Ontological Nationalism

While OD warned about the "flash mobs" for months, Majority Rights talked about ontology and metaphysics


To: Majority Rights

I’ve read your post this evening. It has given me a few laughs.

If you think I have “bipolar syndrome” or “schizophrenia,” all I can say is please review your own archives and test the sanity of your own contributors before passing judgment on us.

I’ve just had an insightful moment. Really, that is all there is to it, and it came at the same time that it happened last time, when I noticed something (purely as an analyst) in a similar period of crisis.

Back then, a bunch of White Nationalist fools on the internet similarly said that I was crazy (when in reality I had only overworked myself), undoubtedly to strut their own feathers and puff themselves up to take advantage of the situation in eyes of their non-movement.

A few points:

(1) I never had any interest in writing for “Majority Rights.” Why is that a problem? I’ve always been focused on my own country.

(2) I honestly don’t care what a few Neo-Nazi ideologues on the internet have to say.

– Especially ones who don’t even live in my country.

– Especially ones who live in my country who aren’t doing any useful work.

– Especially people who are clearly nutty (i.e., J Richards and HAC) and who believe in fringe ZOG conspiracy theories.

– Especially ones whose influence is purely counterproductive and absolutely useless in trying to reach people who live in my area.

I don’t even waste my time responding to them anymore. They are not worth the time of reading.

(3) I have no interest in your little project of “ontological nationalism” or whatever you have been doing over there. Good luck with it though.

Please note that we have been drawing attention to the so-called “youth violence” for months now at OD. The “youth violence” which is now being unleashed in your country.

While you were lost for years in the esoteric world of metaphysics and ideology, we were discussing the real issues that resonate with real people in America.

(4) Do you see me attacking you? I don’t even bother responding to you. I don’t even read your website. I quit reading Majority Rights a long time ago because it seemed to me that you had become lost in your own little philosophical bubble.

(5) Yes, I do like the people who are involved in the Tea Party. I like people who are Christians. I like people who are conservatives. I like a lot Southerners who vote for the Republican Party. I like people who live in places that I care about.

If I didn’t like those people and those places, why would I spend so much of my damn time trying to help them?

Why should I hate my own people? If you hate your own people (because they don’t identify with your esoteric ideological mindset), how can you talk to them? Why should I identify with a bunch of ideologues (the keepers of the flame of Nazism) instead of with my own neighbors?

Who is more useful? My own people or a bunch of ideologues and fantasists scattered across the world? It is a “no brainer.”

Why should I hate conservatives? I’m a conservative myself.

These people say that I am crazy:

Yeah, those people. The irony being that it comes at just the historical moment when their bookish obsession with ontology and metaphysics looks ever more like a fool’s errand.

(6) As someone who publishes Constantin von Hoffmeister and Soren Renner, the idea of GuessedWorker questioning my sanity, someone who immerses himself in “ontological nationalism” and all kinds of esoteric nonsense, which is utterly of no interest whatsoever to ordinary people, I will just say that is really the funniest thing I have heard all day.

Thanks for the amusement. After watching London burn and Wall Street crash, I needed some Triple AAA comic relief.

Note: Has it ever occurred to you that if you communicated with people in terms of their own experience (as opposed to being adrift in a totally irrelevant ideological morass) that they would be more likely to respond to you?

Note: As I predicted, Anders Breivik was the omen that came before the storm, and now no one in London cares much about Norway or even remembers what happened there.

Good Point: I will admit though that you are right and that I do need a few days to rest. That is a good point. The only problem on my end is that I work too hard to analyze great historical crises.

While it is true that I am overworked and exhausted, please observe the legions of lunatics on your own website, who sound crazy on any ordinary day, each of whom are suffering from the chronic debilitating effects of their own secular fantasy ideology.

At my wooziest point of exhaustion, I sound more lucid than them!

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  1. The other side of Majorityism is Minorityism.
    Websites like this arose to adapt to a totally sick system. Anyone who favors the status quo is a moron.

    The UK media is all over “sharia zone” enforcement in 13 mohammadan majority sections. That can and will happen in America. That is why the UK atrocity should be on the frontpage of every US publication. Sharia is coming here; forewarned is forearmed. It will be advanced if the son-of-child-abandoning-slave-of-allah is re-elected. I don’t like any of the opposition, but you can’t get worse than BHO.

