Equilibrium’s Parable

In Equilibrium, Father's Voice choreographs human behavior through preaching on television


I have always loved this movie.

In fact, you can say that it is my favorite movie. This movie resonated with me because I saw it as being a visual aid that explained the mechanics of power through film in our own society. The Truman Show is another Hollywood confession. Gran Torino is another one.

If you dismissed Equilibrium as being a “poor man’s Matrix,” you missed something important about the movie, something vitally important in understanding how the present system works.

Drugs are used to control people. Everyone is a conformist. The mission of Libria is to eradicate hate. There are all sorts of stupid concepts like “sense offense.” You are punished for breaking the party line and engaging in “sense offense.” Big Brother is always looking over your shoulder.

Everyone works for the Tetragrammaton Order (who would that be?) that rules Libria. Father’s Voice herds the people through television. He talks about the revolutionary precept of the “hate crime.” It turns out that Father is really nothing more than a corrupt little eunuch with a television station.

This movie is really about the world that was created after the Second World War in Europe and the United States. It is the story of Black Run America and Eurabia (1945 to 2011) and its perverse racial and cultural etiquette.

Note: I’m pretty sure Equilibrium was filmed in Berlin. I doubt that was a coincidence. What happened in Germany under Hitler set the stage for the entire world order that was created in the aftermath of the Second World War.

It gave Jews temporary historical immunity from social criticism. Blacks also got temporary historical immunity from social criticism in the 1960s.

That world order is going to crash and burn soon. It is inevitably going to crash and burn because it has done too much damage to the generations that were born in Europe and North America after the Second World War.

If it is a choice between our lives and our civilization and our wealth and our culture and the truth, and their stupid paranoid ideological obsessions and elite social status, they are going to lose big time. It is only a matter of time.

It is also completely untrue that everyone who believes this is a “Neo-Nazi.” That is nothing more than a projection of fear and anxiety. We don’t even live on the same continent as Nazi Germany.

Andrew Jackson was a Christian warrior who won Florida and Alabama with a sword. That happened a long time before anyone had ever heard of Adolf Hitler.

I’m quite sure there were White people who lived in White America before George Washington was president. America was created by a “race of heroes” who believed it was their destiny to conquer a continent, not but by fantasists and eunuchs with ” abstract ideas.”

Remember, God judges our deeds upon this earth, not newspapers and television channels. History also judges us. I’m positive that History will deliver a damning indictment on the establishment that has mismanaged America and Europe since 1945.

Note: Sorry for the blitzkreig of posts. I have been moved again to write about what I am seeing.

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  1. It sounds to me like another Huxley-derived dystopian Utopia. A great writer on this topic is Michel Houellebecq with his “The Possibility of an Island.” A lighthearted commercial satire/affirmation of it is Demolition Man, which portrays the neutered society of the future quite well. I’ll have to attempt to watch this film again on your recommendation.

    My own instinct tells me that the Tetragrammaton Order is not your favorite tribe from the Middle East, but the rule of the prole. The prole wants equality; as a result, he flocks to liberal movements and empowers all kinds of shysters, most of whom are gentiles. When the prole is in charge, all quality is sacrificed for equality.

  2. Hunter, thank you for directing me to this movie. I watched it after you posted about it last time. It’s now one of my favorite movies and certainly my no. 1 favorite political movie.

    The interesting thing is that the “Clerics/Eunuchs” crack, just as the Vice Chancellor and the Negro Cleric did; they snap and show their true hate. The more reality (on race, economy etc.) hits them, and the more the people see the light, the more they will crack and start screaming and frothing at the mouth. Chris Matthews’ attacks on Texas and the famous “cracker comment” are just a few examples.

    You are correct, Hunter, it is primarily shot in Berlin. Wikilink here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equilibrium_(film)#Production

  3. Its interesting you mention the German connection with this movie, as movie goers love it and give it high marks, “critics” hate it with a passion, and they refused to give it a proper release in the USA, ensuring the movie took a massive loss.

    They also vandalized Kurt Wimmer’s second movie Ultra Violet, by cutting 30 minutes out of it and when people ask for the original director’s cut, they refuse to release it, always saying the movie is “shit”.

    I honestly get the feeling there is a concerted effort to suppress this man.

  4. In the background of one of the scenes in Equilibrium, you can hear a propaganda video explaining how their system evolved from hate crime laws.

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