suck the blood out of it until it collapses. That collapse will be the beginning of our salvation.

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