    I don’t agree with everything on this website, but a lot of energy goes into it. We should all agree that “race” politics hardly ended with the election of a half-white Prez (or is that half-black?)

  2. While you may have been a little thin in contextualizing things lately, Hunter, those of us who are your fellow countrymen (Dixie, not the Evil Empire) recognize your enthusiasm and love for our cause and our people in the rapidity of your recent posts.

    Don’t let the critics get you down. They are not our people.

    Deo Vindice

  3. Thank you.

    I have just had a very insightful moment. I realized that that myths, symbols, legitimacy, narratives, teams and stories are the cultural foundation of our society.

    Consider the Civil Rights Trail in Alabama. There are “interpretive centers” scattered from one side of this state to the other. Why are there interpretive centers? Why are there so many monuments to MLK and his martyrs?

    Because a story is being told that the federal government wants to tell. The myth of the Civil Rights Movement is being told. And why is that myth so important? Because that myth has narrative and symbolic power and thus legitimacy.

    That myth is behind the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Yes, it is a myth constructed of symbols, martyrs, skewed interpretations of historical events, etc.

    The Lost Cause is a myth. The Civil Rights Movement is another myth. It is the myth of the Second Reconstruction – a myth which has monetary value.

    Now think more deeply about this.

    The Federal Reserve note with Lincoln’s face is another example of this. Why does the Lincoln dollar have purchasing power? Why not the Confederate dollar?

    Only because it lacks legitimacy and authority. The Lincoln dollar is stamped with all kinds of symbols of a narrative which give it legitimacy over minds. It has authority because it has the Federal Reserve stamp on it. The mind sees the Federal Reserve stamps which is the sign of authority.

    The point here being, the legitimacy and authority exists solely in our own minds. The narrative power of the New York Times exists solely in our own minds. Hollywood’s narrative power exists solely in our own minds.

    The tentacles of the existing system are as follows:

    (1) The mainstream media and Hollywood which manufactures illusions to exercise narrative and symbolic power over the people.

    (2) The Federal Reserve with its stupid currency (a scrap of paper clothed in legitimacy) that everyone must worth themselves to death to get their hands on.

    (3) The federal government which has the threat of physical force.

  4. “(6) As someone who publishes Constantin von Hoffmeister and Soren Renner, the idea of GuessedWorker questioning my sanity, someone who immerses himself in “ontological nationalism” and all kinds of esoteric nonsense, which is utterly of no interest whatsoever to ordinary people, I will just say that is really the funniest thing I have heard all day.”

    I agree with that. Constantin von Hoffmeister is a runaway blowhard Zeppelin of grandiloquent theatrics oozing self-importance and elitism. What’s amazing is that he really takes himself seriously! Amazing! and very funny. Mr. Renner is a slow second in this respect. No one can take CvH well deserved aura of ‘bloviatus maximus’. Soren, keep trying!

  5. MajorityRights has the highest concentration of Asperger cases that I have ever seen, at least on a racialist website.

    I don’t particularly agree with your pronouncements of Nazism though. GW has a particularly anti-German tone in his writings. CvH is a slavophile. Salter had a few words to say about Nazis and EGI (negative ones).

    Best to do your thing your way and let them do their things their way.

  6. People were worried about you, it was a stream of consciousness that was a bit out there. I like the focus on liking your own people warts and all. The guys at MR are not worth the trouble, let the dead bury the dead.

  7. Meanwhile, there is a “flash mob” a gazillion strong in Milwaukee and London. Didn’t we write about the Milwaukee flash mob? The time they sacked the gas station and went on a rampage in that park.

    It is only a matter of time before the “flash mobs” run wild in Birmingham, Montgomery, and Atlanta. We must take up the pen of Yancey and Rhett and defend our states and cities from the liberal establishment.

  8. I usually enjoy Majority Rights; however, I think it is long past time to bury the fields of Ontology and Metaphysics. Those branches of philosophy were conceived to explain the nature of reality before the scientific method existed. Now that humans describe reality through science, it’s hard to see how doing work in metaphysics and ontology is anything other than a complete waste of time.

