Montgomery Advertiser Edition

OD establishes a beachhead in The Montgomery Advertiser


In an effort to garner a wider audience for the “hate truth” in the great state of Alabama, Occidental Dissent has launched a mirror blog on The Montgomery Advertiser.

We’re planning to discuss interesting topics there such as …

(1) The mythical black farmers of Barbour County.

(2) Who rides the bus now in Montgomery?

(3) How the stimulus package is being spent in Selma – over $9 million dollars so far – where no one can cut the grass, fix a pothole, or pick up the trash in front of the “Welcome to Selma” sign.

(4) The untimely demise of the Tuskegee Wal-Mart and its connection to the “food desert” in Macon County.

(5) Preparing ourselves for “The Day The EBT Card Stops Working.”

(6) The computers at the Birmingham Public Library which African-Americans are using to download pornography and perform lewd sexual acts in front of library staff.

(7) The impending bankruptcy of Jefferson County and its connection to the black hole in Birmingham.

(8) What to do if you find yourself in a 365Black situation such a “flash mob” of youths, a “strong arm” robbery, or a wilding attack at McDonald’s.

(9) The Color of Crime in Alabama with a special focus on interracial rape statistics and a comparative analysis with lynching in the Jim Crow era.

OD will be traveling to Montgomery soon to prepare material for the release of our very first “Intelligence Report” on “violent extremists” operating in the Montgomery metropolitan area.

Basically, what we want to do is to find out how many Tea Party extremists have been responsible for murders, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults in Montgomery, determine the race of the arrestees, identify the “high crime areas,” and plot their geographic distance to the SPLC.

It is our belief that Mark Potok isn’t reporting on the “violent extremists” operating within a 10 mile radius of his own house which the entire city of Montgomery seems to be moving away from.

I want to to stress here that Occidental Dissent practices “non-violence.” Unlike the African-American thugs who destroyed Montgomery Mall, the black serial rapist in Tuskegee who forced Whites to desert Macon County, or the “civil rights activists” in SNCC who integrated Montgomery’s Greyhound bus station, we do not use violence to achieve our objectives.

We rely upon “non-violent tactics” like financial audits, history lessons, and objective descriptions of reality which highlight the disconnect between the facts on the ground and how they are portrayed in BRA’s media.

With Gannett taking a 22 percent hair cut in the 2Q of 2011, the collapse of BRA’s Montgomery Advertiser can’t be that far away. Someone will have to move into the vacuum and become Central Alabama’s news leader.

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  1. Your page is currently reviewed by editors, Hunter. What, did you think they were just going to let you have a forum at their MSM paper? That would be like hiring you as a columnist!

    You may break through with or without getting a blog at an MSM paper, however. The subjects you focus on are very relevant to Alabamans, and Americans in general.

    People are just going to stop believing/worshipping the great god Mammon, when Mammon no longer delivers a nipple of automatic living.

    White civilization has made it possible for millions to live without producing anything. That’s why this era is so insane. Overshoot, it’s all about the overshoot.

    What people don’t get is it could all collapse just because of a failure in transportation — a disruption of the highway and rail systems. We have 3 days supply, and then we need another hit from the Midwest monoculture.

    Peak oil isn’t our biggest worry, it’s the maintenance of our fragile infrastrcuture that is.

    We invade the world, then we allow immigrants from the countries we bombed. I am ambivalent on this — I personally feel bad about the Iraq and Afghan invasions. If there’s any “white guilt” I feel guilty for those invasions, even though I was personally opposed to them and speaking out against them before they even happened.

    We all were, actually. The WN movement was prominent in the anti-war movement in 2001-2004. It was in every flyer packet we tossed. We saw the hysteria after 9-11 and said, “yep, this is social engineering.”

    9-11 was just “reality tv” writ large. that’s when “reality tv” became so popular. I’m so glad I stopped watching TV in 1986.

    And then the crazy thing — the government allows in the people who survived their bombings (but maybe members of their family didn’t). Isn’t this just kind of “asking for trouble?”

    If the trucking and transport infrastructure fails, we’ll all have to get those Depression era skills back, and quick. But if that happens, the bankers will lose control over our economy. A failure of the infrastructure will mean an immediate economic decentralization and devolution of economic, cultural, and ultimately political power.

  2. This was just a joke to see how long it would take the DWLs at The Montgomery Advertiser to delete a newsworthy story: the non-existent 1,800 black farmers in Barbour County.

  3. I do believe the rabble the elite have spawned matter not a whit once the sh*t hits the fan. Take Greece and the end of its welfare state, I have not heard a whisper in defense of immigrants much less the Greeks themselves, like we get with our failing media giving us the “women and minorities hit hardest” garbage. We need a good Euro leftist to ask the question, “but who is going to support the immigrants?”

    I know one thing, while it might appear to be all peaches and cream for blacks in the BRA I for one would not want to be black, because my data points all are trending down for that race of clowns. “But who is going to take care of the blacks?” sound of crickets

  4. HW, It looked like they censored your page on that web site. When you say it’s working, do you mean you are getting your message out to your local audience despite this?

  5. When it hits the fan here it will be worse than Greece. It will be more like what is happening to the farmers of South Africa.

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