Echoes of Wallace


This man could talk:

Note: Eunuchs, you will enjoy this book. It was a cruise missile from Alabama that hit LBJ and knocked him out of the White House. Liberalism never recovered from that one.

Here’s an idea from BRA’s campaign consultant:

A Midwesterner needs to say something like that in 2011. Talk about rising up against the tyranny of the liberal establishment, going on the offensive against the failed liberal ideas of the past, take the side of ordinary people against debt peonage to China.

Say it with real fire and passion. My theory is that a candidate with a message like that would annihilate Barack Hussein Obama in 2012. You will slice through Obamamessiah like a samurai sword cuts through butter!

Send Mitt out to Detroit, the most progressive city in America, or let Bachmann investigate EBT card usage in Minneapolis. Put him or her on television with a simple question

Just ask a simple question – why?

Go to Chicago, Barack Hussein Obama’s hometown, and ask Rahm Emanuel on television about the flash mobs and the “youth violence,” and why Sarah Palin is responsible for them.

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