Knights Templar 2083

In France, the Third Estate carried the political class on its back, but dropped the load in the French Revolution


Anders Behring Breivik isn’t a lunatic. This isn’t an obvious schizophrenic in the mold of Jared Loughner.

This is someone who clearly understands the gravity of the situation and who was disturbed enough by what is being done to his country and his civilization to take matters into his own hands.

Just watching this video, I found myself thinking: we always knew that it was going to come to this, we always knew the Eurabian civil war was inevitable, we always knew the revolt was coming (legally or otherwise) against the EUnuchs who have led our race to the brink of destruction.

Breivik clearly states that he isn’t an “ethnocentrist” or a “racist” and that he is “pro-Israel”: by his own admission, he is more of a “counter-jihadist” Geert Wilders-style neocon, not one of our people.

As Whites are pushed into minority status in Europe and America by their own “leadership,” it is inevitable that people like Anders “The Incorruptible” Breivik here will start fighting back. This is what the French Revolution looked like when Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette lost their heads.

Back then they used the guillotine. You couldn’t vote out the establishment. You can’t vote out the establishment in countries like Germany today.

In the United States, we always knew that BRA wouldn’t last forever, and that it would eventually collapse under the weight of its own fiscal instability. The only real question was how long would it take for that day to get here.

Well, if something like this happening in Norway is any indication of where we are headed in the future, juxtaposed as it is here with Obama’s press conference this afternoon on the debt ceiling (“let them eat steak on SNAP EBT cards”), then that day is a lot closer than we all think.

This little tempest in Norway is only the first dark cloud of the Category 5 historical hurricane approaching offshore. I hope Washington and Wall Street are paying close attention to this and taking notes.

James Howard Kunstler has been saying for years that something like this would eventually happen to the Wall Street hedge fund managers and media mavens in the Hamptons who destroyed the American economy.

Taking the long view, I can look over the historical horizon and see a much bigger catastrophe coming, the second coming of the French Revolution, when millions of ruined formerly middle class American and European dreamers taking out their frustrations on “the establishment” over “austerity measures” and forced “Islamization” in a similar way, not isolated individuals flying a plane into an IRS building or acting out the Doom video game on Norway’s center left elite, but mobilized communities.

I’m not endorsing what has been done here. Don’t twist my words. I am just observing that this is indicative, historically speaking, of the type of cataclysm that happens when a government and especially “a political class” loses its legitimacy and comes to be perceived as “the enemy of the people.”

And let’s be honest here: the Norwegian political class really is effectively an “enemy of the people,” and the EUnuchs really are even more uninspiring than Louis XVI and his court at Versailles, which is why someone like Breivik felt pushed to do this. It is engaged in what is effectively the genocide of the Norwegian people.

If you want to understand where Breivik was coming from, watch his video, and then watch the second video, which directly references the EUnuchs dispassionately commenting on the fact that 100 percent of the rape in Oslo is committed by Muslims, which was made possible by multiculturalism, political correctness, and mass immigration.

That’s why Anders Behring Breivik saw himself as Charles Martel and decided to retaliate against the Norwegian government and the Norwegian political class.

Can you blame him? In Norway, you can aspire to be a gelded effeminate EUnuch preaching political correctness, gay marriage, and multiculturalism in Brussels, or see yourself as Knights Templar 2083 – a far more attractive fantasy ideology – heroically fighting to save Western Christendom from the spectre of Eurabia.

23 percent of Americans believe Washington has the consent of the governed in the United States. How many Americans out there in flyover country perceive Paul Krugman and Ben Bernanke to be “enemies of the people.”

Someone really ought to do that survey.

What you are seeing in Norway is one man launching his own French Revolution on the establishment. The modern version of the sans culottes has arrived with Fjordman playing the role of Voltaire. Assuredly, this won’t be the last such incident, as the grievances which provoked this attack will only inspire more such rampages.

The violence struck the political class this time, instead of ordinary people in the streets of Norway, instead of forgotten victims like Brittney Watts in Atlanta, who are murdered or victimized all the time because of unpopular policies made in Brussels and Washington.

The media is comparing Breivik to Timothy McVeigh. This is really someone more in the mold of Maximilien Robespierre and a scene more out of the Reign of Terror at Versailles. Anders Behring Breivik determined that the establishment was guilty of “high treason” for “crimes against the people.”

