Travelogue: A Journey Through Montgomery

A casual stroll through Morris Dees' Montgomery


“Today I have made you a fortified city, an iron pillar and a bronze wall to stand against the whole land – against the kings of Judah, its officials, its priests and the people of the land.” – Jeremiah 1:18

Twelve years ago, I briefly lived in Montgomery as a college student fresh out of high school. I got to know the city very well. Much has changed since then.

For most Americans, Montgomery is a symbol of the “Civil Rights Movement” like Birmingham, Selma, and Tuskegee. The most famous battles of the “Civil Rights Movement” were fought here in Alabama.

Montgomery has the honor of being the place where, at least according to the conventional wisdom, something educated Americans know as the “Civil Rights Movement” got started and ended.

In 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and move to the back of the bus. Martin Luther King, Jr., a young black pastor at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, was thrust into the national spotlight during the “Montgomery Bus Boycott.”

In 1962, the “Freedom Riders” came to Montgomery to heroically integrate the Greyhound/Trailways bus station. Jim Zwerg of Wisconsin was savagely beaten by an angry mob in a non-violent stand for “civil rights.”

In 1963, Gov. George Wallace was inaugurated in Montgomery where he “sounded the drum” of White reaction and delivered his most memorable fire-eating line:

“In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny . . . and I say . . . segregation today . . . segregation tomorrow . . . segregation forever.”

George Wallace went on to serve four terms as Governor of Alabama (five terms if you count Lurleen Wallace). He ran for president four times.

Aside from Bear Bryant, Wallace is etched into the national memory as the most famous Alabamian. He became a symbol of foolhardy segregationist defiance to our “national progress.”

In 1965, Martin Luther King led the Selma-to-Montgomery March, where he gave his “How Long, Not Long” speech at the Alabama state capitol. At the time, Congress was debating the Voting Rights Act, which was passed and signed into law that summer.

Jim Crow didn’t last forever. It was dying all around George Wallace when he delivered that defiant speech and had completely expired several years later under federal pressure. To an outside observer, watching these events narrated by liberals on television, Wallace must have looked like a failure, but his career was just getting started.

In every city, town, and village in Alabama, there were White people who were seething with resentment over what had been done to them, and no one was interested in telling their side of the story.

The DWLs in the national media and these “outside agitators” had parachuted into Alabama to manufacture a narrative of poor, helpless blacks who just couldn’t get ahead in life because evil, white segregationists were “oppressing” them – that was the preconceived story the media wanted to tell.

Montgomery, Selma, Birmingham, Tuskegee … these are real cities where the natives had to live their daily lives with “diversity,” but to a national and worldwide audience, which was systematically misled by liberal propagandists disguised as journalists, these cities had become symbols of a racial narrative about good and evil, the oppressed and the powerful, the poor and the rich, sin and redemption, etc.

And so, people who lived in places as far away as Ireland and Sweden – thanks to television and leftwing media bias – saw 1 percent of the story framed and interpreted in such a way as to glorify Saint Martin Luther King with a halo and demonize White Southerners like George Wallace and Bull Connor as irrational racists who were just “ignorant” of the fact that black people really were our equals.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Immigration Act of 1965, the Civil Rights Act of 1968, Brown vs. Board of Education … these federal edicts handed down from Washington have destroyed countless cities and counties in the American South and across our nation.

The natives were forced to adapt and live with the consequences while the MSM threw laurels at the feet of the scalawags like Judge Frank Johnson who ruined our schools.

Montgomery, Birmingham, Selma, and Tuskegee might be “symbols” of the “Civil Rights Movement” to people who live in Maine and Wisconsin, but they didn’t cease to be real cities occupied by real people after the tyrannical federal court orders and the federal laws created what is now on display there.

In the 1990s and 2000s, there was a revolution in media technology that was just as significant as the spread of radio and television in the 1920s and 1960s. It wasn’t exactly clear at the time just how much of a transformative effect that would later have on White racial attitudes.

Now we have talk radio, the internet, cable television, vBulletin forums, WordPress, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and a thriving ecosystem of social media that allows us to talk to each other and talk back to the DWLs in BRA’s media aristocracy without constantly being “mediated” by these sages of liberalism who will do anything to hide The Real Inconvenient Truth (the tentative name of this documentary) about black people and the chaos they routinely cause.

That’s why Newsweek, which in those days was considered legitimate and respected journalistic enterprise, was sold for $1 dollar to Sidney Harman, and why NY Times stock has lost 80 percent of its value in the last seven years. No one but Rachel Maddow’s progressive choir believes their lies anymore.

Citizen journalists were quick to pounce on Detroit, America’s most “progressive” city, which in White Run America was The Motor City when Henry Ford was alive, which has already been transformed into the most vivid symbol of America’s national decline (so bad that North Korea is coming to help in Red Dawn 2) under decades of African-American control.