    Contemporary philosophers ought to stick to the philosophical disciplines that are relevant like ethics, politics, epistemology and aesthetics. Those fields will be relevant until the human race goes extinct. Metaphysics and Ontology are the philosophical equivalents of alchemy.

  9. While the flash mobs are running wild in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and literally burning down London, Anderson Cooper is on the scene in Somalia with reassuring images of poor suffering black people.

    The stock market is crashing and London is on fire … the riots are spreading across England … the crash is going on across the world … and CNN has Anderson Cooper in Somalia. This has to be the single funniest proof of Black Run America that I have ever seen.

    Such is the reality of BRA.

  10. According to CNN, a trillion dollars has been lost in the stock market. It went up in smoke. Vanished.

    Note: It would be worth a trillion dollars (in Confederate currency) to figure out how to get us out from underneath NYC and Wall Street and the Federal Reserve … not to mention the New York Times, Washington Post, and Hollywood.

    NYC, Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve are going to take the rest of the country off a financial cliff. In the aftermath, there will have to be a reorganization of our finances, once we rid ourselves of these fools.

  11. Occidental Dissent is an excellent website and Majority Rights is very good also. Both types of websites are needed.

  12. Hunter – I’ve tried to write to various “news” outlets, and bloogers, in Enlgand – and I’ve bene insulted\, rebuffed, and THREATENED by same, for asking why they are allowing Negroes to burn London to the ground, and loot, and attack Whites. I understans why Negroes, and their JEW MASTERS, Hunter, refuse to admit it’s their fault. Their power rests on the lies. But the Whites in psychotic breakdown, denying the burning reality?

    They’re gone. Lost to their own poisoned vanity -and cowardice.

    Pay them no heed. Let them go down in flames.

  13. “NYC, Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve are going to take the rest of the country off a financial cliff”.

    Otherwise known as Jews. Poor old Adolf tried to warn us. Why is every-one HERE hatin’ on Mr. H.? Won’t do any good. Die Jude is never grateful, when one bpws and scrapes before him, and his coven of blood-drenched vampyre ghouls. So do it not.

  14. I was born in 1980 in the United States.

    If Adolf Hitler had never existed, there is a very good chance the world that I am living in now would better in every conceivable way. It was Hitler who put the taboo on White racial identity.

    Now we all have to deal with the consequences. Germany would have come out much better under a stable conservative monarchy.

  15. Hunter – stop it. You are making a very dangerous error. It was NOT Hitler’s fault. Don’t blame the victim. Its was the FAULT of Whites that allowed this to be done to them. It was the FAULT of Wilson, that sold us to the Rothschilds Jew vampires, in 1913. It was the FAULT of EVERY White that did not heed the dire warning of the Lindberghs – and just rolled along with the program. Jews have admitted that the ’29 Crash was entirely manufactured – so it’s the FAULT of ever American that failed to riot, and burn down Wall St. THEN. It’s the FAULT of the Jews that have deliberately and monstrously abused, plundered, and slandered the good kind Americans, and Germans, that have allowed them to treat them in such an EVIL fashion. Jews have always been treated well, over all, in America (and boo freaking hoo if they were denied admission to certain country clubs). Jws were fully emancipated in Germany, in the 19th Century. JEWS created Hitler .Jews STARTED WWII. Hitler was only trying to protect his people. He’s essentially the last White Leader that has done this.

    Judaic power RESTS on the lies they tell ABOUT Hitler. They cpntrol the global money supply. YES THEY DO. Want names? But their real power rests on the 71 years of lies, about this one man. It’s not Hitler’s fault. It’s the FAULT of EVERY White that allows these montrous lies to STAND.

    They had their claws in America’s throat long before any-one heard do Herr Adolf. Do you seriously think your life, and your country, would be any BETTER off without Hitler’s Germany, as an excuse? Do you? Tell me if you think the Jewish predation would not have occurred. OK? Marx was born long before Hitler.

    Shall we discuss what the real Martin Luther had to say aobut Jews? What do you think Luther would have said about Hitler?