There was never a vote on the Islamization of Europe. There was never a vote on the Hispanization of America. There was never a vote on forced multiculturalism. There was never a vote on political correctness. There was never a vote on debasing our currency or the Wall Street bailout.

There was certainly never a vote on mass immigration, mosques, and Muslim rapists – the EUnuchs in Brussels imposed these unpopular policies on the people, and called it “democracy,” because like the aristocrats who were overthrown in the French Revolution, these technocrats believed the people of Europe were too stupid to make their own decisions.

They forgot how democracy came to Europe.

When France went bankrupt as a result of its “financial crisis,” the Ancien Régime was swept out of power by the Third Estate. Maybe it wouldn’t have happened if Louis XVI and the Bourbon establishment of the 1790s could have kept raising “the debt ceiling” forever.

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  1. Our narrative should be that this guy was very conscientious and as a good citizen explored objectively what the long-term trajectory of muslim immigration would be. When he discovered the historical models (e.g., Lebanon (tipping point 60%), Anatolia, etc.) the insanity of the multicult regime’s policy drove him insane. He’s really a victim of an insane policy. No SANE person wants to see his race replaced in his own country.

    Now that this is in the public sphere, the issue should be did the regime consider these historical precedents that he learned of in his research before embarking on their policy? If not, they are criminally negligent, if so they are traitors. His act put these issues on the map. Distance yourself from his act, but not his rhetoric – any sane individual might lose his sanity when he became aware of these historical precedents.

    In fact, conservatives in Europe should adopt all the made-up stagey props of the left evident in, e.g., The DaVinci code and present his breaking point as the 60% number he learned of in his research. He became fixated on the 60% number and he was driven to an insane act because he thought there was still time.

    The conservative anti-race-replacement activists should call their movement “We’re not waiting to 60%” and make the regime justify how many immigrants can be allowed into the country without losing cultural hegemony. If that number has already been reached (recent immigrants aren’t assimilating) there is no reason to let any more in.

  2. He was a FREAKING MORON. I’m reading the stuff, of his screed, posted on that blog (nice blog, that is!) – and he’s decrying Cultural Marxism, whilst luvin’ on his BFF Israel.

    OK. Before I go into a spitting, hissing, foot-stamoing, hair-pulling rant – please, every-one, tell me why this is enough to make one want to pull one’ s eyeballs out. Please tell me you know “why”.


  3. Chechar,

    I’m finding the whole thing too disturbing and need to think about something else for a while.

  4. William Rome says:
    July 24, 2011 at 8:46 pm

    “Also these teenagers weren’t attending something like Camp Anawanna on “Salute Your Shorts”, the were attending the training camp for the traitors of Norway. As “Rikki Tikki Tavi” taught: when you have a cobra problem you don’t just kill the cobras, you destroy their eggs as well before there are more of them.”

    JR replies:

    I was wondering how long it would take to see someone here proudly celebrate the mass murder of Norwegian teenagers by this deranged nut case. This is sure to win lots of support from mainstream White Europeans, White European Americans. Yeah – “destroy the eggs”, “Kill the Boers”, support the psychos – sounds like a solid program to have us lose our 2nd Amendment rights and have 98% of mainstream Whites consider us to be deranged, haters, psychos straight out of some Jew Hollywood script.

    Hey Hunter – could you monitor/censure the comments sections a bit here as the SPLC, followed by the MSM and even Fox are sure to pick up on Occidental Dissent comments section celebrating this Norwegian massacre.

  5. “Distance yourself from his act, but not his rhetoric”

    The Left does this all the time with political violence. They spend ten seconds condemning the act and ten minutes justifying the underlying reasons for the act.

  6. I was wondering how long it would take Jack Ryan to post an asinine comment. Hunter, could you please censure this pompous jackass? Jack, time to go back to pwaying Cwoo with the wittle white babies of your fwiends, mmmkay?

    You fucking tool.

  7. Denise,

    The anti-Semites have a narrative that “Jews are behind it all” which for some reason causes them to develop an interest in things like Palestinian independence and solidarity with Osama bin Laden who is “fighting the Jew.”

