The Muse of Hate: Secession Roundup Edition


These and other stories are making headlines …

(1) The AP Poll shows Barack Hussein Obama losing Whites in every section of the country but one … the Northeast.

*Just 36 percent of white voters approve of the job he’s doing, while 59 percent say he should lose in November 2012. That’s down from 56 percent after his first three months in office, ,and he is upside-down with this group in every region except the Northeast.

* Three in ten white independents say he should get a second term, and 41 percent of them say he “understands the problems of people like them.”

Obama’s numbers among Whites in Dixie and Heartland must be catastrophic by this point, fatal in the Midwest, and sagging in the West. As it happens, the Democratic Party is playing defense in 2012 in the Senate in precisely this region of the country.

(2) The New York Times is now saying we need to “Manufacture a Recovery.” What happened to all the manufacturing jobs that used to be in the Midwest?

Yeah, Wall Street and Washington exported them to China. It is too late to bring them back now.

(3) Wall Street and the broader financial community know very well that we are just gearing up for the real hurricane.

(4) Stephen Pearlstein has this great idea that it might be time to “say no” to financial deregulation and bank consolidation. This is like being down by 37 points in the 4th Quarter and entertaining the idea that you still have a chance to win the game.

(5) The elites of global finance recently gathered in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to discuss their mutual helplessness in the wake of the financial hurricane approaching offshore.

Here’s another metaphor: let’s entertain the hypothesis that we have spent the last 66 years dousing our civilization in gasoline, stacking it with dynamite, engaging in an epochal shattering orgy of financial irresponsibility and cultural neglect.

There is a little forest fire heading in our direction from Southern Europe. We have made absolutely sure that we were exposed to it by the process known as “globalization.” Here it comes now. There is nothing that can possibly stop it from blowing up this whole damn charade of being ruled by international bankers.

(6) Via Robert Lindsay.

This Grady Warren get sounds great.

(7) This is also very insightful:

“This has all coalesced with the Tea Party’s rise alongside the election of Barack Obama. The tyrannical nigger-loving federal government had finally been actually taken over by the niggers themselves! A socialist nigger dictatorship out to destroy America and disenfranchise Whites.”

We don’t exactly come out and describe Barack Hussein Obama and Eric “My People” Holder in those terms, but that is certainly the spirit of the Obama administration. His actions since “the debt ceiling crisis” has given us an air tight, rock solid case that the “progressive movement” is anti-White to the core.

The Alt Media was making that argument for three years, but now the Mainstream Right has been swung to our point of view. This is why Barack Hussein Obama is succeeding in destroying the Democratic Party.

He has blow the floor out from underneath the Mark Warner, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton Democrat … they have all defected from the Democratic Party, along with 7 out of 10 White Independents.

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  1. I do not agree that it’s too late to “bring the jobs back” WE COULD bring back many, maybe even most of the good jobs: machining, foundry, steelmaking, electronics, aircraft manufacturing are all doable and in a relatively clean manner paying good union wages. The really scutwork jobs are largely gone, but we did not need them all that badly, except to employ the blacks and Whiskey Tangos.

    I would have no problems putting them on welfare for life if they were sterilized and disenfranchised. A lot of them would go for it. If I were in charge I’d sterilize anyone with an IQ lower than 90, which is half the blacks and mestizos. Even Norplanting their females for free (plus free cellphone service and fifty bucks a month in food aid) would reduce the birthrate drastically.

    Cutting regulatory costs and overhead along with a relatively high basic tax rate WITH BIG EXEMPTIONS FOR PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY MAKE STUFF combined with TARIFFS would work wonders.

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