This is what African-Americans have done to Detroit since their rise to power there:

Now consider this: in the 1960s, it was ABC, NBC, and CBS – the three networks – and the New York Times, Time, Life, and Newsweek – the national media – that covered the “Civil Rights Movement” and put the halo on the head of Martin Luther King in the 1960s.

Do you think it is possible that the DWLs in the media lied to America and the world about the “Civil Rights Movement”? Do you think it is possible that the New York Times and Newsweek lied to the world about the capabilities of African-Americans? Do you think they are lying today about Barack Hussein Obama’s stimulus package and economic leadership?

As Sarah Palin would say, “you betcha.”

Detroit looks like it got hit by the atomic bomb and the MSM isn’t reporting that story. 95 percent of crime in Chicago is committed by African-Americans and Hispanics and The Chicago Tribune can’t bring itself to acknowledge that fact as innocent people are being attacked by an epidemic of “flash mobs.”

Discourse Poisoning: Refuting “Eyes on The Prize”

Detroit is only the most famous and spectacular example of what we define as “a black hole” – a paralyzed city with a black majority and black controlled government that looks like it got hit by a Soviet neutron bomb, where countless billions of dollars have been squandered over the years in the pursuit of Martin Luther King’s racial El Dorado, which is always just a few billion more dollars of Head Start over the mountain.

MLK’s preaching was the equivalent of a Soviet EMP weapon. He launched a far more devastating attack on America than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor:

What happened in Detroit, which got hit by black people in 1967, was a direct consequence of the “Civil Rights Movement.” In other words, Detroit is a consequence of what happened here in Alabama in the symbolic battlefields of the “Civil Rights Movement” such as Montgomery, Birmingham, Selma, and Tuskegee.

BRA’s media has created a “documentary” called “Eyes on the Prize” that puts a halo over this “Civil Rights Movement.” It doesn’t tell the whole story though. The people who watch “Eyes on the Prize” only get a highly selected, filtered, narrated, and edited snapshot of what actually happened here.

It is time to start telling “our side of the story.” It is the story of what happens when African-Americans are allowed to run amok and destroy entire cities – in particular, the major symbolic battlefields of the “Civil Rights Movement” – and no one has the moral courage to call them out on it.

We need to expunge the term “inner city” from our vocabulary. The neutron bomb effect which you see in the so-called “inner cities” like Detroit and St. Louis – the black holes – is just as widespread in the rural counties and small towns of the Deep South like Selma and Tuskegee which are controlled by African-American majorities.

The entire African continent is a black hole. Haiti is a black hole. Brazil’s ghetto is a black hole – is there not a pattern here that mysteriously stretches across hemispheres?

There is a broad swath of Alabama that stretches from one side of the state to the other which African-Americans have destroyed under the Voting Rights Act. It continues east from there well into Georgia and beyond into South Carolina and west into Mississippi and Louisiana.

There are black holes – minature replicas of Detroit – all across the country. They come in every conceivable size.

We shouldn’t pick on Detroit. The spectacular black hole you see in Detroit is no different than the ones in Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma, and Tuskegee and many other cities in Alabama.

These black holes are even more symbolic though. These cities became national symbols which convinced LBJ and Congress of the need to extend Black Run America nationwide – you know, the same people who thought they were building a “Great Society” in Vietnam.

If you live in the North and have seen the black holes in Detroit, Flint, Newark, Philly, and Chicago with your own eyes, it is because of the “Civil Rights Movement” hoax that the MSM was able to pull off in the South that such things are tolerated and never forthrightly discussed.

Now we have the tools at our disposal to destroy BRA’s tall tale of the “Civil Rights Movement.” We are going to start attacking the whole mythos of Black Run America with the “non-violent” version of the Stinger heat seeking missiles that the Afghan mujahadeen used to such great effect in the 1980s.

Social media is our game changer.

A Tour of Montgomery

“I will pronounce my judgments on my people because of their wickedness in forsaking me, in burning incense to other gods and in worshiping what their hands have made.”
– Jeremiah 1:16

Any tour of Montgomery depends upon the point of approach taken by the visitor. There are several major routes you can take to visit Morris Dees’ city:

(1) You can travel south from Birmingham along I-65, cross the Alabama River, and enter Montgomery that way.

(2) You can approach northwest from Prattville along US-82 which turns into South Boulevard or west from Selma along US-80.

(3) You can enter Montgomery from the southwest along I-65 from Mobile.

(4) You can travel up US 231 from Troy and Dothan to the south or up 331 from Opp until you hit South Boulevard.

(4) You can enter Montgomery from the southeast along AL-110/Vaughn Road through the Pike Road suburb from Union Springs.

(5) You can travel to Montgomery from Auburn and Atlanta in the east where I-85 becomes the “Martin Luther King, Jr. Expressway.”

(6) You can enter Montgomery from the northeast through Wetumpka along 231.

