Dixie: The Ethnostate

Greater Dixie: The Ethnostate?


Vanishing American and Southern Nationalist are sounding off on the concept of a Southern ethnostate.

It has always struck me as obvious: where do our people actually live? If we were going to create an “ethnostate” for ourselves, just where would we do this?

White Southerners, “Anglo-Celts,” “Americans,” Crackers, Cavaliers, “White people,” “the WASP nest,” rednecks, hillbillies, peckerwoods, etc. – these terms all refer to the same distinct Southern tribe of White people – who are concentrated in 17 states in the Southeastern quadrant of North America.

These states are Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina (Deep South), Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia (Upper South), Florida, Texas, Missouri, West Virginia, and Kentucky (Border South), and Oklahoma, Maryland, and Delaware (Peripheral South).

Contrast with BRA:

I’m hopping off this train – I am not an American. If this is “America,” then surely we are something else.

The map above is Greater Dixie or Imperial Dixie. In reality, the ethnocultural border between Dixie and the other sections of America slices through states like Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Florida, and Virginia.

Ethnocultural Dixie - The Ethnostate?

The border of Dixie drawn here is more accurate (the border in Florida is now the I-4 corridor between Tampa and Orlando) than the one which is imposed by artificial state lines: West Texas, South Florida, West Oklahoma, North Missouri, North Delaware, Northern West Virginia, and the Beltway portions of Virginia and Maryland are not part of the South.

Likewise, the Kentucky Rhineland extends into adjacent areas of Southern Illinois and Southern Indiana, which explains the deviant political orientation of Indiana in the Midwest. If Chicagoland didn’t dominate Illinois, most of the counties below I-77 would tilt Illinois toward Dixie.

Peripheral Dixie - The Ethnostate?

This is another map which highlights the same underlying ethnic and cultural division of the United States: Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma are split between the Germanic Breadbasket and Anglo-Celtic Dixie; Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware are split between Anglo-Celtic Dixie and the “Nation of Immigrants.”

American Ancestry (2000 Census)

This is another map which explains a lot about the nature of American politics.

(1) First, it shows that Dixie is a biracial nation. The history of Dixie has been defined by the racial conflict between Anglo-Celts and African-Americans. The orange splotches in Eastern Oklahoma are indicative of the fate of the Southeastern Indians.

(2) Second, it was precisely the racial tension and conflict between the Anglo-Celts and African-Americans and Indians over the course of four centuries in the Southeast that made “whiteness” a meaningful ethnic marker for “White Southerners.”

Why do we call ourselves “White people”? How did our racial identity become so important to us? It is because there are millions of African-Americans here.

(3) Third, the “Peripheral South” is completely explained by ancestry in states like Texas, Virginia, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Florida – North Florida and South Missouri are part of Dixie, whereas South Florida is part of the “Nation of Immigrants” and North Missouri is part of the Heartland/Breadbasket.

Where are the Baptists?

Yet another interesting map about the “Bible Belt” that explains a lot about American politics.

In this case, the distribution of Baptist churches reveals that the Anglo-Celts are spread over portions of North Missouri, West Texas, and West Oklahoma which are not reflected in the ethnic maps.

The Ethnostate - Southern English

As everyone knows, Dixie has its own version of the English language which sounds as distinct to non-Southerners as Australians and Kiwis do to the English.

The Ethnostate - Confederate States of America

“FELLOW-CITIZENS AND BRETHREN OF THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA: For now we are brethren, not in name merely, but in fact, men of one flesh, one bone, one interest, one purpose and of an identity of domestic institutions, we have hence I trust a prospect of living together in peace, with our institutions subject to protection not defamation.”
– President Jefferson Davis

This is the most interesting map in my possession – the Confederate States of America, 1861 to 1865. It doesn’t need any explanation.

The Ethnostate - Jim Crow South

The same mysterious configuration of states reappears in the map of the Jim Crow South (1896-1965). See also the “Solid South.”

The anti-miscegenation laws of all the Southern states were struck down in Loving v. Virginia in 1967. Dixie was also integrated by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which were specifically targeted at the South.

The Ethnostate - Reconstruction South

This is what Dixie looked like for a few years between the Confederacy and the Jim Crow South during the Reconstruction period.


Dixie is already a de facto ethnostate – an autonomous ethnic, cultural, and religious sub-nation within the United States. It is the American equivalent of Quebec.

Thirty minutes of listening to the radio in Dixie (current samples of standard fare below) is sufficient to confirm that this area has its own mind about all sorts of things. White racial consciousness has been part of Southern culture for centuries now. It is more likely be reignited here than anywhere else in the United States.

The vast majority of racial conservatives are White Southerners. The same is true of the majority of implicit White conservatives who are amenable to racial appeals. These people are our co-ethnics and will prove much easier to sway to our own point of view for that reason alone.

The alternative to creating an ethnostate in Dixie is uprooting ourselves to migrate thousands of miles across North America to join forces with unrelated White people on the basis of abstract revolutionary ideology to create a proposition nation in the Pacific Northwest.

