James Carville: Panic!


I’ve been saying all along that Barack Hussein Obama is headed for a landslide defeat in 2012.

I guess that 20 point defeat in the Nevada special election and the loss of the heavily Jewish Queens district in New York City sent a message to Washington that didn’t register in November 2010. This also came in response to the Stimulus Jr. speech.

James Carville is panicking. Who can blame him? Time to fire Eric “My People” Holder. Obamamessiah is such an albatross for the Democrat Party that even the Jews in New York City are turning on him now.

That hasn’t happened since the 1920s! If the Jews of New York City are turning on The One, who else do you think is jumping ship out there in the Midwest and Dixie? Maxine Waters says he hasn’t done enough for African-Americans.

I strongly suspect Big Labor is also swiftly arriving at the conclusion that Obama 2012 is a hopeless cause and isn’t worth the cost. Does Big Labor want 5 more years of Obama pivoting to new free trade agreements?

Hey James, what do you think will happen in the 2011 state elections in Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Virginia which are coming up in November?

Update: Robert Samuelson warns that we are going back to Fall 2008. BRA’s economist Paul Krugman has another temper tantrum in the New York Times.

Great Read: Politico’s “The Crisis of the Gentry Presidency.”

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  1. oh looks like the whole “nigger” thing is making the goy nervous, better dump him. you know, i sure wouldn’t want to be in that boat, bad for investments.

  2. I read Krugman’s piece. White people would be a lot more willing to share, if the Left hadn’t suckered them into into supporting layabouts and foreigners. “Compassion” is just another word for “Hand over your money, productive White man, and let me decide where to spend it, after I take my cut”. It’s your kind, Krugman, that I’d like to deny medical attention to, before I’d cut off the Darks.

  3. Liberalism is comprised of cults rigidly segregated, and it is cracking up more so than the head totem figure.

  4. Great find on the Politico. I’m going to beat my liberal friends and family into submission with that one.

    We are still 14 months out. A lot can change in that amount of time.

    From the standpoint of White interests, I’m not sure which outcome will be better: four more years of Obama or GWB II.

  5. For those who require a crash as the first step in bringing the corrupt system down and restoring Dixie / The Constitution / The White Republic another four years of Obama is probably the more desirable outcome.

    For everyone else who just wants things to get a little better any of the GOPers would be a big improvement. At least you might be able to get a job on an oil rig, pipeline or drilling platform.

  6. re: Krugman’s article: Socialism, or socialism-like social welfare systems, work best in racially/ethnically homogenous societies.

    But pols and hacks like Krugman can never acknowledge this, unless it’s in terms of accusing red state whites – like the Tea Party, for example – of being racist. Most of the time Krugman and his ilk go for the class warfare line of attack, which will make less and less sense as we move towards a multiracial state with a massive brown underclass made up of uneducated, unskilled youth raised by single mothers, dependent on upper middle class white taxpayers.

    The political class in this country – especially liberals – are frankly clueless about how the GOP/Dem divide is just as much about regional and racial identity as it is class. As stupid as mainstream conservatives are, they at least seem to get this. Dems on the other hand scratch their heads and wonder why “those rednecks vote against their own best interests.”

  7. I agree with Jackson. I hope The Nigger steals the election “W” style, and the republicans contest the result with some states refuse to recognize it, the whole mess ends up in the Supreme Court, the niggers massively chimpout from sea to shining sea, and finally brain-dead, middle-class Joe Honkey has no choice but to acknowledge racial reality. Then things will start to change. Bigtime.

  8. amen chris amen, im gonna go pray to my sculpture of martin bormann that this all happens ( just kidding, just putting that in for the libtards)

  9. Chris: W didn’t steal the election. The Democrats in Florida waited until the polls closed and started punching all the unused ballots as fast as they could. To speed things up, they were punching more than one ballot at a time. See what happens when you put a few too many sheets in a paper punch: You get the famous “hanging chads” that the counting machines can’t read. The whole Supreme Court case turned on how to count these improperly marked ballots. The Democrats were caught cheating, and the MSM let them lie their way out of it.
    BTW, another common lie is that the case was decided by the Court on a 5 to 4 decision. It was actually 7 to 2. Two of the justices agreed with the majority decision, but on different grounds than the other five.
    Today’s media is no different than the old Soviet Pravda. I hate their guts.

    No, I did not vote for W.

  10. Well said by Chris. I’m looking for a Perry win in the popular vote, Obama win via EC. This would have happened in ’04 notwithstanding Bush’s +3 million, had Kerry carried Ohio. Perry will then lead Texas and 20-25 states out of the Jew-S-A. Civil War II: 1860——>2012.

  11. The Democrat is going to win the governor’s race in Kentucky. His GOP challenger is wildly unpopular even within his own party and there is also a third party candidate expected to siphon off votes from the GOP.

  12. Ten years from now, there may well be a CSA consisting of a dozen or so states, a Republic of Texas with Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and possibly the southern California border annexed in, and finally a chastened, and much smaller USA stretching from the Dakotas through the Midwest to New England. Wahington D.C. can become part of Maryland, but Capital Hill will be razed and cleared and made into public park. The city of Philadelphia will be restored as the national capital. The other continental states from the old union can form their Covingtonian goofball country or their Cascadia tree-hugger republic if they like. Alaska and Hawaii were never really part of Anerica anyway, so ‘last hired, first fired’. And this is of course, after unprecedented political and social upheaval and racial warring.

  13. And who is surprised?

    Barack Obama was obvious underqualified and connected to corruption in Chicago.

    Still the American people, most of them white proles, elected him. They did it for the same reason they idolize MLK: they think it makes them look generous, compassionate and enlightened.

    The dogma of equality born in France in 1789 continues to wreak its destruction.

    Luckily, people are awakening in droves as the ongoing failure of liberalism moves from ideology to hard consequences.

  14. @Lew

    As revolting as the R. lineup is we are flat “over a barrel.” The Dems are a pack of flesh-eating zombies. Come to think of it a pack of zombies would be a better alternative. Obama is not only an utterly incompetent fool and political maniac but he is “nigger dumb” as well. LOL – all this leftist drivel about his cogent intellect. They would tout him as the quintessential Swede if it somehow fit their degenerate liberal template. If we survive 15 more mo. of this cipher we will surely go societal mushroom-cloud if another 4 yrs. are added. Further, I’m not sure I’m ready to cheerfully deal with a post 8 year Obamanation regardless of the theory that “crash and burn” is the only probable solution.

  15. “Robert Samuelson warns that we are going back to Fall 2008.”

    It’s basically the same crisis. The banking cartels ran up trillions of dollars in debt which exploded due to sub-prime. The crime syndicates – which is effectively what the central banking cartels are – didn’t want to pay back those debts themselves so they lobbied (bribed) politicians to transfer the debt in tranches to the tax-payers through bail-outs.

    So far so good (for them).

    However the extra financial stress put on individual countries by those bail-outs has been causing the weakest links (Ireland, Portugal, Greece etc) to start to come apart at the seams so now they have to try and push the weaker countries’ debts (including their share of the original bank debt) onto the stronger countries without that extra pressure breaking the next weakest links (Spain, Italy).

    Plus all this was caused by the transfer of just the first tranche of the total bad debt inside the banks.

    So, interesting times.

  16. After looking over the comments at salon.com recently, I’m seeing the same thing as Compassionatefascist.

    Those DWLs are pissed off at Obama and the democratic establishment. A split among the leftists is coming soon. The cracks in the right are more developed.

    The consequences of who voters pick in 2012 are minor, policy-wise. Things are bad, and they’re getting much, much worse, no matter who gets elected.

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