Everyone knows that Montgomery is two cities and two civilizations, one African and one European, which are de jure integrated by federal law and federal court orders, but de facto segregated by economics, housing, and the private decisions of White citizens.

There is West Montgomery, which is the menacing African-American black hole, and there is East Montgomery, which is visibly trying to flee from West Montgomery by sprawling out into the cotton fields to the south and east of the city.

Ten years ago, the unofficial racial border between East Montgomery and West Montgomery was Montgomery Mall at the intersection of 231 and South Boulevard. There was a thriving shopping center across the street with a Wynnsong movie theater and a Barnes and Noble bookstore and a Starbucks.

In the past ten years, the African-American black hole has enveloped Montgomery Mall, overrun the Montgomery Towne Center shopping center, and within the last five years it has crossed over the strategically placed Wal-Mart next door and driven out most of the other businesses in that area.

Previously, you could drive up 231 North and hit South Boulevard, travel west through West Montgomery into the black hole netherworld, and east past the Longhorn Steakhouse into a typical major city with all the familiar features and amenities of American suburban civilization.

Now you can drive up Eastern Boulevard and see one dead or dying restaurant after another. This commercial strip is visibly not as active as it was ten years ago.

And why is that?

It doesn’t take long to figure out the answer: from 2000 to 2010, there has been an 18 percent decline in the White population of Montgomery County, and a 16 percent increase in the African-American population.

In Montgomery County, African-Americans are now 54 percent of the population, and Whites have fallen to 38 percent. The Hispanic population has increased by 212 percent, but they are really only 4 percent of the population.

Overall, there has been a 2.6 percent increase in Montgomery County’s population in the last ten years, which doesn’t seem like much in the way of growth. It is the racial nature of the population that has changed, not the number of people who are living there.

In 2007, the average White household was worth $134,280, and the average black household was worth $13,450. By 2009, the average White household was worth $97,860, and the average black household had lost 83 percent of its value to $2,170.

Remember, these are also households we are talking about, which are usually married couples with children. The average single black woman had a net worth of $5 dollars before the recession.

In 2010, African-Americans had surged to 54 percent of Montgomery’s population, and Whites had fallen to 42 percent. Unlike Birmingham, Whites had managed to retain their majority in Montgomery and avoid the catastrophic neutron bomb effect until recently.

Now that the racial pendulum has swung in Montgomery in the 365Black direction, the stage is set for a repeat of the entirely predictable Birmingham neutron bomb scenario, and Whites are already steadily fleeing over the Alabama River to rebuild Montgomery in Autauga and Elmore Counties.

For some reason, Autauga and Elmore Counties have seen a remarkable 21 percent and 24 percent increase in the White population since the 2000 census, and there are all kinds of new businesses in Prattville and Millbrook which look remarkably like the ones in East Montgomery.

Montgomery County, Jefferson County, and Mobile County – the home of Montgomery, Birmingham, and Mobile – experienced 2.4 percent, -0.5 percent growth, and 3.3 percent growth respectively from 2000 to 2010.

Interestingly enough, Autauga and Elmore Counties, Shelby County, and Baldwin County grew by 21 percent and 24 percent, 36.1 percent, and 29.8 percent – because Whites are being squeezed out by African-Americans and thus have to rebuild Montgomery, Birmingham, and Mobile in adjacent areas.

It is not a far fetched scenario to imagine Birmingham and Montgomery converging into a single city somewhere in the vicinity of Clanton in Chilton County if this type of insane White flight is allowed to continue.

This is Black Run America: because of BRA’s racial etiquette, where DWLs demand that African-Americans always be presented in a favorable light as oppressed noble savages, as the equals of White people, even though the average single black woman is worth $5 dollars (having actually depreciated in value since the times of slavery) we can never admit that the Civil Rights Movement was the single biggest mistake in American history.

We can’t say that Whites are moving to Autauga and Elmore Counties (like the Whites in Birmingham and Mobile are fleeing to Shelby and Baldwin Counties) because their hands are shackled by BRA’s federal government and its insane forced integration mandate (that failed like every other LBJ experiment) which prevents Whites from maintaining the familiar racial character of their schools, their businesses, their neighborhoods, their government, their culture, etc.

We can’t say that “inner city youths” and “teenagers” and “urban thugs” are politically correct euphemisms for black people and the peculiar known dysfunctions of ghetto gremlins. We can’t say the “failing schools” are the black schools or that the “low-income households” are black households or that “curfews” are necessary to restrain black people.

In Montgomery, no one is allowed to say that “Montgomery Mall” is a “failed mall” because of its proximity to the black hole, and that the new outdoor Shoppes at EastChase mall is an ingenuous way to cut down on African-American loitering by forcing thugs to bake outside in the hot sun.

In Tuskegee, there is a “failed Wal-Mart” because African-Americans were looting the store to such an extent that Sam Walton personally came there himself, loaded the merchandise on trucks, and left town in the span of two days.