Alternatively, we can stay put here where we can unite with our neighbors on the basis of a common ethnicity, a common religion, a common culture, a common heritage, a common philosophy, a common racial history, self interest, and readily available economic, racial, and historical grievances against Washington which are shared by a wider audience.

I suspect that might prove a more workable solution.

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  1. The ideal of ridding Dixie of Africans and Indians – Dixie as a “White man’s country,” proto-White Nationalism – can be traced back directly to Thomas Jefferson and the colonization movement in Virginia in the 1790s.

    Bilbo’s Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization.


    Sen. Theodore Bilbo of Mississippi repeatedly pushed his African colonization bill in the U.S. Senate as late as the 1930s and 1940s. Sen. John Tyler Morgan of Alabama pushed for the idea of resettling African-Americans in the Congo in the late 19C.

    Before the War Between the States, African-Americans were being resettled in Liberia. States like Maryland and Kentucky were appropriating funds for colonization. Then along came the abolitionist movement in the Second Great Awakening which torpedoed the Liberia plan.

  2. The concept of a “White Republic” or a “White ethnostate” is an abstract way of describing Dixie:

    “As for the White folk of the South, declared the eminent Southern historian Ulrich B. Phillips in 1928, they shared “a common resolve indomitably maintained – that it shall be and remain a white man’s country.”

    It is a crystallized product of Southern culture:


    “During his eighteen years at Michigan, Phillips emerged as the nation’s foremost southern historian. In 1913 he edited The Correspondence of Robert Toombs, Alexander H. Stephens, and Howell Cobb and published The Life of Robert Toombs. Phillips also contributed important articles on comparative slavery, slave economics, and slave crime. In “The Central Theme of Southern History” (1928), Phillips maintained that the desire to keep their region “a white man’s country” united southerners.

  3. HW: I am an American White man. I have no other national identity. It’s not a theory. I have always been White, from the time I became aware of other races. (I grew up in a whitopia.) Even when I had no animosity or prejudice towards other peoples, I knew myself to be White. All White Americans are my people, be they Slavs or Scandinavians, Southwesterners or Northeasterners, Protestants or Catholics. Ridicule Mr Covington as you please, but you’re wrong to think that Dixie is somehow a real nation and White America is not. George Washington belongs to all of us, as do General George Thomas, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and Queen Elizabeth I.

  4. @ Discard

    1. Dixie, Southern culture, and Southern history does not belong to me. I’m not a Southerner.

    2. Covington is ridiculed because he brings it on himself. As far as I know, Hunter Wallace did nothing to the man except offer a constructive, honest criticism of the northwest migration plan after adequately analyzing it. Covington responded with a vicious, juvenile, smear-campaign.

    3. White America IS America. They are one and the same. America was born from the soul of the White man, and only the White man can truly call himself American. However, Dixie is also a real nation. What I’ve learned from hanging around here, is that Dixie exists in the souls of White Southerners just as much as America exists the souls of Yankees like myself. Exact borders will be a detail that will be worked out when the time comes, but these nations exist, and have generations; unlike the four or five “northmen” in Washington state flying their Sierra Leone look-alike.

  5. Discard,

    The truth is that American history and American politics is explained by sectionalism: Dixie, the West, the Midwest, and the Northeast have very different racial histories.


    What is this huge group of contiguous Red States whose anti-miscegenation laws were struck down by the Supreme Court in 1967? It has a striking resemblance to the Old Confederacy.

    That is Dixie which had its own unique racial caste system as the Jim Crow South which did not exist in the Midwest and New England.

    What about these geographically contiguous Yellow States that repealed their anti-miscegenation laws between 1948 and 1967? That was the Jim Crow West.

    How do we explain the unusual orientation of New Mexico? Hispanics. What about Kansas? It was settled by Yankees. What about Washington State? Immigrants from the Northern States.

    What about Indiana and Maryland? Why did Indiana and Maryland repeal their anti-miscegenation laws in 1965 and 1967? Because of the Southerners who live in those states.

    Now look at the Midwest and Northeast: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and New Jersey never had anti-miscegenation laws at any point in their history.

    With the exceptions of Indiana and Maryland, the Midwest and Northeast had repealed their anti-miscegenation laws … by 1887.

    As far back as 1780, Pennsylvania had repealed its anti-miscegenation law on account of Quaker influence, and by 1844 Massachusetts had repealed its anti-miscegenation law because of Unitarian and abolitionist agitation on the issue. New York tried and failed to pass an anti-miscegenation law.

  6. Re: Iceman

    As you can see, Pennsylvania and Virginia have traditionally had a different approach to the race question. Integration in Pennsylvania goes back to the 1860s and 1870s. The North was integrated between the 1860s and 1880s.

    It all goes back to Abraham Lincoln and the triumph of the Black Republicans in the War Between the States. The South was put under military rule and forced at gunpoint to ratify the 14th Amendment (which made blacks citizens) as a condition for readmission to the Union.

    Jim Crow Laws: Pennsylvania

    A school segregation law passed in 1869, but was overturned in 1872. Segregation of public transportation was banned in 1867; discrimination within public facilities was outlawed in 1887. The state passed eight civil rights statutes between 1867 and 1950. A 1956 statute required adoption petitions to state the race or color of prospective adopting parents.