  16. If you take the time to study history, you’ll see a constant pattern of parasitism, on the part of Jews, on Caucasian societies. Oh – they go to other places – but Whites provide the best host. They eventually get booted fomr EVERY place they go. Hitelr did not smoke 6 million Jews; their own data reveals the fraud. Even if he did -so what? Imagine if the KNAAAAAZEEES had purged Western Europe of 1/3 of world Jewry. Would the West be better off then?

    Whites are not perfect, but they do much better whne the Hebes are kicked out. Edward the First’s reign springs to mind. As does spain under Isabella and Ferdinand. Andrew Jackson “Killed the Bank” – and America did pretty well, until the moron Lincoln started playing footsie w/ War Games. The Civil War was their toehold.

  17. Well said Denise. While our problems won’t be solved by focusing on 3rd Reich events, the distortion of them by the Judeo-Protestant mind-mediation industry must be dealt with at some point. So long as our minds live inside the language distortion, and hence history distortion, of an eternal enemy … we are OWNED by them.

    Hunter is correct that the Matrix of symbols, narratives, etc, etc. has no existence outside our willingness to believe them. Free yourselves of this willingness to believe in lies. Go home to your own communities, and purge your mind of it’s own self-inflicted slavery.

  18. I know our problems will not be solved by focusing on the Third Reich. Hitler said “National Socialism is not for export”. If every-one on this blog does not undertand the meaning of those words – they need to take the time to learn.

    But blaming Hitler is harmful. I am not a Nazi. I would not have wanted to live in Nazi Germany, as I am a Celt. But had Hitler won – we’d all be a lot better off, now. The Nazis would be around to tell the truth, about everything, and the evidence would bakc them up. The Jews wouldn’d be able to hold us in brainwashed bondage. Al Jazeera is doing our work for us, by tellng the truth about Who is doing What. A believe many more Whites would have woken up a lot faster, and NOT have been snookered by Jews Frauds – multi-cultism – if they were able ot bear witness to a Juden-Free White country, BEING a Juden-Free White Country.

    I agree that we need to focus on out own mythos, and our own ideas, and our own concept of our own Selves. Our Own Mythos. Symbology and Culture are essential; but accepting the lies of of would be Murderers will always kill the baby before it’s born.

    I know Hunter has been focusing on Blacks – but Free-Ranging Blacks are the creatures of Die Juden. Lev Bronstien specifically went after the Black demo, to put across Commie policies. Blacks would have never gotten ANYWHERE without the Jews behind ’em. It’s one thing to ignore Jewish malevolence, for political purposes, for now – but it’s another entirely to mitigate, diminish, or wholly buy into it -and I’m seeing this bubble up.

    If Jews were NOT controlling the money supply, and functioning as a political majority in Congress, or the Senate, or countless other Jewish control entities – would Blacks be getting away with ANY of thier outrages? Who has been funding BRA, for decades, now?

    If Whites were not afraid of losing thier jobs, or being persecuted AND prosecuted, by the Noahide legal system that’s in place now – would we have to worry about a Jewish media that REFUSES to discuss Black criminality, and now lies about it, openly?

    The answer is “No”.

    P.S. – I have repeatedly stated that you cannot go through an entire day without having Hitler and the Knazees flung in your face. I’ve tried. EVERY single day, unless I keep completely to myslef, speak to no-one, refrain from turning on TalmudVision, or the radio, and not read anything written the past 80 years. can I NOT hear about Hitler. I don’t WANT to hear about Hitler – but I’m not ALLOWED to.

  19. If Adolf Hitler had never existed, there is a very good chance the world that I am living in now would better in every conceivable way

    If Hitler had never existed, it is likely that the Soviet Bolsheviks would have taken over all of Europe and that the anti-racist neo-Marxist world order that you blame Hitler for would have accelerated into prominence with several orders of magnitude greater intensity.

    It was Hitler who put the taboo on White racial identity.

    Leon Trotsky had coined the word ‘racism’ before Hitler rose to power as a manifestation of his disdain for the ethnonationalistic Russians of his time.

    Modern anti-racism is essentially a product of the intellectual seed of Trotsky.

    Hitler was a flawed character, and Nazi Germany is especially severely flawed. But it’s absurd to blame Hitler of all people for what happened after his defeat.

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