This is BRA where reality has been transformed by federal civil rights legislation and federal court orders and their DWL accomplices in the media and the entertainment industry into a gigantic Hollywood role playing fantasy movie, which is used to act out the fantasy ideology of “anti-racism,” starring Barack “Wish Upon a Star” Obama and set on the stage of world history.

We are born into a world based on the myth of the “Civil Rights Movement” where we are cast as actors with assigned racial roles to play in BRA’s script of history. If you deviate from that script, you are punished in various ways by organizations like the SPLC, usually through loss of employment and/or social ostracism (BRA’s modern version of Medieval excommunication).

Black Run America (BRA) is the real world version of The Truman Show. It is a counterfeit reality which is carefully choreographed through television and movies by powerful liberals drunk on fantasy ideology.

Only a handful of people are aware of just how deeply this fictitious reality has penetrated even to the level of the vocabulary which we use to describe this world.

Like Seaside in The Truman Show, BRA is a fake reality, and we are just now waking up to that fact; now we are being forced by “austerity measures” to leave Seaside, and things are getting interesting.

Most White people intuitively sense that things are not what they seem when it comes to race. There is a disconnect between the reality they see everyday with their own eyes and the reality that is presented to them on television, in movies, and in newspapers where black people are inventing the transporter and saving the world from aliens.

In Independence Day, spearchunkers in the Congo took down the alien spacecraft, only in BRA could that pass without comment.

West Montgomery: The Black Hole

“Then the LORD reached out his hand and touched my mouth and said to me, “Now, I have put my words in your mouth.”
– Jeremiah 1:9

You are about to see the Montgomery that I know.

Occidental Dissent has come here to practice “non-violent witness” of the results of the “Civil Rights Movement” and judge by “content of our character.”

This is not the Montgomery that you will ever see on BRA’s Eyes on the Prize – the national media lost interest in that story after it got the legislation it wanted.

Undoubtedly, the biggest monument to the Civil Rights Movement is Montgomery Mall, this vast complex at the intersection of US 231 North and South Boulevard, which is now completely deserted, where the black neutron bomb effect is always on full display.

As you can see, there is an African-American gentleman walking across the deserted parking lot, now devoid of business activity. The structure you see to his right used to contain ATM machines which Whites used before they retreated to Eastdale Mall to escape the encroaching black hole.

Heading west on South Boulevard toward I-65, you travel through the gaping heart of Montgomery’s black hole, you are traveling down the Real Historic Civil Rights Trail now, which consists of an endless series of cash advance stores, title pawn stores, dollar stores, African barber shops, car washes, every fried chicken restaurant except Chick-fil-A, abandoned office parks, restaurants, clubs, gas stations, and hotels.

It visibly looks run down. This is the same familiar geography that you can see in Tuskegee and Selma which flank Montgomery to the east and west. The deterioration isn’t as bad because Whites have to travel through there to get to I-65 and have only recently lost the majority.

There is an abandoned Wal-Mart on the right side of the road with another weathered parking lot like the one you see in Montgomery Mall. I snapped photos of that building, but for some reason they didn’t register. I will link to them when I go back.

Across South Boulevard from Wal-Mart, there are two other big shopping centers with huge parking lots, which decades ago must have been very active, but which are deserted or populated with the types of businesses that cater to the black hole like this bingo joint.

There used to be a Winn-Dixie in one of these shopping centers. Now it is a Korean owned fish market. It stands next to a big structure that looks like a mall, but which has been converted into a flea market where African-Americans like to loiter around outside.

Further down the road, you come across the abandoned Food World on the left. As you can see, there is another African-American crossing the parking lot. I’m sure he knows you can’t actually buy food there anymore with the EBT card – First Tuskegee Bank has a skyscraper in Montgomery, but it seems there aren’t any black entrepeneurs around to run Food World.

As you cross Rosa Park Avenue on South Boulevard, which you can travel in either direction to West Montgomery’s ghetto, where Rosa Parks lived in the projects, but if you press forward you enter a very special area. It is the “high crime area” which I will always identify with the Civil Rights Movement.

There is another ruined shopping center here, “South Shopping Center,” with a vast ruined parking lot full of potholes, which contains yet another one of the ubiquitous dollar stores that are seen in black holes everywhere. The sign itself is being overtaken by trees and bushes.

Adjacent to “South Shopping Center” is the new Greyhound/Trailways bus station, not the one which was “integrated” by the so-called “Freedom Riders” in 1962 (that has been turned into a Medieval shrine to Civil Rights Martyrs (CRMs) downtown), but the one that serves the citizens of Montgomery today.

In 2011, the Greyhound/Trailways bus station is now smack in the middle of the notorious “high crime area,” which is sandwiched between “South Shopping Center” and a Kangaroo gas station next to I-65, which is always reliably full of homeless people, crack addicts, drug dealers, bums and prostitutes – don’t stop there for the cheap gas.

Thank you, Jim Zwerg. Your sacrifice made this happen.