    This whole narrative is based on a half truth.

    Sure, if you look at America or South Africa, you will find that Jews played a big role in the anti-apartheid movement and the Civil Rights Movement, but if you look closer you will see that thousands of Unitarians marched with Martin Luther King in Selma (the whole Unitarian national convention went there), as did the Archbishop of the Orthodox Church with authority over North America, and much of the Catholic clergy as well.

    Just look at what happened to America in the 1960s: it was Earl Warren’s Supreme Court that forced the integration of public schools in the Brown decision, it was Dwight Eisenhower and JFK who used the military to force integration on Arkansas and Mississippi, it was LBJ who signed the Voting Rights Act of national television, etc.

    Singling out Jews is a way of pretending that Jews are not part of a much larger problem and that the Jews who agitate to destroy our culture have and always have had millions of White allies (like the Southern Baptist Convention now in Alabama) who are their willing accomplishes.

    Marx and Engels were a tag team.

    In places like Scandinavia, that is especially true, where the indigenous race traitors are just as bad at promoting the same poison that Hollywood administers over here, along with the MSNBC primetime lineup of Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnnell.

    This guy went over the Norwegian establishment and he didn’t care if they were Jews or Gentiles – in his mind, they were traitors who were destroying Oslo by promoting Muslim immigration.

    Look at it this way: if you are a European nationalist, you see Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Gerhard Schroeder, the Queen of the Netherlands, the government of Norway – the entire EUnuch establishment in Brussels – all preaching racial suicide.

    In such a situation, you probably won’t conclude that Jews are singularly the problem, and you might look at Israel and admire their way of dealing with the Muslims who are raping and robbing your friends in Oslo.

    It all comes down to where you are standing. If you are standing in Oslo, you are not going to see the world in the same way that someone does in Birmingham. If I lived in Oslo, I would be more concerned about Muslims than African-Americans and Hispanics.

    Europeans are not facing the same exact problems that we are here. It is the same problem, but there are many differences; with Muslims playing the role of African-Americans and Hispanics.

    That’s why I generally let the Europeans attend to their own affairs. What this is really all about is one man who went nuclear on the establishment for destroying his city.

    Here in Alabama, African-Americans destroyed Montgomery and Birmingham. Over there, it is Muslims.

  8. Ok, I’m going to withdraw, some, most of my comments in my last post. And I confess I don’t know anything about the youth league that was attacked, slaughtered. I suspect they were just the usual idiot, rich, spoiled, lib mins.

    It’s still never a good propaganda event to use an assault riffle to slaughter a hundred unarmed civilians, youths, children.

    I apologize to William Rome, but feel he and others here shouldn’t publicly celebrate this massacre.

  9. Breivik didn’t go on a shooting spree against “teenagers” – if he wanted to kill “teenagers,” he would have attacked a high school.

    He set off a bomb that hit the Norwegian government and then he went to that island to exterminate the future ruling class of Norway. It seems he wore a police uniform to get through security.

    This was a straight up attack on the Norwegian political class for destroying Oslo through Muslim immigration. Pure and simple.

  10. Wandrin says:
    July 24, 2011 at 10:58 pm
    “Distance yourself from his act, but not his rhetoric”

    The Left does this all the time with political violence. They spend ten seconds condemning the act and ten minutes justifying the underlying reasons for the act.

    JR responds.

    Agreed. Though it is going to be very tough for people on our side to make some spin that the troubled mass murderer had legitimate issues, which he did.

    Why couldn’t he have gone on a hunting trip targeting Muslim rapists who escaped punishment for raping Norwegian girls? Likewise for traitorous judges who let the rapists off?
    It’s just never a good propaganda deed to slaughter unarmed women and children, whatever their political affiliation.

  11. JR
    “It’s just never a good propaganda deed”

    I’m not saying it is. I’m saying when stuff like this happens – which you can’t control – do what the left does – which you can.

  12. Here in Alabama, African-Americans destroyed Montgomery and Birmingham. Over there, it is Muslims.

    But most European Nationalists are pro Islam. This guy was definitely no nationalist.

  13. Before this berserker was identified by the media, a commenter at Auster’s View From the Right correctly speculated that he might be Breivik. Apparently he was arrested in 2001 on weapons charges. At that time, he was identified as a neo-Nazi.

