Texas: You’re Ignorant

As Chris Matthews denounces Texas as a bunch of idiots, Obamamessiah is underwater in New York


Chris Matthews has used his television show to denounce the entire State of Texas for its ignorance.

If I recall correctly, something like 40 percent of the jobs in America (it is somewhere near that figure) are created in Texas. Let’s give Texans some credit here: they still know how to create private sector jobs there, unlike these legions of Beltway eunuchs who are nothing more than a parasite on the national economy.

Why is Texas so pissed off with Washington and the Democratic Party? Because in exchange for its ransom of tax dollars, Washington refuses as a matter of principle to discharge its own constitutional duty to protect the states from an illegal foreign invasion, and the Beltway says that everyone in Texas is a fool for not subscribing to the wisdom of its stupid ideology.

The Beltway believes that turning vast swathes of Texas into Mexico is something that Texans should see as an exciting and progressive development for their state. Chris Matthews believes that “diversity is our strength” from the vantagepoint of his home in Chevy Chase, Maryland which is 95.01 percent White.

Rick Perry and George W. Bush should not be confused with Texas. Texans scream at pollsters and at both the Republican and Democratic establishment that they want the Mexican border secured.

The only reason that Rick Perry is Governor of Texas is because White Texans have to vote as a phalanx to stop the traitors in the Democratic Party who are subservient to African-Americans and Hispanics.

It is the federal government that has created this problem. They are the ones who are responsible for this swelling mass of Spanish-speaking Mexicans in the Lone Star State. These people are trying to destroy Texas (through expanding its colonias brown hole counties) in the same way that they have already destroyed California.

The people are right to be “Fed Up” with Washington. There is not a doubt in my mind that decades of anger in Texas will finally boil over when the degenerate mandarin class that has congregated in Washington finally succeeds in its long term endeavor to wreck our national finances.

That is unacceptable to Texas which is a business oriented state. It could be the knell of the Union. If Washington tried to force the Mexican invasion on Texas in the same way that it used the National Guard on Arkansas in 1957, Obama would get his chance to be Abraham Lincoln.

He would find out that he is Gorbachev.

Note: Obama is doing such a terrible job as president that even New York is giving up on him now.

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  1. Perry’s good on two issues only: Culture of Life moral values (vs. the Hollywood/NY kosher Culture of Death), and 2nd Amendment gun rights. Since we are heading toward Civil War II, the latter issue is the key to all else.

  2. Watching that clip of the odious Chris Matthews reminds of why I got rid of my TV set. OK, so Perry might have gotten the details wrong, but when Texas joined the Union in 1845 the Untied States was still perceived by many to be a voluntary union of several states. The War Between the States proved that it was more like a roach motel. You can check in, but you cannot check out. A poll in 2009 found that a full 31% of my fellow Texans believe that we have the right to secede from the United States and form an independent country if we so desire. It would be interesting to conduct that poll again but only ask Texans who own guns.

    It appears to me that the Imperium Americana is destined to crash and burn. At that time, anything could happen.

  3. I’m pretty sure that Texas joined the Union on the condition that it retained the right to secede from the Union. Virginia also ratified the Constitution on the condition that it could secede.

  4. Watching the Republicrat debates is an exercise in despair. Blithering idiots and corrupt jackasses. Unfortunately, Perry does seem to be the pick of the litter. Most likely it will be either him or Romney. Makes your heart sing, don’t it?

    Ever since the Democrats turned into the anti-white party, most folks have been driven into the arms of the “party of Lincoln,” which has never changed its character, having always been the party of big money and corruption.

    Nixon’s Southern strategy paid big dividends after Arthur Bremer shot Wallace. That way he could handily defeat another upper-Midwest bleeding heart. Hubert Humphrey (Minn) lost in 1968 with Wallace as a third party candidate. Wallace was on the verge of getting the Democratic nomination in 1972 when he was shot in Maryland. Nixon won a crushing landslide against McGovern (SD). It was a signal victory for the conservative “silent majority” Americans of the day.

    Nixon normalized trade with China (early globalization), continued to prosecute an increasingly unpopular but “righteous” foreign war (Vietnam), the American economy began its decline, and got caught in the mother of all political corruption scandals(Watergate). I have only the highest hopes for the latest batch of neoconservative wannabes.

    Secession is the only viable answer, but you won’t convince many “frog in the pot” Americans any time soon. Things just aren’t bad enough, yet. Here we go again.

  5. Texas actually reserved the right to further subdivide into up to 5 new states. As for Bush and Perry, Cheap Labor lobby RINOs awful on immigration.

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