There are several hotels in this area which is one of the major entry points into Montgomery for anyone traveling on I-65 from Mobile and Birmingham. I can’t imagine how many idiots unfamiliar with West Montgomery have made the foolish mistake of spending the night there.

If you keep driving past “South Shopping Center,” the Greyhound/Trailways bus station, and the Kangaroo gas station, you go under I-65 and emerge into an area where there are several hotels.

This whole area is always full of Montgomery Police. It is usually blue lighted whenever I pass through there on the way to Tuscaloosa. South Boulevard is bisected here by Mobile Highway which is part of the Selma-to-Montgomery National Historic Trail.

In 1965, MLK led several thousand African-Americans (along with thousands of deluded clergymen and hippie scenesters) out of Selma’s George Washington Carver housing project, marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge and through Lowndes County, and up Mobile Highway on the way to the Alabama state capital.

The fourth campsite of the Selma-to-Montgomery March is up the road at St. Jude Catholic Church. There is another George Washington Carver High School (there is no telling how much federal money was squandered to build this thing) across the street.

Now this is what you will never see on BRA’s Eyes on the Prize: from Rosa Parks Avenue to the Selma-to-Montgomery Trail, there are billboards about AIDS testing and syphilis testing, as this “low-income area” is actually where the prostitutes and drug dealers can be seen (three when I passed through there to take photos) strolling at any time of the day or night.

In a normal city, this section of West Montgomery would be thriving and full of all kinds of nice hotels and restaurants like the kind you can see in East Montgomery off I-85 in the approach from Atlanta – these are the two exits where all the commerce from Mobile and Birmingham has to pass through.

But this is BRA, where black people are holy and beyond criticism, where the “Civil Rights Movement” is the foundational racial myth that sustains the entire system, so we have to pretend not to notice that something like this exists in Montgomery.

We have to pretend that West Montgomery is disadvantaged because of “poverty” and the “environment” and “the legacy of slavery” and “racism” – because we haven’t shoveled enough federal money into the black hole there yet.

We have to maintain this fiction even though this is the most important interstate junction in Alabama and the only reason it looks the way that it does – commercially speaking, you can see the ruins of vast deserted shopping centers – is because African-Americans live there instead of White people.

What’s really destroying the community in West Montgomery? In no particular order, our 20/20 investigation has revealed that it is a combination of STDs, drugs, unemployment, violent crime, and obesity.

Ironically, there are no billboards here that warn about the Tea Party or the Klan or other forms of “violent rightwing extremists,” which America’s leading Montgomery based “civil rights organization” is dedicated to fighting. The black community appears to be the victim of a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Cloverdale/Garden District

If you swing around the crescent from St. Jude Catholic Church past the syphilis sign, crack addicts, and the prostitutes on the Selma-to-Montgomery National Historic Trail, you can follow the “Moral Arc of the Universe” back around onto South Boulevard and travel through the black hole until you hit Norman Bridge Road, which is near the deserted Food World.

Take a left there.

You will cruise for a few minutes through the ghetto past Krystal’s until it shades into the “Cloverdale Historic District.” There are some Antebellum homes like the ones you would see in Selma there.

Along your route, before you reach Cloverdale Park, the Neighborhood Watch Program has posted signs which warn “Burglar Beware.” Who would break into the homes in this venerable old neighborhood where some of Montgomery’s leading citizens live?

Some have speculated that “violent extremists” affiliated with the Tea Party and “hate groups” like the American Family Association and the Federation for Immigration Reform might be out there lurking in the shadows.

When I finish compiling our first “Intelligence Report,” I will have to call the Montgomery Police Department and verify that Tea Party burglars who live in the gated communities on Vaughn Road are operating in the Cloverdale area.

Norman Bridge Road becomes Decatur Street which you can travel on north to reach downtown past the bistros and wine stores that cater to the DWLs who live in Cloverdale Park on the cobblestone street.

Downtown Montgomery

Traveling north on Decatur Street you will soon enter the Alabama State University area near the I-85 intersection.

The shopping plaza on your left – with the dollar stores and beauty supply stores – announces that you are back in the black hole and sure enough you soon pass through a massive brick housing project. This is what you see all along South Boulevard because African-Americans are living there.

They also live in this area next to the Booker T. Washington Magnet School. There are no wine stores or upscale shoppes here. Just dollar stores and convenience stores that cater to African-Americans.

Downtown Montgomery is full of huge commercial buildings like First Tuskegee Bank and Regions Bank. There are lots of buildings associated with the state government like the Alabama Department of History and Archives.

A tourist can stroll around this area and enjoy the quaint old Southern buildings like The First White House of the Confederacy and the Jefferson Davis Hotel which are organic creations of the Alabama Black Belt.

The Alabama state capitol is beautiful with statues, flags, and historic markers all along the grounds of Goat Hill. I had seen this many times before and wasn’t in Montgomery to tour the Southern Rights sites.

