KunstlerCast: The End of Growth


James Howard Kunstler and Richard Heinberg discuss “The End of Growth.” The KunstlerCast has been the best podcast on the internet for a long time now.

Good comments on Las Vegas and Phoenix which are the two American major cities which are most likely to disappear in the 21st century.

Note: Goldman Sachs has sent out a 54 page report to its institutional clients about the impending economic collapse in the West.

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  1. Some racists will say that we can’t send them all back to Africa, but when Whites can’t even buy gas, there will be no time nor resources for the locusts.

  2. Detroit still hasn’t disapeared, and no one is making millions there (except perhaps the crack kingpins).

    Vegas, in contrast is still a destination for a lot of conventions, trade shows and even vacationers. What’s going to disapear is people going to Europe, as the cost of fuel, and currency differences makes it unaffordable. But that still leaves 20 million people in Southern California to pile into Vegas on any given weekend.

    As for Kunstler, I disagree. He’s just another angry Jew who hates White people with a deep passion, and is constantly wishing future apocolypse on us with obvious glee. He’s not that interesting and his scenarios are completely overwroght and ridiculous.

    It’s one of the weaknesses of your recent political repositioning that you haven’t jettisoned his tired doom-mongering.

  3. it has become so obvious now, the “impending” collapse. people are so unconcious in their day to day, there is no real interest in what we are all doing. everyone just wants to feel “good”. it’s like those end days of the soviet union. the massive apparatus of “multiculti equality enforcement” and the massive apparatus of NATO are falling apart. no one seems to see it, because we are all living it. the sad part is we are not the visigoths or the vandals anymore, we can’t sweep in to steal all the riches and nihilistic roman women, what will become of western man after the fall (and no i don’t mean that novel).

  4. As for Kunstler, I disagree. He’s just another angry Jew who hates White people with a deep passion

    True and he is not an original thinker either. He is, however, right about the unsustainability of the current system. That is the value of his writing.

  5. Kunstler is right about all sorts of things.

    (1) First, he is right about Las Vegas.

    Nevada is Las Vegas. It also has the highest unemployment rate in America right now. It has suffered more from the financial collapse than any other state. It seems reasonable to project that a city based on gambling, commercial air travel, and tourism would suffer a disproportionate burden in an economic downturn.

    (2) Second, Forbes magazine said the other day that Peak Oil is already a reality in the non-OPEC West.

    (3) Third, the Southwest is full of boom towns like Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Las Vegas which are terribly sensitive to drought.

    It is reasonable to assume that the Southwest will be hit harder than any other part of the country in a severe economic downturn. Civilization has a precarious footing in that region.

    South Florida is another example of this.

  6. A couple of Jews whining about suburbia (white folks) and how they need to get used to the idea of doing without. As if they care about those folks. Peak oil and global warming…. Oh, even earthquakes!

    The resource they’ll run out of long before the others is currency. Bad as that might be, I think Whites will do better by it. Better in the long run and better than anybody else (unless the Jews escape).

  7. I used to do it quite regularly.

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    Now I just rely upon people to email me if the spam filter has caught something.

  8. Alfred,

    (1) Suburbia really is a disgusting, soulless place to live. Who would really want to live in a cartoon house in an artificial community in one of these depreciating suburbs?

    (2) The only thing worse than suburbia is the “Geography of Nowhere” that Kunstler does such a good job of describing. America really has blown its wealth creating places that aren’t worth caring about.

    No one really cares about their suburb. They just move on to the next one when it is destroyed by black people. If it was worth caring about, they would fight for it.

    (3) Global warming is bullshit, but Peak Oil is very real. Kunstler is also right that a society built around the automobile will inevitably be decimated by Peak Oil.

    Those who dismiss Peak Oil have faith in the “free market” and “capitalism” and “government” to figure out a solution. I don’t have faith in the government at all. No one should believe that Wall Street and Washington are going to solve this problem.

    In the right conditions, if our country was actually governed by wise leaders and statesmen, then it is possible that we could have avoided the traumatic unraveling that is about to befall us, but that is a luxury which we certainly do not have.

    (4) Kunstler does rag on White people, but that hardly means everything he says is untrue. You just have to adjust what he says for his Jewish bias.

    (5) Kunstler spends most of his time these days criticizing the financial community. He is right about that as well. Wall Street really is going to fuck everyone over. Even Wall Street itself admits this in the financial blogosphere.

  9. Re: the financial community – I am sending that article about Golden Sacks far and wide, along with a commentary to whit: “Hitler tried ta WARN ya! LOOK AT THE NAMES. So Dumbass – time to re-think the Reich? Mmm’kay?”.

    I’m making the “civilians” I know – and who know me – squirm. The best time to Jew Bait is times like these……

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