Custer’s Last Stand

District of Corruption

A few points before signing off …

(1) Everyone can come out of their shell now because Americans are the most self absorbed people in the entire world. We don’t care what happens in Norway. What goes on in foreign countries doesn’t affect us. It is less interesting than the Casey Anthony trial.

This news cycle has already progressed to the next scene in this narrative. While the non-mainstream right was locked down in turtle mode yesterday, #Fuckyouwashington was getting 64,000 tweets because of the debt crisis.

(2) There is a remarkable convergence in rhetoric going on between the mainstream right and the non-mainstream right. This reflects the polling data we were discussing immediately before the Breivik shooting.

Just this evening, I watched Bill O’Reilly effectively say that BRA has failed, which is incredible given what I remember about this person. Those of us who have been saying that the average single black woman is worth $5 and now that 35 percent of black America is worth less than zero – after trillions of dollars of Great Society welfare spending and decades of DWLs getting away with hiding the truth about the black underclass – we have been vindicated and our point of view is becoming a mainstream view.

It is now mainstream to say that it is a waste of taxpayer dollars to keep supporting BRA and that it is time to pull the curtain down on this whole charade through refusing to raise the debt ceiling. Even people like Bill O’Reilly are being forced by public opinion to catch up with us now.

(3) Chris Matthews compared the Tea Party’s fight against the debt ceiling to a White version of Custer’s Last Stand against BRA – an insightful metaphor which we completely agree with. We have the numbers that prove White America is revolting against BRA.

“What’s going on here as I see it is a kind of slow-motion secession,” Fineman said. “This is an ending of the social compact. This is two, three generations worth of agreement about Social Security, about Medicare, about the role of the federal government.”

“The Tea Party people are saying, ‘We want to secede from that society. And the way to do it is to draw the line on spending and taxes, to starve the federal government so that it loses power, so that we aren’t part of the social compact anymore.’ And that’s the real argument that’s going on, and the Congress as an institution is incapable of dealing with that kind of fundamental argument, which given the entitlement age and welfare state age, which is why you have the super committees and super-duper committees and the smaller and smaller ring of people attempting to decide something,” Fineman said.

That evokes images of South Africa during apartheid, Matthews said.

“This sounds like — I spent two years in southern Africa — [it] sounds like what the whites talked about doing,” Matthews said. “Eventually going into some circle, like Custer’s Last Stand against the United States.”

Fineman didn’t go along with the apartheid analogy, but he did say the pushback has materialized because some of the current plans on the table in Congress don’t go far enough in the Tea Party’s view.

“I wouldn’t put a racial tone on it, but I would say that the Congress is not dealing with the fundamental question here,” Fineman said. “They refuse to do it. And they’re not dealing with it now, because both bills, both plans — both the Boehner plan and the Reid plan don’t deal with either entitlements or taxes.”

Of course there is a racial tone to it!

Do you think African-Americans are against raising the debt ceiling? The growing Hispanic population which is moving here to live off Medicaid and EBT cards? Why the hell would the 35 percent of Black America that is less worth less than zero be opposed to raising the debt ceiling?

How much is the rest of Black America worth now? $10 dollars? $100 dollars? Do you think they are paying taxes or spending the money that comes out of your check?

Oh btw, the vanguard has always quipped that the conservatives care about their money and not their race. Well, now they have to care about their race because they are losing their money, so we can start talking to those people now that we have their attention.

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  1. the average single black woman is worth $5 and now that 35 percent of black America is worth less than zero

    Sounds about right

  2. The difference between us and the SA Whites is that we’re still a majority.

    Off topic but related: I heard some social science guy on public radio (need my classical music) explaining how his research indicates that there is an unmistakable connection between Section 8 housing and crime. The NAACP says he’s racist, but the social science guy insists that he’s just following the numbers, that race has nothing to do with it. He’s lying, but the SWPLs need the cover.
    Even NPR knows that Blacks destroy what they touch, and are trying to slither away from their offspring. BRA is fucked.

  3. Don’t you get the feeling the MSM are plagiarizing us when they say this? Well let them. Even if it is to condemn us for saying it. This is how things often start on the MSM.

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