This is where Jefferson Davis took the oath of office as President of the Confederate States of America, where George Wallace gave his inaugural address, where the Union Army raised BRA’s flag over Alabama in 1865.

Across the street from the Alabama State Capital, Dexter Avenue Baptist Church stands as a national historic landmark, which is the church where Martin Luther King was briefly a preacher before the Montgomery Bus Boycott transformed him into a full time civil rights activist, publicity hound, and media celebrity – the Elvis of the Civil Rights Movement.

There is nothing really remarkable about Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. The building segues naturally into the Montgomery landscape. There is a small museum behind the empty church that “interprets” this holy shrine to the “Civil Rights Movement.”

In At Canaan’s Edge: America In The King Years, 1965-68, BRA’s court historian Taylor Branch recounts the story that neither MLK or any of his lieutenants like the Rev. Ralph Abernathy knew anyone in their immediate circle who wasn’t maintaining several mistresses.

MLK himself had mistresses in Los Angeles and Atlanta and presumably (I haven’t yet read the entire trilogy) in other cities as well. It was an open secret at the time. J. Edgar Hoover had the FBI keeping tabs on MLK – whom he considered the biggest fraud who ever lived – right down until the day he was assassinated.

In one amusing story, the Rev. Abernathy got caught cheating on his wife with a member of his flock at First Baptist Church, and his spouse chased him around Montgomery – a portion of I-20 in West Atlanta, which cuts through the black hole in that city, is named after Civil Rights Martyr (CRM), Ralph Abernathy.

This is BRA where Rev. Martin Luther King and Rev. Ralph Abernathy were in reality no different from disgraced White preachers like Jimmy Swaggart or Ted Haggard, but because they are African-Americans instead of White males, no one raises an eyebrow or cracks a joke on The Daily Show at the idea of creating a federal holiday in America to honor a black preacher who engaged in serial adultery and couldn’t honor the Lord’s Seventh Commandment.

You have to wonder how many times these mountebanks mounted the pulpit before their wives and mistresses in the audience. Congress impeached Bill Clinton for “the content of his character.” Rep Anthony Weiner was forced to resign because of “the content of his character” which wasn’t as bad as Martin Luther King’s character.

Perhaps future historians will one day find the answer hidden in the sealed FBI archives when this whole charade is finally over.


“Get yourself ready! Stand up and say to them whatever I command you. Do not be terrified by them, or I will terrify you before them.” – Jeremiah 2:5

I traveled to Montgomery above all else to witness the SPLC where Mark Potok and Heidi Beirich work tirelessly to “fight hate” in America – “racism,” you see, is our national problem.

Just give black people a chance, stop discriminating against them, give them a leg up in this world, give them real power, stop believing in “stereotypes,” and purge your “hate” and your “ignorance” … and you will see, what “African-Americans” can do when the environmental obstacles to their success are removed, as they have been in Detroit and Macon County.

Maybe I was just wearing a pair of Rowdy Roddy Piper’s sunglasses which enabled me to uniquely see what the actual results of the “Civil Rights Movement” had produced in Montgomery along South Boulevard and the Selma-to-Montgomery National Historic Trail.

The neutron bomb effect in Montgomery is quite mild compared to what an alien or a time traveler might see in Tuskegee, Selma, Union Springs and all the other cities in the Alabama Black Belt where the Voting Rights Act installed African-American controlled governments in power.

How could anyone miss all the White people deserting Montgomery, Mobile, and Birmingham to rebuild the three biggest cities in Alabama in adjacent counties? How could anyone look at Tuskegee and believe in black entrepreneurs and black scientists?

I suspect it is for the same reason that someone could, say, call Head Start a success story, or still believe that integration in public schools works after fifty years of trying it, or believe that African-Americans are just as intelligent as White people, when there isn’t a single school district in America that has achieved “equality” (or cold fusion) over the course of a hundred years.

White people are simply afraid to tell the truth because BRA punishes them for doing so. There are organizations out there which will crack the whip and try to punish them for any deviation from the establishment’s party line on race.

Viewed from the exterior, the SPLC in Montgomery makes a geographic and architectural statement: if Darth Vader lived anywhere in America, it would be here. Whoever built this building has to be on some kind of authoritarian power trip. Maybe they weren’t the most popular kids in school or something.

The SPLC towers over Dexter Avenue Baptist Church and casts a menacing stare at the Alabama state capitol. This evil looking building – which positively screams “love” and “tolerance” – is BRA’s true capitol in Alabama.

Across the street, you will find the Alabama Centre for Commerce, which interestingly enough has a reflecting wall of water like the one at the obsidian black “Civil Rights Memorial.”

The tourist is left with the impression that the SPLC is a cross between the Alabama state capitol, the Alabama Centre for Commerce, and Dexter Avenue Baptist Church – set to the tune of Emperor Morris Dees’ Imperial March.

