Democrats: Obama Is Jimmy Catuh Without Testicles

New York

Fucking hilarious.

In the eyes of Maureen Dowd, Obama has gone from being Lincoln meets Spock to Jimmy Carter meets Honorius. Dowd compares the 2008 election to the Tulip Mania.

Is it the Obama crash?

As we cross BRA’s Rubicon, I find myself in a cheerful and martial mood. I’m enjoying this turn of events, so I will play another inspirational video, as we enjoy the financial Sack of the Beltway:

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  1. Nice video. Hence the return of “School of Athens” to the top of the blog? Our youth have been taught for decades that we have no history worth honoring, but it’s all there, waiting to be taught to a new generation of young Whites in a White nation. They will be astonished to read that public figures were compelled to abase themselves for having used the word “fag” to describe degenerates.

  2. I have such a deep knowledge of Western history that in recent years I have turned my attention to state and local history as a new frontier. It seemed an appropriate time to bring “School of Athens” back.

    Obama has collapsed. The establishment is now in political default. I’m feeling optimistic. You?

  3. “Few could see the general in the darkness, but to his staff officers, gathered around him, he appeared in a torment of irresolution. Rather than gesture his men onward, Gaius Julius Caesar instead gazed into the turbid waters of the Rubicon, and said nothing. And his mind moved upon silence.

    The Romans had a word for such a moment. “Discrimen,” they called it – an instant of perilous and excruciating tension, when the achievements of an entire lifetime might hang in the balance. The career of Caesar, like that of any Roman who aspired to greatness, had been a succession of such crisis points. Time and again he had hazarded his future – and time and again he had emerged triumphant. This, to the Romans, was the very mark of a man. Yet the dilemma that confronted Caesar on the banks of the Rubicon was uniquely agonizing – and all the more so for being consequence of his previous successes. In less than a decade he had forced the surrender of eight hundred cities, three hundred tribes, and the whole of Gaul – and yet excessive achievement, to the Romans, might be a cause for alarm as well as celebration. They were the citizens of a republic, after all, and no one man could be permitted to put his fellows forever in the shade. Caesar’s enemies, envious and fearful, had long been maneuvering to deprive him of command. Now, at last, in the winter of 49, they had succeeded in backing him into a corner. For Caesar, the moment of truth had finally arrived. Either he could submit to the law, surrender his command, and face the ruin of his career – or he could cross the Rubicon.”

  4. DHW: Optimistic? Not yet. I am sustained by the knowledge that the Rulers can’t run a country with just Darks and sissies. Without us, there is no nation and every one of them knows it. I suppose they plan to play the scam as long as possible, then take the money and run. As for Caesar, I’m certain that every White flag officer knows the score. After all, they are trained in long term thinking, aren’t they?

  5. Obama has been the most recent of a series of bubbles. The internet bubble popped, and was replaced by the real estate bubble. It was popped, and was replaced by the combined Obama-bailout-stimulus bubble. People who voted for Obama really hoped that somehow a Magic Negro could make everything wonderful again. After all it always works in the movies doesn’t it?

    The elite- Democrats and the establishment Republicans- really thought he was going to save them. The gushing was pretty silly. At least that’s over with now. Maureen writes “They think he looks down on them and sneers at their values.” They think no such thing, Mo; he along with all of the rest of you does look down on them and sneers at their values. It’s nice to discomfit such people.

  6. Obama nixed this same deal a week ago. Now he will sign it. Weakest president ever? The amazing fact lost in all of this is that the GOP controlled only one house of Congress, yet arranged a deal that gets them just about everything they wanted. No new taxes and decent spending cuts. Now if they could just cut all TANF and section 8, we’d see real fireworks.

  7. Obama nixed this same deal a week ago. Now he will sign it. Weakest president ever?

    A few weeks ago he was telling Boehner “don’t tess me.” It projected weakness, big time. Like a barking dog with no teeth. I knew he’d cave the minute I heard him say it.

    Now if they could just cut all TANF and section 8, we’d see real fireworks.

    They need to gut defense spending, too. I can see the headlines now; “women and minorities hardest hit.” Who do we need “defending” from, exactly? I mean, other than the federal gov’t that is?

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