True Story


In the mania of 2008, I had a stroke of genius (duty and rights, labor and capital, truth and passion – these things complement each other), but the world told me that I was “bipolar” and “schizo.” I voted for Al Gore, John Kerry, and Chuck Baldwin.

I hung out everywhere from Stormfront to American Renaissance to VDARE to Taylor Branch to Richard Dawkins to MSNBC to Kid Rock to Drive By Truckers to Aristotle to Rwanda to Majority Rights to The Occidental Observer to George Washington’s Street to get my ideas about what was going on.

I “pushed back” pretty hard against Greg and Harold and Al and Rachel and Chris. Even Guiseppe and Obama.

Just to observe what was going on and think about the situation. I even shook the hand of Jeffrey Imm and (as a joke) nearly laughed myself silly when I wrote on Morris Dees’ wall in Montgomery. A Wall of Tolerance that hears no dissent.

We walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge to see if the twentieth century worked. Played a violin using our own minds. We were trying to figure it all out for hippies would finally let us “peace in our minds.”

It was Quest (a mission) and Mindspring (refreshing our understanding of reality) and Earthlink (hooking up the blogosphere) and First Baptist (building institutions) and Luther (reforming the system) and Marx (rethinking economics) and St. Augustine (rethinking religion).

Why was the world so obviously broken?

If we finally figured out how to reconcile what are seemingly opposites, we could build a new society. I’ve been working for ten years for a non-profit called my country. We have been on a Mission Impossible to recreate the world we inherited.

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  1. Good writers… Well, we all know the story. Some run hot. Some cool.

    You need to cool down. Trust me.

    Take care of yourself.

  2. Not at all.

    This blog has always been a work in progress. I know exactly what happened to me in 2008 now.

    I was just spending too much time on the internet, analyzing too much material, drinking too much caffeine, and was overwhelmed with inspiration. I began to “preach” almost from my own perspective.

    If I sound “crazy,” it has only been because I have been in overdrive lately.

  3. It seems to me that you wanted to switch themes too. That odessa syndicate “far left far right synthesis” is a different theme than you current them, occidental dissent.

    I was in the minority in actually thinking allying with communists instead of nazis is cool.

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