The massive unfurled banner of “FIGHTING HATE” in all caps is a psychological reflection of grandiose ambitions. You can almost hear Dexter Avenue Baptist Church and the small Antebellum home across the street slyly laughing from either side at this unbelievable pretentiousness.

Here’s something else I noticed: none of the other buildings in the area were being patrolled by security guards, not the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, not the Greyhound Bus Station, not the Compass Bank, not the Alabama Center for Commerce, not The First White House of the Confederacy, etc.

The SPLC shows all the visible signs of being the DWL version of the Branch Davidians compound in Waco. The clearly paranoid people who work there must feel like they are under siege from someone. They have to scream “FIGHTING HATE” in all caps to everyone in Montgomery within distance of the capitol.

Final Thoughts

I have a theory.

I think I can explain this mystery: anyone with a pair of car keys, a pair of eyes, and a real brain can drive across Montgomery and through all the neighboring black holes in cities like Selma and Tuskegee and see for themselves the damage that the Voting Rights Act has done to civilization in this area.

I strongly suspect that there are a lot of White people in Alabama and other states who resent being forced to put up with the expanding black holes as they devour one city and county after another. Hell, I would be pissed off too if black people were ruining my business or scaring away my neighbors.

In certain historical conditions, that resentment might one day be channeled against the people who maintained this false system, who made us all live this lie, who taxed us and squandered all our money, who have personally profited from this tragedy at enormous expense to ourselves and our grandchildren.

They know that we can see what they have done to our cities and towns. They also fear that one day there will be a correction and that somebody will be held responsible for putting us through hell in this futile quest to achieve the impossible.

White people are growing tired of being forced to chase after MLK’s El Dorado. The burden of black people is becoming heavier with each passing year. What a relief it would be to finally drop that load and walk out of BRA’s Truman Show.

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  1. Very eye-opening. Just like in Africa and Haiti. If whites ever created a society on Mars or the Moon the same would happen if blacks moved in.

    This goes beyond policies and politics. There just has to be some kind of realization that blacks are different from other humans and will destroy everything they touch.

  2. Many thanks for all the work you’re doing on this series; I don’t know what your readership is, but I hope the numbers are high, because you’re really doing some great reporting, and it deserves to be read. The descriptions, and photographic images, are very enlightening, even if depressing.

    I don’t imagine you’re going to do a similar report on Washington, DC, since it’s a bit out of your normal territory geographically speaking. But I think the plight of that city also speaks volumes to the concept of the “black hole.” For places like Detroit, it’s all too easy to take a simplistic approach and blame the city’s situation on the decline of the automotive industry, but money has flowed from the rest of the country to Washington in astronomical amounts for decades now. The federal government was a leader in integrating the workforce, and the city, black-ruled for some time now, gets special subsidies from the feds that other cities don’t. Still, the school quality levels, crime rates, etc., are very similar to those in the other cities that have long been inhabited and governed by blacks. Washington, given its privileged status as the nation’s capital, should be one city where blacks ought to be able to “make it work”. But even though it’s better than Haiti, it’s pretty typical of the rest of black America…

  3. Sadly, this reminds me of the song from a once great band before they became politically correct.

    Rush “Trees”
    So the maples formed a union
    And demanded equal rights.
    “The oaks are just too greedy;
    We will make them give us light.”
    Now there’s no more oak oppression,
    For they passed a noble law,
    And the trees are all kept equal
    By hatchet, axe, and saw.

    By hatchet, axe, and saw. A rather brutal way to cut down the whites.

  4. HW: You should do a report on Maryland and how it has literally been down hill since Lincoln’s illegal war. In addition what the Blacks and DWL’s have done to that state.

    Baltimore would be a good starting ground.

    After all Maryland was part of the Confederacy. Maryland actually tried to secede and Lincoln put Baltimore under Marshall Law and people revolted because of it.

    Lincoln the traitor used brut force on 16-year-old men and above into the Union Army, if they refused there houses were burned to the ground and their wives jailed! Many escaped with barley their lives and joined the Virginia Confederacy.

  5. Perhaps Hunter would allow guest writers to publish the effects of BRA in their communities?

  6. I grew up in Detroit and I always love to shove the truth down the throats of the DWL’s who blame that city’s destruction on the decline of the auto industry.

    Detroit was not a one trick pony. We built just about any product you can think of, not just cars. One by one the industries fled as the Black Plague spread to the residential areas nearby.

    My Uncle Clay had a small shop on the West Side that prepared cast metal parts for painting or plating. He employed 30 people on each of three shifts. After the surrounding area became infested by descendants of cannibals his property insurance premiums tripled due to his business’ zip code. Before long those who had enriched the neighborhood started breaking into and stealing the employees’ cars on a fairly regular basis.

    One night a 56 year old employee named Red Heyford happened to look out the window just in time to see somebody pry the trunk open on his car. He went out to confront the thieves and got beat to death with his own bumper jack.