    1867: Barred public carrier segregation [Statute]
    Unlawful to exclude any person on account of color or race from riding on railroads. Penalty: $500 to be paid to injured party. Employees who violated the law guilty of misdemeanor, and could be fined between $100 and $500, or be imprisoned between 30 days and three months.

    1869: Education [Statute]
    Black children prohibited from attending Pittsburgh schools.

    1872: Barred school segregation [Statute]
    Repealed law of 1869 that prevented black children from attending public schools in Pittsburgh.

    1881: Barred school segregation [Statute]
    Unlawful for any teacher or school administrator to discriminate against students based on race or color.

    1887: Barred public accommodations segregation [Statute]
    Denial to use restaurants, hotels, railroads, streetcars, theaters, concert halls, or places of amusement to a person based on race or color was unlawful. Penalty: Misdemeanor, punishable by a fine between $50 to $100.

    1911: Barred school segregation [Statute]
    Banned school segregation

    1935: Civil rights protection [Statute]
    Outlawed racial discrimination. Penalty: Criminal prosecution.

    1945: Barred public accommodations segregation [Statute]
    All persons entitled to equal advantages of places of public accommodation. Penalty: Up to $100 and/or up to 90 days imprisonment.

    1950: Barred school segregation [Statute]
    Unlawful for school officials to discriminate.

    1956: Adoption [Statute]
    Petition must state race or color of adopting parents.

    1957: Barred residential segregation [Statute]
    Barred segregation within public housing.

  7. OF course, the difficulty comes with having a) a racially unified, and aware White Populace, living among b) the greatest numbers of antithetically opposed ‘Others’ on the planet.

    I can see the reasons for how the South can BE a Whites-only country, but what I want to know beyond that, is
    c) how it’s going to GET there… for instance, Do you feel an armed rebellion, anarchic free for all, and shoot the n*ggers and let God sort it out, is a possible scenario? What about the FEDGOV coming in to ‘stop our self-determination’ as they did 150 years ago? Again?

    These are the questions that I am concerned about, and which part of the country will it be safe to live in, come 2012, and the FAIL Prez is kicked out, and the race riots begin?

  8. I think the type of economy that the north had made slavery undesirable (manufacturing vs agriculture, lancaster is an exception but they had amish instead of slaves). Since you didn’t have a bunch of slaves all of a sudden “Freed,” there wasn’t a need to segregate to keep order. Because when lincoln freed all those slaves, he caused a lot of disorder and I think segregation was a response to the disorder.

  9. The South, its history, and its culture do belong to me, though the only time I’ve spent in the South was many years ago in uniform. Just as the New England whaling men and the cowboys of Wyoming are part of my history, though I neither hunt whales nor ride horses. Just as those same whaling men and cowboys are part of any southerner’s history, unless you are going to limit your nation to your direct kin and neighbors. If not, then the Alamo is not Southern history, but Texan. And Nathan Bedford Forrest is part of the culture of Tennessee and Mississippi, not of South Carolina or Texas.
    No doubt my perspective is colored by my family background. I have a great grandfather on one side named after a Union general, and a grandfather on my less well documented Celtic side who was a Klansman. I have to this day relatives I know personally in ten states, from east Texas to Minnesota and places further west, plus a few in New York state. Though I have no English ancestry that I know of, I have always understood that English history before 1776 was my history, because it’s the prehistory of my country. I cannot read of the WBTS without feeling the tragedy of it, because every victory for either side was also a loss for my people.
    Most of what you cite as Southern distinctiveness is mostly a matter of antipathy towards Blacks. So take away the Negroes, and what are the the differences between Tennessee and Ohio? A few more Baptists down south, and more Methodists up north? Pockets of Poles and Italians in the Ohio cities? Drive all over the country and listen to the radio outside of the big cities, and you will hear the same, Southern music. The South has exported itself to the rest of us, and we like it. We count you as one of us, a little different, like a neighbor who grows cactus and likes cats. Resolve the racial problem, and the problem of the Black’s enablers, and there’s no reason at all for a separate Southern nation. We’re that much alike.

  10. Drive all over the country and listen to the radio outside of the big cities, and you will hear the same, Southern music. The South has exported itself to the rest of us, and we like it.”

    Reminds me of the line when Elwood asked the lady “what kind of music ya got here” at the rural Indiana bar in The Blues Bothers and she replied “Oh we got BOTH types: Country AND Western.” Whilst I knew what Country music was I always wondered what exactly “Western” music was, Gene Autry? The kind of stuff Woody in Toy Story 2 would play on the guitar? But the fact is this stuff that originated in Tennessee is what you here in farming and ranching nationwide. It’s national appeal is why they call it “Country” instead of “Southern” music.

