#27. Reimagining Hate

Middle Ages

Just some cool videos

If St. Benedict were here, he would have better things to do than to give lip service to the New York Times Editorial Page, or chase after a Washington dollar. The real “treasure chest” is somewhere in Heaven.

How many children in the American public school system do you suppose have ever heard of St. Benedict? No, we look up to any number of idiots as role models. We listened to stupid people on television preach nonsense … or just tuned them out to watch football.

The so-called “hate groups” (i.e., people who are just pissed off about something) could learn something here. Here’s a what if scenario: St. Benedict becomes a time traveler and journeys from the Dark Ages to the year 2011 and finds himself back in the Dark Ages.

What would he do? Well, he would think to himself, I could work for these people and make a few dollars, or collect the “two cents” of other people (their opinions and insights), and try to make some “sense” the world.

Maybe I can make a great discovery or something – insights are usually “worth” something. Failing that, I could work for a “non-profit” called my own insatiable curiosity, be a “community organizer” of our “brothers and sisters” in Christ, enjoy my “peace of mind,” etc.

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