    Two armed robberies and a non-fatal beating later, my uncle moved his shop to Monroe County.

    That’s how Detroit died. One small business at a time left to avoid the dangers and expense of operating around our dark legal equals.

  7. This is brilliant, blockbuster stuff, Hunter. This should be a documentary on FOX or CNN or PBS (talk about a different POV!). If I had 500 mil I’d start a cable network, hire you, Craig Boedeker, Paul Kersey, and James Edwards and say: “Unleash HELL!”

  8. ‘In the 1990s and 2000s, there was a revolution in media technology that was just as significant as the spread of radio and television in the 1920s and 1960s. It wasn’t exactly clear at the time just how much of a transformative effect that would later have on White racial attitudes.’

    Whites are now finally able to present our case!

    There is no doubt in my mind that Pro-Whites, be they White Nationalists, White Advocates or Outlaw Conservatives are indeed making advancements! The utter failure of the Obama Administration is helping things along as well!

    Still one can not help but wonder what things might have been like had David Duke or William Luther Pierce may have accomplished if they had this kind of technology thirty years ago! Imagine the suffering (Black on White crimes, rapes, and quota hirings) that may have been averted! Still there is still time to turn the tide before we reach ‘Camp of the Saints’ territory!

  9. I moved from my home in Montgomery in 1990 to Lexington, KY. At the time, my kids were going to Brewbaker Elementary School, a fairly new school that had already started to feel the effects of “urbanization”. When the prinicipal (a high school friend) informed me during the summer of 1990 that they would be installing metal detectors at Brewbaker, I knew the time had come to leave. I haven’t regretted that decision since (except during really cold winter days) and know that my children (now grown) are better off for it. The really sad thing is that Lexington will be the same as Montgomery by 2025 and not by court order. The liberal majority here loves to pound their chest about their progressiveness and diversity. Surely somewhere we can find again the little piece of land where we can live in peace and not be threatened by black mongrel hordes merely because we are white. If not, at least my S&W will help me stay safe.

  10. Hey Alabama Expatriot: Look into Metcalfe County and see if it will work for you. A good place to start is They collect all of the important demographics such as race and voting habits.

  11. An awful lot of the cities in Downstate Illinois are also Black Holes: Kankakee, Decatur, and Danville look a lot like those photos of Selma and the Montgomery Ghetto. Danville is particularly depressing as weeds and brush reclaim what was once an industrial city abandoned by whites when the jobs vanished, all that is left are those living off a welfare check. I am not really sure about the demographics of the towns in Indiana, though recently drove through Kentucky and Evansville and was surprised by all the industry around compared to the “lights are out and nobody’s home” closed up factories around Illinois. Toyota has a monstrous factory near Evansville though I am not sure which model they assemble there.

  12. This article (indeed, all your articles) are lessons in White Self-Awareness. They should be mandatory in high school American History Classes. I fully intend to use them in Sunday School Adult Ed, once I get enough of my congregation ‘un-brainwashed’ – which should take about five years, or the 2012 Elections, whichever comes first…..

    Excellent job. Many years, sir. Many years.

  13. Did you ever consider analyzing your argument as a class issue instead of a race issue? Predominantly white trailer parks all over the U.S. have the same issues as the black communities you described. White inhabited trailer parks contain drugs and violence, not to mention they also look like a nuclear bomb of poverty ripped them to shreds like the torn foam of bed bug couches lying in riverbeds that the poor often have as a landscape.

    Have you considered that America became rich from using slavery of blacks for over 400 years to run its greedy engine of capitalism? We need to look for solutions for humanity to coexist, not to place blame on skin color, let’s look at class issues and start fixing education and poverty. Fixing education will also eliminate bigot, bias remarks like these racist opinions above.

  14. Chris Steele: The wealthiest part of the country, the Northeast, had very few Blacks. They exploited Whites. The Ohio Valley, the foundry of the nation, was almost without Blacks, and they took forceful action to keep it that way after the slaves were freed. No, the Black contribution to America’s wealth was pretty much limited to being a source of inefficient agricultural labor in the South.

    Co-existence with Blacks is not possible without some variant of Jim Crow. Blacks are, on average, too dull-witted to mix with Whites. Their average IQ is 85. Check out the Aug 10 Los Angeles Times for an article on intelligence and genetics. The truth is oozing out beneath the locked door of fundamentalist egalitarianism. You want to fix education? Start with segregation. How can a poor but bright White kid learn in a roomful of junior jive asses?
    Ask yourself, did we get our racial perspective from our teachers? Or from our personal experience with Darks? What educational reform do you have in mind that would raise Darks to the level of Whites? Or would you settle for forcing us to close our eyes to racial differences?

    If you take the time to read racist websites, you’ll notice that corporate capitalism does not have a big following among the racially aware. Many of us know all about class from personal experience. Both big government and big business have been at war with the White working class forever. Blacks and non-White foreigners are only a couple of their more recently acquired weapons.

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