    I took a drive down to Southern Illinois a few months back, to a tourist spot called “Garden of the Gods” in the Shawnee National Forest in the tiny bit of the Ozarks that extend into the southernmost part of Illinois. Some large, scenic rocky outcroppings on a cliff face, I saw a rattlesnake on one of the rocks. I crossed over into Kentucky and did notice lots of busy Industrial plants unlike Illinois whose industry in Black Holes like Danville and Decatur seem to be mothballed. Evansville Indiana also seemed vital with a huge Toyota factory just north of town on US 41. I was struck by all the Bible Verses farmers put up along their property for passing motorists along with a plethora of anti-abortion signs. Very culturally alien from what I am used to. I noticed these signs starting around Lake Shelbyville and Effingham Illinois (which has a HUGE cross that must frighten the hell out of any SWPL types driving from NY to LA.) These signs were very common in Western Kentucky and Southern Indiana. While not really being like Slaveholding South Carolina, these areas are largely western outposts of settlement from 18th Century Virginia. Definitely more in common with the South than the SWPL Manhattan culture of “Sex in the City.”

  11. The South had alot of good things, but also bad things. Tom Metzger has written articles on the South which are good info, as well as Ben Klassen. The best I have read on SOUTH is Richard Kelly Hoskins. He explains many things like no one else. For instance how the Grey Wolves of North let Segregation happen to keep the land they stole from White Souherners. The Freed Blacks wanted it all and the Grey Wolves of North let KKK and Segregation be put in place till the 50s. Read HOSKINS, he explains it good in his works. Tom Metzger brings out good points about Southern Baptist and how anti -White they are. The South had alot of good points. Those days are gone now. Deseret of Mormons was the best WHITE STATE, but good old USA put a stop to that. WHITE RACE MORMONISM is the best answer. The Heavenly Odor of Cedar and the Raven Returns! White Mormon Power! Dewey Buddy Tucker of The National Emancipation of the White Seed (NEWS) had a Pyramid enlayed over by a Rebel Flag and four symbols of White Israel. This will be the new Temples of the White Mormon Church (WMC) of Jesus Christ. Tucker was a brilliant leader from Knoxville, Tn. who had his Church Printing Presses bombed in Temple Memorial and he was put in jail for income tax evasion of inharitance tax. He went to Springfield Fed Prison and when he came out he was a totally different man. Some say he was poisoned or a Chemo-lobotomy was done on him. Tucker was a super aggressive White Southern leader. His Battle Ax News was a great publication. The creation at this time of a White Mormon Church is the key to our survival. The arrest of 700 protesters in New York going to protest Wall Street on Oct. 1, 2011 will only make the people united in their efforts against the Wall Street Banksters. Pastor Martin Lindstedt is right about White Whigger Regimist. He is also right about the Third and Final Tribulation taking place. His 10,000 warlords with 10 to 15 million whites surviving in North America. David Lane was a brilliant leader who undertstood alot of things. What Gets me is why no one has come forward to make a WHITE MORMON CHURCH. What Joseph Smith did was amazing as well as Brigham Young. White Nationalist must look and research in to forming a White Mormon Church. To me. that the best and only answer! WHITE MORMON POWER!

  12. Hunter:

    You seem oblivious to my main point. Dixie isn’t an ethnostate as the word is usually used because it’s not composed of a single “ethno”, or a small number of closely related “ethnos”.

    Existing ethnostates are places like Iceland, Poland, Fiji, and Bhutan, or Japan.

    South Africa, before the end of apartheid may have been a “White Republic”, but it wasn’t an ethnostate. Our South and South Africa have a lot in common. In both places what was, for a time, a reasonably pure white nation imported millions of cheap black laborers, and eventually had to accomodate them politically. Obviously in South Africa the whites have been totally overrun, so their past history as a “White Republic” is of no use to them now.

    So therefore your comment that “Dixie is a de facto ethnostate.” is simply incorrect. It may be a place of wonderful history that once was a White Republic with powerful aparteid style government. But today it is a multiethnic region, with 22 million black residents.

    Many of your points are correct, but off topic. Yes, the crackers are Anglo-Celts for the most part. And yes, they have a common culture and religion. The White South Africans had two white tribes, the Dutch and the English, but if you study their history they, too, had started to merge into a single people in the apartheid era.

    When you say: “blacks, they have always lived here” you are onto the truth of the matter, and the fact that there were two migrations of blacks to the north and one to Liberia doesn’t change the fact that they still do. They too have a 400 year history in the south. Their music, too, is full of references to Southern culture, Southern food and Southern places.

    You talk about Dixie revolting, but would the 1/4 of Dixie that is black revolt, too? Would they go along for the ride? Would they form a fifth column inside Dixie? The current political framework allows for the white majority to pretty much run Dixie, with the exception of the liberal Federal judges who overturn home-rule legislation. It gives the black minority a way to stay engaged.

    It’s unclear what a real neo-Confederate movement would do as well, and what it would do about the fifth column.

    Real ethnostates don’t have to worry about such things. The Icelanders are free to do what the like in Iceland, without considering any other groups issues.

    You right “Dixie is already well on the way to reviving Jim Crow. It has been going here since around 2004.” That’s ridiculous. Dixie is full of white people cheering for black athletes, of majority black areas. Atlanta is “the black New York”. A casual reference to a 30 year old sign saying “niggerhead” may derail Dixie’s favorite son in the current Presidential contest.

