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  1. I like that scene too. For the same reason John Wayne said he liked EASY RIDER: it had a happy ending.

  2. It was a funny scene. Edward Longshanks was a GREAT King, by the by. He was the villian of the this movie – but he’s one of my fave kings. He did amazing things, in his reign. He was a GREAT King. He developed English Common Law, and established peace, in towns annd villages. Afer the Fal of Rgw Roman Empire – civilizational devlopment pretty much ground to a halt. Every-one spent most thier time trying to prevent being robbed, and attacked, and murdered, by the various strata of lawless thugs running loose.Edward ORGANIZED, put down free-ranging cut-throats, and brigands, and allowed The Common Folk to ohhhhh…grow crops, make stuff, and build. He was brutal, you betcha – but so were the times.

    In the scale of things – a bunch of fueding smelly Scots tribesmen didn’t mean very much, in terms of what Edward actually achieved, in his reign.

  3. I don’t think it will come to that.

    As White America realizes the full gravity of the situation, the hate business will fall on hard times. The hate bots will get laid off. People will stop paying attention to them. The eunuchs will become an object of ridicule. Quietly, the pink slip will come as the air of authority evaporates.

    Morris will put on his golden parachute and eject like Angelo Mozillo somewhere over the Cayman Islands. Mark will move back to Vermont. Heidi will feel like a Federalist living under Andrew Jackson.

  4. @Denise:
    You are indeed correct. Longshanks was a mighty king. He did many things, including the expulsion of disloyal Jews from his kingdom. They refused to profess their allegiance, btw.

    His son, Edward II was unfortunately a sodomite, as correctly portrayed. He eventually met his end at the hands of the disgusted English nobles. If I am not mistaken, I believe he was impaled by a wooden beam to demonstrate for all the consequences of his depravity.

    Gibson’s movie is a dramatization, not a documentary. His history is suspect at best, but the themes are essentially those revered by generations of white people. That’s why they resonate so.

  5. Apuleius – since I’m always Naming Die Judenraus – I thought I’d leave off – and focus on the laying down of Law and Order (and the expulsion of the Kikenvermin is NOT unrelated. )

    You must know why they were finally booted, right, from England? FYI – the Blood Libel is REAL – and the Order still stands.

    EddieLuv the II was not all bad. He established the brilliant English University system. He wasn’t a serious monarch. The impalation story is simply a rumour – it’s believed he was suffocated. He did father 5 children, but his homosexual proclivities derailed the social balance. He bestowed WAY to many favours, and land grants, on his various boytoys, and spent too much time trying to destroy the power of other ENGLISH noblemen – the Peerage. He was very unpopular, and his wife, Isabella, and her lover Roger Mortimer successfully conspired to depose Eddie from the throne. His son, Edward the III, technically succeeed EddieLuv – but Isabella and Mortimer ran England, until Edward the III was old enough to do so.

    The reigns of the 3 Edwards should very carefully studied, by any-one interested in politics, and successful rule – and IMAGE. Edward I had is ALL – he was absolutely brilliant, in every mov he made, in terms of establishing a successful and productive social order. Edward II is sort of like Czar Nicholas – not a really bad fellow – but absolutely completely temperamentally unsuited to his position. His son, Edward the III, is really interesting. He wasn’t really anymore competent, in rule, than his Dad – but he had the Image. He’s like Henry VIII – he nearly bankrupted England, in pursuing his war goals (Henry pursued other things) – but he came across, to the Nobles ad Commoners alike, as a KING. A manly, testicles-intact KING. A MAN. That, and he didn’t try to screw ALL the other Nobles out of power. It’s all about a balancing act, and being the Right Guy ffor the times.

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