    Whatever his motivation, it seems clear the target was the ruling political class, and you must admit, he hit them where it hurt.

  14. Isn’t one of the founding ideals of the multicult that we are responsible for the sins of our fathers? Or is that only one side?

  15. No they’re not.

    Name one Nationalist party in western europe that is anti Islam. The BNP is not a nationalist party. The Italian New Force party and the German NDP are both pro Islamic.

  16. Hunter – I fully understand that it’s not just Jooz – that millions upon millions of clueless Whites, wallowing in vanity, and real genetic…perversion…are full participants in the destruction of our Race. Some months ago I was horrified to discover that Christian churches allowed Jews to stand at church doors, during he Middle Ages, and collect revenues – since Christians were not suppposed to soil their hands with gfilthy lucre. They let Jews do it, instead. The mind-boggling stupidity sent me reeling. We are usually our very own worst enemies, as a Race.

    None of this obliterates this loser’s real motivations. He’s not just the sole shooter, or actor, in this grotesque farce. He’s not a White Knight. Jews weild as much power in Europe as they do here. Why do you think they are so concerned with “sising anti-Semitism: in Europe? I suggest you study Hungary, if you want a raw case study in Jew gangster usurpation, and a roiling indigenous population. Europeans have bee n dealing with this issue for centuries – they know the score.

    This Anders Evil Clown is a NWO tool Many of you keep saying he attacked the Power Elite – no – he did not. He attacked a Youth Camp. Perhaps the young folks there-in were the Future Socilaist Leaders, of the Ruling Elite – but if this was intended as a Katyn Forest Massacre – it’s a pretty piss poor showing,per kill rate. Also – he did’t kill enough kids to wipe out the Future Ruling Elite. He LEFT TOO MANY ALIVE.

    All this will do is make ’em mad, and close ranks.

    Were he attacking the Power Elite – he shoulda bombed the Hague, in session. THAT would have snet a very clear message.

    As per Politicla Theater – and all public assasinations are political theater – all the world sees is Dead Kids. Nice Polite Sweet Dead Kids. No Gangstas among them. I don’t think there were any Dead Muzzie Kids.

    Even if I explain this massacre to to the non-Racialist but involved in action Tea Party types I know – all they will come away with is Nice Sweet Dead Kids. The decent ,good folk I know will NOT appreciate this moron’s political “motivations” – every last person I know will express utter dismay, and say something along the lines of, “Well – he may not like their politics – but did he have to gun kids down?”

    Epic FAIL. Epic epic FAIL.

  17. Regarding the “distance yourself from the act, not the rhetoric”, talk over/scream at anyone who tries to make this about killing teens, and change the subject to the Lebanese civil war, Algeria, Haiti and the fate of all white Christians who let others control their destiny. For example, “What if he’s right, Oslo will end up like Beirut! Do you want that to happen? Muslims specialize in all sorts of cruelties! Our fate will be far worse than the quick death he administered! And if you’re thinking of escape, the NWO is eliminating all places for whites to escape to as well – there won’t be Australia if the NWO multicult regime has their way! And, btw, why are you playing for the other side? No muslims our defending our right to a homeland, they’re only trying to institute a global caliphate!”

  18. What about all the teens we kill in Iraq and Afghanistan? Is it about killing teens there with your friends too, Denise?

  19. I’ve been reading his manifesto.

    He went after the Norwegian political class for the same reason that anti-Semites scream about the Jews: multiculturalism is the disease, the Muslims present in Norway are only a symptom of the corrupt traitors who let them in, who refuse to recognize the existence of the problem.

    Here’s what he says about Britain:

    Labour threw open Britain’s borders to mass immigration to help socially engineer a “truly multicultural” country, a former Government adviser has revealed.

    The former Labour adviser said the Government opened up UK borders partly to humiliate Right-wing opponents of immigration.

    Very true.

    Labour really did open the borders to engineer a “multicultural society.” As for this “youth camp,” it doesn’t take many Google searches to figure out that it was a political target like the building he attacks.

    It was a “youth camp” of the ruling center left party in Norway – owned by the communists/socialists of Norway – where someone like Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton would have attended as a teenagers.

