Super Confederacy

Robert E. Lee rides his equestrian statue and looms like a giant over BRA's community organizer

BRA’s Media

The eunuch Michael Lind has written a tirade in Salon against the Tea Party and “Neo-Confederates” and “White Southern extremism.”

The League of the South is responsible for Barack Hussein Obama’s failed presidency and the collapse of the Washington liberal establishment – an interesting theory, no?

In response, I will just play a YouTube video where the quiet, dignified, and aristocratic Robert E. Lee – the archetype of a White Southern extremist, whose allegiance was to his own people – nobly turns down Simon Cameron’s offer to lead Abraham Lincoln’s army in an attack on his native state of Virginia.

Robert E. Lee was the greatest Virginian who ever lived. That man is my hero, not Barack Hussein Obama or Martin Luther King. He was blood and soil, a real conservative, who led an army of men who were only defending their own homes.

BRA has nothing on offer at the narrative buffet of legitimacy that can ever compete with Robert E. Lee. In hindsight, the Confederate warnings about a federal government run amok can only seen prescient.

Are we supposed to believe that Barack Hussein Obama represents “progress” over Robert E. Lee, over Stonewall Jackson, over Thomas Jefferson? That’s the SPLC theory, but it would be voted down in a landslide if the election were held today.

Barack Hussein Obama is a joke, he is Dynamo from The Running Man, a black fictional image called into existence by BRA’s media who was supposed to be the fulfillment of BRA’s narrative of racial progress.

In The Running Man, Dynamo makes his grand entrance singing Mozart and promises to solve a great problem. He hurls great balls of fire. The audience is rapt with attention.

Unfortunately, Dynamo was not up to the task. All he had going for him was a great voice, a flashy car, and a bit of pizzazz. He was a rock star, not a warrior.

Poor Dynamo goes out without a shred of dignity. You will piss yourself laughing at the parallels: “I will show you dickless.”

Not Lincoln, but Dynamo. Just like Dynamo, Barack Hussein Obama is being electrocuted in White America after trying to prove he was a real leader.

White America needs and wants a leader like Augustus in 2012. We need a leader who will stand up to Barack Hussein Obama and destroy him like Augustus destroyed Mark Anthony when he became an Egyptian.

Barack Hussein Obama is an African, not an American. He is Gorbachev, not Lincoln. His lawsuits against Alabama and Arizona have exposed this community organizer for what he really is, which is to say, someone who would throw states under the bus in order pander to racial voting blocs.

The Super Confederacy is White America. In 2011, there are far more than 13 stars on Lee’s rebel flag. White America wants a leader like Augustus to clean out the liberal establishment, pull down the curtain on Black Run America, and to restore the old moral virtues.

Caesar, they cry.

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  1. Eunuchs like Jon Meacham and Michael Lind ought to be labeled self-hating Southerners in addition to anti-White. Meacham (Tennessee) and Lind (Texas) seem to save their nastiest rhetoric for their anti-Southern articles. Micheal Lind has been arguing this thesis for 15 years — the South dominates the GOP; therefore, whenever the GOP dominates national policy, the South dominates national policy. Lind wrote an article almost exactly like this one in the 1990s when the GOP Congress was stopping Clinton from doing things.

  2. Lew, the problem with labeling Whites as “race-traitors” or “self-hating Southerners” or “anti-White” is that there’s no sting because race treachery, self-hating, and anti-Whiteness are considered virtues by many Whites, and are definitely “respectable” opinions.

    Okay, “self-hating Southerner” does have a bit of sting. But the others don’t amount to much.

    For now I think it’s more tactically sound to use terms that do have some sting:

    Uncle Tom.

    Whites are so far gone, calling them “race traitors” has no effect. But likening them to black race-traitors and sell-outs, that has an effect, because every White person knows being a black race-traitor is bad bad bad.

    “Racist” or “bigot” is a great substitute for “anti-White.” That they apply far more to them than it does to us is an added bonus.

  3. My most fervent hope at this point in my life is that I may be granted the grace to see a free and independent South before I die. As for Southern traitors–death or permanent exile will do nicely. What happens to the rest of the Yankee empire I could care less.

    Deo Vindice.

  4. This was an excellent column.

    I wish there were more people like Lind denouncing the South. It would make our job a lot easier. We must do everything in our power to encourage this eunuch’s delusion that the League of the South controls the Tea Party.

  5. Svigor don’t confuse the issue use anti-white first racist second. For a hoot read the comments following Lind’s essay, absolute morons of the first degree.

  6. Most people obsessed with “race”, should take a physical anthropology course and also a course related to the laws of genetic, including how dominant and recessive genes interact, so they will realize that races do not dissappear by mixing. I have the feeling, that some people confuse “race” with “species.”.

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