    A few sagging pants bills don’t a restoration make.

    You brought up HAC. And I was going to say that HAC has nothing to do with it. You want to contrast your real nation, a nation with history and common ethnicity, with his fantasy nation in the NW. OK, I will grant you that your nation is real, and his is a fantasy even more unlikely to come into existence then your neo-Confederate “Cracker States of America” with new and improved Jim Crow.

    But, at the end of the day this comment really shows the difference between him imagined NorthWest and your imagined future South. You write: “We have only been dealing with blacks for almost 400 years here. It is not like dealing with them for 50 to 100 years will be anything new.”

    Yes, and under any conceivable or imagined scenario you will continue to deal with them. All 22 million of them, and their millions of descendents.

    There never will be “a day the EBT card dies” in Dixie, because at the end of the day the EBT card / Section 8 paradigm is the best and cheapest solution for dealing with millions of blacks in your midst.

    The alternative, a pogrom of massive proportions, is unimaginable. The alternative, of blacks going North is unlikely in the extreme. In fact the two Great Migrations are reversing themselves. Blacks from the crumbling rust belt are returning to their roots and places like Atlanta, Charlotte, Tampa, etc.

    When New York falls then Dixie will have to take over providing EBT cards for your citizens, or some other scheme. Christian ethics and Christian charity will require nothing less. Great Southern politicians, the men todays White Republic of the South elects to represent them will lead the way. Men like Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham, and of course the occassional articulte black politician like Harold Ford, will all work together to take care of the “less fortunate”.

    Like I said: it may be the most authentic, wonderful place to live in the USA, but it has no future as an ethnostate. (And, for other reaasons neither does the NorthWest.)

  13. The starting point for creating an ethnostate has to be identifying the subset of the White population that is open to wanting one. Is there any other logical starting point? If you polled the question “how would you feel about living in an all White nation,” the question would receive more favorable responses among Southern Whites than Whites in any other region.

    Because there are more racially aware Whites in the South than anywhere else in the country, Southern Whites would only need to solve one problem: population transfer. They would not have to start by first convincing the majority of other Southern Whites that an ethnostate is desirable. In every other region of the country, the racially aware Whites would have to convince other Whites first and solve the population transfer problem.

  14. Dewey Buddy Tucker was a White Southern leader from Knoxville, Tn. He was popular from 1976 to 1978. He had a big Baptist Church that he acquired and named Temple Memorial. His organization was The National Emancipation of the White Seed Party. He was a bright morning fire ball. The Feds busted him for income tax evasion of inheritance tax. He got sent to Springfield Fed Prison and when he came out he was a totally different man. Pastor Ken Gregg was a member of his party and knew him. Buddy Tucker became well known when police raided Pastor Dan Gaymans Church. Alot of other White Leaders were jealous of him and his NEWS FLAG. When his outfit became defunct George Dietz in his White Power Report said No News is Good News. Pastor Robert Miles said we did not need Emancipation. All I know is that he was one hell of a fire ball rebel rouser leader. A guy from Idaho who had a paper called Idaho Observer I think from many years past used the Rebel Flag with the four Israel Symbols, The Man, Eagle, Ox and lion, the four symbols of the 12 tribes. Pastor Dan Gayman still uses the flag on his publication. Buddy Tuckers Battle Ax publication was a good publication. Me and Bill Sickles of Adamic Knights of KKK wrote an article on William Clarke Quantrill and Tucker put it in his publication. I still think the NEWS flag was great. Tuckers model Pyramid with the enlayed News Flag over it was tremendous. Tucker sold NEWS CAPS, NEWS FLAGS and loved Tom Brown Uniform. Also he sold T Shirts with News Flag on them. Many people say that Tucker got a chemo lobotomy in Springfield Fed Prison. By the way, Pastor Richard Butler and Neuman Britton were members of Tuckers NEWS PARTY. After NEWS became defunct, Pastor Butler started Aryan Nations and took Tuckers 10 Demandments and made it more clarified as his platform for Aryan Nations. In my life I have been in many White Groups. I beleive the next step is to a higher level. The higher level is to form a WHITE MORMON CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST with all of the original teachings of Joseph Smith andf Brigham Young. The Temple Rites are for survival of White Race. If we follow the Book of Mormon and read it, study it and see how God preserved our race, he will our god Elohim Wotan and his son Jesus will keep us from destruction. The American Indians at least had reservations of their own. We are being eliminated faster than Indians and on a more grand scale by the evil seed line who controls now. The White Mans Fate is worse than the Indians. We as a race can learn more from Book of Mormon than any other book. There is promise for those who read it and study it that the Holy Ghost will come to you and let you know that it is true. I think about the White Nephites, Jaredites and cloud People of Peru, I do not want to see our race today face that same destruction. The very key to our survival is Joseph Smiths Book of Mormon. The Heavenly Oder of Cedar and the Raven Returns………..WHITE MORMON POWER!!!!!!!

