Rodney King Arrested For DUI

Rodney King arrested for DUI in California


BRA’s most famous motorist is back in the news: Rodney King was taken into custody this afternoon in Riverside County and charged with another DUI.

In light of the racist cops who refuse to leave Rodney King alone, I will link to CNN’s “Race and Rage: The Beating of Rodney King” documentary, which aired in March to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the Los Angeles Riots.

I was 12 years old when that happened. African-Americans were so pissed off about the obviously racist verdict in the Rodney King trial that they responded by burning down Los Angeles.

At the time, I didn’t understand why African-Americans were being portrayed as the victims when they were shooting people, looting stores, and burning down a major city on national television. I didn’t yet have the vocabulary to understand what I was seeing.

In related news, what the band Rage Against The Machine once described as “The Battle of Los Angeles” seems to be unfolding in that city, and I am not referring to the stupid movie about aliens.

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  1. BTW, people, and slightly off-topic… I am making a $50 donation towards Carter Strange’s $88K medical bills. [If you’re recall, Strange is the Columbia, S.C. youth savagely beaten by 8 oxygen thieves (race-dare-not-be-named).] I encourage all Occidental readers to help this family out if they can. Contributions can be made to either Wells Fargo or Wachovia:

    Carter Strange Medical Fund
    Accout #: 1010320860226

    Perhaps if enough $ is raised, a strong message of solidarity can be sent from the pissed off ranks of law-abiding , tax-paying citizenry.

  2. Negroes are a nightmare. Their Jew Patrons are worse. I do’t know if you fellows have seen the latest ourtage? Two monstrous Prognathics attacked 2 parking lot attendants, and the 2 young fellows fought back. With a machete 0 killing the son of the Chief Thug. The Negroes are decrying the innocence of the black beasts, and demanding “justice” re: the death of the younger thug.–Son-Fight-Parking-Attendants–Son-Gets-Stabbed-To-Death.html

    Anon – tell your Volk that Carter is lucky he lived. I wish him speedy recovery – and WHITE AWAKENING. Tell him to rise from his bed, and defend his Volk. The next “Carter” may not be so lucky. I will donate next month – my money is tapped, for this one.

  3. Anon- make up an ID for this site – and settle in. Hunter is one of the *best* analysts going. Check other links, too – the SBPDL, and Occidental Observer. Read, and learn.

    We aren’t “haters”. We are simply White People who do not accept our own extermination.

  4. Carter Strange’s medical fund # should end with “…126” (not 226.) Both Wachovia and Wells Fargo have accounts set up to receive aid to help this family out.

    ACCT. # 1010320860126

  5. Dear all, I well remember the Rodney King beating,I was in San Francisco at the time. I saw the first news cast of it, this very first news cast showed five police officers beating a man on the ground. One of the police officers was a black officer and I well remember that black officer kick the black man [Rodney King] in his back,I thought to myself at the time, the beaten black must have done some thing to deserve this beating as one of his own kind[black officer] was laying into him . A short time later maybe an hour that short part of the video where the black officer is seen beating King had been cut out and there after it is shown with only four White offices doing the beating who later on were charged with the assault. I also remember thinking at that time surely all Five of them[ officers] should have faced the same charge. You can see the thinking behind all this,the high up liberals saw that this was a wonderful opportunity to get at White cops, isolate the black cop from all wrong doing, get stuck into the White cops as evil wicked racist LAPD bigots which went round the world as that. Hence the RIOTS, thank you, you LIBERAL BIGOTS.

  6. I wish they would’ve burnt “El Lay” to the ground. It is the armpit of the state along with being the largest (by population) Mexican city besides Mexico City itself. As it was, they burnt the black part where they live, ‘natch…

  7. Scott H: The majority of the looting was done by Mexicans during the (Stacy) Koon riots, but they’re not stupid enough to actually burn their local markets. You see, Blacks, unlike Mexicans, don’t own most of the businesses that serve them.

  8. In other BRA news: The son of crackhead D.C. mayor Marion Barry is up on drug charges . . . something about PCP.

  9. Once again my gaydar has been proven right, Turns out that sissy seeming black CNN anchor Don Lemon is a big Cackpipe Astronaut.

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