#8. Kunstler’s Project Confrontation

Captain Ahab, Slayer of Wall Street

New York

It has been amazing to watch James Howard Kunstler’s ongoing “Project Confrontation” with the establishment over the past several years.

That man was shouting in the wilderness of cyberspace in the hope that someone was watching and paying attention.

He was chasing after Wall Street like Captain Ahab up there in Saratoga Springs, NY. James was a head hunter tracking the scent of the Money Power. Oh man, he was pissed off at the Hamptons.

All James Howard Kunstler ever did was tour the ruins of Upstate New York, write insightful books like “Geography of Nowhere,” and describe the absurdities he saw in the suburban living arrangement in “Clusterfuck Nation,” places like Atlanta, GA (which made no sense whatsoever), and the dying industrial towns.

The “Clusterfuck Nation” could be seen all across the North American continent. Many a Southerner wondered why Georgia had become such an ugly place to live.

We got him, James.

Everytime you posted your thoughts on “Clusterfuck Nation” it was a clue that you were on to something important. Your “two cents” was making a lot of sense to some of us down here.

Many a night we read the “Clusterfuck Nation.” Those of us in tourist towns in the Deep South. The Confederate Treasury would have paid him to tell the “hate truth” about Wall Street.

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  1. Interesting video, the best quote, “these are places not worth caring about.” That is missing in modern life, a sense of connection to the land and a sense of connection to place. I still feel that to some extent for the place I was born, but sadly not the place I’ve lived most of my life.

  2. Kunstler wants all the whites herded into the cities, disarmed, and under Jew control…like the Blacks and Mestizos. Not going to happen, and he’s properly terrified. Have to admit that I read his column every Monday, tho. K’s critique of the Bankster-Globalist oligarchy is pretty much on-target.

  3. Kunstler knows a great deal of things because he goes to the same sin-agogue as Goldman Sachs. Just like I do n’t need Mexicans around to make tacos (We have the recipe. It’s easy) – we don’t need Jews around….for…anything.

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