  15. Hunter Wallace: I would like to post this article by Dewey H. Tucker, National Leader of N.E.W.S. entitled THE N.E.W.S. FLAG since no one else has done so on the web and our people can see it. THE NEWS FLAG by Dewey H. Tucker : Much could be written about the symbolism contained in our NEWS Flag since it embodies all the great heralds of the White Western man. This article will cover some of the most outstanding points, and will clearly show that this flag was truly inspired of YHVH God. 1.) The flag is cut diagonally by the Saint Andrews cross. This cross originated in the Bible when Jacob-Israel crossed his arms while blessing Ephraim and Manasseh as recorded in Genesis 48. It is also the Roman numeral for the number 10 which is significant that it would fly over the 10 tribed kingdom of Gods Israel. As prophecied in Ps. 114:2, “Judah was His snctuary, and ISRAEL His DOMINION.” The French word for 10 is “dix” and it is from this word that our American name “Dixie” originates. It is appropriate that in the closing days of the German Third Reich, Hitler said that the next great White Western movement would come from the land playing “Dixie.” So the center of the N.E.W.S. Flag not only fulfgils prophecy, but also points to the next location of the next White Western movement that will make the Kingdom of God a reality when His law becomes the law of this land. 2.) There are 13 stars blazoned upon this blue cross which is also a fulfillment of Bible prophecy. These stars represent the latter day reunion of the 3 tribed House of Judah, and the 10 tribed Hopuse of Israel which is spoken of in Ezekiel 37:16, 17. The number 13 is symbolic of all White Western man who in ancient time was called Isarael. The number 13 is always reoccuring in American heraldery. It is no accident that thee were 13 original colonies from which this nation was born. The United States Flag and Great Seal has over 7 different things containing 13 elements. 3.) Within the 4 quarters of the N.E.W.S. Flag are white triangles, and when viewed as a whole these white triangles form the Maltese Cross. This Cross was carried by our forfathers in the great Crusades between the years of 1100 and 1300 A.D. to drive the heathens from Palestine. There are eight points around this cross, symbolizing new beginnings. They also represent the 8 Beattitudes in Matthew 5; 3-10, and the 8 overcomers in Revalation chapters 2,3, and 21:7. 4.) Within the Maltese Cross are four figures. In numbers chapter 2, the Israelites in the wilderness camped in a square. On the east side were the tribes of Judah, Issacher and Zebulun. The standard of Judah, represented by the lion, flew on the east On the south the standard of Reuben, the man, was raised. Encamped with Reuben on the south were the tribes of Simeon and Gad. The west was identified by the flag of Ephraim, the ox, with his kin from the tribe of Manesseh and Benjamin. The flying eagle was the standard of Dan, accompanied by the tribes of Asher and Nepahtali. The ministering tribe of levi, the thirteenthg tribe, camped in the center of the square. Ezekiel 1:10 and Revalation 4:7 also speak of these 4 different faces being on heavenly creatures that surround the throne of God. These four figures were upon the banners of the armies of Israel when they moved into battle, and is appropriate that they should be upon the standard now raised to lead White Western man to VICTORY. 5.) God said to Isaiah 43:5-6 and in Luke 13:29 that He will regather all his chosen seed from the NORTH, EAST, WEST, and SOUTH