    Why is he loser? Because he cares about the Muslims destroying Oslo, not what the Jews are doing in the Middle East?

  20. I have it on good authority that Breivik is actually Constantin. He shaved for the occasion. What now?

  21. “We” didn’t kill anyone Hunter. The same regime that has their sights on the middle east has placed a target on our backs (whites and white western civilization) as well. The masses in the US were hoodwinked with a false flag to get us involved in the middle east. They killed 3000 fellow citizens before they even killed one person in the middle east.

  22. Denise

    “Even if I explain this massacre to to the non-Racialist but involved in action Tea Party types I know”

    Option 1) Just condemn it and move on – possibly safest bet.
    Option 2) Something along the lines of…

    “He wanted an eye for an eye but took it much too far. He believed the ruling elite have been murdering other people’s kids through 3rd world immigration so he decided to attack their kids as a punishment. Obviously that’s crazy and wrong because it’s the parents who are guilty not the kids.”

    And then you repeat as many times as neccessary how wrong it is because the kids aren’t responsible for the guilt of the parents.

  23. I see the logic of many comments, although I would have a hard time being so blunt. I think it is safe to say we live in interesting times.

  24. I’m ten pages into the manifesto and the ants would have poured forth from his anus by now.


  25. Spooky – get over yourself.

    Wandrin – thanks for the advice.

    I’ll be doing option #2 – cause the folks I deal with know they are NOT going to get “the short answer” from me.

    People need to be brought up to speed. Oh well,

  26. Wandrin – I’ll ue bits of the Mani-jerk-off-o to illustrate the divide betwwen he way the Controlled Media is characterizing this vermin, with what he actually wrote,

  27. To the great distress of Linderite anti-Semites, the Norwegian Labour Party is profoundly anti-Semitic:

    I learned last night from an Israeli online journal, that two days before the Utoya Island massacre, AUF’s (Labour Party’s youth movement) leader Eskil Pedersen gave an interview to the Dagbladet, Norway’s second largest tabloid newspaper, in which he unveiled what he thinks of Israel.

    In the course of the interview, Pedersen stated that he “believes the time has come for more drastic measures against Israel, and (that he) wants the Foreign Minister to impose an economic boycott against the country.”

    Pederson went on to say, “The peace process goes nowhere, and though the whole world expect Israel to comply, they do not. We in Labour Youth will have a unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side.”

    The AUF Labour Party Youth Movement have been devoted promoters of the Israel Boycott campaign, The Dagbladet newspaper reporting that “The AUF has long been a supporter of an international boycott of Israel, but the decision at the last congress, demands that Norway imposes a unilateral economic embargo on the country and it must be stricter than before.”

    “I acknowledge that this is a drastic measure”, stated Pedersen, “but I think it gives a clear indication that we are tired of Israel’s behaviour, quite simply”.

  28. I’m going to say it was the fault of multi-culturalism, plain and simple. People who know me know that I detest it anyway.
    As far as the Jews go, first step is to wake up the people of Europe. There may be more than we think who can sympathize with Mr. Breivik, though they wouldn’t condone such action. Who would not panic if faced with the loss of your anceint culture FOREVER? As far as the Jews, if they can help so be it. However, I think there is currently a sort-of cival dispute between the Jews right now. Some seem to be willing to support whites if it means standing against Islam, while others don’t seem to give a rat’s a@@ about Israel or Islam, as long as the white man is marginalized.

  29. Regarding the Jews, there is an interesting article over on American Thinker (yes, I know, a lame stream Republican site), but the female Jewish author rakes males jews over the coals with regard to protecting Jews from Islam (which she claims they won’t do). I think it’s called Jews In the Cellar or something like that. Definitely something brewing in the Jewish community.

  30. ‘To the great distress of Linderite anti-Semites, the Norwegian Labour Party is profoundly anti-Semitic: ‘

    And that is why it was the target of this particular Mossad false flag operation!

    1.) Target and kill left-wing ‘anti-semtites’
    2.) Tag a right-winger as the patsy and blame it on ‘neo-nazis’.

    This false flag op is a TWO-FER for the Zionist Occupied Government

    Today, Monday morning, they are going to arraign this Breivik character. Well guess what, it is going to be a CLOSED HEARING!

