Jens Stoltenberg Is A Traitor

Sic semper tyrannis


Jens Stoltenberg is a traitor.

We can separate Anders Breivik’s claims from his actions in Norway. Let’s consult the dictionary to analyze these claims on their own merit.

We are looking to see if Jens Stoltenberg fits the description of a “traitor”:

Treason: The betrayal of trust. The offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family.

Admittedly, the term “treason” is more problematic than it first seems, and Anders Breivik would appear to be the traitor here, if treason is understood as violating your allegiance to the Norwegian state.

By that definition, George Washington and Robert E. Lee were traitors. Washington and Lee owed their allegiance to Great Britain and the United States, but they felt a higher allegiance than the one due to the state. Benedict Arnold, the most famous traitor in American history, could be considered a patriot for fighting for King George III.

Is it fair to compare Jens Stoltenberg to Benedict Arnold? Not really.

Benedict Arnold was the hero of Saratoga which was a major military victory for the American cause. Arnold only sold out the Continental Congress whose legitimacy was not yet established in a civil war between the English and the Americans.

Jens Stoltenberg has sold out Western civilization. He is guilty of betraying Norway and the West. This man is a fifth column within Norway who has thrown open the gates of his nation to a barbarian invasion. In Oslo, 100 percent of rapes of Norwegian women are committed by barbarian rapists.

George Washington and Robert E. Lee were not traitors. They were heroes who had conflicting loyalties. Their primary allegiance was to the people of Virginia, not to the British monarchy, which Virginians believed they had the right to separate from.

The Great Seal of Virginia depicts Virtue, with a spear in hand, with her foot on the prostrate and deceased body of Tyranny, whose crown lies nearby – Sic semper tyrannis, “death to tyrants,” is the Virginia state motto.

If George Washington and Robert E. Lee were alive today, neither of these Virginians would have approved of Anders Breivik’s attack on the communist youth league, but they certainly would have agreed that Jens Stoltenberg is the worst kind of traitor imaginable, which is to say, a race traitor who has sold out his own people.

In the Republic, the Romans used to hurl traitors like Jens Stoltenberg from the Tarpeian Rock after they were convicted by the quaestores parricidii.

According to early Roman histories, when the Sabine ruler Titus Tatius attacked Rome after the Rape of the Sabines (8th century BC), the Vestal Virgin Tarpeia, daughter of Spurius Tarpeius, governor of the citadel on the Capitoline Hill, betrayed the Romans by opening the city gates for the Sabines in return for ‘what they bore on their arms.’ She believed that she would receive their golden bracelets. Instead, the Sabines crushed her to death with their shields, and her body was buried in the rock that now bears her name.

About 500 BC, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, the seventh legendary king of Rome, leveled the top of the rock, removing the shrines built by the Sabines, and built the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus on the intermontium — the area between the two summits of the hill. The rock itself survived this remodelling, being used for executions well into Sulla’s time (early 1st century BC).

To be hurled off the Tarpeian Rock was, in some sense, a fate worse than death, because it carried with it a stigma of shame. The standard method of execution in ancient Rome was by strangulation in the Tullianum. Rather, the rock was reserved for the most notorious traitors, and as a place of unofficial, extra-legal executions (for example, the near-execution of then-Senator Gaius Marcius Coriolanus by a mob whipped into frenzy by a tribune of the plebs).

In the eyes of the Romans, the most notorious traitors were those who opened the gates of the city to foreign invaders (the open borders lobby), the fifth column that assisted the barbarians.

Is Jens Stoltenberg not the worst kind of traitor imaginable? Is this man not crazier than Nero for throwing out the welcome mat for an Islamic invasion of Norway?

When lunatics and traitors like Jens Stoltenberg control the government, patriots and concerned citizens will always be denounced as “extremists,” especially when their madness is not identified as such.

If Anders Breivik is a “mass murderer,” then Jens Stoltenberg is the traitor who created him.

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  1. Excellent essay. The summation of this event is now coming into sharp focus. Eyes, and thoughts, are now turning to the relevant issues.

  2. In the eyes of the Romans, the most notorious traitors were those who opened the gates of the city to foreign invaders (the open borders lobby), the fifth column that assisted the barbarians.

    Are there winged aphorisms from Roman writers in Latin about traitors who open the borders to foreign invaders? If anyone who has read classics has them, plaease post them. I know stuff like sic semper tyrannis, but some good, juicy quotes about the barbari would be excellent.

  3. Another awesome post, Hunter. I’d love to see European (and American) elites hauled up to court to answer for the deliberate replacement of their own people in their native lands. I wonder what they would say. Would they say they were doing it for our own good and the good of white children? Would they say we and our desendents deserve it? I’d love to hear them explain their actions.

  4. Hunter is sounding more and more like a Hal Turner-type agent provocateur. Time for people who still have something to lose to back . . . slowly . . . out . . . of . . . the . . . room.

  5. Greg,

    Why are you over here being a prima donna? You are like a diva who is desperately trying to get our attention when no one is even thinking about you anymore. Kinda like the Whitey Houston or Vanilla Ice of 2010.