  16. NEWS FLAG continued: which are the initials for the N.E.W.S. (National Emancipation of the White seed Party). 6.) The colors of our N.E.W.S. standard can be seen on the first page of this article. Red, white, and blue have always been`present in the flags of the White Western man. a.) White represents purity and righteousness, and is the color of our race, the true chosen people of God, the light of the world. b.) Red is symbolic of the precious blood of our courageous manhood that has been shed throughout millenniums to establish a divinely inspired righteous government. c.) Blue is the color of nobility and royalty and should properly fly over western man. No other race has ever tried to be a blessing to any other race on earth. The spirit that guides this noble people has truly made them a “royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people.” 7.) Perhaps one of the most striking features of our party flag is the outline of a true swatika with its gaps fillñed in. The swastika is an ancient symbol of the white race, and has appeared wherever they have traveled. The North American Indians used this symbol which they copied from our ancient forefathers, the Vikings.In Germany, The Nazi Party adopted a slightly altered form of the true swatika as their symbol. Their swastika was a cross with the arms hooked pertpendicular to that cross, however, the true swastika as pictured on the Benedictine Monastery at Lambach is different in design. If the Gaps are filled in on the Nazi swastika, and also the true swastika, you have the following. The differences are important or can be prophectic point of view. In Ezekiel 22:30 YHVH says that the gap must be filled in. Isiah 58:12 goes on to say, “and thou shalt be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of paths to dwell in.” He further says, “In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof.” Amos 9:11. Compare the basic outline of the N.E.W.S. Flag with the true swastika having its gaps, breaches, closed up. Yes, the ancient swastika is still a modern symbol of the only movement in America that will destroy the forces of Satan, and establish the righteous “Law of YHVH” —-the N.E.W.S. movement. 8.) The basic outline of our N.E.W.S. Flag is also the top view of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. If you were looking down on the Great Pyramid you would see a square cut with diagonals. This is significant in that the stars enblazoned upon the diagonals are also representative of different levels and gates to those levels. We beleive that this pyramidal structure is the SHAPE OF THE TEMPLE IN REV: 21. When God gave the children of Israel their temple it was all built on one level but consisted of three divisions. There was the outer division called the court of gentiles, an inner called the Holy Place, and an inner most division called the Holy of Holies. The new Temple of Revalation will be structurally different than the old one in that no one will be able to enter the Holy of Holies without ascending up the pyrmidal shape. This would mean that the Holy of Hloies is the top level, with the Holy Place the middle portion, and the court of the gentiles (nations) on the bottom. YHVH will be its capstone and his chain of command will move downward and always expanding. Since there are three different levels, it should be noted that there are four gates on each level, three on the North, three on the East, three on the West and three on the South which are represented by stars on the flag. Also the sides of the pyramid form the walls of the temple and these walls have no top over which a theif can gain entry. It therefore becomes an impregnable structure and only entry can be made through one of the star gates which will carry the name of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. The pryamid was not only a witness of testmony in the Old Testiment, but was carried through to America on the Great Seal, and the N.E.W.S. movement through our flag. We are the Hearalds of the New Order and our Flag carries all the heraldry of the old in a new way. As YHVH inspired me to begin the N.E.W.S. Party. He gave me the vision of our Flag, and he has been giving me the meaning of its symbols, even to this very day. Its symbolism is like a mine, the more you search, the more you find. YHVH promised, “ask, and ye shall receive, seek, and ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened to you.” I have found this to be ever true. White people that have never heard of N.E.W.S., and know nothing of our flags symbolism upon seeing it, even the first time, realize that this flag represents a white racist movement unlike anyother. The N.E.W.S. Flag vibrates vitality, valor, and VICTORY. In Isaiah 59:19 YHVH promises that “WHEN THE ENEMY SHALL COME IN LIKE A FLOOD; THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD SHALL LIFT UP A STANDARD AGAINST HIM.” He further commands us ( Is. 62:10) to “LIFT UP A STANDARD FOR THE PEOPLE.” This is being done, and the N.E.W.S. Flag is that STANDARD………end of article by Dewey H. Tucker. NOTE: THE WHITE MORMON CHUCH OF JESUS CHRIST WILL USE THIS STANDARD AND THE NEW TEMPLES WILL BE WHAT BUDDY TUCKER visioned. The Heavenly Odor of CEDAR and the RAVEN RETURNS. WHITE MORMON POWER!!!!!!!!! Maybe some one can post a picture of the NEWS Flag….

  17. Dewey H. Tucker and his National Emancipation of White Seed was before Aryan Nations. He was one hell of a fire ball bright morning star. He only lasted about 3 years. in the late 70s. The Feds and Powers that Be were terrified of him and his movement. He got neutralized. If you want to see a fantastic FLAG, look at a NEWS FLAG. He also sold a minature Pyramid with the NEWS FLAG enlayed over it. Dixie is great and how Hunter Wallace explains it. To take it a step further, look at Joseph Smith and original Mormons and Brigham Young and the WHITE STATE: The White Ethnostate of Deseret which the USA stopped. I beleive a WHITE MORMON CHURCH is the answer for WHITE RACIAL SURVIVAL. Only in the start we have to use LONE WOLF and take Sub Commandant Marcos style leader mystik with underground Priesthood to form. The Odor of Cedar and The Raven Returns! White Mormon Power! PS) On the Ringing Cedars website I found The Earth online monthly newsletter OCT: 2011 and looked at something which blew my mind SINEGORYE CHRONICLES OF KINS SETTELEMENT! This in Russia, look at it, its fantastic! What gets me is how Russia wants to preserve the White Race, yet the USA is doing the opposite! The One Hectare Farms in Russia are really something! The Ringing Cedars series books about Anastasia are interesting. Will anyone comment on this? White Mormon Power!

  18. To Hunter and everyone who reads Occidental Dissent: Look up on google search: Truth From God and click Other Articles. The other aricles will have articles from the Battle Ax News. Also a picture of NEWS FLAG. This site is a jewell for knowledge and wisdom. Also Platform of NEWS! This site is a Crown jewell of all jewells! The Good NEWS is Back!……………Also look on google: The Cross and the Flag and Gerald L.K: Smith…….. Really opens the eyes…………Hope everyone checks it out………

  19. Hunter Wallace: I just read your article THE BREAKUP OF THE WHITE NATIONALIST MOVEMENT and comments on The Clown Movement. We do not know the full extent of the Justice Department and its involement in WHITE MOVEMENTS SINCE WW 2. Robert Depugh of Miniteman in 70s did lie detector tests to attend his Patriot Conferences and many White Leaders refused to take it? I have been told that Justice Department has a training school were they train Agents. These Agents are sent all over USA and they are well trained in all facets of White Movement. Some Agents infiltrate movements and others are given money to set up phoney organizations, to Monitor, Control and Neutralize. Anyway, we do not know how many Staged Events they have set up. They let movements that they created go for a few years, then they break it up trying to dis-spirit those who are involved. When they see someone who has potential of leadership, they use one of their dirty tricks to neutralize or kill them. I do not beleive the National Emancipation of White Seed was a Clown Movement. Alot of Order members are good people—but we dont know how infiltrated they were and set up. Hoskins points out why we should be in cells of 6! These are only my comments on your article. Its only input to think about. Remember– not all that left Egypt with Moses made it to the Promised Land! I enjoy reading all your articles and like all the different views that people blog. Thanks for letting me post on your site…..

