Barack Obama As Anti-Lincoln

District of Corruption

In 2008, the liberal establishment was comparing Barack Hussein Obama to Abraham Lincoln. This analogy between a black fictional image and Lincoln made no sense whatsoever. Lincoln would have deported Obama to Africa.

Could Obama be the anti-Lincoln though? The Gorbachev of BRA surrounded by eunuchs who presides over the final unraveling of the DC-NYC-Hollywood triumvirate and its soft tyranny over “the free world?”

Before the debt ceiling crisis, no one was really comparing Obama to Gorbachev or Nero. It was too optimistic of a scenario to entertain. You have to admit though that he does look like Gorbachev confronting the world-historical crisis before him.

Progressives gambled on this community organizer and have put themselves in an impossible situation – they can’t dump Obama without infuriating African-Americans. Yet they can’t afford 5 more years of Obama anymore than “the free world” can survive his presidency.

This black fictional image will be on television “pivoting” to jobs to at least January 2013. Can you imagine what will happen between now and then?

The funniest scenes in Star Trek:

Nero the outlaw conservative subtly mocks the eunuchs on the Enterprise.

Like Barack Hussein Obama, Captain Janeway flies across the galaxy as a Yankee school marm fighting hostile aliens who look like this guy, whom she defeats with her preaching.

Star Trek: Enterprise was cancelled as its ratings plummeted. In the final apocalyptic battle, Captain Jonathan Archer fights the “Terra Prime movement,” a group of nativists opposed to human/alien miscegenation who threaten to destroy Starfleet after hijacking Mars.

Then he went off the air.

Captain Picard gives a sermon on “hate.”

Neelix was such an annoying eunuch so devoid of any redeeming masculine qualities that Tuvok and B’Elanna Torres often felt like killing him. I’m sure there are eunuchs out there who feel the same way about other eunuchs they know.

In this scene, the Asian eunuch Harry Kim flirts with his dominatrix Seven of Nine on Voyager. Seven of Nine was a strong willed, logical Nordic woman with big breasts in spandex. Everyone on the ship fantasized about exploring her humanity.

The point of playing these videos is to illustrate with visual aids the fantasy ideology of progressivism and who it appeals to in terms of their own mythos. Now you can see why progressives thought Barack Hussein Obama was a great leader and why the world is faced with disaster.

Like Janeway or Picard, Barack Hussein Obama is a weakling who fights “bad guys” with preaching and high tech weapons. He is a black fictional image in a fantasy ideology that has no correspondence to reality.

This is the type of leader that eunuchs like Guiseppe and Jonathan Capehart everywhere have always wanted. This is now the face of the United States of America before … drumroll … before China, Russia, North Korea, the NATO allies, White America

Word has it that Muammar Gaddafi has triumphed over Barack Hussein Obama in Libya. No wonder Gen. Stanley McChrystal saw it coming.

What do you think is on the mind of the military brass at the Pentagon right now? Probably something to the effect that such a mistake must never be allowed to happen again. The consequences are too great to America’s world leadership.

The Pentagon has to be wondering why Obama and Biden are fagging the military after Bradley Manning and Wikileaks, hocking us to China, suing Arizona and Alabama to appease the fifth column within the Democratic Party, and denouncing the American people as “terrorists.”

This type of shit has finally become a national security threat to everything that generations of American soldiers have fought to prevent.

Ulysses S. Grant’s statue stands outside the United States Congress. Meanwhile, Congress itself is polluted by Barney Frank and Chuck Schumer. Washington has become a four letter word in the Heartland to the descendants of George Washingon.

It is Barack Hussein Obama and his predecessor’s fault that this has happened, not the American people who have legitimate grievances which the liberal establishment has ignored for decades.

After the War Between the States, the sections reconciled and Confederate and Union war veterans were able to celebrate the heroism of the other side. The liberal establishment and its project of BRA must come to an end before it takes America down with it.

We simply can no longer afford Chris Matthews and Paul Krugman. Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln would have both agreed with that. The time has come to put an end to Emperor Obama’s madness.

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  1. I really need to block out all MSM, but watching them sometimes is very enlightening. Last night Robert Reich (I can think of a word that rhymes with Reich and starts with a K), was on the Newshour and claiming that the best way to end the economic crisis is for the government to massively increase spending and create a giant jobs program. Reichs’ theory is that consumer economic fears are causing people to spend less money, thus hurting the economy. Of course that diminutive DWL does not reveal that massive spending increases would mean massive tax increases on ‘the rich’ who would tend to be businessmen that would then raise prices and reduce their staff thus leading to more unemployment. Right now I live paycheck to paycheck and massive tax increases on my employer sound like a stupid idea!

  2. I was thinking that a better metaphor for Obama is that of “the changeling”. His being “the emperor with no clothes” does not ring true because he NEVER had any legitimacy to begin with. To be the emperor, you have to had some legitimacy to lose. Obama’s a fraud from the get go. He’s a total creation of ad execs. The liberal elite drunk on themselves thought they could create a simulacrum of white male leadership with this guy and put a huge one over on the less progressive of their own kind. The problem is, the elite forgot that this guy is a substitute for the real thing and started believing their own lies. That is why they sound so insane and and appear so detached from reality because they forgot that the completely inadequate teleprompter-reader-in-chief is a total fraud. As someone elsewhere said, if you changed only one thing about him – that he was half asian instead of half black – he would be lucky to be a successful insurance salesman.

  3. While watching that 7 of 9 clip I remembered that Seven’s (Jeri Ryan) messy divorce made Barack Hussein Obama a US senator. A judge(D) decided to release the divorce records to the Chicago Tribune(D) and the scandal caused the One’s competition, Jack Ryan to drop out. Without that PBO would be just a state senator, Hillary would probably be the president and you would be thinking that she’s not very good at it, without realizing that the alternate reality is much worse.

    McCain might have won, but McCain or Hillary there is no difference.

    Also, Sarah Palin would still be in Alaska because without the need to balance the first black with a first woman, McCain would have chosen some bland non-entity to be his running mate. (You have to be really bland to not upstage McCain.)

    History really turned on one corrupt local judge’s decision there.

  4. If “Enterprise” is that one with Bakula as the actor playing the captain it deserved death. His other show about time travel was fantasy as well, and even worse than his version of Trek.

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