Rush Limbaugh: “Melanin Is Thicker Than Water”


Last year, I was ridiculed when I pitched the case for “mainstreaming” White racial consciousness, but now … BRA’s racial etiquette is collapsing, the taboos are shaking, the gap between the “mainstream right” and the “extremist right” is blurring.


(1) Rick Perry’s book is a radical departure from George W. Bush.

(2) 25 signs that a serious financial panic is just over the horizon.

(3) Has Peak Oil come to the Non-OPEC world? Maybe?

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  1. Rush is a water carrier – but he’s tossed water back at times. He’s been making comments like this for years…

  2. Limbaugh reads Zerohedge; that’s one step away from OD, which I plugged today in a thread at ZH. As for Rick Perry, yeah, edit writer Ruth Sarah Marcus at the Jewashington Post hates on him real good. Again, he’s perfect for us. A Perry/Obama election struggle in the midst of an economic implosion will break this country apart along Right/left, racial, sectional, and rural/urban lines. Civil War II. Only this time around, we win by attacking and destroying (the beltway urban corridor) not by fighting defensively.

  3. Rush Limbaugh and his ilk were less PC in the 80’s and early 90’s than now. Your narrative that white racial consciousnesses if about to break through to the mainstream is flawed because you only started paying attention to these things during the Bush years.

    Perry is an open borders globalist very much in the Bush mold. His rivalry with the Bush faction is like the rivalry between the Bloods and the Crips.

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