  20. Hunter: During the War Between States – Shermans March to Sea – All Masons who put Masonic Symbols up — Their Properties were not burned. When Southern Masons were captured, when they were in right place – they would give distress signal and Yank Officer if Mason would let them escape! This was same for South also! What about Albert Pike and Scottish Rite in Charleston and PIKE with KKK etc? I read years ago were George Wallace was a 32 Degree Scottish Riter. Also one of the Clown Groups said Wallace was part Jewish thru Grandmother? I know that William Potter Gale was Jewish from Los Angeles and also Frank Collins of NSPA. Also, Jewish Women Governor of Arizona- we need more like them! The Scottish Rite is real strong in South.

  21. John Dhumas says:

    “On Google search: Diest Mason Are Jewish by V.S. Herrell. George Wallace is on list”

    Buzz Aldrin and Neal Armstrong are on “the list” too!!! Further proof that the moon landing was faked by the Masons…

  22. White Southerners deserve all the guilt that may be weighing on conscience. You are getting exactly what you deserve. I, on the other hand, could not be more of my heritage because I am a Southerner and I’m white. I am a Christian but I’m not saying forgiveness is what cleared my conscience. I’m a real Christian. A lover of truth ilChristian. Not the Sunday Chistian that attends the Governments Church to learn how to worship Zionism and apologize for slavery. Those white Southerners don’t know anything about their Bible or the history of America. Jews are not Gods “chosen people” but I can tell you who is. Pre-Civil War, White, Southern America. He divorced the cheating Harlot for a Southern Belle. He would proudly say “Meet my new Bride and she makes the best ice-tea in the world! All Southerners of every color must realize that our Government hates Christians and we are taught lies in school to create racial hatred that did not exist in the Pre Civil War South. If the truth was known, There would be a Rebel flag flying in every black families yard and You would find a black Mormon before you would find a black Muslim. Speaking of cults and pedophiles, the Pope wouldn’t set foot in America if Churches did their job. If Churches defended the Bible, there would not be a Southerner that’s not proud of his heritage. If you want to be ashamed, there’s no better time than the present. Instead we attack and slander past generations for not meeting our moral standards of today. How self righteous can we be? We point out their eye boogers with telephone poles blurring our vision. But, as a Bible believer today, I can say I’m still a proud American. This country hates me and I’m proud to be aware of that.

  23. My roots go back to Jamestown 1619. My mother’s family have lived in the Tidewater area for the past four centuries. My father’s came to New England in 1635 and have been in Kentucky since Daniel Boone’s days. I am very proud of my Southern heritage, and have 4 ancestors who fought in the War For Southern Independence — 2 for the North, 2 for the South. Although further left than most Democrats, I identify culturally as a Southern White, love the song “Dixie” and seeing the Confederate flag arouses a twitter in my heart. The American flag does no such thing. I see it as the emblem of the techno-industrial state which are enemies of us all, regardless of race or which section of the country one lives in. We are a separate People, a nation within a nation, and we deserve recognition of our nationhood. Eventually this country will break up into successor states. All Empires do. Whether that happens sometime in the near future, or long after I’m dead, doesn’t matter. What matters is that the New South be inclusive of all its children, not just Whites. We cannot deny that ours is a multi-racial society. African-Americans, Native-Americans, and White Southerns all have an equal right to a voice in the New South. The South is our homeland, but it is equally the homeland of Amercan Blacks. If left alone, Whites and Blacks get along with one another. WE share a past and a homeland, common ancestors and common dreams. It is the Northern industrialists who went to Africa and brought the Blacks here, and engineered the War Between the States, and who continually stir things up so we’re constantly at each other’s throats. Blacks and Whites share the same Homeland, and they should be alles, not enemies. Until both races realize this and begin to work together, no secessionist movement will work, and no government made up of only one side will survive.
    It took the attack on the flag recently that has made me realize that no matter how far I’ve come from my roots (I live in California) I am at heart a Southerner. It is in my blood. The attack on the flag and failure of any presidental candidate (republican or democrat) to speak up for it made me realize we are alone. Both parties, eager to get Black and Latino votes, have tossed White Southerners aside. AS a result of what I’ve seen I’ve abandoned the Democratic party, but don’t know what to replace it with. I realize now that the North, all the parties, and the media fear the South. They will always side with the Blacks in this artificial war, because all they do is bluster, riot, and burn down their own neighborhoods; the Southern Whites, however, are dangerous. They make war.
    I would love to see a resurrected South as its own country. Until that happens, White Southerners should be recognized as an ethnic group eligible for all the benefits other ethnic groups receive. We are our own nation and, if given the opportunity, we can show what true tolerance is, without giving up who we are.

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