    Go play with your thermometer.

  6. I have studied the greats.

    In United States history, the term Fire-Eaters refers to a group of extremist pro-slavery politicians from the South who urged the separation of southern states into a new nation, which became known as the Confederate States of America.

    Thus, the Fire-Eaters helped to unleash a chain reaction that eventually led to the formation of the Confederate States of America and to the American Civil War. Their influence waned quickly after the start of major fighting.

  7. I agree. Stoltenberg did create Anders Breivik. I can only hope that he was more prolific than Dr. Frankenstein.

    Anders has provided the template for others who do not want to see their culture erased by semi-humans. I find it odd that other blogs that previously seemed to share OD’s vision for our nation have either remained totally silent on the Norway Follies or they have joined the mainstream chorus in their songs about Evil Anders or Insane Breivik. What harm can their be in honestly applauding an act that has been in the hearts of perhaps hundreds of thousands of Americans an Europeans.

    Every White man who has gone deep into debt to move his family to an outer-ring suburb to keep his children away from descendants of cannibals only to have the disruptive sons and daughters of third generation welfare recipients bused to the new school has had a bit of Breivik in his head.

    Every White man who has had a less qualified person promoted ahead of him solely because of complexion felt some of the same feelings that pushed that fed up Norwegian to Pinko Island.

    I used to think I was a patriot, but I have recently realized that I care far less for the Stars and Stripes than I do for the nation over which it waves. The nation that I pledge my allegiance to is made up of members of the historical majority who are the only people who have the ability and desire to return America to the glory that has been stripped away by men and women who believe that diversity is our strength and that everybody deserves the same size slice of the pie.

    I grew up in Detroit, and I lived in Minneapolis during its enrichment, but I presently live 100 yards outside the city limits of an all White town of 1600 citizens in a Kentucky county that has only 30 non-Whites. I don’t know where my house keys are because I quit locking my house during the first year that I lived here. My car keys are sitting in an open compartment of the console of my unlocked Expedition that is parked over by my wife’s chicken house tonight.

    I will not go back to existing like I did in Detroit or Minneapolis. When I can no longer live the way I presently do, I will leave it up to Hunter to figure out who created me.

  8. It is clear and has been for some time, whites can no longer allow political leaders, elites, DWLs, the media mogols in TV and print to speak for us whites. Does any white think that the elites in the universities are speaking for whites or ever will? The NYT? The alphabet TV channels? Do the leftist allow any politician to speak for whites? Any politician that did would soon find himself without a job. We as whites have no spokesman in the public arena, few if any in the academic field, none in the corporate world, or the business world in general, nor in the military. We as whites must be silent. We are expected to be silent, and if we aren’t we will be persecuted if not prosecuted and in all probability we will get both. We as whites are expected to remain silent in the face of our destruction and just disappear without even a whimper.
    To hell with that. We must speak out at very turn, complain loudly at every insult and return the insult in kind. We must return every stone thrown at us with a rock of our own. We must speak out loudly and vociferously for ourselves and fear not.
    We must not go quietly into the night.

  9. I as a norwegian, and the vast majority of norwegians, even the far right ones who are very sceptical to allowing as many immigrants to move here as we do, are very happy we dont have racists like you people here.

    I wonder what really makes you have so much irrational fear and hate for other people you dont know.

  10. Gorm Lundestad: We are not irrational. Many of us have seen what an influx of Blacks or Mexicans or Chinese will do to a community. How many of our cities must we lose before we can rationally decide that we don’t want them around?

  11. Gorm. We got tired of seeing our wives. sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, white friends, schoolmates, co-workers battered, raped, robbed and murdered by savages. When a black teen beats you with a baseball bat for fun, you will get a clue Gorm. When you see your clean cities turn into violent crime centers of blacks who would murder you Gorm for nothing other then the fact you are white, you will understand.

  12. I`m an expat Norwegian living in USA. I have a few things I would like to add to this discussion. Norway has a long tradition of voting for labor/socialistic governments. Norwegians however, do not correspond with this choice of politics in their general views and attitudes. Norwegians are basically a racist, intolerant, anti religious, anti American and anti Semitic people. They reject things of foreign origin and believe themselves to be superior over all other countries, especially the USA.

    Racism is overall clearly a larger issue in Norway than in the USA. Racial equality, tolerance and integration has been much more successful in USA compared to Norway where there has been very little integration at all. USA is by far the most successful country in the west when it comes to integration and racial equality. I have lived in Norway and I now live in Florida, so I know what I`m talking about.

    USA is not perfect and has racism issues of course, but don`t think any other western country has done it better than the USA.

    Norway is in the top 3 of the worlds most secular nations. I have never met an atheist African American, and have never met a christian Norwegian. I think I know who`s going to heaven and who`s going to hell in this equation. Not that I`m a believer myself….

  13. “Sic semper tyrannis, “death to tyrants,” is the Virginia state motto.”

    Sorry for correcting you but:

    Sic : THUS

    The correct translation is “Thus it is Always with Tyrants” not “Death to Tyrants”

    The motto means Tyrants always fail.

    – GiavelliReport

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