Vorenus Flips Out


This is an epic scene in the HBO series Rome: Vorenus flips out and declares himself to be a “Son of Hades.” He’s okay, but he is grieving, and takes it out on Blessed Concord.

This clips explains more about what happened in Norway than all the “analysis” of the eunuchs combined:

In Rome, Vorenus is a cultural conservative and staunch republican, but that doesn’t mean he is an eunuch. That is why the show was so popular – it was a form of escapism from BRA’s morality, a break from having to deal with all the eunuchs in the real world.

No one can live in Larry Auster’s world 24/7. We all cope with it in some way.

Rome is interesting to us because real people lived back then. In this scene, Pullo and Octavian dispatch Evander for impregnating Vorenus’s wife.

In True Blood, Eric Northman is a vampire who is liberated from having to pretend to be an eunuch. Anders Breivik was reportedly a fan.

But, you will say, Eric and Vorenus are fantasies, not legitimate role models to imitate in reality. Jens Stoltenberg, Gordon Brown, and Barack Hussein Obama are what all people should aspire to be. They represent the “progress” of the human species.

Such is the worldview of the eunuchs in Western Europe and North America. There can never be another Augustus, another George Washington, another Napoleon. Not even Winston Churchill could make the cut these days – bigot, reactionary, homophobe, white supremacist, etc.

The eunuch vision, which is straight out of George Orwell’s 1984, has always been to narrow human character types (mere tyrants were never interested in that) to weed out all the pathologies (racism, nativism, sexism, xenophobia, etc.) that they have diagnosed in humanity.

It’s like a chastity belt. The eunuchs are determined to squeeze it tighter and tighter. Every year they squeeze it tighter to coerce the population into becoming more like Jens Stoltenberg.

As the range of permissible opinion and behavior is restricted in reality (pathologized as “extremist” and “crazy”), the fantasy world of television and movies must be called upon to provide substitutes.

It is inevitable that some people will find, say, the Knights Templar or Nazi Germany or the Roman Empire or the Confederacy, more interesting that “the modern world” that the eunuchs have created in reality; they will start living in a fantasy world.

In a head to head matchup, Jens Stoltenberg is unable to compete with Vorenus and Eric Northman. The eunuchs will never allow that match to take place. They are convinced their vision of the West is the only legitimate vision.

Utoya is the result.

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  1. It’s true, the eunuchs consistently refuse to debate us or even allow us to be in their presence.

    The way they show power is that the institutions back them up rather than us. “Big Brother” is their big brother, not ours.

    They keep us out of universities, out of positions of power and leverage.

    So it is up to us to draw upon the traditions of Market Dominant Minorities, as well as our IQ and long range planning abilities, to create our own power, and guard the levers of this power for our own use and our race’s interests.

  2. They are their own rot, how long can they keep the “niggers”, “spics” down? Maybe Asians can become the new Larry Davids (jews), but the feistier races are the new barbarians and besides the physical threat they pose, they are very expensive to keep.

  3. You might want to explore the psychology of the eunuch. My non-professional judgement is that the eunuch race is feminine and hence like the female especially white females they have an outsized sense of duty but absolutely no sense of responsibility (cat lady syndrome).

    In short, if you heap repsonsiblity upon the eunuch race they will fold, quickly. Abstract debates with them is like a ladies gathering, it quickly degenerates into who is “nicer.”

  4. When I was a kid, I flew my armchair Corsair and shot down Japs. Would I now be expected to play at being a judge, and issuing de-segregation orders? If that’s a hero these days, a healthy boy might choose to be a villain.

  5. For the most part, the world we see in movies in television (not to mention in history) is utterly different from the one we see in reality. It is an escape mechanism.

    Someone out there will become The Punisher or Eric Northman from time to time. Reality is too unbearable. People will act out fantasy ideologies.

  6. Reality being people caring about what sensible people care about, and acting accordingly. Not caring about what sensible people care about and immediately checking themselves for having dangerous thoughts and going out and buying meaningless crap to feel better.

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