    This is being done to keep the conspiracy going.

  31. What this guy did is the moral equivalent of murdering your own family because they voted for Clinton.

    And think about this: how many of our best rightwing thinkers and leaders were liberals when they were young? Brevik may have killed the young Nowegian equivalents of Kevin MacDonald, Robert Burnham etc. In that regard, he is indeed like Robespierre, who killed many of the Third Estate’s best friends.

    “He went after the Norwegian political class for the same reason that anti-Semites scream about the Jews”

    So according to Hunter Wallace, even the slightest criticism whatsoever of Jews is just as deranged as what Brevik did? Well, at least your better than Larry Auster, who thinks that even the least slightest criticism whatsoever of Jews is more dereanged than what Brevik did.

  32. I’m not sure how to respond to that.

    Here’s the way that I see it: there is a spectrum of opinion on the subject of Jews which ranges from Jews are the demonic spawn of Satan who are responsible for all our problems (VNN Forum) to Jews are creatures of light who have never done a single thing to harm anyone (Glenn “I am a Jew” Beck).

    Somewhere in between these two extremes, there is a moderate position (Hunter Wallace) which can be roughly summarized as follows: the Single Jewish Cause is clearly a false theory, as DWLs and other groups are responsible for much of our predicament, but Jews are overrepresented among the legions of agitators who are trying to do us harm, and there is a Jewish problem that we will have to be dealt with at some point.

    Please note: anti-Semites always say that blacks and Hispanics are not the real problem and that Jews are behind it all. In Breivik’s case, he saw the Islamic thugs in Oslo as a symptom of the disease of multiculturalism, and he struck at the Norwegian political class that was fostering those conditions.

    So he was actually coming at it from the same angle. As he saw it, he was attacking the root of the problem, not striking at its branches.

  33. “What this guy did is the moral equivalent of murdering your own family because they voted for Clinton.”

    No. It’s the equivalent of killing the children of a pro-immigration politician because one of your children was killed by an immigrant. It’s an eye for an eye but taken too far (imo).

  34. So he was actually coming at it from the same angle. As he saw it, he was attacking the root of the problem, not striking at its branches.

    Killing misguided 16 year olds is not really striking at the root of the problem. Why couldn’t he have killed actual treasoness politicians instead some clueless kids who might grow up to become treasoness politicians.

    I’d have more sympathy with him if he had picked his target better.

  35. This site’s general response to Breivik’s atrocity is of an extremely low order, and I am particularly surprised at HW’s approving attitude. Lenin, who knew more about political organization and activism than all of us combined and multiplied by infinity, considered individual terrorism to be completely counter-productive: it served only to strengthen the Oppressor, which is certainly the case here. This act of a murderous narcissist will no more hinder multiculturalist globalization in Europe than McVeigh’s did in America. Rather, arm, network, and bide our time…as the Global Ponzi nears collapse, it will lash out at us and we will lash back. Concord Bridge. Not this thing.

  36. To the great distress of Linderite anti-Semites, the Norwegian Labour Party is profoundly anti-Semitic:

    Nothing you quoted is indicative of antisemitism. I don’t deny the possibility that they might be antisemitic for reasons other than what you have quoted, but you only quoted statements about their opposition to Israel and its policies.

  37. while we watch as the politically correct RULING CLASS hide their money and prepare themselves for what they must know is coming, we are forced to hide Christmas and not allow Christian prayer in our school but must give mUSlims the right for the many daily prayers they make that reference infedels and hate of non muslims a crusade is probably on its way

  38. @ “This site’s general response to Breivik’s atrocity is of an extremely low order, and I am particularly surprised at HW’s approving attitude. Lenin, who knew more about political organization and activism than all of us combined and multiplied by infinity, considered individual terrorism to be completely counter-productive…”

    True. But our current dilemma, once this incident has *happened*, is like those war films when an impatient warrior launches a vicious, premature attack during an ambush shattering the plans of the saner commander and his comrades, giving them no choice but to charge ahead.

    In other words, it’s high time to reread Pierce’s Hunter. Europe has become so feminized, an “Empire of the Yin” as one of those pundits of Breivik’s “Vienna School” put it, that it has become a piece of cake for a (potential) battalion of Hunters.

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